This just never gets old


The Canadiens have a day off today.

Some fans would prefer the team undergo a 60-minute bag skate or 30 minutes with a life insurance salesman.

We can only assume that Jacques Martin, the Bhodisattva of coachly compassion, is taking a more zen-like approach to GETTING THIS COLLECTION OF STIFFS INTO THE PLAYOFFS.

Dare one suggest that a dose of Therrienism might be appropriate?

Or a healthy hit of Alec Baldwin:

Winding up with Kenneth Branagh:


  1. coachdoug says:

    Just put my tin foil hat on and I know undertsand what is happening with the team…

    JM knows what he is doing…give up a few games and finish in 7th to play Caps instead of the Beantown beat down…let NY deal with Boston…

    7th place is looking good right now…they just need to not make it look so obvious…score a goal or two like last night against the Canes…

    Go Habs Go!

  2. matrags says:

    I got it , we have time shifted to a parrallel universe , the thing that gave it away was the site name Hockey Instead of Habs inside out. By the way , back in habs inside out land we have locked up a playoff, overtaken Boston , and word has it Price is a shoe in for the Hart. I want to go home .

  3. JohnBellyful says:

    Punkster, I graded your test results. Congratulations, you ARE a dyed-in-the-wool-over-your-eyes-wide-open-and-shut-case study of a Habs fan. You should receive your certificate from Emerald City in the mail by next week.

    For those who missed the opportunity to demonstrate THEIR fitness as a Habs fan, here is the test once again. (If you did manage to read it last night despite the website maelstrom that saw messages not getting posted or being delayed, just scroll on by and accept my humble apology.)

    True Habs Fan Test
    You can’t be in two spots at once so which will it be:

    A. Son’s first minor hockey game.
    B. Habs’ first practice of the season

    A. Daughter’s violin solo in Grade 1 concert
    B. Photo op with Hal Gill

    A. Parents’ 25th wedding anniversary
    B. 10th row seats, Habs host Islanders

    A. Son’s valedictory address
    B. Front row of the gallery at Habs’ golf touney

    A. Wife gives birth to first child
    B. Habs vs Bruins on small TV in hospital lounge

    A. Wife gives birth to fourth child (first three kids were ugly)
    B. Habs vs Bruins on big screen HD TV in rec room; three kids at babysitter’s

    A. Honeymoon night
    B. Last minute invitation to corporate box for seventh game of Stanley Cup final in Montreal, versus Vancouver (previous six games went into OT, with home team winning each match)

    A. Opera matinee performance followed by trip to mall to choose paint for kids’ bedroom redo the wife has planned for you, which you’ll get to discuss with the in-laws when they come over for a game of Monopoly tonight
    B. Gomez autograph signing

    • LA Loyalist says:

      2 thumbs up. almost as funny as a JM time-out pep talk.

      • JohnBellyful says:

        I think you do JM a disservice. Found this clip on YouTube of JM addressing the troops during the second intermission with the team down 3-0:

        “Benny, Lars, you’re sittin’. Hammer, you good for another 12 minutes, 15 if we get a power play? Good. Gomez…Gomez…where’s Gomez…oh, over there. Gomez, how’s the groin pull? You don’t have a groin pull? Extended knee? No extended knee? Upper body injury? No upper body injury? THEN WHAT THE ^%$%$@ IS YOUR PROBLEM? … I”m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.
        Desharnais, you’re sittin’.”

    • punkster says:

      Excellent! Now I’m off for a walk up Mont Royal singing The Toreador Song. I haven’t got the voice of Teddy Tahu Rhodes, or the good looks for that matter, so I’ll try not to scare little children.
      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

      • JohnBellyful says:

        Hey, you weren’t kiddin’ about that opera stuff, P’er. Never heard of the guy, Teddy Tahu Rhodes, but he sounds great. And all these years I thought Carmen was a female. I am so ignorant.
        Any operas about hockey? Never mind, I just Googled and found one: The Flying Dutchmen — about a team in Kitchener.

        • punkster says:

          Hey, I actually saw the Flying Dutchmen play when I was just a little nipper. Back in the 50s, when I lived in the area.

          And yes, the Carmen in that Live at the Met production was played wonderfully by Elina Garanca (beautiful girl). Check this one:

          ***Subbang Baby!!!***

          • JohnBellyful says:

            You’re turning me into an opera freak. Another excellent clip. Fantastic music, fantastic voice, fantastic … music. (Does Yul Brenner ever get to sing in this version?)
            Didja notice below the viewing area they have a section that says Likes, Dislikes? Must be some kind of rating system. They should try that here. Have to come up with something different … hmmmmm

          • dicktracy says:

            The Dutchmen represented Canada at the 56 olymics in Cortina.

      • secretdragonfly says:

        That was totally awesome and one of the reasons I keep coming back here – thanks, Punkster!

    • StevieM61 says:

      Brings back memories.I actually did the “watch hockey on small black and white TV in a hospital room” thing…Wife was not quite ready to pop so we hooked her up to a mobile fetal heart monitor and wheeled her down to the only room with a little TV.

      good times . . . .

      Second child we had a TV in the birthing room.
      No fridge though, that kinda sucked.

      Bullet holes in my mirrors . . . .

  4. TripleX says:

    Sorry Mr. Boone. What you see as Zen like calm is actually a medical mystery. JM has been in a deep coma for the last two years. But since no one has detected any change in personality or deportment he continues to coach the Habs.

  5. rocketsglare says:

    So much is wrong with this team: too many key players underperforming,
    too many penalties, not enough scoring, no focus or energy, not enough
    secondary contributions and the worst thing is there isn’t enough time to
    correct any of these problems.

  6. HabFanSince72 says:

    Sincey predicts the rest of the season, based on recent form.

    Habs play NJ (l), Chi (l), Ott (w), Tor (otl) = 3 points

    Canes: Isles (w), Buffalo (w), Detroit (otl), Atl (w), Tampa (l) = 7pts points

    Sabres: Caps (otl), Car (l), Tampa (otl), Phi (l), CBJ (w) = 4 pts.

    Leafs: Bos (l), Ott (w), Caps (l), NJ (w), Habs (w) = 6 pts

    Rangers: Isles (w), Phi (l), Bos (l), Atl (w), NJ (w) = 6 pts

    Final Standings:

    6. Rangers 93
    7. Habs 92
    8. Sabres 91
    8. Canes 91
    10. Leafs 86

  7. HardHabits says:

    Thumbs are so passe. Now it’s emoticon overload time……
    🙂 – 😀 – 😉 – 🙁 – 😮 – 😐 – 😯 – 😡 – 😛 – 😕 – 👿 – :mrgreen: – ➡ – 💡

  8. 1010 says:

    Two goals from our forwards in the last five games(not counting AK’s empty netter). They are indeed looking bad.
    But, I guess they looked terrible heading into last years playoffs.

