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If Canadiens general manager Pierre Gauthier signs Alexei Yemelin, its is safe to assume that Andrei Markov will be back.

Arpon Basu lays out the reasoning and Marc Antoine Godin agrees.

The team will not welcome Yemelin to Montreal by discarding an iconic Russian defenceman – albeit one who’s 32 and rehabbing a knee that’s older. During the two years Jacques Martin has coached the Canadiens, Markov has played only 52 regular-season and eight playoff games.

Re-signing Markov means the Canadiens would let James Wisniewski walk as a UFA who played himself into a contract – in the $4 million to $5 million range – the team can’t afford.

And a healthy Markov is a much better defenceman than Wiz.

If Gauthier signs Don Meehan’s Russian clients, the Canadiens would have Markov, Emelin, P.K. Subban and Jaro Spacek under contract for the upcoming season.

Add Josh Gorges and probably Hal Gill.

Bye-bye, Roman Hamrlik.

Yannick Weber as a versatile number 7 and, ladies and gentlemen, that’s your 2011-’12 D.

Photo by Mike Carlson/Reuters

J.T. weighs in on Jaromir Jagr, who scored a hat trick at the World Championships as the Czech Republic knocked out the U.S. on Wednesday. Tomas Plekanec had a goal and two assists.

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  1. Yemelin today vs Canada

    -Very good positionally

    -Managed to box Eberle out in front of the net with ease, tough to handle the shifty players

    -Gets into the lanes pretty well and blocks some shots

    -Nifty long bomb pass out of his zone to a Russian at the opposing blueline

    -Got caught with Spezza behind him on the opening goal of the game, back-checked hard to catch Spezza but couldn’t get there in time

    -Very smooth skater, has a lot of speed for a stereotypical defensive guy

    -Deceptive wrist shot that he likes to let go against the grain. Basically if he’s skating to the right he shoots to the left of the net, and vice versa

    -Looks like he’ll be a good guy to have around in post whistle scrums. He mauled Skinner behind the net at one point. Might get a few roughing calls throughout the year, but I’m guessing most will be coincidental minors

    -A couple ill advised pinches in the offensive zone, JM will beat that out of him I’m guessing

    -He seems to be pretty good at keeping the puck in the offensive zone though. Not Markov good, but not Hamrlik bad

    -Takes a crosschecking penalty on Skinner will attempting to box him out. Wasn’t actually a crosscheck, but it was interference so he deserved a penalty.

    • TomNickle says:

      On the goal. It was a second period line change and he was the first of his pair to come on and replaced the right defenseman. He was actually on the right side for that goal if you see the replay and his partner who had just come on was the one who let Spezza in behind him Andrew. He busted his ass to get back too.

  2. HardHabits says:

    I am starting this up here because the 5 response limit hs been exceeded below.

    In response to SF09. It has nothing to do with injuries. It has to do with playing deep in the play-offs. The Habs are battered, bruised and spent by the time they get there.

    The team as it stands hasn’t the horses. It’s like the Habs have become an extension of Saku Koivu. Gritty but incapable of physically supporting what the spirit intends.

    Nevertheless, the Habs have a reputation for being soft and a team that can be not just beaten physically, but physically beaten up as well.

    The Habs in recent years played well against the run and gun teams but always hit a stone wall when playing against more physically robust competition. Why? Lack of team size and grit. We speak of team defence. Why not team toughness. The Habs lack team toughness.

    • TomNickle says:

      The solitary reason that this team lost in the playoffs is that the defensemen on the roster didn’t do a good enough job of protecting the house(the slot, backdoors and the blue paint). Three overtime goals the Bruins scored were at the backdoor and the shallow area of the slot. And then there were the majority of the goals scored outside of the overtimes(Ference’s aside), which were also in those areas. Hamrlik, Gill and Sopel were watching the puck for critical goals in that series when we either had a lead or were in overtime. That has nothing to do with size or grit. I’m not going to call Gill, Sopel or Hamrlik soft. The team does need their defensemen to be more tenacious in front of the net and focus on eliminating scoring threats from the play instead of focusing on the first pass being made in a hurry from those areas. Getting Gorges back, adding Yemelin and another season of Subban is a great step in that direction. And add Markov to the equation who can get away with focusing on the puck because of his puck handling skill.

      Did the team score enough to win the series? Not in the last three games but Tim Thomas did stand on his head and the Bruins did get what seemed like every bounce in that series(like a Cammalleri shot from the slot going off of Chara’s ass and Bergeron’s leg and not into the net and Darche getting a one-timer off of a won faceoff where Tim Thomas doesn’t even see him and the shot clips the toe of his pad and goes over the net).

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      And you completely ignored the point I was making with Tony McLean and went off on a tangent.

      I asked as I have for the last two months, why this moronic perception goes on that somehow, someway we could have intimidated Chara from not doing what he did to Pacioretty or made him pay for it afterwards if we had more team toughness. Who on Earth stops Chara from doing what he wants to do except himself? It DID NOT MATTER who was playing for Montreal, he still would have done what he did. And btw, Markov’s first knee injury happened when he was playing with Komisarek (post-Lucic beating, which shows how useful he was, one lost fight and he lost his head) when Grabovski boarded him.

      I agree we need more size in the lineup, which has been addressed via the draft in recent years but I was making a point towards the fact that really, this fantasy-land garbage that somehow Chara would have been intimidated from doing what he did is nonsense, or that we could have somone fight him and make him pay for it.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

    • punkster says:

      I thought it was because JM ruins the kids? No wait, ruins the old guys? No hang on, because he benches for penalties? Oh, I’ve got it now, because we draft middle of the pack? Whoa, wait a sec, because our scouts are no good? One sec, I think I’ve got it now, because we let Boucher go? Bah, I forgot, it was because of all the injuries? No, no, no, that’s not it…I’M SO CONFUSED. WHY DIDN’T WE GO FURTHER???

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

      • TomNickle says:

        Too small, not enough French Canadian players and Price was terrible.

      • _Habsoloutly_ says:


        Because we lost on a deflection goal in overtime in game 7.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Because we choked in game 3 AT HOME. Sigh.
        No killer instinct.
        JM had us playing idiot prevent defence.
        We had them. We absolutely had them by the yarbles and we let them up.
        And most of you want JM back. Sigh.

        • SeriousFan09 says:

          We lost b/c our depth was bad going into the playoffs, missing two solid defencemen who can play 20+ minutes a night and not be a liability, plus we had the one guy who had the skillset to really hammer Tim Thomas in Max Pacioretty on the shelf.

          No team goes deep in the playoffs missing 3 core players, than see more players injured and keep on rolling. Montreal Canadiens have won 1 playoff round that did not feature Andrei Markov over the last 2 years. There is a reason for that. PHI fell apart b/c of Pronger’s bad back and their scoring depth is how much deeper than ours?

          – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
          SF09 on Twitter

        • saskhabfan says:

          Kind of like the way the ducks played? How can a team with the highest goal scoring line in the league in getzlaf/perry/ryan lose to the preds?? So much for “size always wins theory the playoffs” garbage the morons on this site like to spew.

  3. 24 Cups says:

    JT gives her views on the Montreal defense for next season.


  4. ManApart says:

    Ugliness at the WHC. Canada loses 2-1 to Russia in the quarters and goes home. With all those players, how could they not score more than 1 goal? I’m so sick of teams that can’t score when it matters.

    • TomNickle says:

      They didn’t have a puck moving defenseman on the roster. Burns is adequate in that department but he had a terrible tournament. And I wouldn’t gamble going into that tournament with just one quality puck mover on the back end.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        How did Yemelin look?

        • Solid and strong with good offensive instincts.

        • TomNickle says:

          Intense, smart and creative puck moving, first unit PK all game. Some inconsistent gap control and got lost in his own end a couple of times but they weren’t a really cohesive unit and play a very weird system. Their forwards come back deep into their own end to make the first pass a lot which leaves the defensemen just standing around when they get possession. Looks like he’ll be very effective with the decent coaching.

        • ManApart says:

          Only caught the 3rd period, so didn’t see much. He did look pretty strong along the boards. I’ve said it before, I think Emelin will be the Russian Robyn Regher, which is exactly what this team needs on defence.

      • Pieterangelo was their best defenseman by a mile, yet Phaneuf and Burns were out there in the final minute. What a joke.

      • ManApart says:

        They had a great one in Pieterangelo, but Hitchcock was in love with Phaneuf so underplayed him. At least from what I saw. The forwards were shit. Stewart, Kane, Vermette, Duchesne, Eberle, Neal, Zajac, Ladd did nothing.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Have to remember Dave Nonis was GM, I still can’t believe Hitch was allowed to start Bernier not Reimer. Phaneuf is so over rated.

          Great Effort Boys, PG get to work this Summer!

          • savethepuck says:

            Reimer was far from sharp in the 2 OT wins against the Swiss and USA. Canada dominated both those games and won both 4-3.

            “That beautiful bastard scored semi-conscious.” On the Rocket’s Game 7 game winning goal against the Bruin’s April, 1952

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      They made Ken Hitchcock the HC.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

  5. HardHabits says:

    I don’t want Detroit to win because I am jealous of them. If they win the Cup this year it’s a Dynasty in Motor City. They are today what the Habs once were. The cream of the crop.

    I also want TB to beat Boston, not just because I hate Boston but because Tampa Bay has Stamkos and Hedman who are players that can only be acquired via the draft and Lecavalier and St. Louis who are the type of players that should be Habs. Not to mention Boucher.

    Funny how 3 of the 4 remaining coaches are from the Habs system and the other is a McGill alumni.

    Sadly, Montreal doesn’t reap the benefits of it’s own system or back yard as well as other teams do.

  6. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Luke the pylon Schenn on the ice and standing around like a dummy and Russia scores the go ahead. figures.

  7. scrowe21 says:

    Is Belarus still in the tournament?

  8. 24 Cups says:

    Clowe and Franzen are both listed as game-time decisions for tonight’s game. Could be the difference maker.

    Niemi and Howard will also be starring destiny in the eye.

  9. habsindepth says:

    Yemelin would be a great addition to the team. He brings the much needed physical presence on the blue line. Most importantly, with a team like Boston in our division, I think his physical play will help the team a lot.

    Web: http://www.habsindepth.com – For the Fanatics
    Twitter: @habsindepth

  10. HardHabits says:

    You want to know why the Habs are playing golf:

    They are a TEAM without the needed grit and balance of size throughout the line-up as opposed to a TEAM that gets physically dominated and man-handled and has softness and smallness throughout the line up.

    DAVID DESHARNAIS 5′ 7″ 177 ultra-small, albeit gritty
    BRIAN GIONTA 5′ 7″ 173 ultra-small, albeit gritty
    MICHAEL CAMMALLERI 5′ 9″ 182 small, albeit gritty
    SCOTT GOMEZ 5′ 11″ 198 not big, not gritty
    JEFF HALPERN 5′ 11″ 198 not big, not gritty
    TOMAS PLEKANEC 5′ 11″ 198 not big, not gritty
    TOM PYATT 5′ 11″ 187 not big, not gritty, stone hands
    ANDREI KOSTITSYN 6′ 0″ 214 big, gritty to a point, inconsistent
    RYAN WHITE 6′ 0″ 193 biggish, gritty, this is the Habs one tough guy and he isn’t even 200 lbs
    MATHIEU DARCHE 6′ 1″ 215 not small, gritty to a point, career AHLer
    LARS ELLER 6′ 2″ 198 Kaching
    TRAVIS MOEN 6′ 2″ 215 gritty, stone hands
    MAX PACIORETTY 6′ 2″ 196 Kaching
    BENOIT POULIOT 6′ 3″ 199 can’t stand on his skates, no upper body or leg strength

    The softest forwards in the NHL

    YANNICK WEBER 5′ 11″ 193 small
    JAMES WISNIEWSKI 5′ 11″ 208 smallish albeit gritty
    ANDREI MARKOV 6′ 0″ 207 Elite player, soft
    JAROSLAV SPACEK 6′ 0″ 210 old, soft, weak
    P.K. SUBBAN 6′ 0″ 206 Kaching
    JOSH GORGES 6′ 1″ 200 tough as nails, can’t fight
    ROMAN HAMRLIK 6′ 2″ 207 old, no mean streak
    BRENT SOPEL 6′ 2″ 205 decent
    ALEXANDRE PICARD 6′ 3″ 215 don’t ask me why he didn’t play more
    PAUL MARA 6′ 4″ 211 big, slow, mean enough but not that tough
    HAL GILL “A” 6′ 7″ 241 big, slow, not nearly mean enough

    Not a defence corps that drives fear into any NHL power forward

    Carey Price 6′ 3″ 219 Kaching

    The Habs have four players that should be the model for the team moving forward; Price, Subban, Eller, Pacioretty. Everybody else is expendable.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Yes, playoff scoring stars like Mike Cammalleri are so easy to find, or top-end defensive defencemen who are locker room leaders and playoff forces.

      Cammalleri could reasonably be in the top 25 of playoff scorers for MTL all-time by the time his current contract is up.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

      • HardHabits says:

        They can be found in the draft and I’d rather they be found there than in the over inflated UFA market. Problem is the Habs don’t draft well enough and let go what they do harvest for peanuts. They only time I can remember the Habs doing something right with an asset was the Halak trade.

        Not one player drafted in 2010, 2009 or 2008 has played in the NHL yet.

        2007 yielded 4 NHLers, one of them, a blue chipper, lost for Gomez, the other 3 play for the Habs.
        2006 produced Ryan White, who I like, but face it, he’s a 4th liner.
        2005 got us Price which I am very happy about but the 3 other NHLers are gone for two AHLers and Pouliot.
        The best player from 2004 the Habs let go when he would’ve stayed for a home town discount.
        Don’t even get me started about 2003.

        It’s not nearly enough. In fact it’s a deplorable track record. Championship teams are built via the draft and supplemented with UFA signings not the other way around.

        • Mark C says:

          I get a kick out of how you use information to fit your narrative. For example: “2007 yielded 4 NHLers, one of them, a blue chipper, lost for Gomez, the other 3 play for the Habs”.

          Love how you call Ryan McDonagh “blue chipper,” then say “the other 3 play for the Habs”. Why don’t you tell us who the other three are? Is it because mentioning Max-Pac, Subban, and Weber makes Montreal’s drafting record look better than calling them “the other 3″?

          • HardHabits says:

            No need to state the obvious. I clearly stated that Pacioretty and P.K. Subban are two of four Habs who are untouchable and the future of the team. Weber may or may not be the second coming of Marc Streit. Time will tell. Hopefully the Habs do better with him if he does move up the depth chart. As it stands he’s not cracking the starting line-up.

            I never disagreed that 2007 was a good draft year for the Habs. It’s one year though after many of being in the wilderness at the draft for the Habs.

        • SeriousFan09 says:

          2008 we didn’t have a 1st-rounder and Kristo still looks pretty good, Quailer had an unfortunate setback when he blew his ACL, that was not the fault of the Habs. 2009, well what do you expect? We didn’t draft in the lottery and expecting results so soon is just ridiculous. 2010, the same.

          Max Pacioretty was an absolute bust to most Habs fans before this season, how about some patience?

          Drafting hasn’t been great, but the quality of prospects in the pool has measurably increased since 2005. It’s been a very long time since the Habs drafted franchise players two years apart in Price, Subban. We don’t know what these later drafts are going to give us until at least 2012. You wait three to five years, maybe even longer for draft results, that’s how it works when you’re outside of the Rewards for Failure program.

          – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
          SF09 on Twitter

        • issie74 says:

          Have you been to the school of Pierre McGuire.

    • habs03 says:

      Size is not the problem anymore in the NHL, people just want to make excuses, the Bruins series proved, they had all the size, and if it wasn’t for Markov, Gorges, and Max being hurt we would have beat them. Look at teams like Det, they don’t have much size either, look at Philly, look at how they line up down the middle, instead of using Jeff Carter at Center who is 6”3, they put him on the wing and use Richard 5”11, Giroux 5”11 and Briere 5’10.

      • HardHabits says:

        Yes the Habs could have beat Boston but they didn’t. It still doesn’t mean they would have gone further let alone all the way.

        As for Philly what are they doing this year? They got thoroughly dominated by Boston.

