This sucks out loud.

I don’t care if the Canadiens win 7-0 tonight – which, by the way, isn’t going to happen.
I’m starting to think Guy Carbonneau is losing his marbles … and his team.

Benching Steve Bégin is an inexplicably boneheaded decision.
This guy is a warrior.
Steve Bégin (pick your cliché):
• comes to play every night
• leaves it all on the ice
• has a non-stop motor
• gives 110 per cent

Steve Bégin hits. He blocks shots. He’ll trade punches, if necessary.
I love this guy – and so do most Canadiens’ fans. His name regularly draws one of the loudest roars during the pre-game video at the Bell Centre.

Moreover, Steve Bégin is a veteran who’s played more than 300 NHL games.
He’s a leader on the ice and in the room, where this decision – reminiscenbt of last season’s Craig Rivet debacle – will go over like a pregnant pole-vaulter.

Why I am I geting the queasy feeling that Carbonneau is panicking, all of four games into the season?

And if this move is an indication of where his head is at, what are the odds of Carbo lasting until Christmas?
Or American Thanksgiving?

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