Domination … again

And a comeback W.Wow!

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Can’t do in Kanata

Carey Price was at his locker, talking to the media about the perils of exhibition hockey and playing behind guys who won't be in

About last night …

No cause for concern ... yet.

Certainly no reason to panic ... now.

The Canadiens are still four points up on ninth-place Atlanta. But the Thrashers are hot, and they

Fifth place?

Uh, no.



But not for sure.

A brutal night at the Bell.

And 1-4-1 against mighty Ottawa this

Canadiens lose more than a game

That Mike Cammalleri injury looked brutal.

As did Andrei Markov's defence in OT.

Mike Fisher shifted into overdrive and cashed a backhand that ended a pretty good hockey

About last night …

Standing otside the losers' dressing room, Brian Wilde of CTV put the night in perspective:

"Doesn't it say it all that the Fan of the Game was crying his

Hurts like L

Canadiens drop a bona-fide four-pointer.



And definitely

About last night …

Now the Canadiens know how the Islanders, Thrashers, Hurricanes and Leafs felt.

The game should habve been over in the first period.

The Canadiens grabbed a 2-0 lead and peppered

The streak is over

Ottawa fights back from 2-0, gets great goaltending from Pascal Leclaire and wins 4-2.

Senators take NO

About last night …

Marc André Bergeron will earn $750,000 this season. He has seven goals.

Alex Kovalev makes $5 million. He has four.

The Canadiens had three power plays against the Senators. They