The Cup is ours!


Why did Pierre Gauthier trade for a journeyman centre who wasn’t good enough to play for Boston when the Bruins were lousy?
Because Andreas Engqvist (pictured)  is not good enough to play for a Canadiens team that’s been mostly lousy through seven games.

The Canadiens’ general manager had to do something to improve the Canadiens’ fourth line and penalty-kill – two conspicuous weaknesses since the season began.

Patrick V. Hickey thinks Brock Trotter can score 20+ goals for Phoenix.

As we chewed over the trade at the training rink in Brossard Sunday morning, Hickey said the Canadiens have an unfortunate tendency to give up on players at an early stage of their development.

He cited Matt D’Agostini. Pat could have added Mikhail Grabovski, Sergei Kostitsyn and Ryan O’Byrne.

Farther back, François Beauchemin and Stephane Robidas.

Maybe Troter will blossom and give Gauthier-haters something fresh to rant about.

But it was a need trade.

Gauthier and his talent evaluators thought Engqvist could be a cheaper Jeff Halpern: a defensive centre who wins faceoffs and kills penalties.

They were wrong.

Enqvist is not ready for the NHL, not even on a fourth line and the PK.

He may never be.

Today’s other move, the call-up of Michael Blunden, is a consequence of the Leafs throwing their weight around on Saturday night.

Toronto bullied P.K. and ran Carey Price.

There was no push-back.

At a certain point, Aaron Palushaj started yapping at Jay Rosehill, who couldn’t have been bothered to swat his diminutive antagonist.

Mike Brown ran roughshod as well.

Blunden is not the toughest guy in the NHL, but he has some size and will drop ’em.


  1. DEANDALLEY says:

    Why can’t the Hab players be so passionate as us fans?

    “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”

  2. HabFab says:

    The lady reporter in question.!/JessRusnak
    See Stubbs has added her to his “following”.
    Notice a number of HIO’s have twitted her, good stuff!
    She is a rookie reporter on Team 990 (TSN) so Red Fisher isn’t talking to her. In a round about way, she is there with the vacancy created by Andie Bennett moving to CBC sports.

    • ProHabs says:

      Does Red still write about the team or is he still writing about what the team used to be in the 60s-70s. He is part of that old boys club anyway with most of the reporters here on HIO that just want to hang out with the team and be friends with them.

      Jessica is more the type of reporter I am looking for. Make the management and players accountable and make them answer for their foolishness. I love the look Martin gave her in the Press Conference, man he was pissed. But anyone that puts Darche on the 5-3 and every powerplay should have to answer to that.

      • HabFab says:

        My dig at Red, he won’t acknowledge rookie players to the degree that he never mentioned PK until this season’s Training Camp.

        • ProHabs says:

          I know that Red is like that. He has no time for the rookies. Some kind of superiority complex I guess. If I was PK, I wouldn’t talk to Red at all this year and give him the same treatment that he gave PK last year.

  3. HabsPEI31 says:

    Ladies and gents.

    Last few days, I’ve come across a frightening tendency…
    If you mean to use the verb “to lose” in more than one form (as our Habs have done of late): lose, lost, loss.
    If you mean to fire Martin, and get an offensive coach to let our offensive players have their fun, “to let them loose”.
    It makes your points all that much better.
    Whatever happened to The Professor? Is he no longer posting? Anybody know (no, means no; know means knowledge) anything?

    “Only a goalie can appreciate what a goalie goes through.” – Jacques Plante

  4. HardHabits says:

    Wow. Just wow. Taking a look at the Habs draft selections in the recent past and if put together look like a great team. The problem isn’t Habs drafting. The problem is team concept. The inability to take the parts handed to them and create a greater whole. Nope the Habs create holes and try to fit pegs into them rather than try and build something with the blocks they already have. Take a look at this list:

    Max Pacioretty
    Ryan White
    Guillaume Latendresse
    Matt D’Agostini
    Sergei Kostitsyn
    Mikhail Grabovski
    Andrei Kostitsyn
    Maxim Lapierre
    Chris Higgins
    Tomas Plekanec
    Mike Ribeiro
    Michael Ryder
    Saku Koivu