    GO HABS…

  9. habs365 says:

    lets face it after we get pass Cammalleri-Gionta-Kostitsyn-Plekanec-Subban and Price what do we really have-if you can’t see that I wouldn’t be knocking other teams. I see it. these Guy’s kept the team in it all year and they’re done and the remainder will never get any better sure they chip in now and than but not enough. you can’t expect six players to carry the team for 78 games and keep winning not gonna happen and that my friends whether we make the playoffs or not, it’s not looking good for a 25th cup.

  10. says:

    Let’s be honest boys, the Habs just haven’t been the same since Pacioretty went down. And as good as he was playing, I think the problems have more to do with the WAY he went down then with the fact that we lost a key forward. The Habs seem to be totally stunned!

    • drivefor25 says:

      Totally agree. I think the shock and severity of his injury hit the team hard. Add in all the subsequent controversy and the team lost equilibrium and focus. Factor in the other injuries – Markov, Gorges and Spacek are half the D – and the scoring slumps and I’m amazed we’re still in sixth place.

      Fan since ’71

  11. HardHabits says:

    The critics they’re always putting them down
    They’re too small to play big in this hockey town
    The pundits they said they were bad, and the Habs nation was sad
    Because there always middle of the pack

    One day the fans said, “Try something new”
    And then JM said here’s what I’ll do
    He pulled out his pad with a sigh, and then he started to write
    We must play defense first, we’re middle of the pack

  12. joeybarrie says:

    Funniest thing I have read in a long time……… The Leafs are going to be better off on July 1st, 2011……….
    Having to re-sign Giguere, MacArthur, and Bozak.
    Signing 9 players in total for under 25 million (the above 3 will eat up about half that amount).
    Paying Darcy Tucker (still)
    Even if they can do all that, they still have a team that couldn’t make the playoffs……….

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      They aren’t re-signing Giggy.

      Bozak and MacArthur are RFAs so won’t cost that much. Schenn (also RFA) will get more than either of those guys.

      They will likely be working with $20M in cap space.

      I don’t think they are in terrible shape for next year.

      • Mark C says:

        MacArthur has 21 goals and 59 points, he’s gonna cash in as a RFA, he’ll get $3M+. Brukie gave Grabo a 3-year $2.9M AAV deal after a 20 goal and 48 point season, the bar has been set.

    • Bill says:

      They’d have to be crazy to resign Giguere. It won’t happen. I hate the Leafs as much as the next guy, but I think they’ll be in okay shape salary cap wise. Got some good young players.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

  13. baruch says:

    What’s the Habs’ record since this site changed?

    nuff said

  14. Mattyleg says:

    I’d just like to say how happy I am to see Observer and ManApart on here.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  15. Willy the bum says:

    Didn’t see the game but heard a bit on the radio… somewhere around 4-1 ‘Canes in the third. So now I saw the final result on the scoreboard, and I say the better team won.

    ‘Canes are goddang hungry for points and winds up closing on the last playoff spot between Sabres and Rangers… and maybe Leafs? …nah…

    Off topic (but also deals with hockey), I dreamt last night of watching the Cup finals between us and some other team. We were tied 1-1 when Gomez made a weak pass, causing the opposing player to turnaround and score on us. I woke up, and boy that really felt like crap already.

  16. 24 Cups says:

    I just watched the disallowed goal that went against Calgary and probably cost them a chance of winning the game and staying in the hunt for a playoff spot. Not sure how the ref missed it (he was right on top of the net) and really question the decision of the review team.

    Concussions is still the biggest issue in the NHL but lousy officiating is a solid 2nd.

    • shiram says:

      The problem is that the NHL is not really doing anything to fix either issue.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      It was clearly in the net. The NHL as usual botched the call.

      I also believe that you should be able to challenge a call just like in football. Look at the high stick the other night against Atlanta. That should have been a 4 minute power play instead it was a goal. The part I don’t get about that is the linesmen was standing right there and they can call high sticks.

      The NHL ref’s are terrible and even when plays get reviewed they are not always right. makes you wonder sometimes. Money makes the world go round…..

      • 123456 says:

        worse than just missing that high stick on gill was the fact it was discussed at length – meaning someone in the group of 4 “refs” saw it. i do not knwo the rules but i believe a linseman’s input CAN NOT result in a minor penalty but rather a linsman can give input into a major penalty – not sure about a double minor…..

      • The Cat says:

        Would you leave a multi-billion dollar business up to chance?

        [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          Would you leave a team in Phoenix?

          • The Cat says:

            It doesn’t make financial sense to relocate it to Canada. Dollars at the gate mean little in the grand scheme of things.

            [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

          • shiram says:

            Replying to The Cat here…
            I’m pretty sure th TV ratings for Phoenix are awful as well.

          • HabFanSince72 says:

            Reply to the cat:

            The gate is all they have.

            TV money in the US is almost non-existent. And losing Phoenix ain’t going to change that.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      The NHL is run by lawyers.

      The last thing they care about is fair play.

      Obviously, for business reasons, they need to give the impression that it is a legitimate sport and not roller-derby, but they’re happy doing that through lawyerly double-speak.

      Chara’s hit (in the mob sense) was a “hockey play”. Concussion are mostly “accidents”. There wasn’t enough “evidence” to overturn the on-ice call.

      etc etc etc …

    • J_P says:

      as far as the review team goes, It is very hard to actually see the puck in all the camera angles. Seeing as the ref called it no goal on the ice, hard for them to overturn the decision. Now, how the ref actually missed it to begin with, I have absolutely no idea.

  17. CanadienBoy says:

    Fake pic.. Martin does’nt smile

  18. LA Loyalist says:

    Today on TSN, Dreger, really interesting article on Ray Emery’s surgery and rehab – and apparent character rebuild. Quite a change from his Ottawa days.

    He’s 6-0 for the Quackers as of last night.

    Makes me more optimistic about Markov, Gorges, Patches… they are not as trashed as Emery was.

  19. nek25plus says:

    no bag skate…but time to admit that Pleks is injured and play through it! BLAhhhh BlAhhh…guy makes too much money… oh, actually not hearing that from massive amounts of fans!

    Play guys who have the gas to go and wait on the rest.

    Calling out Gomez is unfair unless you are will to call out the rest.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      I’ve made disclaimers about playing hurt almost every time I’ve posted bagging on our millionaires. Cammi we know what he is recovering from, Pleks we don’t know. Gionta and Gomez? No apparent injuries except software issues.

      I imagine the policy is play if playing won’t make it worse, and you won’t play worse than the guy who would replace you.

      But if anyone knows specifically it would be useful to hear.

  20. observer says:

    Stubbs hit a HR today in first game of season for Reds

    D. Stubbs Cincinnati Reds2-4, HR, RBI, 2 Rvs MIL | Top 7th

  21. observer says:

    Familialrity breeds contempt!

    That is why Gauthier is always in hiding from the media and fans. Because the more they see this loser and how he talks a pile of BS that is quite evident in the product on the ice, the quicker the attacks on him will start.