        Nevertheless, I said balance. The Flyers have larger and tougher players who insulate their smaller skilled forwards.

    • J_P says:

      Plekanec may not be physical, but I would hardly say that he isn’t “gritty”.

      Are implying that the habs aren’t lucky to have a player like tomas plekanec?

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Pretty much agree except about Markov who is so skilled (when healthy) he doesn’t need to grind meat, and in general, small size can be offset by skill level and KILLER ATTITUDE.

      A team of big tough guys with hands of stone aren’t going to win it all either, it’s a question of balance.

      Scotty Bowman kept a bull pen of half a dozen players he would mix and match depending on the opposition. Another point is you don’t want the other team to use some AHL goon to take your best player (s) off the ice – you have to be smart about it.

      Our last 100 pt guy was Mats Naslund, who was small. And I like DD, who is at least brave. I think our softness problem is largely between the ears, and that’s what needs to be addressed and Wiz and Yemelin are good moves in that direction.

    • Everlasting1 says:

      Lars Eller – not gritty, won’t evolve as that powerforward. Kaclunk.

      Elohim:”Let us make an Adam in our image and after our likeness.” – Genesis 1:26

      “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        Lars Eller doesn’t have grit? Sure…

        Guy takes everything they throw at him and keeps going, played through a dislocated shoulder for the last two games.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
        SF09 on Twitter

        • TomNickle says:

          Not to mention a 20 second puck battle with Tyler Myers late in the season where he took 3 punches to the face from Myers that went uncalled and kept coming back after the puck. Nope, no grit there.

        • Everlasting1 says:

          He can’t dish it though..

          Elohim:”Let us make an Adam in our image and after our likeness.” – Genesis 1:26

          “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

          • SeriousFan09 says:

            The guy’s also skinny, he needs to add bulk so he can play with more authority but the more important part of a ‘grit’ player is the willingness to take a hit and play through pain. Any jackass can push people around, the true test is how they take getting hit themselves.

            – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
            SF09 on Twitter

    • shiram says:

      I think you need to watch the WWE… You’ll get all those big burly men there.

    • TomNickle says:

      Interesting choices on your gritty, not gritty label. I’d call Plekanec gritty, I would also call Gomez gritty considering he’s fought as a Hab and has mixed it up with guys like Evander Kane, Zdeno Chara and doesn’t back down shy away from forechecking regardless of who’s on the ice. Spacek is far from soft. The best checker we have on defense after Subban. One thing that strikes me as odd is the amount of people who think Mara is slow. He isn’t going to be confused with Darren Helm anytime soon but he’s far from slow. In fact, for a guy his size, he’s very fast. Pouliot is 100% gritty. I don’t remember seeing Halpern back off of any challenges this season either. We need more tenacity among our defensemen. Subban and Yemelin are definitely a step in the right direction there.

      • LA Loyalist says:



        I don’t even know what to say to that.

        • HardHabits says:

          Mr. Periphery. He sure gave Chara a tongue lashing. Wasn’t that Gerbe who took him out in a scrap too? Gomez is about as gritty as ultra soft bum wad.

          • TomNickle says:

            I’m sorry, did he not fight after getting hit from behind? And did he not fight a player half a foot taller than him and 40 pounds heavier?

    • neumann103 says:

      Ummmm, yeah players like Cammy and Pleks are a dime a dozen.

      PK will eventually win the Norris, Lars Eller is the real deal and will be a complete all situation top 6 forward, Price is obvious. I would rank MaxPac a step below those guys, but still those are the top young guys.

      But Cammy and Pleks plus whoever they stick on right wing are the sharp end of the spear and neither is exactly old. Gionta is easily the next guy and an acknowledged leader.

      It takes more than size and kids. Not that size and youth don’t have their roles

      “Et le but!”

  11. Emelin is looking really good for Russia. He’s a rough guy.

  12. shiram says:

    The Jagr rumous came out around the 30th of April.
    The Habs final playoff game was the 27th of April at night.

    It seems a bit funny that such a rumour would come in to fill the void of no hockey news at just the right time, and lo and behold, 2 weeks later and it is still being debated.
    The more I think about it, the less likely it seems.

    • The Jagr rumours actually came out around 2 months ago, but the French media just recycled them when the season ended and they got a lot more play as everyone reacted.

      • shiram says:

        Hmm true, I found some news on it dating to february, but the Montreal Canadiens thing seems to be centered around the end of April after the the Habs playoffs run.

        • habsindepth says:

          Especially after Tony at team 990 took it over (the rumor) that is. At the end of the day, it was only Jagr speaking to a journalist saying how the Habs are one of the teams in the NHL where he may make a return.

          I heard from a few unnamed sources recently that the Jagr affair is not done yet. Not sure how reliable this is but so far this source has been usually on the ball. I was informed that it’s not over and we may hear more about it later on.
          Web: http://www.habsindepth.com – For the Fanatics
          Twitter: @habsindepth

      • Bugs says:

        Thank god the English media didn’t do that, right?
        Everything we heard in English was merely the translation of the French recycling hack-job.
        Maybe one day, by working really hard and by getting the luck of the devil, one day, the French media will be perfect like the English media.
        We can only pray.
        Thanks for knowing which medias are scoopers and which are recyclers, Berkie. Phew; I don’t know how you do it!

        Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

        • HardHabits says:

          Because we all know that the English media only prints the truth and never speculates.

        • Oh Bugs, you jump on that every time. The rumour was brought up first by CKAC, so yes it was the French media that recycled it first and the rest of them reacted to it. I’m sorry that makes you so infantile and angry.

          • Bugs says:

            They brought it up FIRST but still recycled it, I see.
            Yes, Berkie, nonsense like that existing solely to pander to your own prejudice does indeed make me angry.

            Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

          • Bugs, please try to read this carefully so I don’t have to repeat myself:

            I’m not sure who originally brought up the rumour in February, but it was RECYCLED by CKAC after the Habs were eliminated from the playoffs.

            If you find anything about pointing out the origin of a news story to be derogatory or offensive then you’re just looking to be offended. I have no prejudice in this situation, you’re just acting like a child because you’re bored.

          • Bugs says:

            You’re not sure who brought it up, but you know the French didn’t, I see. Because hey, they just recycle, right?
            They’re not “GOOD” sports journalists like the English media; that’s why you singled them out, yes, I understand.
            Qu’on est chanceux qu’tu sois là pour faire la part des choses, pas vrai, Berkie? Toi qui suis et qui scrute, (“sans trop savoir” malgré tout d’après tes dires), chaque parution à la lettre apparemment; comment disputer de telles conclusions?

            Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

          • Bugs, stfu.

            Before accusing everyone and their dog of ethnocentrism recognize how delusional you are about this issue.

            Yes, when the story had already been reported, and it’s being reported again 2 months later, that media source is RECYCLING it. It doesn’t matter if CKAC broke the news originally or not, they’re still recycling their own story.

            Nothing about my original post was accusatory or negative, it was just pointing to the origin of what’s being circulated now. You seriously need to calm the f*** down before you accuse everyone of being prejudiced against the French.

            If I hated Quebec or it’s people I wouldn’t have moved here voluntarily. Stop being such a dipsh**.

          • Bugs says:

            Right, right, nothing about (your) original post post was “accusatory or negative”; it’s just that the English media DIDN’T recycle the story two months later and that’s why you singled out the French media for doing it. THEY recycle, the English don’t; yes, I understand. Or else, you woulda said “THE media”, not “the FRENCH media.”
            Isn’t that correct, Berkie?
            (Also, for future reference, don’t tell someone to “STFU” and then PURSUE your side of the point. That’s rhetorical failure, sorta like, what’s good for the goose AIN’T good for the gander, y’know?)

            Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

          • Yes, the entire English media recycled the story AFTER CKAC did. In case you didn’t notice, the original poster was questioning where the rumours came from, I answered with what happened, and now you’re all pissy because CKAC was the first to recycle a rumour to get people talking? Get over yourself.

          • Bugs says:

            Oooh, so the English DOUBLE-recycled it to NOT “get people talking”, I see.
            So when you said “The Jagr rumours came out 2 months ago but the French media just recycled them”, what you MEANT to say was “The French media recycled their OWN story from 2 months ago a day before the English media DOUBLE recycled it, being just as unable to get new scoops as the French are.” Oooh…I get it now.
            Well, you shoulda said it like that in the first place, Berkie cuz you have to admit, there was room for confusion there.

            Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

          • Bugs, I like you, but whenever the word french is mentioned you turn into a sniveling, ethnocentric moron.

          • Bugs says:

            Yes, it’s the word “French” that got me going and not the uninformed discrediting of the French media (and subsequently, of me) you made.
            You’ve certainly pegged my character, Berkie. An infantile, sniveling, ethnocentric moron, was it? Yes indeed; that’s me. Just because you said the word “French”. Yep. Whenever I hear “French FRIES” or “French TOAST” or “French RENAISSANCE”, I go off just the same, right? Of course because that’s what you said. Hey, YOU know how I am just like you know how the French media is, yes? Parce que tu es SI bien placé pour en soutirer ces distinctions.
            Much easier for you to come to that conclusion than any other, right? That’s why you didn’t address any of my points, I see. Yes, much easier.
            I’m done with this witness, Your Honor.

            Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

      • J_P says:

        Really? Ive never even heard of these jagr rumors until yesterday.

        Whats your take on it?

        I would love to have Jagr at $2million. Seems like he could still generate some offense and he seems to enjoy playing with Pleky.

  13. Castor says:

    You people blow my mind. The playoffs start and the Habs start off with two and O and it’s

    Thank you Gainey!
    PK and Price are this team! It’s going to be an amazing future!
    I’m so proud.

    They lose, in 3 OT games mind you, a series that literally comes down to one goal and all of a sudden it’s the worst team in the NHL.

    I’m not saying they are Stanley Cup contenders yet but you’ve got to admit we’re two players or pieces away from a serious contender.

    And don’t forget how decimated our team was this year! Two of our top D barely played the season. Markov and Georges are KEY to this team and they STILL finished in 6th place for goodness sake.

    All this awful pessimism is so depressing.

    Our D is going to be great this year and if they can fill some top two line holes by July 1st or next trade deadline then next season you’ll all be back on the bandwagon.

    I’m disappointed too but come on guys.

    In the last few years we haven’t missed the playoffs. Have been to the Eastern Conference finals and was the top team in the conference at one point. Yes, it’s NOT a Stanley Cup winner..but neither are 29 other freaking teams.

    • shiram says:

      Trolls will be trolling.
      Besides I would not consider them fans, if all they do is bitch and moan.

    • Curtis O Habs says:

      Well said.

    • savethepuck says:

      Good to see there are other people who see what I see. We were one more lucky bounce, more reallistically 1 less lucky Bruins bounce away from advancing to round 2. We lost to a team in 7 games that swept the Flyers, a team that many on here crowned Stanley Cup champs when they made a few trade deadline acquisitions.

      “That beautiful bastard scored semi-conscious.” On the Rocket’s Game 7 game winning goal against the Bruin’s April, 1952

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Dude, we choked. We are softer than custard between the ears (with a few exceptions). We choked on the chicken bone just like San Jose will tonight.

      And we had better deal with it over the summer.

  14. habs365 says:

    Enough about defense. we need a couple of good forwards.

  15. HabFanSince72 says:

    You all need to run not walk to the nearest movie theatre showing the film Country Strong.

    Now admittedly my review of the film stems from having seen it on a plane. It was one of those older planes with the communal screens meaning you have no choice what to watch. Otherwise I would have watched something else.

    Also, it goes without saying that I avoided listening to the audio, (in fact I watched another movie on my iPad), only glancing at Country Strong for a few seconds at a time, maybe ten or twelve times in all.

    Nonetheless those 2 minutes of watching were enough to convey the gist of the film. Ms Paltrow projects her emotions with the force of a Marc Andre Bergeron point shot. The movie concerns a country singer with what I take to be professional, affective, and alcohol-related problems, all of which (Spoiler Alert) she overcomes by the end of the film.

  16. SeriousFan09 says:

    Why are people giving a Habs I/O HOF Troll the time of day?

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  17. cournoyer12 says:

    Pleks, Cammalleri, Kostitsyn. Gomez. Gionta, Pacioretti, Moan, Eller, Payatt, whoever else at foward Not One drafted Canadian born player that we drafted amongst them…Sad isnt it..
    Dont they still have Canadian Junior programs up there/ lol..

  18. sidhu says:

    Emelin looks like a stud from what I’ve seen online of his play. It looks like he can play the right point and can play the PP as well.

    Do we pair him with Marky?

    I agree with posters who would prefer Wiz over Spaceman, but I don’t see it happening. Even if we don’t sign Wiz, I’d like to see if we can trade Spacek and use that space for someone else. $3.8m is a lot for a 5-6 Dman.

  19. Tony McLean says:

    “If anything, the Canadiens look better than they did last spring, in part because Carey Price has been steadier than Jaroslav Halak. Price still has to prove he can do it in the pressure cooker of the playoffs, but right now, I don’t have the slightest doubt that he can and will. That means the Canadiens are bona fide contenders.” – Jack Todd, Montreal Gazette March 2011


  20. cournoyer12 says:

    FOUR in a decade, and You’re boating.ol..
    Even blind men step in poo.

  21. cournoyer12 says:

    This is an open letter to my favorite team the Once Mighty Montreal Canadiens..I ask a few questions..
    If we have such good management and scouting here, why are we continuously looking at free agents to build this team, as well as castoffs like Sundin, Jagr and the like?? If our scouting were so good, where are all the prospects, who after several years, should be showing a greater return than we are seeing??
    Well, If your answer is…”Montreal is usally in the middle of the pack, so we dont draft the top players..”
    Guess what, Habs MisManagement….Getzlaf was #19, Corey Perry was #27 and there are many more that “snuck through that we could of had..
    And have you noticed those Detroit Red Wings always winning Stanley Cups, or in the hunt..Again…They never draft ahead of Montreal, and look at them…Next excuse!!

    • Castor says:



      • HardHabits says:

        Actually those players are rarities for the Habs. Thy only started getting better at drafting in recent years.

        The major problem for the Habs is they have a habit of trading picks for rentals. Sure the Habs make the play-offs but apart from Halak’s heroics the Habs have never made it past the 2nd round since ’93 and generally when the Habs do make the play-offs they exit 1st round.

        • cournoyer12 says:

          Nice to see someone turned their lightbulb on besides me today…Keep trying to reason with rats on a sinking ship, theyre like the crew of the Titanic…”Fellas, it’s only a Small Hole”..

          • ShinyMike says:

            Do you still enjoying watching hockey or does professional hating take up all your time?

            I hope we win the Cup in 2067.

      • cournoyer12 says:

        FOUR in a decade, even blind men step in poo!! lol..

      • Jim Edson says:

        David Fischer
        Eric Chouinard
        Kyle Chipchura
        Ron Hainsey
        Mike Komisarek
        Chris Higgins
        Alexander Perezhogin

        all first rounders, where are they now?

        Yes Awful Awful Awful
        …..My empire is crumbling, my international sponsors are deserting me, my authority is questioned, I am held in contempt wherever I go.

        Who am I: Mohamar Ghadaffi or Gary Bettman.

        • cournoyer12 says:

          Looks like the Not Wanted list in a post office..Go back to the late 1980s up to recent times on Canadiens draft history Hockey DB. and get the whole list, Bilodeaus. Both Higgins, Charbonneau, Ward..I mean the San Diego Conquistodors in the old ABA drafted better than us..Dudes…Cournoyer12 is back, the master of disaster…

      • Tony McLean says:

        It’s not popular to say it but what’s Price won in the NHL? He just ended a three year winless ‘streak’ at home in the playoffs. Pleky’s never done anything in the real season nor has Mad Max yet. Because they’re so gentlemanly Chara destroyed him with zero repercussions. No grit, little finish, no Quebeckers. We used to be more demanding of Canadiens’ management. Now half the fan base is so young they can’t even remember 1993 let alone 1986. 1979 is a LONG time ago and I’m getting fed up with the mediocre timid conservative crap they serve.

        Props to “Canadiens South.” Away les boys!

        • SeriousFan09 says:

          I am getting so sick and tired of that giant load of crap that somehow, if we had a goon we could have intimidated Chara from not doing that or made him pay for it.