    Ryan McDonagh P.K. Subban
    Yannick Weber Alexei Emelin
    Mark Streit Ryan O’Byrne
    Mike Komisarek Ron Hainsey
    Francois Beauchemin
    Stephane Robidas

    Carey Price
    Jaroslav Halak
    Mathieu Garon
    Jose Theodore
    Tomas Vokoun

    Now add to that:

    Brendan Gallagher Louis Leblanc Danny Kristo
    Nathan Beaulieu Jarred Tinordi

    Don’t tell me for a second the Habs built the best team possible, or stuck with players, or managed players or were creative. Nope. Its the Habsway or the highway.

    The problem is ownership and arrogance. Tell me with this list you don’t have the core for a great team. All that is missing is a #1 centre which could have been acquired via trade.

    Losing games. Pfffft. Lose more. Lose them all for all I care. It is far less painful to watch them lose every game this season than to see them clamber for 8th spot every year only to be ousted from the play-offs, no discarded from them, year after year. It’s the years of the same crap over and over again that has me pissed.

    Yes I hope for a tank. And hopefully more than once in my lifetime. It would cleanse a lot of the stench and rot that persistently clings to this team’s management.

    Martin’s reply to the reporter who asked the Cole question is an example. Corey setting the pieces in place for the Roy trade is an example. Not drafting centres when Koivu was here is an example. Gainey telling a reporter to tell his wife to bake bread. Gainey firing coaches because they don’t want to play his goalie is an example. Stink. Rot. Stench. Clinging to arrogance and deliberately misleading fans for profit.

    Wake me up when the 2012 Entry Draft happens. If the Habs have any picks left by then.

    • HabFab says:

      Great post HH!!

      EDIT: re read and down graded you buddy. Lost points for tanking and an arrogant Gainey but still a great read 😉

      • HardHabits says:

        It is a far greater compliment to be appreciated those who don’t fully agree with you. 😉

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Gainey did push Price before he was ready. that’s historical fact. Easy on the revisionism here please. Price stunk in the beginning and should have been playing behind a veteran. Gainey blew that (though he gets credit for drafting Price and PK of course). He also blew Gomez. Not literally, of course.

    • HabsFansince49 says:

      Don’t always agree with you HH, but this time you hit the bull’s eye. Well done! And if you look across the page at the small poll on blame, you can see your comments are in tune with many others.

    • Bill says:

      I’m not sure that’s a great looking team at forward, but your point is a good one. That list is full of good players who were lost for nothing or in trades so one-sided they might as well have been nothing.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

    • CanadienBoy says:

      Well done i remember Julien getting sour on Theodore and same with Carbo with Price only for Gainey to fire them and step behind the bench with all his arrogance for what it worth i would let Carbo try again second could be a charm

    • Lafrich says:

      “Wake me up when the 2012 Entry Draft happens. If the Habs have any picks left by then.” I can only dream…

    • hansolo says:

      Well, HH, I agree with you to the extent that I also am tired of patching things up with a combination of mercenary free agents and players we got in trade for others of more talent. I don’t mind losing if it would help us get high draft picks and thereby ultimately swim out of the morass of mediocrity.

      I just don’t know who would be a good interim coach or GM while we lose.

    • Barts says:

      Excellent post…and I’d like to add to it. In the past thirty years, for the most storied and successful team in the league not to hire the absolute BEST people for the job, just because they don’t speak a specific language is abominable and a disgrace to the city of Montreal. The two greatest coaches in the club’s history were ENGLISH. The french media, politics, and the need to appease the separatist agenda have DESTROYED a once proud franchise. Add to that the comicality of the team that invented ‘firewagon hockey’ not having a 50 goal scorer since Stephane Richer over twenty years ago. As someone who grew up going to the Forum, bleeds red, white, and blue, pays for tickets, and merchandise, I am sick of the mediocrity, and I/we deserve better.

  5. avatar_58 says:

    Just LOOK at this guy in action!