    BUT it has worked for him. A total incompetant for 30 years of his life and someone paid him! Great country eh!

  22. HardHabits says:


    Haven’t you heard the Good News. The Maple Leafs have resurrected and come back from the dead. The Hockey Gods love you. Believe in Brian Burke and when you die you’ll go to the Stanley Cup finals.

  23. Kristopher7 says:

    Maybe we should all take a lesson from this newscaster, I probably feel a lot like him.

    Defending the Kingston Frontenacs from bashers.

    To all the HIO posters who are armchair GMs, have coached over 1000 games in the NHL, and have won a Stanley Cup… oh wait, that’s none of you.

    Take a chill pill. Some of your analyses are just overboard and laughable. “No heart”, “they are laughing to the bank”, “WTF is GM thinking”, “WTF is Gauthier doing”.

    If any of you have played organized sports, or college level sports, hell, even high school level sports, you know the team is trying. Sometimes you just suck, sometimes you’re just in a slump. I remember in college when we had gone on a 4 game losing streak, our coach made us do suicides until some of us actually passed out unconscious. Guess what happened next game? We won, we were pissed and we won. Guess what happened the game after we won? We lost again. So we did suicides. Martin didn’t bag skate his team again after the Carolina loss, but I’m sure they didn’t have a good ol’ jolly time laughing it up. You saw Price’s frustration, you saw the disappointed faces on the bench. Yes they sucked, but they didn’t laugh it up.

    If you really think the team is playing with no heart, then I am sad to hear that. Not to mention with this many Bulldogs on the roster, and injuries.

    Anyways, I just needed to vent, and please watch the video, that guy is a passionate and committed fan. I just wish Habs fans were more like that, instead they are doubtful, entitled, and the kings of spewing vitriol.

  24. SHUTTemDOWN says:

    On a more + note:
    Resiliency and veteran “street” smarts.
    Slow and steady snails.

    “The sh*t is CHESS!NOT CHECKERS.” Denzel W.(Training Day)

  25. Mattyleg says:

    We’ll be fine.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  26. notbigbird says:

    There is an upside to losing. All of the interesting er em characters come out to liven up our day.

  27. punkster says:

    Love this place after a few losses. Cheap entertainment.

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  28. habs001 says:

    every night we have at least 12 players in the line up that are interchangeable with thousands of pros worldwide..

  29. habs001 says:

    i think the team has done well for the season…when you look at the current talent on the roster it just does not jump out you..if you look at most of the teams out of the playoffs their talent level is not much worse than ours…if you analyse our line by individual player it is not a strong group…this is why you have to give credit to the players and coaches because the teams that are out of the playoffs have just as much talent as we do

  30. deggy24 says:

    I haven’t been able to see much of the last couple of games, chasing my 8 month old around.
    I’m convinced we need to play Weber instead of either Mara or Sopel. I’m almost convinced that Picard is better than Mara (except against a tough team). Even then, against a tough team I would dress 7 defencemen (Webber, PK, Gill, Wiz, Mara, Sopel, Hammer) and have Mara or Sopel fight one of the opponent’s top 6 forwards.
    One of the things the last couple of weeks have shown is the quality of Spacek.
    I’m equally convinced that we need to play Pouliot and Desharnais 15 minutes a game, providing them minutes that are now being handed out to Moen, Pyatt, Halpern, Gomez, Gionta, Cammalerrie, etc.. No one is going to replace Pacs but Poulliot has a chance to at least make some kind of qualitative difference.

    Habs Win!

    • punkster says:

      See, now this is a reasonable comment. First he tugs at the heartstrings then he goes on to provide quite doable suggestions, none of which require firing, hiring, demotion, benching or the guillotine. There’s definitely some sense of reality there.

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  31. SHUTTemDOWN says:

    JM trying to convince Muller…his “system” works….
    and the team’s performance, won’t run him out of town.

    “The sh*t is CHESS!NOT CHECKERS.” Denzel W.(Training Day)

  32. shiram says:

    So alot of people say Cammy is streaky, AK46 is inconsistent… Well I say the whole team is streaky and inconsistent, with maybe Price having the best consistent effort, but the woes of his team seems to weigh heavy on him now.
    Take the wins you can, and look forward to the future…

  33. Da Hema says:

    Pat Hickey reported that Hamrik stated the Habs “didn’t compete” last night, yet Cammalleri insisted they are “working hard.”

    May I respectfully suggest one of these two players is a liar?

  34. Al aboo says:

    I hate to lose….at anything, it’s been that way my whole life. I would think thats as a professional athlete that would be a core value, something you could never teach. As I watch these last few games I just dont see any sort of emotion or desire. I havent heard anything about outbursts in the dressing room, definitely nothing on the ice, just business as usual, meh! Where is the pride and genuine will to win. I know its easy to analyze when your on the outside looking in through a microscope, but I feel it’s worth looking into a little further. Is it the lack of Canadian content, size, too many imports, who knows? But their are people getting paid to accomplish this. I definitely have my own opinions, and am more than willing to share my views. In the meantime there are five games left to inspire these guys….who have shown they can be a vey impressive and dynamic hockey team when they want to be! They wont let us down

    • Kristopher7 says:

      “too many imports” ….. wat

    • newbrunswick troy says:

      Well Al, ya best get use to losing, cause the bottom line is that this team has been cheating its fate all year….but not now, the only way this team can win ( consistantly or at least a playoff searies or two) is by the eleite players producing 100% and even then getting a lucky bounce or two….But as of now the elite players are banged up and just too tired from being smallish and beaten around for 78 games.
      So to summarize; the Habs have done well to be where they are but only an act of God will move them further…Its now time for management to asess the tweeking needed to move forward next year…
      Maybe just maybe old Brian Burke had it right when he said a team needs to be “truculant, tanatious” to go far as the leafs seem to be well ahead of the habs in the second half
      *****sincerely mr glass half empty****

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      “I hate to lose….at anything, it’s been that way my whole life. ”

      What have you won?

    • Max_a_million says:

      Hate to lose as much as you want. You do realize in every game one team wins, and one team loses. They all have a will to win, but it’s guaranteed that half the games NHL players play will be loses. It has little to do with a will to win. Execution, hard work, good fortune, luck, doing the right things. Will to win has little to do with it.

      • observer says:

        they are being blown out now. 6 goals, 7 goals, 8 goals, 6 goals – keep ignoring even islanders beat them the last 2 times – one a blowout, oilers beat them last 2 times, buffalo beat them the last 3 times, 2 of those 3 latest shutouts were at home. they are the only current east playooff spot holder with a losing road record, they are the lowest scoring team of those same 8 teams. habs have a losing record as well vs. western teams.

        halak is not here – the 30 year loser traded him away. they wont even make the playoffs if carolina wins a few games.

    • observer says:

      I hate to lose….at anything, it’s been that way my whole life.

      EXACTLY! Molson wants the most seats in the league sold for about the highest prices.