          WHO on this planet could have taken on Zdeno Chara in a hockey fight and made him pay for what he did? Please tell me his name right now and I’ll shut up about it. This is a pile of garbage that’s been flung around for months.

          The Quebecers don’t want to play here, they were either ‘Diques fans growing up, or they just like Southern climates and money. The ones we do get don’t have the heart or just aren’t that good. Factor in less Quebecois talent hitting the league compared to most other places and it adds up.

          – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
          SF09 on Twitter

          • shiram says:

            With a grain of salt, I bring you….

          • HardHabits says:

            Not a goon. A TEAM with grit and some balance size throughout the line-up as opposed to a TEAM that gets physically dominated and man-handled and has softness and smallness throughout the line up.

            DAVID DESHARNAIS 5′ 7″ 177 ultra-small, albeit gritty
            BRIAN GIONTA 5′ 7″ 173 ultra-small, albeit gritty
            MICHAEL CAMMALLERI 5′ 9″ 182 small, albeit gritty
            SCOTT GOMEZ 5′ 11″ 198 not big, not gritty
            JEFF HALPERN 5′ 11″ 198 not big, not gritty
            TOMAS PLEKANEC 5′ 11″ 198 not big, not gritty
            TOM PYATT 5′ 11″ 187 not big, not gritty, stone hands
            ANDREI KOSTITSYN 6′ 0″ 214 big, gritty to a point, inconsistent
            RYAN WHITE 6′ 0″ 193 biggish, gritty, this is the Habs one tough guy and he isn’t even 200 lbs
            MATHIEU DARCHE 6′ 1″ 215 not small, gritty to a point, career AHLer
            LARS ELLER 6′ 2″ 198 Kaching
            TRAVIS MOEN 6′ 2″ 215 gritty, stone hands
            MAX PACIORETTY 6′ 2″ 196 Kaching
            BENOIT POULIOT 6′ 3″ 199 can’t stand on his skates, no upper body or leg strength

            The softest forwards in the NHL

            YANNICK WEBER 5′ 11″ 193 small
            JAMES WISNIEWSKI 5′ 11″ 208 smallish albeit gritty
            ANDREI MARKOV 6′ 0″ 207 Elite player, soft
            JAROSLAV SPACEK 6′ 0″ 210 old, soft, weak
            P.K. SUBBAN 6′ 0″ 206 Kaching
            JOSH GORGES 6′ 1″ 200 tough as nails, can’t fight
            ROMAN HAMRLIK 6′ 2″ 207 old, no mean streak
            BRENT SOPEL 6′ 2″ 205 decent
            ALEXANDRE PICARD 6′ 3″ 215 don’t ask me why he didn’t play more
            PAUL MARA 6′ 4″ 211 big, slow, mean enough but not that tough
            HAL GILL “A” 6′ 7″ 241 big, slow, not nearly mean enough

            Not a defence corps that drives fear into any NHL power forward


            Carey Price 6′ 3″ 219 Kaching

            The Habs have four players that should be the model for the team moving forward.
            Price, Subban, Eller, Pacioretty
            They have one elite player albeit prone to injury.

            Don’t talk to me about goons. Nobody said goons.

          • SeriousFan09 says:

            Respond to what I actually said HH. I asked what on Earth could have stopped Chara from doing what he did except himself? Not a damn thing. Wouldn’t have mattered how Big we are, how Tough we are or any of that, he would have done it and walked away knowing no man can take him on. The point is raised quite foolishly that a tougher lineup would have protected Pacioretty, I call it a load of garbage.

            Big Bad Bruins watched a cheapshot artist Matt Cooke effectively end the career of Marc Savard as an impact NHL player. Penguins led the league in fighting majors this season, didn’t protect Sidney Crosby from either head hit. Nasty, intent to injure hits occur against all teams and it doesn’t matter who’s around. Chris Chelios in that Wonderful Made-Up Golden Age of No Instigator boarded Propp who played for the Flyers. Not a damn thing happened to him either.

            – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
            SF09 on Twitter

        • cournoyer12 says:

          I think Price is like 3-11 as a Hab in the playoffs, but dont blame him, he’s another Patrick Roy, that’s why Gainey drafted him, no stars here, so hope the goalie takes us a little farther with no offense…Price will want out soon as well. keep watching..

          • RGM says:


            During the long summer, we all get to be pretend GM.

          • Mark C says:

            More like 8-14, but you don’t seem like someone who cares about facts.

          • habsfan0 says:

            Close. In his last 15 playoff decisions, Price is 3-12. Not exactly Patrick Roy numbers. I don’t believe Roy allowed 3 overtime goals in the same playoff year,let alone 3 of them within a 4 game span in the same playoff round as Price just did.

        • Mark C says:

          Already blaming Pacioretty for doing nothing in the playoffs. He hasn’t played in ONE NHL playoff game, yet. What is wrong with you people?

    • _Habsoloutly_ says:

      You’re truly without a clue.

    • Tony McLean says:


      Props to “Canadiens South.” Away les boys!

    • LA Loyalist says:

      You need to follow Serious 09’s prospect reports and you will feel better about the future. Also remember that neither Markov nor Halak were very high picks, I’m sure the guys can name other.

      Getting Yemelin has cheered me up immensely, as he plays with an edge that we are sorely lacking and shows that Gauthier understands who we need (as illustrated by getting Wiz). I would find a way to sign Wiz and have killer depth on D, but it may not be $ possible.

      Our 2 biggest problems will only be solved by time: dumping Gomez and dumping JM’s statue to mediocrity: “le systeme”

      I’m hopeful that watching Boucher’s Lightning slice through Boston like samauri swords will enlighten our betters as to the wisdom of losing Muller as well.

  22. OneTimer says:


    Here ya go Habs fans (I didn’t make the video). Two things I noticed:

    a) he’s a great passer

    b) he uses and SCORES with his wrist shot. In my opinion, in today’s shot-blocking NHL, wrist shots ought to be used more because they give the checking D less time to react. This whole video is an argument why our D should wrist-shot more often. Just put it on net!

  23. Athlétique.Canadien says:

    The IIHF World Championship site list Yemelin (or is it Emelin?) at 6′ 2″ and 223 lbs. TSN says 6′ 0″ and 180 lbs. I wish we knew the true story because 223 lbs is a good weight for an aggressive checker like Alexei. Which is it?

  24. veryhabby says:

    I would be “veryhabby” if those were our starting 7 d corp.


    that’s one O type dman and one D style guy in each pairing. Gill can move down with 5 on 5 time and mentor Web. I think PK/Gorges duo can be one of the best. Of course I am assuming that Emelin can log top pairing 5 on 5 minutes. But I wouldn’t use him for PK or PP and that would make the other 3 have more ice time then him (all would be happy). Of course Gorges/Gill can do their PK thing. It’s a solid D corp, not the best, but solid. Hope spac would be 7th guy, but I think Web might be it cause you know how we treat vets like kings here.

    Wiz’s money can be used upfront. Man I like all our kids and stuff, but we still need “something” wow up there to make this team better 5 on 5.

    • OneTimer says:

      Your defensive line up is great and probably realistic. In fantasy-land, however, we trade Spacek and replace him with Wizniewski…that would be something.

      As someone else pointed out, we could trade Wiz for a 1st-round pick at the deadline, if we wanted to. Then put that 4-5M towards Price and Subban’s contracts the next year. Now that’d be some smart GM’ing.

    • longbow says:

      Markov and Emelin play the same side. I see it this way…..

      Gorges Markov
      Subban Emelin
      Webber Gill

      Lots can happen between now and October however.

      Einstein’s definition of insanity – “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

  25. habsfan0 says:

    If Habs don’t resign Hammerlik and trade Spacek(if there are no takers for him,I’m sure habs would accept a couple of worn skates in return)wouldn’t there be enough money for Wiz? I know he has some deficiencies but that blazing slapshot teamed with PK’s howitzer would terrorize opposition goalies on the power play.

  26. Danno says:

    Yes! I am back!

    Merci beaucoup Eric Tobin et Mike Boone!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  27. longtimehabsfan says:

    I wouldn’t go in this direction but I don’t get paid to make these decisions. Hopefully, most of the decisions that will be made will work out. But I am concerned with (a) Markov’s durability for the salary he will command and (b) Yemelin’s mean streak in a smaller rink. If he’s boarding guys on that massive rink now what’s he going to be doing on an NHL size rink?

    I understand the politics going on here. But if we’re going to be signing a guy without NHL experience who we may have to pay close to 4 million conditioned on incentives then I would rather pay for the Wiz, a player we already know and is just as young.

    “It’s a moo point. Like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”

  28. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    I wonder how much money Burke will throw at the Wiz. Watch for it.

  29. Hobie Hansen says:

    I’ve always believed that a team’s fourth line should be of the tougher variety and not be a mish mash of offensive players, grinders and defenseman.

    I think Montreal has delete Pouliot, Halpern and Pyatt from their current lineup.

    We all know what the top six is at the moment (Cammy, pleks, Gio, Gomer, Patches and Kostisyn)

    The problem on the third line is Desharnais and Eller co-existing together. Apparently Eller is not going to play on the wing and Desharnais doesn’t belong their either.

    If we could make some moves for our bottom Six to look like this, I’d be super happy:


    Believe me I really like Desharnais, just not sure how he can fit on this team?

    • TomNickle says:

      They both fit easily. You just don’t play them together. You have them each centre a line in the bottom six. Give them each a good offensive threat and a physical winger.

      This team was at its best this season when Pacioretty was in the lineup and Eller and Desharnais were in the middle of the bottom two lines. It allowed the Habs to play Kostitsyn with Eller and Darche with Desharnais. The team had legitimate scoring threats on all four lines.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Yeah but then u have Desharnais centering the 4th line…Naaah

        And really, u want your 4th line playing around 10 minutes a game and one that features some real muscle.
        Balanced scoring on 3 lines is good enough and leave the 4th line to cause some havoc…

        • TomNickle says:

          Why not? Think anyone will take liberties with him if he has White on his right and Moen on his left? I don’t.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            I’m just old school I guess and I really like the idea of a player like konopka between White and Moen on the 4th line.

            I just don’t see Desharnais on the forth line playing limited minutes and pulling his hair out trying to setup tough guys.

            If Gomez were not around, maybe Eller and Desharnais could be our 2nd and 3rd line centers but he’s not going anywhere.

        • Chorske says:

          And really, u want your 4th line playing around 10 minutes a game and one that features some real muscle. Balanced scoring on 3 lines is good enough and leave the 4th line to cause some havoc…

          Really? That’s it? Their job is to “cause havoc”… presumably by roughing up the other team? You would rather have a fourth line of goons than what we had, which was an awesome mix of energy and combativity (White), the teams best faceoff guy (Halpern), and any number of talented, hungry youngsters who played solid two-way hockey and generated offense. I think that’s NUTS.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            A big thing that has been missing on this team for years is a real energy type 4th line.

            When was the last time the crowd at the Centre Bell stood up and applauded the 4th line for hemming another team in their end for an entire shift that resulted in an offensive zone faceoff???

            Never happens!

            Halpen is a good guy who’s at the end of his career and it would make no difference to see him go. If nobody can win face-offs on the team besides Halpern there’s a bigger problem at hand…

          • RobertAlanFord says:

            Faceoff guys are great when they stay in the faceoff circle instead of being kicked out constantly.

            A well balanced third line and a gritty fourth is ideal. The coach needs that fear factor card that he can play. So when the faceoff is in the D zone and the opposition has their best faceoff guy out there against your gritty fourth line, the only thing he’s thinking about when the puck drops is “this might hurt a little”.

      • RobertAlanFord says:

        The way I see it from the comfort of my living room and the occasional game at the Bell Centre or Scotiabank Place, Desharnais is doing the same job as Gomez and gets seven million less for it. As for Eller, its the Carey Price story all over again: Talented guy thrown into the big show WAY too soon. He should be in Hamilton.
        I’m cool with having three speedy lines but we gotta get at bit more physical at the same time. Moen, White and Darche are excellent grinders. I have to agree with Hobie Hansesn’s idea of adding Laich into the mix. Someone like him would complete any checking line the Habs are trying to throw together and might get Moen going again.

    • Marcusman says:

      Konopka has 8 goals in close to 200 NHL games……David has 8 goals in 45 games ……I think you are the only one who doesn’t see how this kid doesn’t fit in. He’ll score 30-40 in a year within the next years. He has excelled at every level of Hockey he’s ever played and has a ton of heart…….trust me he’ll be our 3-4 line center this year.

    • Chorske says:

      What a load of crapola. Size size size, muscle muscle muscle. Jaysus Murphy, what nonsense. It’s so repetitive, it bores me to tears.

      The fourth line HAS to be a utility belt of players who can fill multiple roles- why paint yourself into a corner with one-dimensional muscle men, when the whole purpose of the fourth line is to be the swiss army knife in your lineup? And you’re so quick to dump Halpern and Desharnais- but they were two of the main reasons we stayed competitive against Boston. Halpern doesn’t get waved out of the faceoff circle by some bullshite ref, and I’m not so sure Boston wins. We took it to Boston over seven games, and made them look damn slow and damn soft (remember that your so-called softies OUTHIT THE BRUINS). I don’t see how beefing up is really an issue.

      Plus, I don’t get the rationale behind the players you want to sign. Laich got $2 million, got about 45 points, and will be looking for a big raise. How you gonna pay for that? And is another 40-50 pointer what the Habs need? Basically, you just looked at the UFA list and sorted them by size, right?

      And Konopka? Really?!

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Well all I can tell you it bores me to tears seeing the smallest group of forwards in NHL history being knocked off the puck, beat up and finishing dead last in scoring 5-5.

        Is it out of the the norm to have a nasty forth line to pin other teams in their end and hammer their defenceman into the boards for a couple shifts a period?

        If you don’t see the habs are lacking size and grit….wow!

        • RobertAlanFord says:

          Again I’m with Hobie on this one. You need players that will punish guys like Lucic for being a jerk. You don’t need to go out and get the biggest player in the UFA market, just the ones that enjoy smearing the opposition along the boards, getting in the way, generally making it hell for opposing players. White has that kinda grit in him and he’s not the biggest you’ll face. Gill is a monster but will hug you like a little teddy bear instead of crunching bodies. We need the grit and guys like Eller don’t fit that description.

    • cournoyer12 says:

      The problem with this team is the TOP SIX not the Bottom Six…When your leading scorer has all of 57 points, somebody has to adjust the light bulb in their thinking..Like building a house, fix the fllor, while whats holding it up is leaking…

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Konopka’s heading to the downside of his career and he wouldn’t fit with JM’s system taking 20+ fighting majors a season. Halpern is a faceoff guy who can get it done and I’d have him back if Engqvist is not ready to make the jump.

      I don’t think DD is a long-term player on this squad but I suspect he’s back next season.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

  30. krob1000 says:

    Just a reminder to everyone…we lost by a goal…not a fight…it is our depth and offense that sucked. We actaully were a fairly tough team by the end of the season with White, Mara and Wiz….we did not get pushed around at all by Boston otherr than by Chara and that is something that happens to every single NHler…I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t get pushed around by Chara. Konopka wouldd help ion draws and during the season when things got hectic but Moen is a waste of space at

  31. cournoyer12 says:

    I still say the answer to alot of our woes lies in Glen Sather..We simply ask him what blackmail he used, or what drug he put in Gainey’s drink That night, when they “Consumated” the Scott Gomez trade. Then We do the same to another unsuspecting fool!!

  32. krob1000 says:

    Why does everyone assume we could not trade Wiz or even Markov down the road when we need to make cap space…they would also net a heck of ar eturn and by then PK should be as good as Markov. You could sign Wiz, have a legit shot this year….and be buying possibly a first pick down the road potentially if you did deciode to move him in two years or whenever. There is also Gomez’s contract that could be moved by then and Eller or DD should be a 2nd line center by then….this is an ideal year to make a real run IMO….

    • 123456 says:

      very good point. wiz or markov cound be traded after the upcomming season as long aas their contracts were not unreasonable. but per chicago i’d take a cup victory and then a purge over finishing 4-8 and trying for continual upsets.

