Your Leaf laugh

Shamelessly stolen from Steve Coogan, whom the New Yorker describes as “the British Larry David.”
I’ve adapted it.

Imagine, if you will, a beer-swilling denizen of Leafs Nation reflecting on one of TSN’s more ephemeral broadcasting careers.

“You know what bugs me? When people say ‘Tie Domi: not very clever.’
“Fine. But you never hear ‘Stephen Hawking: crap at hockey’.”

And in preparation for my beloved Steelers on Monday Night Football, I was telling my office podmate, who doesn’t follow the NFL but loved Diner, how the Colts – who figured prominently in Barry Levinson’s movie – had decamped to Indianapolis.
But there’s a new team in Baltimore,” I told my friend, “and in memory of Edgar Allen Poe, they’re called the Ravens.
“What they should have done,” I suggested, “was honour Billie Holiday by calling them the Baltimore Strange Fruits.”

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