31 players at Habs rookie camp

Including P.K., Lars Eller, Louis Leblanc, Ian Schultz and Jarred Tinordi.

Training starts Monday at the complex in Brossard. See below for the schedule and roster of players.

 * Price on the ice

Rookie camp information, from the Canadiens:


  1. saskhabfan says:

    Then you have a few whiners who complain that he rides a horse. They talk like they are the majority and are always right but in reality they make up about .05% of registered users.


    Leafstv “telling their fans they deserve to win for over 40 years”

  2. LA Loyalist says:

    all that new posters need to know is that there are PriceBots and everyone else who is cautiously concerned yet hopeful that the #5 first round pick will actually show up


    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  3. LA Loyalist says:

    Welcome Bar, 

    The reason to mention previous players is to help evaluate what management has done and is doing and if we should be riding the wave or building the gallows.

    You’ll get the hang of it. 


    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  4. LA Loyalist says:

    Here’s the real reason: It’s like Bob Gainey bets the farm on a stock he thinks is the next Google, and yeah, on paper it looked fabulous. Unfortunately, hockey isn’ t played on paper. In the market the stock tanks, spikes a little, wobbles, tanks some more, wobbles…, tanks some more… but Mr. Gainey and Mr. Gauthier invested so much client money and emotion in this stock they can’t bear to sell it,  can’t bear to admit they were wrong, or even if anyone would buy the damn stock… so they buy more of it, they dollar-cost-average the crap out of it, still it tanks or is wobbly – the worse it gets the less they want to sell it, even though they know in their hearts they should take the tax loss and move on.

    That’s Carey Price. We thought he was Google and he’s probably Enron.

    He’s got 20 games. Scream at me all  you want, 20 games will tell if we’re going to make the playoffs this year because if Price tanks we have no plan B and we’re not good enough to win every game 5-4. Go ahead. Yell at me. I can take it.



    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  5. Number31 says:

    Dumont (and Lefebvre, and Massé) is like Lapierre, just shorter. Size doesn’t matter, he plays like a mad dog. But I see him being a 3rd liner energy guy.

  6. mbplekfan says:

    They are all on the team already


  7. LA Loyalist says:

    saw Cammy working out over summer, he’s got to be more than 5-9 and most of that is neck muscles. He is built like a truck.


    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  8. LA Loyalist says:

    I think I’ve ragged on you before Storm Guy, but I am fair: that was pretty darn funny.


    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  9. Ian Cobb says:

    You do not have a contact e-mail with your profile, so you have to contact me, click onto my picture for contact #

  10. habs-hampton says:

    Can’t help but notice, only 4 guys under 6′ tall. Maybe some will fill out a bit too and get well over 200 lbs.

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