    • Mike D says:

      That is a good point Krob which I didn’t consider in my lengthy reply below. We can certainly sign both Marky and Wiz, use this season to guage if Marky is able to stay healthy and play like he used to. If he can, trade Wiz before PK’s and Price’s contract is up and I’m sure we could get a first rounder or two if there’s good term and acceptable dollars. If Marky can’t stay healthy or his play isn’t close to what it once was, we keep Wiz, and either trade Marky (assuming we sign him for 2 years), let him walk (assuming he signs for 1 year), or buy him out/send him down.

      – Honestly yours

  33. 123456 says:

    why all the hate for spacek? i will be the first to admit i thought he was the worst dman in the playoff but – who lead the team in +/- during the regular season? you have to keep him and trade him mid season if another need arises.

    wiz and markov will not happen unless wiz takes less than market value to stay in montreal. while i feel wiz lacks a lot in his own zone he will be a solid 40-50 (or more) point per season guy. he will also want a long term deal and tha habs nees a lot of $$ after the 11-12 season for some other budding stars.

    i’d like to see at least 1 more young dman added as a regular player (weber or??).

  34. Hobie Hansen says:

    Ok what’s with people suggesting we trade Moen? The guy is a warrior who should be mainstay on our 3rd or 4th line for years to come! He has the most heart on the team and isn’t a bad player either!

    (White-Konopka-Moen) would be the perfect 4th line in my books.

    • 123456 says:

      i like moen on line 3 or 4. unfortunately for him he was pused into a spot that did not fit him well (top line).

      speaking of white. for some reason i see him as a great sub for top 6 duty if it is needed.

    • krob1000 says:

      Moen is repaceable by White for half salary ….and I can’t believe I forgot him…Moen is not anything we need with White and a tougher D…we need more talent up front…mroe toughness on the back end. It isn;t hate for Moen..it is a need for more offense and his salary would make room…same with Spatch…and even Hammer and Halpern..I like all of them…but you gotta do what you gotta do and I would ditch them for the right scenario…I can;t believe I forogt White…

      • shiram says:

        Moen and White are both bottom 6 forwards, and having one does not mean we do not need the other.
        Moen probably was not happy at being the only Habs to drop em to protect the skills players, and with White that gives him someone else to help with that chore.

        • Mike D says:

          In Krob’s scenario though, we add Konopka. He brings what Moen brings, might be cheaper but certainly not more expensive, and he can take faceoffs (pretty good at it too from what I’ve read). Essentially, Konopka can do what Moen PLUS Halpern do, and it gives White another tough guy on the roster.

          – Honestly yours

      • White is not capable at this point of replacing Travis Moen. He can replace half of what Moen does, the scoring and forechecking part, but he’s nowhere near the penalty killer. Moen is among the elite in the NHL on the PK. He has one year left on his contract at a reasonable price, let him play it out and help White become a better replacement.

        • krob1000 says:

          the diff between whtie and moen is exactly as you say…but the upgrade3 offensively would help us more than the diff between lower end checkers imo…offense is where we were hurt and our lack of dmen capable of skating the puck hurt too. Wiz was hurt, Gorges wasn’t around and neither was Marky. Emelin is by all coutns a great skater too…add one more top forward (hopefully Pleks girl is taking Jasgr’s girl shopping as we speak!!) .

          My point in all of this mess is that Wiz is and should be signed and that there are diff scenarios that make it possible.

        • ooder says:

          the one thing i can’t stand about moen is how slow he is…
          he can’t deliver crazy hits because of his lack of speed and for such a big guy i find he is absolutly terrible along the boards

          Gomez: 34 and counting!

    • cournoyer12 says:

      Another Gainey signing?? Let’s be frank here, In all my days as a Canadiens fan, is there a player LESS Noticable on the ice that Travis Moan?? Did that on poipose!!

  35. krob1000 says:

    I still say sign Markov and Wiz…it is possible though admittedly unlikely. IF we somehow did mangae to get Jagr, and signed Wiz ….look out. All we would have to do is trade Moen and Spacek….which could be done easier than Gomez…it is the last year for each of them. Wiz adds some toughness and depth on the PP adn having two crazies back there would be huge…also we are “big three ish” if they are all healthy..if one goes down we are still looking good. Our offense improves and gets bigger with a healthy Pacioretty and aging Jagr. We get some protection and a great faceoff guy in Konopka.
    We would have a stay at home guy with each of Subban, Markov and Wiz…..we would be significantly faster and younger still with Wiz and Yemelin over Hammer and Spatch. Wiz brings and element of toughness to our D as does Yemelin. Subban could maybe do less PK duty as Gorges and Gill are both great pk guys and I am assuming Emelin is too based on his makeup…I doubt he would hesitate to block shots,etc.
    This could all be done by simly trading Spacek and Moen..which is not that outrageous folks…and we are looking like a contender if you ask me….I know nobody did but I don’t care that is a fine looking lineup and I don’t think it is all that far fetched.

    Pleks (5)-Cammi (6)-Jagr (4)
    (Pyatt-Boyd 1.2) Total of 38.2

    Markov(5.5)-Yemelin (1)
    (Mara(800/Weber 800) TOTAL 18.1

    Price (2.75) TOTAL 2.75

    Total Cap space 60.05 million

    • cournoyer12 says:

      So you’re adding and aged Jaromir Jagr, dont forget his exploits overseas are againt a lesser competition, and with little checking over there….And Yemelin, and That excites you??
      My, how easy Hab Nots fans are to please.

      • krob1000 says:

        Actually from the team that was one goal from beating the Bruins who are in the final four we would be adding Gorges( a top notch pk guy), Markov (a top 10 dman), Emelin ( a young tough and admittedly unpredictable kid), Pacioretty (a big forward with speed and hands who was scoring at a 30 goal clip) and Jagr (one of the greatest ever and likely still a point per game player) and having a one year more experienced Eller and DD and toughness in Konopka…forgot about WHite and Mara…we are no longer pushovers, improve offensively and look pretty good IMO…

        We would be losing Hammer, Spatch, Halpern and Moen …if that doesn’t excite you a trip to the doctor is in order…they have pills to excite almost anyone nowadays Courny.

        • cournoyer12 says:

          Krobby. We go back a long way, and you I totally respect, but just let me say this, with Pleks and Gomez as our top two centers, there is Nothing you could add to this team that would change it much, trust me and see. What team in memory had as small, soft a duo as those two, and came close to winning anything? Gome’z contract is an albatross that will stay with us awhile..

        • JayBee says:

          Would you rather have Darche, Moen, Pyatt in the top 6?

      • Chris says:

        His exploits overseas are also against a competition that is very hard to score against, in general. So there are two sides to that coin.

        There is no hard and fast rule to assessing the various European leagues. Some good NHL’ers go over there and fall flat, while others excel. Some marginal NHL players (yes, I am talking about you Patrick Thoresen) go over there and excel.

        All you can do is rely on your scouts and hope for the best.

    • TomNickle says:

      You’re giving the team some hefty discounts with Wisniewski at $4.5m, Pacioretty at $1.4m and Gorges at $2.5m. Term is a huge factor too. Price, Subban and Eller all get extensions next season. Subban is likely to be in the $4-5 million range and Price will be nothing shy of $5.5 million annually. If you have Gomez leaving this would plausible……maybe.

      • krob1000 says:

        At that point let Gomez go…or even trade Wiz or Markov once PK is in full bloom…the salary cabn be worked out. I don’t see Wiz at 4.5 as that bad and if Gorges wants any more than 3 I wouldn’t sign him. Pacioretty won’t get much more than that or at least shouldn’t he started the year in the minors and….
        Also the cap is expected to got o 62…..so the wiggle room is there too….

        • TomNickle says:

          Wisniewski will get $5m easily on the open market. Pacioretty will not take a contract that pays him what Pouliot made last year considering his role on the team. And considering the contract that Kostitsyn was given three years ago, I would put Pacioretty’s deal to in that ballpark. As for Gorges, the team considers him a leader and a guy who can perform in any role other than Powerplay QB. He will get $3 million and possibly $3.5. And again, next off-season, Price is looking at a $3 million pay increase, and so is Subban, and I think it’s fair to say those figures will be minimum increases.

          • krob1000 says:

            If it takes 5..sign Wiz…Pacioretty is not in the situation Ak was…PAcioretty has still not played a full NHL season….we are in the drivers seat in that case. Gorges…I am torn..love the guy, classic overachiever klikeable guy…but way too limited offensively and not physically punsihing enough IMO to get that money ….he probably will get it though because of his intangibles as much as I dislike it…but even then we would still come in less than the expected cap…and that is with a 4 million Jagr in there….that liekly isn’t going to happen…there is easily room to be made for Wiz if they want to…and I really think they should.

          • TomNickle says:

            You’re still ignoring the priorities heading into the next off-season. Say the team re-signs Wisniewski at the $4.5 million you’re suggesting and get Pacioretty for one year at $1.5 million. I think we can agree that a similar season from Pacioretty will result in him getting deal of about $3.5 million for a minimum of three years. The only way you can retain Price, Subban and Eller the following off-season is if Gomez is gone. So yes, Wisniewski is affordable, but only if Gomez is gone this summer.

          • JayBee says:

            No way I’d sign Gorges for 3-3.5. He’s a decent player but way overrated among Hab fans. He can’t clear the front of the net, gets creamed along the boards and brings nothing offensively.

        • RGM says:

          When you look at some of the dollars that are out there for other d-men who are similar to Gorges (i.e. Scuderi, Volchenkov) there is little chance he signs for $3M.

          During the long summer, we all get to be pretend GM.

          • cournoyer12 says:

            Dont forget to include all the injuries we will sustain again next year, we should get like a “Territoral rights’ discount for those!!

        • cournoyer12 says:

          Not trying to be funny here, Krobby, But what if an ‘unfortunate” accident befell on Scott Gomez. would we still be obligated to pay his contract…(wink wink)

    • dorvalhabsfan says:

      boyd didnt make team last year why would he this year…a step back sorry
      Go Habs Go

    • twocents says:

      If the Pens are interested, I can’t see Jagr going anywhere else, Rob.

      • krob1000 says:

        me either if they want him…but he seems to play well with Pleks

      • cournoyer12 says:

        Hi, I’m Jaromir Jagr, and I have a year or two left, if I want to return to the NHL and win another championship..
        Now, where do I go, to a team that almost won the Eastern Conference without two of hockeys best players in Crosby and Malkin out….And where I played before and am fimiliar there…
        Or do I go to Montreal. where, er let’s see, er er;;;hmmm

        • krob1000 says:

          Hi, I am Mario Lemieux..you know the guy who won the scoring title even though you scored 149 points and I wouldn’t sign you before you left for the KHL because I thought I had two studs and you were old fart and laughed at your mullet and it’s ridiculous demands. But let’s bury that hatchet Jammy…
          I think he ends up in Pitts or Detroit but I wouldn’t rule MTL out completely…if we wanted him he might just go to MOntreal….a guy like Jagr might appreciate the Euro feel, the team would be a legit contender and he has chemistry with Pleks…..this is a fantasy world on here and I know that but I don’t thinkwe would beoutside of his top5 destinations.

    • ed lopaz says:

      if Spacek is making 3.85 why would Gorges take 2.5?

      if I was Gorges agent, I go for 3.5 and 3 years.

      by the way, I really want Wiz back as well.

      once Spacek is moved for a 5th or 6th round pick to a team that needs to meet the Cap minimum, for sure there is money for Wiz, even 5 million.

      Hamrlik was making 5.5 and he’s gone.

      Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

    • Mike D says:

      Krob, I like the line-up you presented and it fits within the cap. The only changes I would make is that I would have White in there (possibly instead of Pyatt or Boyd). While I think you were overly generous with Jagr (he’d get 3mil at the most), I think you undercut Gorges a bit (who I think will get 3.0 – 3.5mil). Either way, it balances itself.

      Moen is certainly tradeable at only 1.5mil for one remaining year and I’m sure a lot of teams could use a tough guy who’s excellent defensively, plays the PK, and has cup experience. Spacek miiiiight be moveable but it wouldn’t be easy. He might have to be packaged with someone like Boyd or Pyatt to make it more attractive.

      There’s one very easy, one moderately easy, and one very difficult problem I see with the above scenario you presented:

      The easiest – You didn’t account for Auld or whoever the back-up will be. No biggie, he’ll get 1mil max and that still fits in under the cap. Problem solved.

      The moderately easy – I thin kwe should find a way to have Weber in the regular line-up. He won’t develop sitting in the press box all year so we either have to put him in Hamilton (which is an option but might work against us down the road), or have him in the reg. rotation. My preferred solution is to play him at wing 5-on-5 and move him back to D on the PP. We could also use him at D during 5-on-5 play in case of onjury, or to give Gill some rest, or in situations where we have a good lead and can use the time for him to develop him defensive game.

      The BIG problem – In the above scenario (which works for this year), how can we afford Price and Subban next year when their contracts are up. Wiz isn’t just going to want 4.5-5.0mil, he’ll also want something like a 5 year deal so he has some long-term security. With that money tied up BEYOND next season, how can we fit Price and Subban under the cap with no other large contracts expiring (except maybe AK). There are some maybe’s which could help, like maybe we can trade Gomez, maybe the cap goes up substantially enough again, but we can’t count on those because it’s a very risky way to proceed. Even if we can trade Gomez, we’ll need to pay another C to take his place. Maybe that C is Eller, but his contract comes up at the same time as Price and Soobie so he’ll also have to fit in. What if Eller has a good season? That alone will require cap room to resign him regardless of other contracts. What if Emelin plays well? He’ll also require a raise to stay since he’ll be getting a 1 year deal. If AK and BP are both qualified this year, we’ll need money to resign them next year, or pay for replacement wingers if they walk.

      Look, I REALLY want to keep Wiz too cuz that would give us the most potently offensive D-core in the league bar-none, but I just don’t see how it could work. I know that in your above scenario, we use the money saved on Spacek to essentially sign Wiz, but Spacek’s money was/is considered a cap placeholder for one of Price or Subban after next season.

      If you have a way around the obsacle I presented, please share with us (and especially PG) so it can get done.

      – Honestly yours

      • krob1000 says:

        my bad on auld…..and white I already had that oen pointed out…but I also have a lineup with too many guys at 8 d and 14 forwards…we don;t have to do that…this won;t happen but I would love it to….ti is possible to keep Wiz and I really like him…sometimes he is an adventure in his own end but no more than most offesnvie dmen…and his toughness and heart goes a long way to countering that. Re the cap moving forward….Gomez is tradeable next year when his actual salary drops

        • Mike D says:

          I agree that Gomez does become more tradeable after next year. Thing is, it’s still a maybe and with PG being conservative I don’t know that he would bank on a maybe with Price and PK on the line. It also assumes that either Eller or DD are ready to take one of the top-2 C spots. If so they will be priced accordingly so the Gomez savings get partially eaten up there. The other scenario is that neither of them are ready to be a #2 C and then we are severely lacking down the middle.

          Im not against what you’re saying (if anything, I’m with you), and you make good points to your argument. Just pointing out that your scenario is probably even less likely than you’d like to believe…and you yourself said it wasn’t likely going to happen in the first place.

          On a side-note, thanks for putting in the work with the cap calculator. Thoughtful posts are always welcomed by this reader.

          – Honestly yours

  36. cournoyer12 says:

    Keep catering to the Russians, who disappear when we them the most, at playoff time. Question, Arent we the Montreal “CANADIENS”?? How many players that are Canadian have we Drafted that are on our current roster?? Maybe that’s why we stink lately, Gainey with his ‘American college players’ lol..We havent had a decent Euro foward since Saku Koivu, and he should have been a second line center, instead of getting beat up every year by bigger fowards, I’d like to know from you pencil neck geeks of fans here just How Many things that I say are Wrong, instead of calling me out with insults, how about answering my questions. Because you cant. Cournoyer12…With the notorious Gilles Poisson soon to follow.

    • Propwash says:

      Wow man, just wow……..

    • dorvalhabsfan says:

      how many russians do the Canadiens have? Markov… out for season… …. i cant think of other russians that were detrimental to us this season? or last season in playoffs we win as a team lose as a team… yeah the noneuro players were the ONLY reason we made it to playoffs… your a dolt,,, vote Bloc PQ you might get less foreigners playing for the CANADIENS o wait its CANADIANS apparently
      and only CANADIANS get Phaneuf maybe youll be happy… or a good ol canadian like Lucic?