    Seriously that’s the highlight they chose

  6. WindsorHab-10 says:

    OTHERWISE, GO PANTHERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Hate Bruins like a sickness”

  7. bolder says:

    JM hockey f***ing sucks! PG needs to man up and send JM packing. Same soft, intimidated team with no grit and toughness. All the skilled players are lost in this stupid “system” whatever f***ing boring and useless game plan this goof put forth.

    • moan_for_moen says:

      its quite simple if we loose against the panthers, which considering their moves and energy level is very possible then we will surely loose the rest of october at which point JM will be gone we will be sitting at the basement of the nhl in just about every categorie and we will probably endup getting some old fart aka little JM which might help for a little bit. we are all kinding ourselves if kirk will come back n matter how much we want him.

    • HabsFansince49 says:

      I agree with you to a point. But Gauthier won’t do anything; too much of the old boys club. He’ll continue to try divert our attention with silly meaningless trades. It’s not Gauthier; it Geoff Molson who has to get going.

  8. HabsFansince49 says:

    Remember the telling historical words “Nero fiddles as Rome burns”. Gauthier trades (read “fiddles”) as the Habs burn (read “self-destruct”).

  9. adam76 says:

    My friends, why are you all upset? The players and the coaching staff don’t give a damn about winning or playing with pride – then why should we?

  10. Big Ted says:

    We could add players like Guillaume Latendresse, Ron Hainsey, Ryan McDonaugh, John LeClair, Mike Ribeiro, Tomas Vokoun, Craig Conroy, Arron Asham, Darcy Tucker, Andrew Cassels, Sylvain Lefebvre… all guys who, in the past 20 years or so, got traded away or let go before they hit their prime and who had or are having decent careers elsewhere.

    On the other hand, I think we could make the argument that other teams have their own lists of players they’ve given up on too early and there are players amongst the ones we’ve lost that I wouldn’t really want back anyways because of their work ethic or attitude.

    • Malreg says:

      Didn’t Vokoun play a whole half a game in a Canadiens uniform before he got pulled from that game?

      Players lost on waivers (Vokoun, Hainsey, Beauchemin, Robidas) shouldn’t be counted as players Montreal gave away or gave up on.

      Also, everyone is missing SK74 now, but there was hardly a handful of people on this site that DIDN’T want him gone two summers ago. Everyone was saying they should just release him or not offer him a contract, but of course now that he’s doing well, it’s “I told you so!!!”.

      • Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

        I think Vokoun was an expansion draft casualty, could be wrong though.

        **Nashville took him in their expansion draft**

        They lost me 2 quarts of rum, better make it up next year with a cup!

      • Number31 says:

        Took a long time for Vokoun to learn how to properly play his position. He was in for one period, gave up 4 goals, spent most his time in Fredericton/Wheeling. Went to Nashville in the expansion draft.

  11. ABHabsfan says:

    Anybody know the status of Ryan White’s injury? He is not the answer to our prayers by any means but the guy comes to play every night and he’s just crazy enough to keep the other team looking over their shoulder. Couldn’t hurt.

  12. HardHabits says:

    For every good move/trade the Habs make they make a bad one. A team that finishes in the middle of the pack perennially has no room for error when it comes to drafting and development and even less room for error when they trade picks and prospects.

    Not to worry because every move we will see from here on in until the trade deadline, will be for one reason and one reason alone; to ensure a play-off berth, which ensures that the regular season seats are filled and that there is some gravy play-off revenue. Stanley Cup victories are not the goal here.

  13. habbernack says:

    Seen on CBC last night after the game one of the announcers showed the mtl bench during a TO time out. The players are gathered around the bench and RC and JM are chatting. Kirk would have over there talking to the players instructing them.

    ability is what you’re capable of doing.
    attitude determines how you do it

  14. durocher says:

    Was today’s meeting players only, or was the Count there as well.

  15. Jdub1985 says:

    I want a guy that will snap necks and look for the numbers in the back … I want a guy to use his stick if necessary, a knee an elbow whatever it takes.

    I hope this is the guy. And I hope they leave JM in florida.

  16. tote-road says:

    “Farther back, François Beauchemin and Stephane Robidas.”

    I’d like to have Brett Clark back right about now.

  17. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Latest #Habs #Canadiens trade is just a smoke screen to try and silence some fans. Pretend they’re doing something with struggles.

