What a soap opera!

Two minutes from the playoffs.

Then 1:49 of PK in overtime.

And a shootout loss.

Moulson: Goal

Max: Save

Nielsen: Goal

Cammalleri: Post



  1. JD_ says:

    Right on. Forgot to mention the BBQs gettting fired up.

    Threw on the first steaks of the season on Saturday. Natural chunk charcoal at high heat, baby. Only use the gas for mass production of hotdogs and wotnot, when we have the need for it.

    The taste of freshly home-grilled meat has already taken hold again. Was out picking up some stuff at the grocery store last night and wandered over to the meat section. Always do. Had an ominously thick rib steak in my hand and was actually considering taking it home to grill. It was 11pm-ish.

    Like the tree thing. Very thoughtful of you.

  2. Odie Cleghorn says:

    Wow, I cannot believe how scared evebody is about our season coming down to “having to play the Leafs”…bring on the !@#$ards…but it does speak volumes about the fragile state of mind and unrealistic expectations of our fan base.

    Which leads to something I’ve been pondering lately. Setting aside all the numerical stats of our goaltenders, how different are the media’s and fans’ expectations for Price and Halak when either starts a game and how do those expectations shape the subsequent assesments of each player’s performance?

    Go Habs Go 

  3. Cable Guy says:

    When I just read Aebischer I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  4. jbroderi says:

    What about pleks rights, goalie and hamrlik or spacek, l leblanc for vinny

    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  5. Somethingwithhabsinit says:

    1) Yes. I think we win and one of Rangers or Flyers lose tonight.

    2) Pens.

    3) Wings.

    4) My final is Habs vs. Sharks and we embarrass ‘em. The final I think will happen is Pens-Wings III. Try to get me to leave my living room at any point in late June if that happens. I dare you.

    5) Wings.

    6) I’ll have a tough time picking between Crosby, OV and Z-berg. I think Sid wins, though.

    7) Yes. If Carey drops game 3, I’d go back to Jaro.

    8) Goals – Gionta (I reserve the right to change this if Cammy heals up properly/snaps out of whatever it is). Points – Gomez.

    9) I’d rather see Philly miss. I don’t want the B’s getting the better draft pick.

    10) Are you asking my heart or my wallet? They have conflicting opinions.

  6. jbroderi says:

    what do you say. dump hammer, laps and a goalie for a young top six player (van remsdyk would work) let pleks walk, turn pouliot into a centre and snag kovalchuk.  May not be the best scenario, but would any of you complain if PG pulled this off??


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  7. Chris says:

    Not exactly a rare turn of phrase at this time of year.  Any team that is out of the playoff race is a “spoiler” that is dangerous because they are “playing loose”.

  8. twocents says:

    We all do. I am sure there are worse things we could have turned into.

    I did yard/garden work all weekend, it felt great. Barbecued every night. Strung up the hammock. Raised the swing. Planted a tree up at the elementary school, transplanted from my yard.

    But, next hot weekend day I am going to have find an excuse to go into Kingston, to ah um.. check out some stuff…. yeah that’s it.

    … hmmm. I wonder if my Dad ever pulled that kind of maneuver.

  9. ooder says:

    hey guys I am not worried about the playoffs…

    we have 1/3 of Edmonton’s Stanley cup run defense corp.. MAB and Spacek


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  10. Chris says:

    I’m with you regarding Washington and Pittsburgh.  With all the slumping and walking wounded players in the Habs lineup, I simply don’t think they have anything close to the horses to get into a run-and-gun with either of those teams.  And if they try to keep it close, I think they get knocked out in 4 or 5 games.  It is just a bad match-up as far as I’m concerned.  I know a lot of Habs fans think we can hang with Washington, and last year I would have agreed.  But Ovechkin, Semin, Green and Backstrom are a year older and wiser…the talent gap is just far, far too big to see us beating that team. 

    I don’t like the idea of New Jersey or Buffalo either, but those are definitely more palatable.  New Jersey also struggles to score and Martin Brodeur has not been himself the past two playoff years.  Keep Parise, Zajac and Langenbrunner in check, and they stand a good chance against New Jersey.

    Buffalo is very well coached, almost never take a shift off and have a great goaltender who can steal a series.  Ryan Miller has come back to earth post-Olympics, but he can still turn it on at the drop of a hat.  Vanek has had an off-year, but could still be a difference maker in the playoffs.  I think Montreal CAN beat them in the playoffs, but it will require that the team really minimize its mistakes while taking full advantage of the few mistakes that the Sabres will make.

  11. JD_ says:

    It must be a sign of our respective ages, but I threw in a bunch of yardwork yesterday, as well, and found it utterly satisfying.

    Made the garage pristine last week. Immensely gratifying.

    I’ve turned into my dad.

  12. twocents says:

    The springtime sights in Montreal are of the finest order. Oh, how I miss them and how utterly less uplifting are those found in my current place of residence… the garden’s looking good though!