      Go Habs Go

    • dorvalhabsfan says:

      yo tobiass whats the point i talk hockey you talk douche… ur a REAL man btw you want my phone number to bang it out? shes in a box hope ur proud of urself

      Go Habs Go

    • dorvalhabsfan says:

      Habs fan since 79 dont forget Viagra y

  37. cournoyer12 says:

    That’s right, let’s cater to the Russian players, just look at our track record with them. Whens the last time a ‘healthy” Markov earned his money in the playoffs, missed the last couple, correct?? BTW, We used to be the

    • TomNickle says:

      Yep, the organization sure did cater to Russian players when Markov signed his last contract at close to $3 million below market value for a player of his talent and production levels.

    • dorvalhabsfan says:

      Thats right lets cater to out top D prospect like we did with Subban when he came up… we should never play people that may feel comfortable with a superstar from their own country.. God i would hate if the habs tried to sign Niedermeyer to play with Subban Last year… who cares about his nationality… Markov is a champ and Emelin is what we need… or do you forget about Boston outmuscling our D? stop ragging on russians its despicable as fans….but wait lets sign JAGR hes THIRTY NINE but he’ll develop emelin who is NHL ready prolly anyways fir like 4 mill less then Hamrlik who can barely seperate man from puck if the dude is big…

      Go Habs Go

      • cournoyer12 says:

        Keep rotating defensemen, while we have a gigantic hole at center, with (Claude Rains) Plekanec in the playoffs, and the Seven Million Dollar Alaskan Floppo Scott Blowmez, and think this team will do anything come playoff time. I really love Habs fans, clearly have Total Recall…Of all things Delusional”….

  38. naweed235 says:

    So my money’s on Tampa Bay signing the Wiz next season…. any takers?

    • HardHabits says:

      Good call. I wouldn’t put it past Stevie Y and Le Chiffre.

    • cournoyer12 says:

      He sure looked real good watching from the bench the last two times we were in the playoffs, or as Montreal fans call them now..’Layoffs”…I assume Scott Gomez also is below “Market Value”…

    • ed lopaz says:

      I think Boston will go hard after the Wiz.

      He’s a good fit there.

      Better than the soft serve they got from the Laffs.

      Wiz can be nasty – he just held back because theres ZERO tolerance for nasty penalties under Martin.

      You guys who keep propping up Martin AND AT THE SAME TIME calling for us to pick up nastier, grit players, are contradicting yourselves.

      Martin does NOT want nastiness, because it leads to penalties, which give him mild to moderate heart burn.

      Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

  39. All this talk about Jacques Martin having zero tolerance for penalties…. Do you guys realize we lead the league in minor penalties this season? No team took more penalties than we did. Pouliot, Eller and Subban were all very high on penalties taken per 60 minutes of ice time, and I don’t think outside of Pouliot there was much benching going on, especially after the 40 game mark when Subban and Eller earned trust.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      when you’re right, you’re right.

      • Which is why I don’t think people should be worrying about Emelin taking penalties. In fact since the European leagues are called so much tighter than the NHL he’s probably going to feel freedom in a certain way, to knock guy’s heads in.

    • cournoyer12 says:

      Andrew, You are right, and sound like a reasonably guy, Question…One hockey announcer said we took all those cheap type of penalties because of our lack of size, notice how we get outmuscled for the puck, especially in the corners, the opponent then starts a brakout, and we wind up with holding and tripping penalties. I thought that was an excellent observation.

      • Partially right and partially wrong. A lot of what ails Montreal in the penalty area is the perception that they’re such a small team. Overall they’re not, but because of this perception, when our guys get knocked down refs assume it’s because they’re small and not strong, and when we knock other guys down refs assume that we had to have cheated because our guys aren’t strong. Basically we don’t get the benefit of the doubt, ever.

        We also had two players last year, Subban and Pouliot, who got called for everything that could have possibly been a penalty all year long. I’m sure you remember Pouliot getting called for hooking on a brilliant and entirely legal backcheck against the Rangers. It was probably the best defensive play of his career and he got punished for it because the refs have it in their heads to call the game a certain way.

    • HardHabits says:

      We led the league in penalties because the Habs play a system that their little bodies cannot cope with. The penalties were of the lazy kind. Mostly hooking, trips, and holds as the Habs constantly got out muscled or out played. The Habs don’t play puck possession hockey, rather they employ a puck dispossession style. Winning face-offs would help. Not being scared of the puck would be good too.

      How can JM blame the players? The choices are either injuries or penalties under the JM system. I think under those circumstances a benching would be good news.

      For the life of me I can’t understand how people say the Habs are close when their game relies on scoring first and then trying to protect that lead. It’s crappy, boring hockey. Yes the Habs make the play-offs but in all the aspects of the game that isn’t special teams and goal-tending they get dominated in.

      Until they start scoring 5 on 5 and end up in the top 10 in that category they will be a middle tier team and middle tier teams stagnate eternally.

    • ed lopaz says:

      Eller and Subban got tons of ice because of penalties.

      Martin is the FIRST ONE TO ADMIT that he has zero tolerance for penalties.


      This is a huge part of his philosophy – stay out of the box at all costs.

      Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

  40. Mats26 says:

    CKAC reporting that Yemelin is already signed at 984k.

  41. HalifaxHabs says:

    Re: Spacek buyout. I notice alot of people tossing around the idea of a Spacek buyout. Not saying it will or won’t happen(IMO it won’t)…. but here are the numbers.

    Spacek’s cap hit next year – $3,833,333

    So if we buy him out, the cap hit is 2/3rds of the remaining salary over double the term.

    So his cap hit for each of the next two years would be $1,277,778/yr.

    At the end of the day(here’s what matters), it would save us $2,555,555 off the cap this year. And cost us $1,277,778 towards the cap next year.

    • Mark C says:

      He signed a 35+ contract, and per the CBA all but $100K would count on the cap if he was bought out.

      • HalifaxHabs says:

        you sure about that? I’m not doubting you I just can’t find that anywhere… I used the buyout calculator on CapGeek to determine that, and that’s a pretty accurate site. You have a link with this info?

        EDIT – you are correct, I found it…. it actually says that if they choose to buy him out, it wouldn’t effect the cap at all. It would still be a 3.8 hit this year and off the books next year.

        So, to everyone on here, Spacek will not be bought out. Only options are trade, are suck it up for one for year.

        • Mark C says:

          This is from Capgeek’s QA section:

          “Players who sign multi-year contracts when they are age 35 or older (calculated on June 30 of the season the contract begins) count toward the cap under all circumstances, regardless of where (or if) the player is playing. The only cap relief is $100,000 from the player’s cap hit if he is assigned to the minors after the first year of the contract.”

          It would be after his first year, so the Habs should get that $100K, not that it would matter, as there is no point in a buyout.

          • dorvalhabsfan says:

            it says cap RELIEF is 100K so 100K gets taken off it doesnt say Cap Exempt

            Go Habs Go

    • mrhabby says:

      that will make 2 players were paying off…..the rock and jaro. Jaro will be back me thinks.

    • Mike D says:

      Are you sure this is the case if a player is on a 35+ contract like Spacek is? For some reason I thought that when a player is on a 35+ contract, sending him down or buying him out only saves 100k on the cap hit (which is sweet f&ck all and doesn’t help our cap situation at all).

      – Honestly yours

    • RobertAlanFord says:

      A price I’d gladly pay to keep him from ever touching the puck in our own zone ever again.

    • Bugs says:

      Buying out his last year wouldn’t be the end of the world even IF he was ineffectual, (which he isn’t imo).
      So much so that, contrary to a lot of views expressed on the matter over here, I DO believe he can be traded.
      With cap going up, maybe we can get greedy, cross the PK-Price Bridge NEXT YEAR…and keep good’ole Jimmy. Mwoo-hah!
      This scenario projected to you in Cinemaphonic QuadroVision!

      Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

    • cournoyer12 says:

      Ah, Spastic Spacek, Now, which GM signed him?? Clue, Initials are BG…And I dont mean..Boy George.

  42. HardHabits says:

    My concern with Markov is that he has proven to be fragile since Komisarek left the team. Do not underestimate the value Komi brought to keeping Markov off of the IR. Pierre McGuire said Markov will be eating glass with Komi gone and as much as I hate to agree with McGuyer he was right. Therefore the Habs need a big tough physical stay at home defence-man with a mean streak that will drop them at the 1st sign of some one even taking a dirty look at Markov. That player is not Emelin.

    Another thing is Markov needs some time to re-adjust to playing again in the NHL. Martin should not give him top defensive pairing minutes for the start of the season and rather should IMO ease him back into the game. I doubt that will happen as Martin has a penchant for over-playing his veterans much to the demise of the younger players. If Markov had been healthy PK would not have had all that ice time guaranteed.

    I see a few posts talking about getting some size for our top two lines but IMO it is at the 3rd and 4th lines where the muscle and grit should be added. With the top 4 forwards being 5’11”, 5’11”, 5’9″ and 5’7″ adding two players with grit and size will help but it wont be enough. The 3rd and 4th lines have to make life miserable for the opposition so that when the top two lines get out there they will score.

    One of the things that kills this team by the time the play-offs roll around is that by the time the Habs get there they are out of gas. Martin has to spread the ice time more evenly, stop punishing/benching the rookies, and stop relying too heavily on the older players.

    The year the Habs had the most goals they also had the least injuries. Once they started to focus on defence they were leaders in man-games lost to injury. It’s not a coincidence. I am not asking for run and gun but if the Habs can’t crack the top 10 in goals scored, especially 5 on 5, don’t bet on the Habs being much better than 6th in the East. If they do up the scoring ante and maintain the other aspects of the game they exceled in, PP, PK and goals against then realistically the Habs could exceed 100 points, putting them in contention.

    It’s all moot if the injury bug hits the team again.

    And please. JM. When the Habs get a lead. Stop sitting on it. Go out and get more goals. Keep pressing. Play in their end not ours.

    • Mark C says:

      How does Komisarek stop Price’s skate from cutting him, or Cooke from finishing a legal check, or Staal from going for a loose puck? The most questionable hit/injury was by Grabo when Komi still played for the Habs. I get the general point, but I can’t see how Komisarek would/could have protected him in any of the instances when he was injured.

    • avatar_58 says:

      The “value” Komi brought? Since leaving they’ve made the ECF and were 1 goal from round 2 this year. Yeah what amazing VALUE he provided.

      All he did was provide a gaping hole on that side of the ice. I never understood what the hell people saw in that pilon

      • HardHabits says:

        The numbers don’t lie. Markov and Komi no injuries. Komi goes. Injuries. It’s not coincidence. Mcguire might be a douchebag and bombastic but he does know his stuff. He is correct about Markov needing a player like Komisarek on the ice with him.

        • avatar_58 says:

          Yeah Komisarek should have taken that a-hole Price out for slicing his tendon. He also should have magically predicted he would get checked (legally) into the boards and flew in there like superman to save him.

          Tell me – did Komisarek save his own ass in Toronto? I seem to recall a lengthy injury period.

        • Komisarek was on the ice for Markov’s first major injury in 2009.

    • Propwash says:

      Quite the opposite, Markov made Komi look good, and now Toranna is stuck with him.

  43. wd40 says:

    I guess good on Wiz for increasing his market value this season to the point we probably won’t be able to afford him, but I’ll miss the guy.

  44. adam76 says:

    Hope we get a home team discount. He has played under 60 games the last two seasons combined, and with the nature of his injury and his age – its a risk.

    I want him to stay – but don’t want to risk cap space on a player who, at least statistically will re-injure himself.

    • kirkiswork says:

      When you are injured long term you don’t eat cap space.

      • Frank Labarbotte says:

        No, you don’t, but you also have to replace one of those pieces. For the record I’m all for signing Markov, but the worry is there that if he is injured long-term (even if we have the cap space provided by him being put on Long Term Injury Reserve) then we will have to part with players/picks in order to make a trade and replace him.

        • issie74 says:

          Hasen’t hurt Pronger and he has had a lot of injuries.

          • Mark C says:

            We’re about to find out:

            “Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren announced yesterday that Pronger will undergo surgery today in New York City to relieve a herniated disc in his lower back. The procedure is called a discectomy and will be performed by Dr. Frank Cammisa at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

            “The success rate for a surgery like that is usually about 95 percent,” Dr. Todd Wetzel, the vice chair of orthopedic surgery and spine expert at Temple University Hospital, told the Daily News. “But that also means that five out of every 100 people will still experience chronic symptoms, like weakness, pain or numbness. For most people, that would be tolerable. But for a high-performance athlete, that may be a different story.”

            Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/121690344.html#ixzz1M9isETQ6

      • 24 Cups says:

        kirk – Markov’s injury cost us a 2nd round pick, not to mention that his replacement (although adequate), wasn’t able to play up to Markov’s level. Same goes for MAB the year before.

        A team always loses when they have an injured star player. Hence, the cap space risk with a guy who has missed two years in a row.

    • Mark C says:

      Where does one find re-injury stats? Markov’s clearly at a greater risk at having another knee injury than a player who hasn’t had a knee injury, but I don’t think there is any reason to believe that another injury is more likely than not.

    • issie74 says:

      He could get a lot more,he has always taken a hometown discount.Markov wants to play in Montreal and he wants to win a cup,can’t blame him for that.

      • RobertAlanFord says:

        He may also take or be offered a reduced one year contract with a bonus clause if he plays x amount of games.

        • nek25plus says:

          Markov is a risk worth taking…at any price. G.M just needs to have a backup plan in place.

          If Chara can be a Norris candidate while healthy, Markov should be able to be nominated while on injured reserve!

        • Mike D says:

          I believe that only entry level contracts and 35+ contracts allow for bonus clauses. If that’s correct, that type of contract for Markov (who’s 32) would be ineligible.

          – Honestly yours

  45. RobertAlanFord says:

    There is no guarantee that Yemelin will crack the lineup. I think its safe to say that Martin would take an experienced guy on the blue line over another rookie. Lets pretend for a second that Markov’s knee isn’t up to par (yikes!). Martin will need a top D man to fall back on. Sure Subban is maturing nicely and will probably be a Norris trophy winner one day but we’ve all seen and heard of the sophmore blues and he’s probably still too young to be the go to guy on D for the Habs, just ask Price.

    Wizniewski is a proven Dman in the NHL that can handle both ends of the ice. Habs fans are always yelling at their TVs for point shots when its not present, something we missed when Souray left who was replaced by Streit and then eventually came Bergeron who was a defensive liability. Gauthier pulled a rabbit out of his hat when he acquired Wizniewski for a pick and our PP picked up a bit of steam. Letting him walk would be counter productive and quite frankly its time to hang on to our assets instead of making way for more youth. We’re trying to win hockey games, not harvest crops every year.

    If Wizniewski is asking for anything more than what Hamrlik is getting right now then, sure, forget it. There’s enough talent you can lure out of the UFA pool with 5 million bucks and that’s probably the number Wiz is looking for anyway. Besides, he seems to enjoy playing infront of the big intense crowds, who wouldn’t after playing for the Islanders.

    Weber and Spacek are trade material in my eyes. Weber would be a big bonus to any package the Habs may try to put together and wont be a huge cap hit even with RFA his status. Truth be told he’d probably get more ice time somewhere else.

    Spacek is a waste of 3.3 million bucks. I say let him go for nothing (like a 6th round pick), buy him out, waivers, whatever it takes. He’s been a liability at both ends of the ice and his salary could be used to get something else come July 1st. Or, as the Habs like to do, leave that spot open and let the younglings fight for it. Meanwhile management saves 3 mil. There you go Yemi, spot’s open, now show us what you got.

    If I had it my way…….

    Wizniewski – Markov
    Subban – Gill
    Gorges – Spacek

    So long and thank you: Hamrlik, Mara, Sopel, Picard.

    • TomNickle says:

      The only problem with your scenario is that somebody will pay Wisniewski $5 million annually. In addition to that, the team has focused on getting younger, and if the Habs are willing to give Yemelin an out clause that says he can return to Russia if demoted. I think it’s safe to say they’ll be putting him into the top 6.

      • adam76 says:

        Didn’t you quit the NHL over that Max hit – I knew you would be back, hypocrite.

        • RobertAlanFord says:

          I think every Habs fan has been guilty of hypocrisy at some point, if not several.

