About last night …

OK, so the Canadiens bundle Scott Gomez, Alex Auld, Alexandre Picard, Jaro Spacek, Danny Kristo and a third-round draft choice in 2015 and trade them for …?The deadline is Monday afternoon at 3.Based on what we saw in that nailbiti

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Did the Canadiens ever need that one!

And they got it.

Getting tighter

Carolina won last night and so did the Rangers and Buffalo.

There's a big one tonight at the Bell Centre – where there aren' any small ones.


About last night …

There's not much to add to Quick Hits, and I really should start my Christmas shopping.

The win was sweet because a loss would have been so dreadfully sour.


Quick hits

Very quick hitting tonight, because that barnburner left me in urgen need of a Jack or three.

By the skin of their teeth, because the third period was terrifying,

Thank you, Santa

You too, Andrei Kostitsyn

And the birthday boy, Scott Gomez.


About last night …

Here's all you need to know:

Philadelphia and your surprising Montreal Canadiens are second and third, respectively, in the Eastern Conference.

The Flyers are at the Bell Centre Tuesday night.


Quick hits

Here's my Red Fisher lede:

Take a deep breath and hold it.

OK, maybe you can exhale. If you hold your breath until the Canadiens make an announcement on the

Costly W?

Markov hurt ... again.

But what a butt-kicking to end a great

About last night …

You knew this was how it would go down.

It was written in the stars and every line in your palm.

This is what it means to be a Montreal