RDS has announced it will launch its long-waited talkshow on Monday.

L’antichambre will be taking dead aim at TQS’s popular 110% and starting earlier: 9:30 p.m.

Alain Crête is the host and regular panelists will include Journal de Montreeal columnist Bertrand Raymond and two 110% alumni: Michel Bergeron and François Gagnon.

Dave Morrissette and Alain Chantelois will also appear regularly, as well as guest stars – the first of whom will be Georges Laraque on launch night. In the days ahead: Guy Lafleur, Mitsou, Jacques Villeneuve, Claude Poirier, and Larry Smith.

The new show will also feature comic bits and prank phone calls from Michel Beaudry, who became persona non grata on 11% after the show had to apologize for his dumb and xenophobic putdowns of Tom Kostopoulos. 

L’antichambre wil have a huge competitive advantage in that RDS is the Canadiens’ primary broadcaster, which means access that the TQS yo-yos do not enjoy.


  1. Willy the bum says:

    I got it wrong! Thanks, BJ!

    Oh whatever, I’ll find the barber jersey myself…

    (two hours later…)

    I just found out the Barber jerseys won’t be out ’til February… ugh!

    “We all wore the same costume as Maurice Richard did; the red-white-and-blue costume of the Montréal Canadiens, the best hockey team in the world.” – Roch Carrier

  2. HABZ24 says:

    ya and no shows like that in english of course. oh except 12 mins on sportsnite 360,sat 630pm,ctv.leafs have there very own leafs tv channel, how come we dont have a habs channel? in english.

  3. HabFab says:

    -Mathieu Carle returned to action tonight with the Bulldogs.
    -Max Pac has his first pro goal along with 1 assist so far tonight.
    -Bulldogs up 4-0 about 5 minutes into third.

  4. BJ says:

    Hi Willi the bum,

    The barber jersey is from the 1912-13 team. I’ve got a great team shot including the bulldog held by Jack Laviolette.


  5. SlovakHab says:

    Anyone seen the highlights from the Canes game? I can’t find them on NHL or Habs websites. Anybody can help me with that?

  6. Bugs says:

    We have a Code Red! Alert! Alert! Alert!
    Enemy leaf has gotten through the wire! Infidel leaf on the grounds! Retrieve and remove! We have a Code Red Emergency! Enemy leaf on the grounds! Locate and dispose immediately! This is NOT a drill! Code Red!
    You have two minutes to reach minimal safe distance before nuclear cleansing!
    Code Red!
    1:58, 1:57, 1:56, 1:55…
    Code Red Alert!
    Peace Out.
    Lord Bugs Potter, esq. Earl of Fluppitburg, Baron of Flopshlupshire and Knight of the Flannel Republic.

  7. Willy the bum says:

    Off the subject, does the Canadiens boutique sell those 1921-22’s Barber jerseys? If not, know where? I like to get one though…

    “We all wore the same costume as Maurice Richard did; the red-white-and-blue costume of the Montréal Canadiens, the best hockey team in the world.” – Roch Carrier

  8. JIMVINNY says:

    Good to see Max get going, but I pray this doesn’t revitalize the clamor to see him called up. He still needs a full season to acclimatize, as far as I’m concerned.

  9. boy from school says:

    the habs really could take a cue from them. honestly this leafs team appeals to my sensibilities in a way that the leafs never have. they’re just blue collar, you know? sure they don’t have any flash or punch but they’ll be a team that grinds till their last player turns to dust. maybe.

  10. Drive_For_25 says:

    Dogs win 6-0 tonight. D’Agostini gets another one and Max Pac had a goal and two assists.

  11. drive for 25 says:

    hamilton wins 6-0 pacman with a goal and 2 assists, denis with the shutout

  12. habs haven says:

    the leafs looked really good tonight. Not easy to go into NJ and win. The leafs are going to be tough to beat. yes I did say that. They don’t have alot of talent, but they make up for it with hard work. The habs could take a lesson from the leafs, when it comes to hard work.

  13. Harani says:

    Going into the third period. the Wild is down 4-1 against the Stars…that might be a bad sign for us if they bring out their A-game tomoro or good thing if they’re rattled by their first defeat…let’s wait and watch…all this if they lose…if they manage to win…wtv…

    THE laffs beat the Devils….in a shootout! Vesa Toskala was tested and came up with 4 saves and Marty Brodeur with only 2 in the shootout….game ends 6-5! WOW!

  14. 24 Cups says:

    HabFab – That does it then – bring them on up to Montreal and ship Lats and Brisebois out of town:-)

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  15. HabLion says:

    Hey guys, looking for a little help. My buddy is trying to find the Devils game on-line tonight. I know a few of you out there know of a site on-line mentioned here before. Any help?

  16. JIMVINNY says:

    Are they going to be as stupid as 110%?