        • TomNickle says:

          Sorry I don’t live up to your moral standards Adam. Wow. And by the way. Me getting back into NHL hockey after saying I would stop watching doesn’t make me a hypocrite. Giving somebody else hell for doing what I’ve done would make me a hypocrite. Since I didn’t do that and haven’t done that, I’m not a hypocrite. I will give you credit for spelling hypocrite correctly though, I didn’t think you had that in you with your grade eight education

          • ed lopaz says:

            welcome back, Tom. looking forward to reading your posts.

            Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

          • adam76 says:

            “Me getting back into NHL hockey after saying I would stop watching doesn’t make me a hypocrite.”

            Actually – that is the text book definition. Already back to the grade school insults, just like old times.

          • TomNickle says:

            Thanks Ed. Ditto. Adam, go to dictionary.com, you need it.

      • RobertAlanFord says:

        Yemi will only start as a 6th or 7th D anyways. If he doesn’t like it then “Do Svidaniya”. No way Martin will just let him walk into the starting lineup without proving himself. Solidify the top five guys at the very least and you start with getting Wiz, Markov and gorges to sign. Remember that Gill will probably get a pay cut and that’s if they even sign him at all. He was a -9 in the regular season and that’s not what the Habs are paying him for. The money is available to sign Wiz as long as the Habs let Hamrlik walk. And that IS replacing old with young, Hamrlik has almost a decade on Wiz.

    • kirkiswork says:

      Of course he is going to crack the line up, in fact he will have a clause in his contract stating if he is sent to Hamilton he may instead return to Russia.

      • RobertAlanFord says:

        And he’ll get on the first plane to Togliatti if or when that happens. Fine, regards to Perezhogin. Signing Yemi gives Martin more options when deciding on his final lineup after training camp.
        Who knows what will happen? This is all speculation. He could end up liking it here and accept a demotion to Hamilton. He may even turn out to be a gem of a player that’s NHL ready and someone else is bumped to 7th dman. Who knows?

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Can’t buy out Spacek as he is a 35+.

      Can’t trade him either since he is useless.

      Another Gainey mistake. He’s the reason we can’t sign the Wiz.

      • Mark C says:

        If Montreal really wants to re-sign Wiz, then Spacek’s $3.8M won’t stop them. The Habs could make the room. Also, Spacek might be tradable, before getting injured he was having an OK year. The cap will likely be going up, and some team might have a need for a vet like Jaro. Florida has twice as much cap space than under contract players $, maybe Jaro could help a young player like Dmitri Kulikov for a season, assuming Montreal sweeten the pot or took back some salary.

      • nek25plus says:

        Aaaaahhh…Wiz isn’t better than Spacek, just different. One is defensive and one is offensive!?

    • jon514 says:

      Everyone seems to agree that Gorges is going to command a salary of between 2.75 and 3.5 million. At 3M/year, we’d have a bottom 2 Dmen earning 6.7 million between them. As much as I love all 6 of these guys, you have to clear some cap room off the back-end this year, not add to it.

      Also having 2 offensive Dmen playing on the top line is not a recipe for success. It’s more likely a stay at home type with a decent pass like Gorges will play in the top 2. If not, there’s no reason to bring him back.

      Finally, Spacek is one of those strong +/- guys who flies under the radar. He may not have a strong PP presence anymore, but he has been among our top + Dmen since joining the team. Have a look.

      “Let’s be clear on the facts…”

  46. Bugs says:

    How long til Weber moves up the totem pole and Spaceman finds himself num7? A month?
    Thing is, I’m not knockin Jaro; I think he’s alright. Might’ve slowed down some but it’s not like this suddenly walking-talking liability is behind every play, turning the puck over every time it touches his stick, or scoring own-goal after own-goal like a lotta posters would have us believe.
    It’s just that…Weber has got the friggin CHOPS, man.
    He should play.

    Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Hey bugs…

      I know you were being sarcastic, as usual, about Spacek’s abilities but your description of him wasn’t far off.
      He is borderline “BRUTAL” with the puck in our end.

      He gets knocked off the puck, beaten to the puck and is rarely successful in clearing it out along the boards. The amount of times I saw him completely out of gas, praying for a whistle, I’m surprised he wasn’t on the ice for even more goals. Price bailed him out a massive number of times.

      • Bugs says:

        I wasn’t being sarcastic; I was over-emphasizing the criticisms laid against him by other posters.
        The description IS “far off”, Hobie; make no mistake. If we bash, we gotta bash fair, and not radicalize his faults as I did.
        In French, we say “pousse, mais pousse égal.”

        Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

  47. mrhabby says:

    I see lots of people mentioning Jagr, Wiz , Markov etc,etc. But for me i still would like to see team get tougher and meaner. How many times did i see our players get turfed around last year. It really bugged the hell out of me that alot of teams took liberties against our players with very little come back from us.
    Ryan White did a good job..i would like to see more thats all.

  48. Timo says:

    So no changes in the physical department then. I mean, Emelin is rumored to be that tough D guy, but from the highlights all I’ve seen is one questionable hit from behind. And NHL is quite different than KHL. Oh well… time will tell, I suppose. We’ll make the playoffs and JM will be the best coach in the world again.

  49. Chris says:

    My wish list, for what it is worth:

    1) Sign a front-line defensive center and get Plekanec the heck away from PK duty. Yes, Plekanec is great at it…but every year, it takes a toll on him.

    This past season, he put up 7 goals, 20 points and +8 in his first 17 games and then followed that with 15 goals, 37 points and E in his next 60 games.

    In 2009-10, he had 10 goals and 46 points and was +8 in 42 games on January 1. Down the stretch, he put up 15 goals, 24 points and a -3 rating in the remaining 40 games.

    Either Plekanec has a less extreme case of Savagitis, a propensity to rack up a lot of points when the games are less intenese, or he gets worn down as the season goes on. I am inclined to believe the latter. Penalty killing is very physically taxing, and I have to believe that an energy and speed player like Plekanec is more seriously affected than most.

    2) Let Wisniewski go. Yes, he’s got a great shot. But he’s an adventure in his own end, and he’s simply going to be far, far too expensive. With the emergence of P.K. Subban as an offensive threat, the Habs don’t have the same need for Wisniewski as they did in late December. Recall that at that time, Subban was sitting on 2 goals as he adjusted to life in the NHL. It was only in the second half that Subban turned it on.

    3) Keep Halpern if he’s willing to sign a similar contract as last season. Halpern was a great depth player.

    4) Keep Darche, but not if he’s looking for a significant pay increase. Darche was a great worker and influence on the team…but he’s also one of the most replacable components on the roster in many respects.

    5) Desharnais might be trade bait, unless my dream of a Gomez-less Canadiens future becomes reality. He’s a good player, but he doesn’t fit what the Canadiens need, largely filling the same role as Gomez and Plekanec. The team needs a shut-down centre to take the pressure off Plekanec.

    6) All of the above goes out the window if the team can do what I’d really like to see: trade Plekanec, some first round picks and a signed Andrei Kostitsyn to Pittsburgh for Evgeni Malkin. Throw in Desharnais if it helps get the deal done. A big, elite center like Malkin would be a giant step forward for the Habs.

    • TomNickle says:

      I do like Gomez for a lot of different reasons. And despite the majority opinion that he just steals a paycheck I believe that he cares a lot about his game and the success of the team. That said, I would trade him(and it is possible)this off-season. Eller and Desharnais can fill in for him. And under the nightmare scenario that they fall on their faces in that effort, you can fall back on Cammalleri to move into that spot. Again, it isn’t that I have the hate that most do for him, he just isn’t needed anymore. And he was needed over the last two seasons.

      • Kooch7800 says:

        In a non salary cap world I don’t think Gomez would take as much flack but his contract does hurt the organization and the team. It basically takes up two decent players contracts.

        If the habbies could trade him I am sure they would.

        • TomNickle says:

          If Markov is signed for two years or more Gomez is a goner with Eller, Subban and Price due for extensions the following off-season. Don’t be so sure that they would trade him at the sight of the first offer. The cap floor is going to become a funny thing in August. The Florida Panthers currently have $17 million dollars spent for next season and need to add approximately $25 million salary cap dollars in a sub-par free agent class and no restricted free agents due significant raises. There are quite a few teams in their situation in addition.

          • Kooch7800 says:

            I agree about the Salary floor. That would be the only option Montreal has to move Gomez. It may happen….
            We will see. They may need him next season though as you mention the FA class this year sucks and we need offense, as little as he brings he does have the “potential” mind you I am not sure how much longer we can say that lol.

            PG has a lot of work to do

      • Chris says:

        I hate Gomez’s contract, but I do agree that he cares a lot about his game. I’m just not sure he has much left. He benefitted tremendously from the post-lockout crackdown on obstruction, but now that there are a lot more speedy players in the game, I think his value has been somewhat negated. Factor in the impressive numberof games he’s played in his career and you get a guy that is probably older than his true age.

        Like you said, Cammalleri could fill in if Gomez were dealt, but I would still like to see the Habs get a guy with some size up the middle. Eller looks like he will be a good third line centre, Halpern is a good fourth line centre. So that leaves the team with Desharnais, Plekanec and Gomez to fight it out for the top two slots.

    • mrhabby says:

      Thats alot for Malkin i can’t see PG doing it for all those players..fantasy draft no.

    • myron.selby says:

      Let me see if I have this right – you want to trade Plekanec, AK AND 1st round picks for Malkin? I guess you didn’t watch Montreal own Malkin in the playoffs last year. He might as well have been watching the series on tv with the rest of us for all the impact he had. I wouldn’t trade Plekanec for him even up. In fact he’s the exact type of player Montreal needs to avoid – he shows up when he feels like it and vanishes when the games matter.

      Oh and one more thing – give him 2 more years and you will be including Desharnais in the untouchables category. He has everything he needs to be a great player – speed, mobility, hands, heart, vision and desire.

      • Chris says:

        Right. Malkin vanishes when the games matter.


        He has a Conn Smyth Trophy as PLAYOFF MVP to his name. He has 73 career playoff points in 62 career playoff games…and he has yet to turn 25 years old.

        Playing on bad knees this year, he was still just a shade under a point per game.

        He is bigger, stronger and far, far more talented than Plekanec. Plekanec gets the edge in defensive hockey, and nothing else.

        When healthy Evgeni Malkin is a top-5 player in today’s NHL. He’s shown that he can bring it in the playoffs. I’m really not sure what more people would want from the guy, but yes…I would trade all of that for Malkin in a heartbeat.

        • Mike D says:

          Sorry Chris, but I think you’re way, way off with that trade. If it was for Crosby or Stamkos, sure, but definitely not for Malkin. I agree that based on talent alone, Geno’s top-5 in the NHL, but I do think he takes games off and doesn’t have as much heart. At least with Crosby and Stamkos, you KNOW these guys will bring it game in and game out and that their passion and desire to win is NEVER in question.

          – Honestly yours

          • Chris says:

            I would accept that if Malkin hadn’t just suited up for 40 games on one knee that was blown out and another that was in only slightly less rough shape. I don’t think Malkin’s heart is as big an issue as many make it out to be.

            Stamkos had a brutal second half this season (5 goals in his last 25 games) and was not particularly impressive thus far in the playoffs. There is no question that he is an elite player and I’d do the same trade for him, but I think there is a bit of a double standard here.

  50. Hobie Hansen says:

    The point about there not being an abundance of quality forwards available on the UFA market is true but Montreal really has to make a change to their top six. When you score the lowest amount of even strength goals in the league, something has to be changed.

    Yes Pacioretty will be there for the season and hopefully we avoid injuries but that’s not enough to pull us from the bottom of the league in the scoring department.

    The Habs need a couple bigger bodies on their top six to dig for pucks and crash the net instead of always trying to score off the rush and to avoid being pushed to the outside all the time.

    • TomNickle says:

      Two of their most productive forwards offensively and defensively in Pacioretty and Desharnais only played half of the season. They also played 13 different defensemen this year. Injuries are the only worry this team should focus on.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Those are valid point but like i said above, I don’t think players returning from injuries and everyone stepping it up is quite enough….

        I didn’t say it’s easy to fix, especially with Gomez, like someone mentioned but something should be done. Otherwise we’ll be having the same conversation a year from now and every TV station, newspaper and website will be confirming the obvious again: Montreal is too small and they can’t score 5-5…

    • RiverviewCanadien says:

      Well Pleks, Camms, Gionta, Pacioretty are not going to be anything less than top 6 guys. So in your model is Gomez now a 3rd line? Where does the money for a 2nd line center now come from (or a #1)? Then if AK46 is not part of the top 6, where do you get that winger and still remain cap friendly? Pouliot is not a top 6, Moen and the experiments have to stop…etc.

      I think we did fine last year, we are not a HIGH scoring team. But when healthy, this team competes and buys into what the coach is preaching. With Markov and Gorges back, this will reduce ice time for others. A healthy back end will improve the forwards…and the scoring will come. I don’t think another turn over is what this team needs, just a little tweaking.

      • issie74 says:

        Thank you for that.The team plats a system that dosen’t have high scoring as a priority.Yes of course we would all like to see more scoring that goes without saying but just look at the players individually and all were down in scoring last year and yet the team came within a hair of taking Boston who are built on size and truculence as a team.

        • issie74 says:

          I also believe toughness comes in all sizes like Gionta for instance going against Chara and the whole team sitting on the bench afer the Boston brawl with blackeyes and cuts and a broken nose.I was proud of them all.

    • ed lopaz says:

      In my opinion, the problem with “scoring” relates directly to the “system” the players are forced to play.

      I like our top 6.

      But an offensive player must be permitted some slack in order to “create” offensive chances.

      Under Martin there is ZERO room for “slack” – sometimes called “cheating”.

      Heading in the offensive direction in “anticipation” that the Habs will control a loose puck or win a 1 on 1 battle – that’s what I mean by

      Gionta, Plekanec and even Gomez are experienced offensive players that have proven they can produce at the NHL level.

      Under Martin, offensive production comes a distant second to defensive priorities.

      It is that simple.

      a 30 goal scorer will become a 20 goal scorer.

      a 75 point man becomes a 60 point man.

      And, re Yemelin:

      I would encourage the faithful here at HIO to remember that Martin has ZERO tolerance for penalties – especially of the “stupid” “unnecessary” and “rookie” variety.

      For me, although I welcome a player like Yemelin with open arms, I believe he will need to change his game quite a bit to mesh with Martin’s coaching.

      Subban taking penalties was eventually tolerated when Martin realized what we here knew last season – Subban’s talent outweighs his penalty minutes

      But will Martin “tolerate” Yemelin’s penalties – especially in the 3rd period and with the game on the line.

      Yemelin is a loose cannon – and plays with an edge that CAN BE (not always) very undisciplined.

      I guess we’ll have to cross that bridge once we get to it.

      Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

      • TomNickle says:

        Plekanec’s line is given the freedom to cheat as they wish Ed. Granted it’s the only line afforded that luxury, but they do have it.

      • ManApart says:

        It’s possible to play Martin’s sytem and create offense. He’s not huge on a 2 man forecheck, but that run and gun stuff is no good, unless you’re the 1990-1991 Pens. Even the Caps had to tighten things up. Look at Martin’s Ottawa teams. They were among the league leaders in offense. If the talent and depth is there, Offense can flourish in Martin’s system. Good point on the potential Emelin-Martin dynamic

  51. ManApart says:

    You want to win?






    Gone- Moen,Pouliot,Wiz,Sopel,Mara

    There you go, size, scoring, speed, defense, leadership, a good mix of youth and experience. I prefer Hammer, but if you want change him for Gill.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      I like it, but here’s my take(very close to yours, with a few adjustments)…



      Price Auld

      • ManApart says:

        I was trying to get offensive depth, so that is why I prefer DD on the 3rd line. He is a lot better offensively than Eller at this point. I also want to insulate DD with size. I really love Cole (Speed, Size,Cup winner and clutch player), but Leino could be a good alternative. I have a feeling he’ll cost more though. I change my mind after readin Tom’s post. My 4th line:


        I’m also OK with Gill. Spacek has to play with his 3.8 million contract. He’s really not as bad as people make him out to be. In 2012-2013 Weber can take his spot.