  18. AK_PK_Usay says:

    This was posted earlier, but I dont think that many people read it, as it had 2 replies including mine…

    seriously, its like a 2 min read.

    • zozotheclown says:

      Good read, writer makes some good points. It’s really too bad the reporter didn’t come back with “How many did Darche score?” but I suppose that’s a good way to lose your job. Oddly enough, I’m pretty sure that reporter was in my grade 6 class, same name, age is right for a rookie reporter, small world.

    • HabsFansince49 says:

      I just read that article and above all it goes to show how low this once glorious organization has fallen. Martin is pathetic as a coach and a man. How long do we Habs fans have to cope with this idiotic Montreal management.

    • ProHabs says:

      Very good article and so true. The old boys club is to yellow to ask the coach or players any tough questions. The new generation doesn’t put up with that shite.

    • Mark C says:

      Pretty lame attempt to knock JM. Someone needs to keep All Habs honest. Love how the article points to Cole having one more PP goal than Darche last season, yet conveniently fails to mention each players PP ice time. Cole had 221 minutes while Darche had 80, that’s right Cole had one goal and point more than Darche while getting almost three times the opportunity. They sure showed JM who the liar is!

      • HabFab says:

        Are you JM’s agent per chance?
        Martin like everyone else must be accountable! And they are liars for challenging him. Cole is a proven scorer while Darche is a journeyman player…come on please!

        PS: I like Darche but reality is more important.

  19. ooder says:

    hey guys, where can ig et a link to this JM interview where he made fun of that lady?

    The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

  20. lavie says:

    This is a desperate trade for …. nothing.

  21. EricInStL says:

    Montreal ownership has to sit down and make a conscious decision as to who is the best coach and GM out there to lead this team.

    First amongst all things must be the fact that a uni lingual coach or gm can be the perfect candidate. And then tell the media (Rejean Tremblay and his ilk) to suck it if they don’t like. Until then they will get medicre results if you hire a mediocre bilingual coach or GM.
    Best of the rest should not cut it with the Canadiens, would it with the Yankees ?????

    • slapshot777 says:

      Totally agree. These media guys are the ones who truly have ruined the Habs, through their medling with what they deem to be the best for the team or this is the person needed to run the team. Look at every one of them and they have a totally french connection.

      Guys like Rejean Tremblay and others only cover the Habs because there is no other NHL team in Quebec. If Quebec ever gets another NHL team, they will be considered the true Quebec team. Let the media hound those guys and leave the Habs alone. Then and only then will the Habs be allowed to hire who they like, because even though they are in Quebec, they are more considered to be more english than french, which is basically the way the Quebec population views Montreal anyway.

      It was the same with the Bloc whenever the separation issue was put to a vote they always led until the votes came in from the Montreal region and then they lost.

      The pro leagues in all professional sports give praise to their top prize teams who have won the most major championships. MLB= New York Yankess, NFL= Green Bay Packers, NBA= Los Angeles Lakers these are all sport franchies in which their Leagues boast about. In the NHL Montreal is kind of dumped on as the ugly step sister. Bettman rather prop up teams like Tampa Bay, Carolina, Nashville like they are great teams from the past. These teams would never have existed if it was not for teams like the Habs.

      Bettman at the start of the season said that the Habs were hand picked to be the team who played Winnipeg for their home opener, but were not gracious opponents in beating Winnipeg. I guess he figured that this would be a team where Winnipeg could beat and further humilate a team with a great history. The only thing Bettman wants from the Habs is the money that this team pays to keep underachieving teams like Buffalo, Phoenix, Florida, Tampa Bay, St.Louis, Minnesota, Dallas. I could pretty much name 80% of the teams in the U.S and hit the mark.

      He (Bettman) loves to stick it too us, knowing full well that the Habs fans will pay the big money to watch their team and pay highway robbery for merchandise, while he sits back and laughs at how pathetic our team has become.

      Molsons are the only ones who can truly stand up and make the necessary changes to make this team great again by telling the Media and Bettman and company to f**k off while he hires the right people and stops paying for teams to stay in this league while drawing 5000 fans for a game and drafting top picks year after year.

