Canadiens hold a late-afternoon practice at the Denis Savard Aud in Verdun today. Bruins were on the ice first, wearing deerstalkers, carrying magnifying glasses and looking for clues as to why they sucked so bad last night.

Canadiens, who went home to their loved ones after the big win, will have a team meal and then check in to the secret hotel in the secret downtown location where they’ll attempt to recreate winning conditions for Game 2.

It’s a damp, cool day in Montreal – perfect for staying home, enjoying a late-afternoon libation and watching hockey we don’t really care about.

At least that’s my plan. I’ll tune TSN to see Cristobal and Alexander the Great against the dastardly Flyers and stay with the game for as long as it’s interesting.

No live blogging. But if anyone feels moved to comment on tonight’s action, the floor is open for posting. 


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