The Madness of Coach Don

Last night’s edition of Coach’s Corner began with a cool mash-up and then continued with videos of a few fights and Cherry rambling all over the NHL landscape – but not picking on P.K., unless you see his praise of less chirping by Ryan Kesler as a veiled slam on Subban.

Cherry concluded the segment with an angry reminder that Dec. 25 celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.


Call me paranoid, but I think the old coot is setting himself up for a third career.

The speech at Rob Ford’s inauguration, bashing “left-wing kooks”, the use of the public airwaves to promote a particular religion …

Cherry is positioning himself for either politics (he’s too old and, frankly, too ignorant) or the more likely bet: a gig on Sun TV, the Canadian version of Fox News that Pierre Karl Péladeau wants to launch.

(Thanks to GG11 for Don the Evangelist, another brilliant PhotoShop)



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