  17. Naila Jinnah says:

    From the ads, it certainly seems so…


  18. Chorske says:

    They kept at least one of the stupidest elements of 110% in Bergeron. Add prank calls to the mix and I am inclined to tune out.

    Uh, not having cable also doesn’t help.

  19. fun police says:

    hopefully the part about Michel Beaudry is a joke, because he certainly is.

  20. Dave Stubbs says:

    yo-yos? Mike, Mike, Mike. That favourite child’s toy is a registered trademark. It should be Yo-Yos.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  21. Mike Boone says:

    I’m a dyslexic Jew. I meant oy-oy.

  22. G-Man says:

    110% is a comedy hockey talk show that goes well over the bounds of good taste too often. This SHOULD be tamer with Crete as moderator, but probably not. Expect no racist comments opening night. BGL will be in the house.

    2008/09 is the season of the Habs

  23. Bugs says:

    Funny thing about Beaudry,
    He’s ALWAYS ever been fiery and opiniated, but sadly, never sees the “big picture”, does not follow macro-hockey, is unaware of the concepts of player development vs roster appointment. Consider that before committing suicide with the Kostopoulos thing, he was saying that Josh Gorges was absolutely worthless and should be dumped at the soonest opportunity. The ONLY one who didn’t see his potential was him. We ALL saw Gorges continously improve. Yet Beaudry, with rhetoric as his ally, was doing his best to sway public opinion with his halfassed relegation of a young, gritty and talented player.
    I could’ve cheerfully murdered him then. Not for emitting his opinion, which is fine, but for categorically announcing it like it was a fact that could only be disputed by ijits.
    Je suis français. Je ne plante pas Beaudry pour ce fait. But I was furious at him and, I admit, quite happy that he was kicked off the show.
    Just because you hold a mike and talk on TV doesn’t mean that your analysi hold any water.
    I think saying to someone “You don’t know hockey.” is the weakest thing you could say to another hockey fan. Beaudry is the exception that mandates my rule.
    I will say this: When Kostopoulos danced with Sauer only to find himself on his back after three seconds, I remember laughing and thinking “Tom Kosto-****’in-poulos.”
    But thinking it and saying it are two different things.
    So what’s the over/under on him saying something stupid on THAT show and getting canned?
    Peace Out
    Lord Bugs Potter, esq. Earl of Fluppitburg, Baron of Flopshlupshire and Knight of the Flannel Republic.

  24. Chorske says:

    Ooh. I like the term “macro-hockey”. Of course, you could just say “the big picture”. But I’m an ecologist, and ecology is the science of saying something everyone knows in a language no-one understands. So macro-hockey it is!! Love it.

    As far as I’m concerned, Kosto (6’1, 200lbs) should get a gold frickin medal for taking on the 6’4, 220 lb Sauer when he pussed out and wouldn’t go round with Laraque.

  25. edmond says:

    I watch RDS all the time out here in BC and like most of the changes that they made this year with the broadcast as Bouchard and Brunet are working out well in their roles. Miss Yvon Pedneault as the chemistry between he and Houde was excellent, ditto as I miss the Crete/Demers/Brunet combo, but the new guys are working out well. A little less impressed with Bergeron and Gagnon however. They blow their own horns too much.

    Not crazy to see Bergeron on the new 120% show as I think that he is way ‘past due’ as far as his read of players and the game are concerned, does he watch many games?

    Finally, I will never watch this 120% program as long as Beaudry is involved. This guy is a vulgar bigot and that is not funny in my book. He also knows absolutely nothing about hockey and surely does not watch any games. That is sometimes ok if you are a non hockey professional guest, but he actually thinks he knows something. I remember him trying to dictate strategy to Jean Peron who made him look like the fool that he is. Anyways, if he is in then I am out.

    I’ll stick with the Zone that is very well run with good panelists (Thibeault, Fichaud, Chico, Desjardins, etc…), and a very good (and fair to all Quebecers regardless of language) moderator in Villeneuve.

  26. HabLion says:

    Thank you!

  27. Bugs says:

    Well, Tom,
    I please to aim.
    I thought ecology was the study of nature…
    Did you not mean “hypertextual referentolgy”?
    As for Kosto, sure, I agree with you. But since we DON’T hand out courage medals for fighting, we are left instead to hope that our guy WINS the fight out’ve pride and momentum control.
    Which is MUCH cooler than seein’ our guy on his butt 98.3% of the time.
    I’m sure you agree with that.
    Courage? Bouillon’s got courage. His percentage though is much more respectable.
    Not that I don’t respect Kosto.
    Hey. The guy’s not only a “team guy” but a CLUTCH goalscorer in the playoffs to boot. Am I wrong?
    Keep him, I say.
    Peace Out
    Lord Bugs Potter, esq. Earl of Fluppitburg, Baron of Flopshlupshire and Knight of the Flannel Republic.

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