      Molson keeps on this 30 year loser as GM of this team AND the loser’s Ottawa coach – neither ever even taking a team to the Cup final in close to 60 years combined in these positions
      in the league.

    • Al aboo says:

      too many imports=euros with no balls, I win on the playstation all the time and of course unlike alot of people on this site I actually like to watch my teams win….and who said the will to win has nothing to do with it….I would rather have five overpaid guys who want to win rather than five overpaid guys who dont really care…. If for nothing else at least you guys are funny

    • ManApart says:

      As long as Gainey and Gauthier are at the helm, you better get used to it. As has been the case for about 7 years now.

      • Al aboo says:

        with the exception of being one of the final four teams to compete last year…………………………………

      • observer says:

        8 years now- came here in spring 2003.


        The only thing GOOD that will happen – a TOTAL FLUSHING!

        • punkster says:

          Well at least in Flushing it’s an easy drive to La Guardia. Maybe they could get a deal on the old Shea site?

          ***Subbang Baby!!!***

        • Propwash says:

          Enlighten us. Who do you think is the best people to replace BG/PG/JM that doesn’t currently have a job in the NHL, and has NHL experience in gm-ing/coaching?

          I hear Darryl Sutter is looking for a job.

          • HardHabits says:

            Haven’t you heard the Good News. The Maple Leafs have resurrected and come back from the dead. The Hockey Gods love you. Believe in Brian Burke and when you die you’ll go to the Stanley Cup finals.

          • observer says:

            i know one thing for sure – its NOT either gainey or gauthier 2 losers HERE GAUTHIER EVERYWHERE around 60 year oldsters who are out of touch with todays game. its up to molson to find the right men – AND HE WILL.

  35. 44har48 says:

    We all just need to step away from the ledge and take a deep breath. I am still amazed at this team even being in the playoffs right now, still amazed at how far those guys got last year, and still amazed at our young goaltender who is no stranger to carrying teams on his back for 28 games and winning championships – see worlds and AHL with a very poor AHL team. It doesn’t look good today, but as I said earlier, there is no money on the table yet and this team of small forwards and lathergic Dmen have proven me wrong time and time again over the last 2 years.

    I think pros should play hard every shift, I have to and don’t make their money. This last 2 weeks was as important as any in the season, but pros smell the post season opportunity, pace themselves whenever they can, and get healthy as they get closer in every sport…Let’s give em a chance and wait and see when it counts.

    • J_P says:

      Well, I really hope the big money players are indeed “pacing” themselves. I just hope they dont pace the habs out of the playoff picture altogether. We’re exactly where we were last season. The only thing amazing about the habs still holding down a playoff spot is the fact that we are doing so while our big money players are dramatically underperforming. I’ve yet to decide whether that’s amazing, or just REAL sad.

  36. adamkennelly says:

    Guys..let’s stop being delusional – this is not the same squad as we had in the playoffs last year, which may I remind everyone we got stomped in round 3 and ended up .500…yes we did beat Wash and Pitt but did not out play those teams….it was fun but prolly did more harm than good because of expectations set and props to the coach…..our d is slow and soft and we can’t score..hardly a winning combination.

  37. JustSomeguy says:

    Things went pear-shaped after Max’s injury.

    Before the injury? It looked like the forward lines were gelling. Montreal had had a string of 3+ GF games. And a suitable stingy GA.

    After the injury? JM’s latest line shuffle has forwards who look lost with each other, and as has been pointed out, Montreal absolutely needs defensive commitment from the forwards in order to pick up loose d-zone pucks (and skaters) ’cause most of the D, god bless ’em, skate only marginally better than MAB who, at the best of times, looks like the little engine that couldn’t.

    But when the forwards have no chemistry with each other (and we’re playing career grinders or the soontoberetired on the first and second lines), a couple things happen. Most obviously: offense suffers. But, in our case, our defense suffers. We need our forwards to help the D, but it looks like our forwards are all lost — they have no idea where they should be and no idea where their linemates are.

    The end result is that the opposition is able to skate to open ice. They don’t even have to work nice passing plays — they just need to, get ready for this, keep moving and they’ll either blow past our D … or confuse the bejesus out of our forwards.

    This isn’t just about JM, mind you. Lest we forget: he outcoached the Caps and Pens last year and took us farther into the playoffs than we’ve been in, almost, a generation. And he did it with scraps and leftovers. No, some of it is injuries (in September, did anyone see us playing without 3 of our starting d-men in March?). Some of it is mental (what happened to Gomez?). Some of it is ill-advised trades (uhhh, we really need O’B back).

    And, finally, even though the boys have been sucking of late, 6th is about where most people had ’em pegged to finish the season. Right now, they’re punching below their weight after having spent portions of the season punching well above their weight. And … you know what? If someone had told me in September that Gorges, Spacek, and Markov would all be out, long term, I wouldn’t have picked them 6th. I’d have picked them 10th.

  38. OneTimer says:

    My record seeing the Habs in person these last few years drops to 0-3. 🙁

  39. joshua94k says:

    Here is a funny story from the Canadiens site to difuse the grey clouds over Habs fans these days:

    One would have thought that by the 1980s, any sports fan worth his salt would have been familiar with the exploits of Guy Lafleur. “The Flower”, after all, had emerged as one of the most electrifying players of his era, posting six straight 50-goal-plus seasons from 1974-75 through 1979-80.

    Ignorance for one luckless reporter, however, turned out to be anything but bliss.

    As Lafleur recalls it, the Canadiens had traveled to southern California for an exhibition game in San Diego in the mid-‘80s. The team, by then, had already witnessed the emergence of a likeable character by the name of Chris Nilan, the noted tough guy who would go on to set a franchise record with 2,248 penalty minutes.

    Arriving at the arena for the team’s morning practice, Lafleur was informed of an interview request with an apparently clueless local.
    “The guy didn’t know who I was or know anything about hockey, so Chris and I decided to switch jerseys,” Lafleur recalled with a chuckle.

    Nilan, thick Boston accent and all, introduced himself as Lafleur to the journalist before stoically sitting down for the interview. He proceeded to calmly discuss his scoring touch and offensive flair, waxing rhapsodic on his invaluable contributions to the powerhouse Canadiens teams of the 1970s.

    The man known as “Knuckles” then proceeded to remove his microphone, thank the reporter for his time, and head out to prepare for the evening’s contest. The interviewer, pleased with his piece and the insights he obtained from a purported hockey legend, filed it with his superiors and contentedly awaited the evening’s game.

    Needless to say, he was not amused when the puck was dropped that night and a distinctly different-looking Lafleur – and a curiously familiar-looking “Nilan” – hopped on the ice.

    “He was so mad,” Lafleur said with a laugh, “But it was a good joke.”

