The PP

First wave: Gomez, Cammalleri, Markov, Spacek and … AK46? Kovy if he comes back? Tanguay?

Not a Johan Franzen among them, but still pretty good.

Weber and Hamrlik on the second wave, with Gui!, maybe the brothers …

This was an interesting day.

The D is better with Spacek and Gill.

Gomez and Cammalleri are very good forwards.

The team still needs some size, though.

•  •  •

You look at the money Mike Komisarek signed for and you wonder what the Canadiens’ offer was, and how much value they put on a player they know more about than Brian Burke does.

•  •  •

Not exactly a stampede out in the market to sign Saku Koivu, Alex Kovalev or Alex Tanguay.

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