About last night …

The early edition, pounded out while I’m still in the Bell Centre recovering from the spine-tingling excitement of watching the New Jersey Devils play hockey.It’s very boring … and I’m afraid we’re in for a lot more of it when the playoff

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A Cup contender

New Jersey looks primed to make some noise in the postseason.


Not so much.

But they made it

About last night …

Jacques Martin may have won his gamble.

We'll wait for the Rangers game at the Bell Centre before delivering an early verdict, but for now it looks like the


Martin F. first

About last night …

Lovely evening of live-blogging on the road.

Props for splendid hospitality to the Friedman family of Hampstead – Dr. Ruby, Adele, Josh, Noah and Hannah, who was off in


Canadiens catch the Devils on a not-great night.

But in a close-checking, boring game Patrik Elias scores late, from close in.

And that was it.

The Friedmans are

About last night …

Well, how do you like the Bob Gainey Era so far?

Do you find it eerily reminiscent of the Guy Carbonneau Era?

Don't these guys realize that a coaching change

He’s had tougher nights en route to immortality

22 shots.

Not a real hard day at the office for the great Martin Brodeur.

Ant a great night for your Montreal Canadiens.

Let's be very noest:

We saw a Cup contender

About last night …

Well, that was grim eh?

What was worse than the loss – just one game in a very long season – is what it portends.

Based on what we saw

Never in doubt

Ho-hum, another loss in New Jersey.


Not pretty ... and a few worries heading into the All-Star