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

  40. HardHabits says:

    The critics they’re always putting them down
    They’re too small to play big in this hockey town
    The pundits they said they were bad, and the Habs nation was sad
    Because there always in the middle of the pack

    One day the fans said, “Try something new”
    And then JM said here’s what I’ll do
    He pulled out his pad with a sigh, and then he started to write
    We must play sound defense, when we’re middle of the pack

  41. habsfaninmd says:

    Clearly, this all starts at the top. How PG doesn’t get more for Halak is beyond me. Lars is a good player, but for a young and very good goalie who’s at the height of his trade value??? P-u-lease. Not addressing size has been an issue for a very long time. Never liked the JM nor the PG hire. I realize a lot of people want a Francophone/s, but why are we not getting the best people in the biz??? It’s the Montreal Canadiens for goodness-sake, most storied franchise in Hockey. Really would have loved for them to have hired Boucher, but after last season’s playoff run, I guess that was going to be tough to do. However, you’ve got to have some foresight, no??? I would get rid of both coach and GM and get the asst GM from Detroit, Jim Nill, who I understand has a fantastic rep and an eye for talent (sorely needed). Then trust that he would pick a good young coach, like Boucher. Sorry for the long rant, but this has been building for quite some time.


    • 123456 says:

      Understand your frustration but what did Chicago get for the Stanley Cup Winning Goalie?

    • J_P says:

      As far as halak goes:
      -Huet traded at the deadline for a 2nd round pick
      -Niemi not even re-signed by chicago, and finally signed for peanuts with san jose. This is a goalie who just won the stanley cup.
      -Ilya Bryzgalov, a definite vezina candidate, was put on waivers and claimed by phoenix because burke couldn’t get anything for him.

      How much did you actually expect for halak?

      • punkster says:

        Re: comment by habsfaninmd…See, now that’s a whine. All it needs is the high-pitched, nasally, child-like tone.

        Couldn’t respond on the other thread due to silly 5 post limits. Have a look at definitions for whine. I don’t think I was whining and if I was I should be chastised. I hate whiners 😉

        ***Subbang Baby!!!***

    • Mark C says:

      Jim Nill, great name, but he’s never going to leave Detroit. Name always gets mentioned for vacant GM jobs yet he never leaves. I think he signed a 5-year deal there this past summer, which is unheard of for an Asst. GM, or a GM for that matter.

      What makes Boucher better than Martin? He has 2 of the top 4 scorers in the league yet only has a few more “loser” points than Martin.

    • Iceberg84 says:

      Let’s not forget Michael Leighton either. Goalies are a dime a dozen these days

  42. HabsFansince49 says:

    It is difficult to dispute that we would like players with more goals at this point in the season, and undoubtedly better if we had players with more total points. Well we actually gave away players with 36 more goals and a total of 95 more points. The goal production of Grabovski, S. Kostitsyn, Ribeiro, Tanguay, D’Agostini and Ryder is 120 compared to 84 for Pleks, Cammy, Gomez, Max, PK and AK46. The total points are worse: 307 to 212 for those who remain.
    Stats are not everything, but…

    I don’t pretend to be an expert; just a die-hard Habs fan passing my opinion

    • J_P says:

      Sorry, but to me that looks like a huge misuse of statistics. How does PK fit in your comparison? He’s a rookie DEFENSEMAN. How does Paccioretty fit in your comparison? He barely played half the season and now he’s injured.

      I totally understand your point, but the comparison your making isnt exactly apples to apples.

    • Mark C says:

      What kind of cherry picked comparison is this? You count a rookie who only played in 37 games, and a rookie D, Cammy who missed a number of games for the players with Montreal, yet all forwards that have missed no time this season for the former player group, without listing the number of games played. I get your point, but there is a whole lot of book cooking in this “comparison.”

    • Mattyleg says:


      Carey Price has only 30-something wins this season, but if you add up all the ex-Montreal goalies and prospects, they have over 100!

      Wake up people!! Trading players is not the answer!! Playing them all at once is the way forward!! Look at the stats. Look at the stats. The stats. They don’t lie. The stats.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

  43. Maksimir says:

    For anyone who cares – got this off the ESPN website.. hard not to agree with LeBrun:

    LeBrun: I can’t think of a team currently sitting in a playoff spot that impresses me less than the Canadiens. First-round fodder is all I think when I watch them play these days. Last season, I thought the same thing because Montreal dropped eight of its final 11 games entering the playoffs. And then, of course, they knocked out the Presidents’ Trophy-winning Capitals. Just don’t see it this time; they look spent. Hart and Vezina Trophy candidate Carey Price looks tired after playing his league-leading 69th game of the season last night. Many of us were wrong about the Habs last season, but I’m convinced this time it’s true: first-round fodder.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Thanks Pierre. We can all see the Habs are slumping badly.

      He actually gets paid for this kind of “insight”?

    • 123456 says:

      LeBrun is an idiot – where is the proof Price is tired? Did someone see him sucking wind during a game? It’s just too easy to say he is tired. Why not the defense – didn’t they set the tone last night with two horriffic turnovers that set the stage for two great shots by Skinner and two goals.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Yup, the trend on this site is that every single person on the television, radio or internet is a total idiot…especially if they point out the negative aspects of the Habs, even if it’s true. From TSN, ESPN or CBC…they all know nothing!

      • Mike Boone says:

        That’s not fair. LeBrun is an excellent hockey writer. I thought a couple goals against last night were reminiscent of the 2009-’10 season. Price should have been rested in a back-to-back.

        Mike Boone
        Hockey Inside/Out blogger
        Gazette City columnist

        • Maksimir says:

          True – he even came to the Habs defense recently when discussing the Chara-Max hit with Milbury on the Hot Stove CBC show-thing.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          Not sure if you could feel the sarcasm in my post Mike, but that’s what I was getting at too! The second any writer, analyst or TV personality criticizes the Habs, they’re suddenly an idiot.

        • Bripro says:

          I have to agree as well. A group of us gets together to watch every game, every night, and we commented last night on his first goal…Skinner’s wrist shot? Sopel’s giveaway was a classic example of the team’s latest defensive meltdown, which I’m sure is on every team’s video these days. That being said, Price should have had that shot. He looked tired. He looked exactly like you said….reminiscent of 2009-10. Why wasn’t Ault in for the whole game? Another of what appears to be JM’s panic decisions or lack thereof these days.

          • HabFanSince72 says:

            But that’s my point.

            A group of guys on a couch has the same insight as a brilliant hockey analyst (also the same girth in this case).

      • J_P says:

        Listen, he might not be physically tired, but he’s definitely mentally tired. Playing goal requires a lot of focus, and playing 69 games as a 23 year old, although it may not be challenging physically, its definitely mentally draining.

  44. Iceberg84 says:

    I think the Glengarry Glenross tie-in would be more appropriate if the majority of professional athletes weren’t overpaid princes who could get a job in any city they want if it’s not working out where they are now. Therrien’s right, I’m sure a lot of these guys don’t care: they get paid so much money, why should they? We’re the ones who care and there’s not much we can do about it. In reality, it’s more like each of the habs are the Alec Baldwin character and we’re all Jack Lemmon or Kevin Spacey 😀

  45. Lafrich says:

    The reason they drive us nuts is the same reason we did well in the playoffs:
    – Great goaltending.
    – A defensive system that generally protects against blowouts
    – A few guys that CAN score

    All of those variables MUST be present for them to have a chance to win. If they are present, then they look like worldbeaters. If any of the three are absent, we usually won’t win.