    • TomNickle says:

      Cole isn’t necessary in your scenario. Darche can play his role perfectly and White’s a very effective fourth line winger and does a good job of winning faceoffs when called upon. I’d leave Eller in the middle too because he blossomed there and has excellent vision, the wing really cuts his game in half. As valuable as Halpern was it isn’t imperative that he’s brought back. Desharnais and Eller came on very strong in the faceoff circle in the second half. I understand your logic for Hamrlik because he can do more, but I think at the end of the day everyone in that room believes they need Gill back.

      • ManApart says:

        Cole is the key to the bottom 6. He is a hell of a better player than Darche. I made the 3rd line an offensive one, with size to insulate DD. There’s a hell of a lot of skill on that 3rd line. Gives the team offensive depth, which is our biggest problem. I hear you on Eller and White. I could easily make the 4th line White-Eller-Darche and not resign Halpern. Your last line is probably right. The room does seem to love Gill. That is why I wasn’t sure about Hammer or Gill. But if he is that important for chemistry then:


        • TomNickle says:

          Cole is a better player than Darche, no question about it. But Cole’s role isn’t difficult to fill. It makes me laugh a little but if Moen had any finishing ability at all he would’ve netted 20 this season and we wouldn’t have this need. I think the need can be addressed. I’d consider bringing Kobasew in and putting him on the third line. I think we need another right handed shooting winger to fill this role. He doesn’t have to be a world beater, just somebody who can play a game similar to Cole’s on that right wing. For all of the skill this team has the offense is very predictable, skill alone is what drives this team’s offense. Adding a measure of balance would go a long way toward improving our attack, just my opinion. Something like……

          Cammalleri Plekanec Jagr
          Pacioretty Gomez Gionta
          Darche Eller Kobasew/or comparable
          Moen Desharnais White

          • ManApart says:

            I just don’t think your bottom 6 gives us the offensive depth we need. Cole has speed, size and will definately get you 20 goals in my line-up. Where’s AK in yours?

          • TomNickle says:

            Gone. But I could easily see him with Eller. I think Gauthier’s got something up his sleeve. I think Pouliot, Kostitsyn and Weber are all gone via trade between now and October. Maybe a big one, maybe individually. Only little bits and pieces of logic. More of a hunch. I personally wouldn’t trade Kostitsyn because I think this was his best overall season as a Hab.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          My only worry with Cole is he was really not good with Edmonton and his numbers were very comparable to Darche’s. I think he will resign in Carolina too be honest. He seems to play well there

  52. avatar_58 says:

    I like that Jagr isn’t “good enough” for the great montreal canadiens yet we find out he’s being courted by the Pens. Mhm.

    • G-Man says:

      They want him for a golf tournament.

      • avatar_58 says:

        When he has 20+ goals next season, can I say “I told you so?”

        The hell with it, I’m going to do it anyway. In fact here’s a pre-emptive I told you so.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      who says he isn’t good enough for the Montreal Canadiens? do you just mean posters on this site?

    • TomNickle says:

      I don’t know where the Jagr isn’t good enough for the Habs thing came from. He’s an upgrade on every winger not named Cammalleri and Gionta in terms of offensive production. He brings what the Habs need in a player who is difficult to knock off of the puck and can score. He would immediately make his linemates more productive with the attention he would draw from the opposition. The Pens say they aren’t looking to talk contract with him, but who knows. I think he’s the best ufa forward available, but what do I know.

  53. TomNickle says:

    Larry Robinson would probably come in handy this coming season with both of our associate coaches rumoured to be top candidates for head coaching jobs elsewhere.

  54. Mark C says:

    Milan Hejduk re-signs with the Avs’ for one–year @ $2.6M, with bonuses of $0.4M . There goes one of the few offensive UFA’s.

    • twocents says:

      Likely Cole will re-up too and Jagr will end up in Mario’s house, if he returns. Which leaves everyone drooling over Laich and so pricing him way too high. I think we should be moving forward looking within, forward wise.

      Which means maybe Wiz isn’t out of the question, especially if Spacek can be shipped. And if Wiz is overpriced maybe some cash is dropped to get Erhoff. He’s my second choice of UFA D.

      I know that’s leaves us lacking up front, but if the UFA cupboards are bare, they’re bare. There’s plenty of room for improvement in offensive production from all our forwards with the exception of Gionta. And, Markov’s presence just about guarantees some.

      • Mark C says:

        There is likely zero value in top-9 forwards via free agency. Spending money on defensemen seems like the way to go this year. It isn’t a popular opinion around here, but I agree with you. Keep the forwards mostly as it. Look for improvement from young players getting better, the veterans being healthier, and having more offensive D.

        I’d give Benny another shot with Eller and DD. We need to find out what these three players have.

        • twocents says:

          I’d give Benny another shot too…. IF he comes to Gauthier or Martin and owns up to not delivering a consistent effort and asking for a chance at redemption.

          If he thinks it’s all others’ fault, I am not so sure.

          As I said, every forward outside of Gionta has potential to improve, considerably too. Plus, maybe Boyd or Palushaj are ready to chip 12-15 on a third/forth line. With a more active D, everyone’s game has a chance to improve offensively.

      • 24 Cups says:

        Eric/Mark – I can’t see Washington letting Laich go. They need gritty, two-way players. They might just move out another major piece. Something has to give there after two years of coming up short. It’s either a coaching or chemsistry change.

        Doing a complete turn, I think it’s about time to find a replacement for Pyatt. He can stay as the 13th forward, but we need somebody with better hands, even if it’s just for the 4th line. Hell, TTB and Dandy would at least score the odd goal. The UFA list is loaded with these type of players. Should be able to get someone cheap come August. (I realize it isn’t going to happen – Pyatt is one of Martin’s favs).

        • twocents says:

          I agree, re Pyatt.

          As for Laich, it’s in his hands. He knows the cupboards are bare and he knows that means beaucoup dollairos.

        • Mark C says:

          Pyatt has to be upgraded on. I value him more than most, but he just doesn’t do anything well enough. He’s good on the PK, but he’s not a top-4 among Montreal forwards.

          Upgrading that spot to a goal scorer like Dawes or a large grinder with some talent like Cody McCormick (Buff UFA), represents sizeable improvement. Even a guy like Darche vastly outplayed Pyatt this year.

    • 24 Cups says:

      Mark – I can’t reply to your post down below because there is no reply tab showing. I think there is a ‘five reply limit’ which kind of curtails an ongoing debate (it also limits some of the sword fights on the site so it works both ways).

      Anyway, I only assumed Yemelin was a left shot based on an internet search. I’ve only ever watched him play by way of video clips (don’t think I’m alone on that point)

      It certainly appears this guy has a dark side to his game. He likes to dole out the head shots and hits from behind. Presents a bit of a moral dilemma for people like me.

      • twocents says:

        Ah Steve, that can be reformed and refined. Especially on a Jack Marty team. He has the instincts and the physical tools, we teach him a little control and judgement and bingo!

        Bottom line, we need the hits.

      • Mark C says:

        The reply limit is one of the true drawbacks of the new format.

        No, I think he’s mostly a left-D. I’m only going on the clips (seen him on the right side a few times) and some internet chatter from people claiming to have watching him a fair amount. It just appears he has some right side experience.

        His history suggests he likes to dabble in the dark arts. Kasparaitis is his most often comparable, that tells you all you need to know. I don’t feel great about having a dirty player on the Habs (maybe Emelin will tone it down in the NHL), but after seeing Montreal’s playoff changes cut down on a dirty play, which went unpunished, my opinion might be shifting. The upshot is,
        Emelin might soon be more hated than Subban around the league.

  55. habs365 says:

    Habs have to think about bringing in two good offensive forwards
    we don’t need 30 to 40 goal guys 20 goal scores would be great
    sometimes the 30-40 goal players don’t show up in the playoffs, check out Detroit a good example of 20 goal guys always come to play, their whole team is like that 110% every game..build a team like that we’ll have a playoff team every year and a few cups along the way. can’t keep dismantling every year the team will never be consistent…..

  56. joshua94k says:

    GM Gauthier should trade Spacek for some future draft picks. This would free some salary cap space and allow him to sign Wisniewski. Imagine Markov – Yemelin come on, then Subban – Gill, then Wisniewski – Gorges. One unit after another, that’s quite a group, three offensive defensemen with three guys who can shut down the top offensive lines of opposing teams. Weber can be the 7th defenceman.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      That would be great except Spacek isn’t going anywhere… ;-(
      Teams wouldn’t be interested in him for half his 3 million dollar salary..

      • G-Man says:

        Funny how experience doesn’t count with a lot of posters here. Spacek is fine for 1 more season. Maybe playing him on the left side (where he was for 12 seasons before he made the mistake of signing with the Habs) where he belongs would be beneficial to him and and the club.

        • habitual says:

          It’s not so much experience that is a concern with Spatch. It is his age and how he struggled coming off the injury into the playoffs. Maybe he was rushed back, but it seemed to me that he looked 47, not 37.

          Don’t get me wrong, I’d welcome him back if he can play (and the same with Hammer, though I have to agree with MBoone’s views); I’m just concerned we’ll be saddled with a D man who is past his best before date, at almost 4 million bucks.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          Dude…Spacek looked god awful at many points during the season.

      • issie74 says:

        Halfway through the year when players are injured and a team is looking for someone to fill that hole,Spacek can be traded,his salary is half of what it is now.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      Also, I think because of Spacek’s age, and contract, he has to approve any deal. I think we’re stuck with keeping him for another year, and letting Wiz walk.

      It will be nice next year though when Spacek’s 3.5 mil-ish comes off the cap, because we have some major contracts to do next off-season. (Price, Subby, Eller just to start)

  57. bel33 says:

    Anyone follow Arpon Basu on Twitter? I need to add him to my follow list. Thanks!

  58. JoeC says:

    Love the Pic!! Hammer and Pouliot, this pic wont ever happen again will it!

  59. CHsam says:

    If I were Pouliot, I’d put up a poster of Guimauve Latendresse on my wall and start training like a mother …. Regardless of whether Im a Hab or not next season

  60. Corporate says:

    I know nothing is done but just thinking of the possibility of having Jagr on a line with pleky sounds awesome. He would bring experience and leadership. Yes he has slowed down but he is still a player that can complete a team.

  61. PeterStone says:

    if the Canadiens cared about WINNING … Mr Gomez wouldnt be playing in the NHL next season. So , do they care about winning , or not wasting 7.5M$. We’ll see soon enough.

    Oh .. trade Spacek, Sign Wiz .. and yea, Spacek on a 1 year deal is tradeable.

    • Haligonian-Hab says:

      I think Montreal realizes that Hamilton is closer to WINNING and don’t want to ruin that by putting Gomez on the Bulldogs

    • twocents says:

      I agree that Spacek with one year left is tradeable. I am not sure the Habs will pursue that route, but it is a real option in my opinion. A team with a young defense and cap space could certainly consider him for a year, for his experience.

    • Habitoba says:

      Yes, trade Spacek. Hell, I’d trade Spacek even just to re-sign Hamrlik for another season. Anybody know if Dawes and Palush(I have no idea how to spell his name) are signed for more years? I don’t see them staying in Montreal’s system for much longer if they don’t make a splash in the training camp. Also, Anybody else think it’s time we bring in Mathieu Carle in as the 7th D?

    • RGM says:

      Wouldn’t burying the Gomez contract in Hamilton sound like wasting $7.37M to you? He still gets paid that amount, it just doesn’t count against the salary cap.

      During the long summer, we all get to be pretend GM.

  62. Ian Cobb says:

    We will be finding out soon enough what kind of General Manager Mr. Gauthier is shortly. He will be signing players over the next few weeks. He has meetings set up at the worlds with Jagr and others.

    We will know better in a few short weeks what improvements will be made as well as having our hospital group back in action for the fall

  63. Corporate says:

    Alright guys I have been reading the board for a while. I was reading the scouting report on Yemelin. As per reports he is a stay at home defenseman and is not supposed to be an offensive threat. If we sign Markov, we will have 2 Offensive D, in PK and Markov, Weber. 3 Stay at home D in Yemelin, Gorges and Gill. That looks pretty good.

  64. Remi says:

    I dont get the logic here at all. Sending Wisniewski into free agency for a defencemen who hasnt played in the NHL yet starting at essentially a 1 million dollar tab(yemelin). Quite honestly, in the videos posted on youtube, i havnt seen one impressive play/legal hit. I think this guy is definately not worth the risk, sign wisniewski.

    • habs365 says:

      Remi: Take the younger guy much cheaper and hope it works. remember the Habs don’t a lot of money to waste….

      • Remi says:

        “hope” it works doesnt win you cups.

        • habs365 says:

          Remi: you know as well as everyone, it’s all about money in todays NHL if you have the dollars you have the best players
          myself I like players that come to work, I’ll take them any day over star players, sometimes they don’t show up especially playoff time…..

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Remi!! The logic is money! We do not have enough of it to stay under the cap. We are still paying people like Laraque!

    • Corporate says:

      Yemelin is a stay at home defenseman. If Markov is signed we will have 2 potent Offensive D in PK and Markov. The one I would like ot see go is Spacek. He is a good D hen healthy but he is still the weakest of te bunch. I would try to keep Hamerlik if he asks for a pay cut. 5.5 million is just way too much.

    • Mark C says:

      Signing Emelin doesn’t have much effect on signing Wiz or not. Now signing Markov might signal the end of Wiz in Montreal. However, let’s not forgot Wiz would be a risky signing too, odds are he will be overpaid, he just bested his career high in points by 21! Maybe that improvement is real, but there is a chance that his production decreases going forward. Lastly, Wiz is a higher than average injury risk.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      you don’t see the logic? you know that Yemelin will likely make around 1 mil next year, and Wiz could make as much as 5? you know there is a salary cap right?

    • RGM says:

      Habs have to take a look at the long-term picture. There are going to be some big-money RFA contracts to dish out next year, those being for Carey Price and P.K. Subban. While I very much want to have Wiz on the team next year and beyond, saving potentially $3M per year by going with Yemelin is money that Gauthier can then invest in the two franchise players.

      During the long summer, we all get to be pretend GM.

  65. Hobie Hansen says:

    I’m definitely excited with the way Arpon Basu is projecting the way the cards will fall on the Montreal blue line. I think we have to take a chance on Markov returning and avoiding injury while playing like his old self.

    I also like Yemelin joining the team, mainly cuz he’s got more experience than your average rookie and all the talk is that he’s very steady back there.

    One small complaint though, and don’t get me wrong I’d rather have our defense than many others, is that we’re still on the small and passive side back there. Hal Gill is a big body but let’s not kid ourselves, the guy is probably the softest giant to ever walk the planet. We hear that Yemelin is supposed to be a hitter but overall no team will think twice about heading into the corner in the Canadiens’ end or taking a few extra pokes at Price.

    The free agent frenzy or trades haven’t begun yet so hopefully Gauthier adds 3 big bodies that can play the game before he’s done. Power forwards don’t grow on trees but a physical top 6 player, a rugged and mean bottom six player and nasty sixth defenseman would do this team real good.

    I’d be making an inquiry on these UFAs (not in any order) if I were Gauthier: Laich, Cole, Glencross, Torres, Montador, Bieksa, McCormick, Eager, Rupp, O’Brien…

    And there’s also the trade route there Gauthier!

  66. smiler2729 says:



    Come one, he’s almost my age. That’s Toronto or NY Rangers’ style to sign past-their-prime ex-superstars.

    But really I don’t care who plays for the Habs, as long as they win.

    “If the Bruins played the Taliban, I’d root for the Taliban”

    • habs365 says:

      If PG thinks he can win a cup with JAGR a $2,000,000 contract one year maybe a good gamble. I’m sure he could put up 20 goals and we are very limited when it comes to forwards like that. if we had one more 20 goal scorer in the playoffs may still be playing….

      • RiverviewCanadien says:

        You can guarantee Jagr would post 60 points playing with Pleks and Camms.

        And for the record, Pleks lead the team in scoring with only 57 points.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          Jagr did raise a few more eyebrows with his hat-trick yesterday, I have to admit.
          I don’t think he should be number one on Montreal’s list but if they begin to run out of options he could possibly be considered.

  67. CHsam says:

    Can’t remember who posted it, but I have to agree as I think Gomez won’t be a Hab beyond 2012-13 depending on how Eller develops and also how Gomez does with pacioretty. Personally, I think Jagr for one year could be an okay idea if they can’t find anyone to shore up more offence, though I would prefer a younger forward.

