Tied at the top

Who woulda thunk it?

Your Montreal Canadiens have 73 points, the same total as the mighty, Eastern Conference-leading Ottawa Senators.

Ottawa has more wins and a game in hand, so they’re still ahead.

But things are getting interesting, eh?

Canadiens played textbook shutdown hockey in the third period to secure a 5-3 win and a sweep of the weekend series against the Flyers. They finished their regular season series against Philly 4-0.

It was Canadiens’ 19th win on the road – and Carey Price’s third win in a row.

Price made 34 saves. Canadiens killed six penalties and got another huge effort from Francis Bouillon, who scored his first goal in almost a year. 



  1. wd40 says:

    Hi all. Off topic, I spoke to Kevin Mio regarding implementing polls on H I/O. He mentioned this is on his plate and he’ll investigate the feasibility. I think polls are an interesting feature and would add to our site. As an example, I can imagine the “Who should get the start tonight, Huet or Price?” would have been neat. I’m sure you all can think of more interesting ones.

    In the interim, I set up a very simple poll to get a taste of where our H I/O community is from. It’s available here and takes 10 seconds at most… i’ve already voted :)



  2. likehoy says:

    when you’re desperate for a help…you’ll try anything!!

  3. Jonnyboy says:

    Pierre has been loving the Habs this year. He wants Komi for monster of the year and whenever he watches Price he can’t handle himself. Everyone else though…

  4. Jonnyboy says:

    I have heard someone claim this site will work:


    I just checked and the game is on there. I have looked a few times before and the game hasn’t been there. I have no idea what quality or anything else will be like.

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