    We have to face reality. This team is just not that good, but has great potential because of Price and the hope that Cammy or Gionta or a couple others pot enough to win the game.

  46. habsfan0 says:

    Shortly after this video recording was made,Michel Therrien was fired,Dan Bylsma was hired,and all he did was lead the Penguins to the Stanley Cup. Jacques Lemaire did quite the turnaround in New Jersey after MacLean was fired. Coaching DOES make a difference. Pierre Gauthier,take note.

  47. Richard B says:

    You guys are doush bags! I’m not a JM fan…but he has coached these bunch of bums into the playoffs…and he coached them to the confrence finals last year. I think JM has done well with the talent pool he has to work with. They are in the playoffs and 50% of the team comes from the Bulldogs.

    Richard B

    • 123456 says:

      Agree – if we knew the stats of our big guns prior to the season I would have guessed they would be fighting for a great lottery draft pick.

    • punkster says:

      Well, while I agree with your point, if I was demanding JM be fired and you called me a DB I’d at least expect you to spell it correctly. Then I’d ask Boone to ban your sorry ass for using an insulting profanity.

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  48. Bugs says:

    I’ll say it again: Branagh is a terribly hammy actor. Diction and exuberance isn’t enough, I’m afriad. If it was, he woulda had more of a career. Took producers a few go-rounds to see it. “Hey, waitaminnit; this guy can’t act!” (Notice the young Christian Bale at 2:30 though.)
    But where, oh where is the “Losing is a disease” clip from “The Natural”? That’s the one I always go with meself.

    Chillin like MacMillan, potty-boy says he’s L. B. Potter, esq.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      I agree completely about Branagh. He’s especially bad in his non-Shakespearean films.

      In part this has to do with his training as a stage actor, where emotions need to be more explicitly conveyed.

      I’ve always thought that many famous British theatre actors were not very good in movies (even, dare I say it, Laurence Olivier!), while the greatest British film actors bypassed the London stage on their way to Hollywood (Cary Grant, Richard Burton) . The exceptions are few (e.g. Alec Guiness).

      But Branagh adds a special awfulness.

  49. Edmaster says:

    Last year we went 3 & 8 in our last 11 games, losing our last 3 including the finale against our beloved peers in Toronto. Fortunately, thanks to another team, we limped into the final playoff position. I’m sure I don’t need to remind anyone what took place after that. Were we lucky last year, maybe. Will we be lucky again this year, maybe. For almost every season since 1993, all any Hab fan has been able to do is hope we steal a ticket to the big dance and make a run for the silverware on the table.

    Expos, please come home.

  50. avatar_58 says:

    By the way I hate to be harsh, but to all those saying they are ‘trying’ and just not seeing results, or that they are injured, etc –

  51. Chuck says:

    Apparently, Pacioretty is the true MVP of this team. They can’t seem to win without him.

  52. homerbowen says:

    We are too small to seriously compete for the Cup. Our coach is out of touch with todays game. The final straw would be a spanking in the last game which at this moment looks like it is going to happen. Our little guys (not Gomez) try hard but just get shoved out of the way…move them.
    Clean house over the summer. Do not bring Gomez back under any circumstances. Gionta has been disappointing as has Camms.
    Muller will be a head coach next year, hopefully with us, if not and Martin is back then write off the season.

    • Bripro says:

      I would also buy out Gomez’ contract. What type of hit would that be over ….how many years?
      I don’t care. It would be worth it.
      I like watching him when he gets the puck out of our zone, but then he coughs it up in the neutral zone. He’s searching for….something.
      Maybe the former shadow of himself.
      And to put it into perspective for them, they should stop being cradled, and given a real workout at the Bell centre. No more jacuzzis and saunas in Brossard until they’ve got the itch to win.
      And yes, Muller would fare better than JM in my opinion.

      • Mark C says:

        Buying out Gomez would not be worth it, it just kills the cap for years. If he can’t turn it around next year and is untradeable, then sending him to the AHL is the only option.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          Why buy him out when you can send him to the minors and he would have to play for the bulldogs and it doesn’t count against the cap. Sather has done it with some of his other great contracts like Wade Redden.
          Souray is another example.
          The questions is are we better with gomez or without him?

          • Lafrich says:

            That is not easily answered. The cap space unfortunately comes into the equation, as we can have two other solid players for his one. I think we are probably better with him. His playing time needs to be decreased to 15 mins a game.

          • Mark C says:

            Exactly, passing Gomez through waivers and sending him to the AHL is a far better option than a buyout.

            Right now, Gomez is pretty much untradeable, yet sending him to the AHL before next season is short sighted, a lot of players have bad years only to bounce back. I think there is a good chance that Gomez bounces back to being a 15-50 type player again, which is worth $4.5-5M on the open market. He isn’t suffering from some injury that is sapping his talents and skills. It seems a lot of his issues are mental and style of play problems and can be fixed. If Gomez can be this player again, he’s worth keeping or can be traded due to the differences in cap number and salary.

            However, if Gomez can’t turn it around next season something has to be done, to fix the issue going forward. If I was PG, I would layout the situation to Gomez during his exit interview. I would tell him that unless he turns it around next year, I’m trying to trade in the off-season for a bag of pucks, or he’s getting sent to the AHL.

    • Mattyleg says:

      You’re way off with lots of that post, so I won’t go too far into it.

      Just stop saying that Muller should be the coach next year.
      It’s not smart. Not by a long shot.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Bripro says:

        So who do you think coordinates the drills and runs the practices?
        I laugh every time I see write up and posts about brutal practices.
        I realize the whole idea of not having them practice in Brossard is far fetched, but if you’re a parent, and your kids don’t listen, you punish them. It’s a reach, but the time is here for something different.
        Not only is Gomez and company not being penalized, they’re handled with kid gloves. If they were consistently bad, that would be one thing. But this …one game on, one game off….it’s enough to drive a fan crazy.
        I know with the team clinic, there’s no easy fix, but JM has to get mad.

  53. This team has been bleeding out since November, slowly but surely. It’s caught up to them now. They’re all completely aware of the fact that they’ve been bleeding out. You can’t can’t put a band-aid on a gunshot wound (Sopel, Mara). They have hit a wall now. we can;t be too surprised, I guess.

  54. Jdub1985 says:

    “Good father? F*** You, go home and play with your kids”
    I wish JM had a Baldwin walk into the locker room 5 mins before gametime…. bunch of soft pansies they are.