    • Mark C says:

      I agree on the Gomez situation. It reaches a tripping point after this up-coming season. One of two things happen, he plays like he has before (15-45) and is traded, or he stinks again and is sent to the AHL. Have a hard time seeing room from Gomez’s cap hit on the 2012-13 roster.

      • issie74 says:

        2012-13 he drops to 5.5 and 4.5 in 2013-14 there are a lot of teams out there who will pay for a second line center.He will not be going to the AHL.The Canadiens do not embarrass their Vets like that.

        • Mark C says:

          I agree, but if he really stinks, it might be hard to find a taker. He has to at least get back to his level of play from his first season in Montreal.

  68. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I think the Canadiens are in the best position out of any other team to build a solid D. I just hope PG & Co. can pull it off.

    Markov should be priority #1 when it comes to the D.

    Emelin, well if he signs, that would be great for the Canadiens.

    I am not sold on the fact the team NEEDS the Wiz. Especially at the potential $ he will command. If Spacek is traded, that would free up the necessary cap space to fit him in.

    The Canadiens need scoring up front, not more grit (they have White, Pyatt, Moen, etc).

    Gomez is not going anywhere to start this season. Everybody should understand that, and the chances of him being buried in the minors is NIL so get over it

    Jagr SHOULD be signed to help with the offense. But that may be just a pipe dream.



    That looks like a pretty good lineup to me.

    • 24 Cups says:

      RC – It will be interesting to see how Hab fans react when Yemelin dishes out some head shots and hits from behind the way certain Bruin and Flyer players did to us. Regardless, I really can’t see him playing with Markov right out of the gate, I think Subban would be a better fit on the top pairing. If Gill returns, I can see him being reunited with Gorges. That would leave Yemelin (shoots left?) to play with Weber. If need be, Spacek can play either side.

      I hope Hab fans have a Plan B just in case Jagr doesn’t sign (the Pens may also be in the hunt). He has a history of always following the coin. (The best part about him is that he dovetails nicely with our short-term open cap space)

      Not much mention of Pouliot these days on the site. I’d still qualify him so we can at least bring him to camp. You never know about injuries or plans that have quickly gone astray.

      As well, DD, Weber and White all have to clear waivers this fall once training camp breaks.

      • twocents says:

        I think stacking the first pair with all that offence would be a poor use of assets. I would keep Subban with Gill if he’s back.

        The issue of where Yemelin plays will largely be decided in camp and on what he shows there. If he’s really ready he could play with Markov, who has an excellent record of being a mentor and complimenting physical players well: Rivet, Souray, Komisarek, O’Byrne. If he he needs more adjusting than is wise in that spot he plays on the third pair with Spacek.

        • 24 Cups says:

          Eric – You’re right about Markov coming back – I can live with it as long as the coin and term aren’t over the moon. I’ve accepted that fact (with your help:-) He’s stll a bit of a gamble (health wise) so hopefully that will also temper the contract talks.

          Markov and Yemelin are both left handed shots. How will that work out? Yemelin is 25 years old but is still new to the NHL. Will he need a year to find his bearings? Can Gorges play on the top unit? Is he really that good, or has Mike Boone turned him into a HI/O legend? Subban needs to play 25 minutes a game. Can he do that on the 2nd pairing? How many minutes can Gill play? Can Martin (and Gauthier) live with the fact that his 7th Dman, Jaroslav Spacek, makes 3.8M? Is anyone in the league stupid enough to trade for this guy at 3.8M when they can get the same thing in the 2nd round of the UFA signings for half the price? Lots of questions for camp as you point out.

          • twocents says:

            Yemelin being a left-hander can be a fly in the anointment. But so was Souray and that worked well.

            You’re right there are a ton of questions, as always this time of year. And sure, maybe Yemelin needs more adjustment time, I can’t judge that. My point is simply if he makes a quick transition, and many have said is style is well suited to the NHL, then playing 5 on 5 with Markov has many advantages in terms of balancing our pairs and providing him with an appropriate mentor. Maybe he plays three months with Spacek and then moves up with Markov, who knows? No one, that’s who. My scenario is pure wishful thinking.

            As far as ice-time goes there are tons of ways to manage that. I suspect we may view our first two pairing as 1 and 1a for the coming season. Or, maybe Subban becomes the clear number 1 by taking another large stride forward, and Markov has a slightly diminished role that allows him to reintegrate at metered pace. The possibilities are endless.

            Oh and Gorges isn’t s good as Boone likes to sell. But he’s solid and welcome. Top pair? Only in cases of injury in my opinion.

            Spacek is trabeable in my view as I’ve posted elsewhere this morning. Not to any team, but in the right situation.

          • Mark C says:

            Steve, I had been wondering about which side Emelin plays. From reading other websites, and watching his videos, it seems Emelin plays both sides. Not sure how good he is at playing his offside, but he at least has some experience on the right side.

      • RiverviewCanadien says:

        As far as Emelin’s physical play, if he is a dirty player, I will tag him as such. But really, I suspect the club’s philosophy currently adopted will carry over to him, and would he really play any worse than most teams?

        I can’t see placing all those eggs in one basket (Markov and Subban). Both can move the puck and pairing them together makes the other lines weaker (no puck mover). With Markov playing along side Emelin, it could be reminiscent of the Markov-Komi days (maybe better! ok probably better). Also Gill and Subban seem to have a great rapport on the ice. Then you combine the skills of Gorges with Spacek (he can move the puck). I think that really provides some balanced D pairings.

        Jagr is a pipe dream IMO. I only speculate because of his interest to return to the NHL and how he and Pleks play SO great together. If Jagr is not signed I think an outside player should be signed or Andrei could move up to the top line and a Bulldog (Palushaj) brought up to play with Eller. But I really liked the chemistry he was having with Eller.

        Pouliot may be qualified, but I see him starting the season with the Dogs or being traded.

        Why would DD, Weber and White have to clear waivers? None of them have contracts beyond this season.

    • nek25plus says:

      Wiz is good offensively, but is a liability defensively. I don’t see paying him high dollars unless he can play well at both ends.

      Unfortunately, Spacek shows up at camp out of shape every year. So trading him at the beginning of the season is a challenge.

      No Jagr…he is a cancer to a great room. Let’s move on.

      High production #’s are a thing of the past if our system stays the same. All Habs had lower #’s this year.

      • RiverviewCanadien says:

        I wonder what Pleks would say about that. Seeing Pleks is our BEST forward year in year out. Anything I have read from Pleks concerning Jagr is only positive. Doesn’t he train with Jagr in the offseason as well?

        Tomas seems to be playing well with Jagr (please don’t use terms like you did towards players).

        So is Tomas a problem in the room?

  69. mjames says:

    If the Canadiens want to field the best team next year they need to go after players such as Wiz and Laich while retaining players such as AK46. They can do this by NOT ignoring the elephant in the room. Yes it is time to cut Gomez and send him to Hamilton. Maybe he will find his game there. They can always bring him up the following year if his play justifies it.


    • DearyLeary says:

      Burying a bad contract is a bad way to attract high profile free agents.

      • twocents says:

        I guess that means the Rangers, Blackhawks, Sharks, marble loafs, and Oilers won’t be able to sign any FA’s this summer since they have all done this. Others too, likely.

        • DearyLeary says:

          Aside from the Blackhawks, would you want to play for any of those teams these days?

          • twocents says:

            That’s not the point, though I am sure many would want to play for the Sharks. The point is: the last CBA has introduced this specter and players have to realize the risk when signing. Any team could be forced into this option.

            Likely this will be dealt with in the coming CBA, cause I am sure no one likes it. But, if it’s there are no other legal choices, it will be used.

        • issie74 says:

          I haven’t seen too many free agents lined up to play in Deadmonton and they have a plethora of great young talent and realy need a good Veteran or two.

      • nek25plus says:

        Agreed! Burying players in the minors hits the clubs reputation negatively.

        If all clubs did that, there would be too many high end players currently playing in the minors…lol.

  70. 24 Cups says:

    MB’s defensive line-up makes perfect sense. Quite logical, as Mr. Spock would say. I’d perfer Hamrlik over Spacek but the reality is that Spacek is ours, at least until the trade deadline.

    Let’s just hope that Gauthier is parking some of his cap savings so he can accommodate the Subban and Price raises the following year. If AK46 returns, it probably means that any new forward would be coming in on a one year deal. In which case, you won’t be getting the cream of the crop. If a guy like Brooks Laich is signed, it might mean that Andrei would have to be moved (if not this year, then next).

    • twocents says:

      Hmmm… You weren’t nearly as complimentary yesterday when I proposed the same lineup. In fact, you were quite contradictory on Markov.

      Do you have a thing against fast processors? ;o)

  71. rhino514 says:

    So sad to see Wizniewski go. He blended in really well with the team. He was effusive about the team and I think he would have liked to stay.
    Again, the great thing about this team is its chemistry. I am very wary of bringing in young russian players used to the work ethic of the KHL as I think it would disrupt this. I think Emelin would be great for some teams, but not for the Habs. Besides, he has never put up any type of consistent numbers in the KHL and guessing his production would be just that; guesswork. There is also no way to know how he could perform defensively on an NHL ice surface against NHL competition. He is listed at just 6 feet and 190 lbs so I find it hard to believe we can´t find a tougher defensive defenseman if that is what the team wants. I also saw that he didn´t register a single point in 9 recent playoff games, when production matters.
    I think alot of people thought a team can´t afford 3 great offensive defensemen and I kind of see that in a cap era, but we coulda tried one season with Sub, Markov, and the Wiz…There is a very real chance Markov could go down, or if he doesn´t, may not be able to perform as he once did and i think the Wiz could mitigate this loss.
    I guess, thoug, if the team uses the money to go out and get a real good, tough forward, the non-move makes sense.
    I also wonder if Spacek can even fulfill a sixth defenseman role, the way he looked last season. I realize they think that they can´t afford to buy him out.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      When Ak Bars Kazan won the Gagarin Cup (The KHL Championship) he was named the best defencemen of their playoffs, he had 5G, 8A and Ak Bars as a team underperformed this year in the postseason. Yemelin is typically listed at weighing over 210 pounds, that weight is from his draft day. Some of his PIM totals are because the KHL slams any player who makes a head hit with major penalties and misconducts. He’s apparently a little too rough for the KHL really due to his style.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

  72. 24 Cups says:

    Another NHL lockout may be just around the corner.


    “The best things in life are free
    But you can keep them for the birds and bees
    Now give me money
    That’s what I want
    That’s what I want, yeah
    That’s what I want”

    (The Beatles/’63)

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      I’ll wait for a greater mind than Damien Cox to weigh in on this before I’ll buy it.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

      • 24 Cups says:

        Robert – I like Damien Cox. He’s been a fairly honest writer here in Toronto over the years. He’s been pretty direct in his criticism of the laffs during the past decade.

        Let’s get serious for a moment, Robert. In general, hometown sports writers tend to be fairly neutral when it comes to their teams. For the most part, it’s the bland leading the bland.

        • SeriousFan09 says:

          I’ve just never found anything really insightful in what he says/writes. Seems to favour writing on the obvious w/o much deeper thought.

          – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
          SF09 on Twitter

          • 24 Cups says:

            The NHL made three major mistakes in the last round of negotiations. They should have set a lower limit on the highest player salary, restricted contract term to four years and extended entry level contracts to two terms of four years each with the second term having a defined salary range. To do so, would have meant an extended lockout but it would have been worth it in the long run (for them).

            Bettman will try to make some form of correction (clawbacks) while Fehr will be trying to score a knockout punch to impress the players. In labour negotiations this sometimes leads to a stalement which then leads to a strike or lockout.

            The cat and mouse game sometimes takes people down roads they never imagined they would travel on.

  73. G-Man says:

    Why are “reporters” assuming things? They should be dealing in facts, not “what-ifs.” Leave that stuff to us here as we gaze into our crystal navels to plot the future course of the team.
    If the speculation, and that’s all it is, is true, it’s good news for the Habs. Markov is the Habs best player and not having him the last 2 seasons cost the Habs a lot of points and maybe a date at last season’s Cup final. The D, with Subban and Markov as the stars, will probably have Gill, Gorges, Spacek and Emelin along with Weber- he should be moved if Markov is healthy- to face the beasts in the east. Not much hitting capability there beside Emelin.

  74. HardHabits says:

    It’s 20 goalies.

  75. shiram says:

    That reminds of a movie called Cannibal Holocaust, but I don’t recommand watching it.

  76. Bugs says:

    I don’t understand choosing a username like the one you got unless you already have an account name you’d rather not use at the moment since it may not garner the reception you’d like it to.
    I mean, how are you gonna log back in? You gonna remember all those “d”s every time?

    Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

  77. J_P says:

    Solid D?

    He’s very inconsistent and struggles to keep the puck in the zone. He’s also not a particularly good skater. He’s also prone to making that one costly mistake which gives the other team a quality scoring chance IMO.

    I would be inclined to say I would keep for $1M as a 6th/7th defensemen, but with the potential signing of Yemelin, and emergence of Weber, I dont see where Hammer fits into the plan, especially considering his lack of upside.

  78. SeriousFan09 says:

    Spacek’s contract runs another year and if Habs find a way to unload him, Wiz is going to get a deal, not Hamrlik. The issue with Hamrlik is he’s dead on his feet by April and you can’t have that going into the playoffs.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  79. Talik Sanis says:

    He was being sarcastic, trotting out the oft used excuses and complaints of our detractors and certain members of the media/politicians (Marois said we needed more francophones on the team, for instance).

    Price being terrible simply mocks the more out-of-touch Halak fans who still unquestioningly ‘know’ that he’s the better goalie, and a lack of size/toughness is always brought up as our major failing (when its really secondary to our lack of offense).

  80. TomNickle says:

    If I were sincere about Price being terrible, the team being too small and there not being enough French Canadian players in the Habs’ lineup I would probably respond to your rant about French Canadians in the NHL being the least among the ten provinces with something about Quebec having the third most NHLers behind Ontario and Alberta. Then I would probably tell you that Jacques Martin and Pierre Gauthier have only been in the organization for a combined ten years and that them screwing up this organization for the last 19 years is kind of impossible by my math calculations. I would probably continue into how three players that don’t want to play for the Habs only make up .5% of the NHL roster spots in a season and that a desire for this team to have a strong contingent of Quebec born players probably isn’t a turn off to that tiny group. I’d very likely finish with something about Richards not coming to play for the Habs has nothing to do with whether or not Scott Gomez goes to the Hamilton Bulldogs. Ya know, since the Habs have survived 100 years without Brad Richards and 99 without Scott Gomez. Neither player is integral to the success of the Montreal Canadiens organization. You would probably retort with something about Quebec being a province that has held the Canadiens back from success, and then I would just counter by saying the Canadiens have thrived because of the province that they play in, not in spite of it. Have a good evening.

  81. Filthy Phil says:

    who wouldn’t be after carrying the defence all season lol.

  82. ddddddddhdhdhdh says:

    You have to realize the Habs had excellent teams back in the years of Richard because they had the first pick at a french born players every year, and there were only 6 teams. And have you noticed how since the NHL has expanded the Habs weren’t winning the cup year after year? We’re not in the 50’s or 60’s anymore, a team cannot be built around Quebecers. And by just throughing in more french born players to win actually has nothing to do with winning. You still haven’t mentioned who you’d like to see that is French. The habs choose their management group by the highest rated french coach or gm, instead of finding the best available. If this team would stop trying to satisfy french people we would probably be better off. Most people are tired of pierre curzi and the other politicians claiming this team doesnt have french players because they believe in federalism. you dont hear ottawa or toronto ranting about the need for more ontario players, or philly about more american players, do you? French players dont guarentee a stanley cup. Sorry to break your heart.

  83. TomNickle says:

    Apparently it’s still lost on you that I don’t believe this team needs more French Canadian players. While I do believe that The Canadiens are part of Quebec’s heritage and that the organization is a responsibility to pay homage, I don’t feel that the team needs to search for the best French Canadian players available instead of the best players available. Slow down, read carefully. Sorry for insulting you but it’s taken two fairly long posts for me to try to communicate to you that this wasn’t my opinion. Take your time slugger, it’s not a race.

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