  13. forskis says:

    1)  I think the team will clinch tonight;

    2)  Pittsburgh…the paranoid fanbase of the Habs vs. the NHL establishment, their #1 Star and golden franchise?  I don’t think so…;

    3)  Detroit…Original Six matchup…brings up the ghosts of yesteryear;

    4)  Washington vs. Chicago;

    5)  Washington;

    6)  Backstrom of WSH;

    7)  Yes…when down 2-0 do something…;

    8)  No one…it will be spread out quite evenly;

    9)  Philly…karma;

    10)  Sure why not, stuff happens all the time…goaltending wins Championships and the team has that in spades…it would not be pretty though…it would be Friday’s Philly game for 16 wins over the next two months…

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  14. habs_1993 says:

    1) For sho!

    2) New Jersey (seemed hard to beat throughout regular season

    3) San Jose or Chicago

    4) I would like: Habs vs. Kings (1993 again P: ) Realistic: Caps vs Hawks

    5) Washington

    6) Ovie

    7) Depends on how Halak plays…..if he plays pretty soft…then yes

    8) Gionta

    9) Boston

    10) Lets hope for the best

  15. JD_ says:

    The great Harold Lloyd defaced. For shame.

    Although this and a buck will get you a cup of coffee, I’m feeling upbeat about tonight’s prospects. The Habs’ outing against Carolina woke ‘em up from their slumber, the Isles are flying too close to the sun, and there’s a buzz in the air.

    Springtime in Montreal. Habs flags popping up like dandelions. Illegal ball hockey being played in the streets. (First game was yesterday. I thought I played well but acknowledge some grossly overt defensive lapses. Ok, so I’m a shameless cherry-picker who leaves the running around to the 14 year-olds. Sue me.)

    And, of course…

    Who’s that lady (who’s that lady)
    Beautiful lady (who’s that lady)
    Lovely lady (who’s that lady)
    Real fine lady (who’s that lady)
    Hear me callin’ out to you
    ‘Cause it’s all that I can do
    Your eyes tell me to pursue
    But you say look, yeah, but don’t touch, baby…


    “Let’s do this!” – Joe Swanson

  16. Smiss says:

    1) No, I think NYR and PHI will both win as will the Habs.

    2) New Jersey (I think we match up better against Washington)

    3) Detroit (hottest team in the league, they’re healthy, and Howard >>>>> Osgood)

    4) Detroit-Washington

    5) Washington (They should go at least 3 rounds, and they’ll be more offensively productive in 3 rounds than most teams that go 4)

    6) Ovechkin

    7) Yes, depending on whether Jaro could of done better or not.

    8) Gomez (Kinda going out on a limb here)

    9) Philly (they’ll be more hungry to overpay for one of our goalies… and Boston has enough high draft picks as is)

    10) Hehehe… ABSO-F**KING-LUTELY! Do I think we will? Of course not… but get our PP, Cammy and Pouliot back on track and we are a dangerous team IMO.

  17. 21BIGGionta says:

    Come to think of it a lot of our previous goalies had nice hair….Theo..Huet…Aebischer..now Price…COMON HALAK you can’t just be a good goalie in this town you need great hair if you wanna make it.


    “Goaltending is a normal job, sure. How would you like it in your job if every time you made a small mistake, a red light went on over your desk and 15,000 people stood up and yelled at you.” -Plante

  18. Les-Habitants says:

    The 3rd and 4th lines have been playing very well, but we need our top 6 to start firing (along with our powerplay) if we’re going to make some noise.  Hopefully our offensive players start producing both 5 on 5, and with the man advantage

  19. Smiss says:

    Moen matches up pretty well with Gaustad does he not?

  20. RJ says:

    I still think Price should have started the last two games.

    “My face is my mask,” Gump Worsley

  21. jbroderi says:

    Me too, Too many wobbly pops last night!  :)


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  22. fuhgawz says:

    from main page ……

    some questions :

    1) Do we clinch tonight?

    2) Team in the East you fear to face the most?

    3) Team in the West you fear to face to most?

    4) Who is in your Stanley Cup final this season?

    5) Your in a hockey draft what team are you loading up on?

    6) Who is your top pick of the playoff draft?

    7) Jaro starts the playoffs IF he loses the first 2 games do you go to Carey?

    8) Who will lead our team in scoring during the playoffs?

    9) Team you would like to see miss the playoffs the most Philly or Boston?

    10) Can we win it all?

  23. likehoy says:

    well there’s the end of the game…4 goals for leo messi! barca will be stopped eventually

    - Team Halak V.S. Team Price…Montreal Canadiens Fans are similar to 14 year-old Girls going through Puberty.

  24. SeriousFan09 says:

    Agree, statistically speaking, the players with the better hair have better careers in Montreal.



    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  25. jbroderi says:

    i have a good feeling about tonight, and I usually don’t.    lets wrap her up tonight and have fun until the nervous sweats and cursing and throwing things, that is the play-offs


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  26. The Teacher says:

    Gaustad definitely makes his presence felt in most games.

  27. TommyB says:

    Don’t take my post too seriously.  That was just yesterday.  One day out of the 12,399 days we have been married.  Suffice it to say, there have been some days where I help her out just a little bit.  I might say I earned that little break yesterday. ;-)



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