  55. Bripro says:

    I don’t get it. Up and down like a yoyo.
    They make more in a period than most of us in a year,
    and they can’t even show up. If my guys worked like that,
    they’d be standing in line at the UI office.
    They commented after their gruelling practice of having a hefty 60 minute workout. Most of us work 8 hours or more. What workout?
    As for Martin, he shows as much emotion as a snapping turtle, with no snap. Did any of you see him when he called a timeout?
    Was he laying into them “à la Pat Burns”? Nothing… emotion at all! They’re gonna wait until meeting the Leafs in the final game,
    as they did last year, to secure their spot in the playoffs. With another overtime loss, maybe?
    It’s so frustrating. Maybe Darche should have the C on his jersey instead.

  56. HabFanSince72 says:

    F*** you, that’s my name!


    • Windwalker says:

      JM has, in my opinion, lost it. You need not look any further than the special treatment he has given Gomez. Anyone who knows about team chemistry and the relevence of the written an unwritten rules that influence it; know every time Gomez keeps his regular shifts and continues to make errors that affect team play. It gnaw at players. They may not want to speak out because they don’t want to be seen as trouble makers. There is clear evidence in many studies that players will be distracted form their own play when team mates are perceived as coaches favourites.

  57. Bill H says:

    Hey, what happened to the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons? Best feature yet. And still no new post signal? Is that in the works? Or deemed not worthy?

  58. joeybarrie says:

    Is it simply too easy of an explanation for people to accept. MUST THERE BE SOMETHING WRONG? MUST THE PLAYERS BE INVOLVED IN SOME SORT OF CONSPIRACY????
    Isn’t simply the fact that injuries to key players have taken it’s toll on this team, and that by doing the best they can with what they have (which is a half AHL team) taking it’s toll towards the end of a season?
    Can it simply be that Wiz and Sopel are not Markov and Gorges?

    IN THE END, we are 6th. It surpasses what most of the SAME POSTERS were predicting. Now that we have done better the same posters are complaining that this team isn’t doing good enough.
    As for those talking about other teams not being bothered by injuries…. Well I think we just always seem to think the grass is always greener. Thats why players ALWAYS do better outside of Montreal. Thats why other teams NEVER have the same problems as Montreal.
    Look at the standings anyway you want. The simple fact is that the Habs sit in 4th place in regular and overtime wins. You know the only thing that counts in the playoffs. The team is 5 wins behind the number one team in the East. Now that’s pretty damn good for this makeshift team. AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. It is a makeshift team. The entire top two lines have suffered from lack of productivity this season, and you can absolutely bet your ASS that it is because we are missing a player who was involved with 25% of our scoring when healthy and another who helped this team to the best PK in the league.
    BETTER THAN LAST SEASON WITH LESS….. And still we are crying for everyone’s head to roll. Every player in the league is said to be better in Montreal than every player we have. WELL GUESS WHAT? WE HAVE THE GUYS WHO ARE WEARING THE CH NOW. AND THEY HAVE DONE PRETTY GOOD OVERALL.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

    • smiler2729 says:

      I agree with everything you wrote but you forgot to mention the night they got kicked in the nuts by Boston and have been feeling unbalanced since.

      • joeybarrie says:

        Yup. It takes something to regroup and get back to square one.
        Gomez has sucked all year. He knows it and it trying to get out of his FUNK. (I know I know, Gomez is always in a funk and terrible and blah blah blah.)
        Same with Cammi, and Gio.
        But we are down to bare bones. Its a skeleton crew.
        I know Spacek is the oldest player in the world, the slowest and worst…. Except the fact that he and Hamr were one of the two best defending combos all season in the entire league.
        THE THING ABOUT SPACEK IS HE LEADS OUR TEAM IN PLUS MINUS…. And thats starting to really hurt us now. Especially since we have 3 top 4 D out…
        But hey apparently we can’t keep using that excuse despite the fact that it is TRUE….

        There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

        • smiler2729 says:

          Once in a blue moon, a team goes on a Cinderella Stanley Cup run that electrifies even the team’s anti-fans.

          The ’10 Habs, the ’06 Oilers, the ’04 Flames are three of the latest. After those runs, expectations were MASSIVE and ultimately unrealistic and those teams fell back badly.

          That’s what we’re seeing with this season’s Habs.

          Who’s fault is it for over estimating the team?
          Not the fans, we’re perfect and besides we pay all their salaries.

          The media?
          No, they’re half fan and half doing a job to get eyes on their scribblings.

          The Habs’ management?
          Yup, ‘fraid so, if Gauthier really was honest with himself and not trying to ride the buzz that brings in the attention and the gate revenue$, we’d have shed some vets and given some up-and-comers serious ice time.

          But would we have let him do anything but what he’s done?

    • Al aboo says:

      i agree with the injuries, but, we still have some highly skilled/paid players, who dont produce when you need them too, pair that with no secondary scoring and its a recipe for disaster

    • Bill H says:

      I’d give you a thumbs up Joey, but my thumb seems to be amputated.

      I predicted 5th or 6th place for the Habs at the start of the season. So yes, they are right about where I thought they’d be, in spite of some bad injuries to key players. And I was mostly happy until the last stretch. But lately, not even showing up for key games is very discouraging.

      Well, our team will likely make the playoffs, and in the end, I guess it doesn’t matter who they face, although I shudder at the thought of the Flyers in the first round. We were giant slayers last year, when nobody gave us a chance. So we will just have to wait and see if they can find the game that brought them so much success at times during the season. ‘Cause we sure aren’t seeing it now.

  59. TINMAN17 says:

    Any update on Pacioretty? I’d like to hear about him some more…seeing how he is apparently the only player that played every night like he cared.

    Born and Bred in Enemy Territory (Boston).

    • Mike Boone says:

      Close enough

      Mike Boone
      Hockey Inside/Out blogger
      Gazette City columnist

      • TINMAN17 says:

        I love that he’s a fellow New Englander, Mike. Any truth to him coming back for the playoffs? Maybe somebody ought to tell the rest of the forwards that Max isn’t walking through that door (even though he may), like Pitino in the Celtics locker-room. That way they won’t be waiting on him to right the ship, which it seems like they may be doing subconsciously.

        Born and Bred in Enemy Territory (Boston).

      • TINMAN17 says:

        By the way, Mike, I’m from Boston and I know where Max is from, New Canaan. No one around here gives a s**t about Connecticut, especially the New York side. Besides, next time you get the chance to talk to him ask him to describe some of the slums in CT. For instance Bridgeport. Don’t stop at any red lights there, it makes Harlem look relatively pretty in comparison.

        Born and Bred in Enemy Territory (Boston).

  60. habsindepth says:

    Wouldn’t we all LOVE Jacques Martin, for once, only once this season, come out and call the players by their names and let their fans know that HE DOES KNOW who is sitting on their bums and who’s not.

    Eller got benched after a mistake on the second goal while the same non-chalance shown by Gomez got him so many more minutes. I’m tired of calling out Gomez, I’m sure most of you are tired as well, but the coach has some sort of love affair going on with this guy. I have said it before, i’ll say it again, it’s time to hurt his ego if he has any hidden in his laid-back attitude. SIT HIM, BENCH HIM, do something for crying out loud to get this guy going. It’s hurting one of the hardest working players in our team, and that’s Gionta.

