The whiners are winners

At the beginning of the week, Cristobal Huet and Guillaume Latendresse weren’t happy about not starting against Florida at the Bell Centre.

In Washington tonight, Latendresse scored twice and Huet made 35 saves as Canadiens began a six-game road trip with a 5-2 conquest of the Capitals.


It was a good night for the Kiddie Corps: joining Gui! on the scoresheet were Tomas Plekanec and Sergei Kostitsyn.

And Mark Streit’s third-period clincher came off some industrious play by Kyle Chipchura.

A dozen Canadiens figured in the scoring, including Maxim Lapierre, who won a draw cleanly back to Gui1 for his second goal.

With a W in the bag, Canadiens have matched their total on last season’s holiday road trip.

Next stop: Atlanta on Saturday night. 


  1. JB_15 says:

    He is our Nik Antropov.

  2. doug says:

    Did anyone know that Mike Komisarek:

    a. leads the league in blocked shots, and,
    b. is second in the league in hits?

    Caps announcers just said that.

  3. showey47 says:

    Thats a big goal for us, thats where lats needs to go in order to be successful because most of our players won’t go there

  4. Alirio says:

    Try a little Tenderness… Yeah

    I’ve made a huge mistake…

  5. doug says:

    Got to admit that Latendresse looks good today; has not been my favorite Hab but has looked good in last half a dozen games that he’s played in.

  6. JB_15 says:


    Gui Gui Gui!

  7. Steiner says:

    gui gui gui
    way to go.

  8. Steiner says:

    this would be a perfect time for a goal.

  9. doug says:

    i still prefer him to price in 2007-2008. if he played every game he’d be more and more solid. . . underrated player

  10. JB_15 says:

    Damn, that Brashear is a smooth skater.

  11. Y says:

    “…Huet is keeping it close”

    Plus ca change…the more it stays the same

  12. Cams Habs says:

    Just tuned into radio…

    Is Kovalev with Higgy and Koivu, or is it Sergei?

  13. doug says:

    happy 29th birthday andre markov

  14. JB_15 says:

    After a terrific start to the season, I find Alex Kovalev to be moving ve-ry slow-ly these-days. He is hesitating on shots, not really showing very much hustle, and I think we may have already seen the best that AK27 has to offer us this season.

  15. doug says:

    Huet playing very solid. He’s impressive.

  16. Moey says:

    My contribution to the Christmas jingles (sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)

    Sundin sucks
    McCabe sucks
    leafs suck all the way
    Oh what fun it was to watch them lose on Saturday.

  17. Naila Jinnah says:

    Lats might have just earned his spot in the lineup for next game!

  18. Naila Jinnah says:

    Oooh! 2 shots!!

    And the Caps’ jerseys are butt ugly!

  19. JB_15 says:

    Alexander Ovechkin reminds me so much of Pavel Bure. For my money, no one in the league has the ability to skate with the puck the way he does. He is a game-breaker. Him and Kovalchuk are in a league of their own in this respect. But I give ovechkin the nod as number 1. He is incredible.

  20. Moey says:

    I agree Mike, you could really see the difference on that shift.

  21. Naila Jinnah says:

    HAHAHA! Because I have fun pointing out production errors… RDS guys start talking before they took the commercial. And are having audio issues. lol.

  22. teamplayer says:

    has there been a whistle yet?

  23. tony d says:

    no prediction for tonight’s game Mike?
    I’m still waiting for my Super 7 numbers
    so here we are, another game where we look up to the skies and wonder who will show up tonight
    Ryder sitting is good, I think he sees the writing on the wall and a change would be good for him and the team.
    When that happens, who knows but for all concerned, the sooner the better.
    Brisebois still out is an early Xmas present…
    fingers crossed everyone….1st period will tell
    if they come out confused and listless, we’ll know they’re in a free fall
    then no matter how many novenas my Zia Loretta says for them, we’re doomed

  24. doug says:

    Ryder’s career numbers against Washington: 12 games, 9 goals.

  25. Y says:

    Amazing how Ovechkin isn’t even in the top 5 for all-star voting and Sindy the Baby is #1. Shows you how much over-hyping something can lead to.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Bob could sign him for $10mill for 15 years?

    A man can dream…

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