    Game Recaps:
    Atlanta Thrashers:
    Carolina Hurricanes:
    Web: – For the Fanatics
    Twitter: @habsindepth

  61. Exit716 says:

    “Coffee is for closers.”
    “I used to be a salesman….tough racket.”
    Great, great, great movie.

    • joeybarrie says:

      ‘You know what it takes to play NHL HOCKEY????’

      There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

    • smiler2729 says:

      “I remember when a pair of boobs was a couple of dumb guys.”
      – Jackie Gleason as Sheriff Buford T. Justice, after meeting nudists in the woods, Smokey And The Bandit 2.

      “Maybe, maybe not, maybe go f*ck yourself”
      – Mark Wahlberg, The Departed

  62. Al aboo says:

    Wow, in other news Nigel Dawes got another hatty lastnight. hey! jacques and co give these guys a little more time to fit in…..also eff a bag skate, watch th original Miracle on ice,Youngblood, Hoosiers for Christ sake, a little motivation wont hurt….

    bring back the thumbs… boosts my ego…..

  63. adam76 says:

    please bring back the thumbs.

  64. avatar_58 says:

    The reality, as I see it, is unless you can score 2-3 goals a night chances are your team is offensively challenged. NO other blame can be placed. I don’t care if it’s 3-1, 5-1 or 10-1. It’s not the goalie and it’s not the defence.

    It’s the offence. Where are the snipers? The crisp passers? The guys dekeing in a phone booth? I don’t see ANY of this happening. The habs idea of offence is to hope to god a powerplay comes along and then try shooting from the point. This is not a good recipe for success, especially on a team that gets penalties like they are M&Ms

    So stop blaming Sopel, Mara, Price or whoever. It’s not their job to score goals. Subban occasionally catches fire and pops one, but again – he’s a d-man. Where are Cammy, Gionta, Gomez and Plek? The guys PAID to score night after night?

    It’s not acceptable to go a dozen or so games without goals when you make 5 mil + . It just isn’t. It wouldn’t be so bad either if it was a rotating door of hot/cold, but it’s not – EVERY one of these guys seems to have problems right now. If by some miracle one does score, the rest take the night off. Did you see Gomez catch fire? I did, but as soon as Darche buried one it was over. He stopped caring, his job was ‘done’. Unacceptable.

    Time to trade for a forward that actually, you know, steps up and tries to get those key goals when everyone else is sleeping.

  65. longtimehabsfan says:

    About the Habs and their annual late season constipations:
    I heard McGuire commenting on the upcoming schedule and the doom and gloom that faces the team.
    Here’s my answer: Is it too much to ask that this team actually earn it’s way to the postseason? That they actually play a regular season game as if it is a playoff game? That they remember how much money they’re making to play a kid’s game and play it to win like we did growing up? And that they do it against teams that will not be making the playoffs but who would like to stick it to us?

    “It’s a moo point. Like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”

  66. JIMVINNY says:

    Bag skate makes no sense. That’s not going to force them to score more goals, or be more responsible defensively. Fact is, there appears to be something very wrong with the collective psyche of the team, and there’s just not enough time left in the season to figure it out. Maybe all it will take is getting to the playoffs, and the change in mindset that will result, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Seems like almost everything that could go wrong did, with Price being the notable exception, but even he can’t carry the team by himself ALL the time.

  67. apokai says:

    Reminds me back 2 or 3 years ago when the Habs had to tie up in regular time with the last game against Leafs to make the playoffs. Wasn’t they bitten 0-4 by the bears in playoff?!

    They are burned out. Price in the first place. They’re waiting for Carolina to loose to make the playoffs. +1 for confidence!

  68. smiler2729 says:

    Too bad that “honesty” got Therrien fired…

    I don’t know what to do, this team wins when it’s supposed to lose, loses when it’s supposed to win, who the hell knows…

    Let’s just play the games.

  69. The Cat says:

    A bag skate after a b2b is too cruel, wait til tomorrow.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  70. doug19 says:

    Full astern intothe playoffs! To be real this team is a patch work quilt loosely sewn together.

  71. thebigguy says:

    I don’t know why this losing streak is such a shock. This is a team that was brutalized by injuries for weeks. Players are worn down or playing hurt

    • Timo says:

      Sure… cause no one else in the league has played close to 80 games by now and has injuries. Nope… just the Habs. Maybe if they weren;t so small and slow they’d be fewer injuries. Maybe instead of getting injured they’d be the ones injuring other teams.

      • Mattyleg says:

        Come on, Timo.
        Look around you. The teams that are doing well haven’t had many injuries.
        And we get injuries because we’re slow?! HA!! That’s hilarious. If we were ‘fast’ (in your opinion) we’d get injuries from being too fast!

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • GrimJim says:

        I agree with Matty on this one Timo. You’re twisting reality to suit your conclusion. MaxPAc and Markov aren’t slow nor small. And the lack of an ACL had more to do with Gorges departure than his size (which is 6’1″, 200lbs btw)

    • ManApart says:

      Every team has injuries and guys playing less than 100% at this time and a bunch of teams are a lot worse off than the Habs. Look at Pittsburgh for one. That is no excuse.

      • Mattyleg says:

        Pittsburgh lost 2 players. Just because they suddenly discovered 21 other guys on the team, doesn’t mean that they’re playing injured.

        And yes, many other teams have had lots of injuries. Islanders, Oilers, for instance.

        …what was your point again?

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • ManApart says:

          Injuries are no excuse because everyone gets them. Montreal is 17th in man games lost to injury this season, so half the league has had it worse. No whining about Injuries. They happen every year to every team.

          • Mattyleg says:

            A bunch of grinders on another team doesn’t equal Markov or Georges out for the majority of the season.

            —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • avatar_58 says:

      Hasn’t this been the excuse for the last 5 years? That Markov is missing, key players are injured, healthy players have hidden injuries, goalie is tired, etc

      Be nice if they, you know, signed some players that aren’t made of glass. Injury issues don’t seem to bog down other teams. Why is that exactly?

    • HabsFanInTampa says:

      Excuses are for losers. The Pens have been without Crosby and Malkin for months and they’re winning.

  72. Bogie Man says:

    Actually I hope he is taking the day to spend in assertiveness training. Man he needs to get engaged with these players to make a difference. Most emoition I have seen from this guy forever was last night when he made apperant hand gestures suggesting the players pick up the pace. I am sorry but I have coached hockey for alot of years and respect the fact that it is not an easy job however there are times when emotion and assertiveness is required to gain respect of players. When you have over paid players that are capable of more and are not producing you need to show them that you are paying attention.

  73. shiram says:

    No sense in trying to find sense in what JM AND his coaching team do. They hold all the cards, and can make the best informed decision, based on that information.

    Curious to see if Auld will play any time soon, as a starting goalie I mean.

  74. Timo says:

    Well, the did beat Atlanta after being bag skated.

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