      To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  22. HABZ24 says:

    gauthier felt pressure to do something, now he trades a bucket of pucks for a water bottle to be named later, big whoop.we need players who have a coach with a system they all believe in and will execute to win games. martins defence first system isnt working because we currently have next to no defence left.martins rope has run out, players arent believing his system and looks like theres a disconnect between players and coach. gauthier needs to replace martin NOW before we are too far down to recover.


    • TorontoHabsFan says:

      If Martin’s rope has run out and the players aren’t believing in his system, can you explain why Montreal currently gives up the 3rd fewest shots per game?

      • AK_PK_Usay says:

        Cos the other team can free skate in our zone and goes for quality shots instead of random shots from the periphery…

        • TorontoHabsFan says:

          So why is Montreal 12th in Blocked Shots if the other team can free skate in the offensive zone?

          Wouldn’t a high number of blocked shots indicate that opposing teams are shooting from the periphery?

          • HabsFansince49 says:

            That’s such a red herring! The Habs are last; they appear as if they are going nowhere. The team and the fans who pay big bucks for this charade are victims of atrocious management decisions going at least back to Gainey and further.

          • TorontoHabsFan says:

            So you don’t have an answer then? If the team is tuning out the coach’s defensive scheme, why is the team giving up so few shots and still blocking a lot of them?

      • Number31 says:

        Blocked shots and Price’s rebound control keeps the shots down but the number of quality chances is way too high. But big deal, their own shots are mostly outside “close your eyes and pray it hits net” type. And their counterattack style keeps them far away from the other net far too long. It’s all waiting…which is why some games it looks like they have nothing until the final 2 minutes of the 3rd.

        • TorontoHabsFan says:

          How does any of that prove that the players have stopped believing in the coach’s system?

          (also, the games against Buffalo and Toronto had numerous high-quality chances from in close)

  23. Chorske says:

    Boone, I seem to remember a similarly… derisive?…. headline when you posted about the Habs acquiring Moore years ago. Perhaps this new guy can fill a similar role?

    As an aside, I sure miss Moore. And Halpern.

  24. LL says:

    Erik Cole might just be JM’s downfall.

    I was always saying before, considering the roster that JM has, he’s doing a great job. I never disliked him and still don’t. I didn’t think he was the best either, but a reliable HC.

    Thanks to a reporter who asked him a question not dared to be asked by others, his response swung my vote.

    The headscratcher is this, even though I believed this team to be the best iced in years, the results are not there. Slump? maybe, but more likely, the teams’ assets are being mismanaged.

    Who cares how many goals Cole scored in Carolina with a crap PP.

    The point is he was playing great last night along with Lars Eller. Why not go for it and give these two time on the PP? Cole was our BIG signing over the summer. Let him play and earn his keep and give Eller much more time and opportunity; the way he looked last night, he can handle it.

    JM’s answer was full of holes, and implying the reporter didn’t do her research.
    Now I’m remembering his flip answer to a reporter re AK’s play and “contract year” nonsense.

    Uh-oh, I’ve officially become an armchair coach.

  25. durocher says:

    Nokalainen will wear Halpern and Metro’s old number, 15

  26. habs001 says:

    Plecks is the only centre we have on the team that has shown any goal scoring abilities in the nhl and his goal scoring is of the streaky type like most of our wingers..

    • Bripro says:

      That’s because he spends much of his time killing penalties.
      He has to play far too much 2-way hockey.
      When the team plays disciplined, he plays better…more offensive.

      • TorontoHabsFan says:

        Did you happen to notice who was playing C on the PK last night? Eller – he’s averaging 4:00 of PK TOI against the Leafs this year.

        Remember him? He’s the guy that Martin ruined last year.

        • Bripro says:

          Yeah, I saw that….and Cole sat out again. In the box, to boot!
          What the hell is JM doing? I just don’t get it.

          • TorontoHabsFan says:

            Offensive players often take the bench penalties – gives ’em a rest and increases the possibility of scoring a goal once they leave the box.

          • Bripro says:

            I realize that, but you bring in a power forward, and start to completely misuse him, until he starts to question himself.
            Darche spent a ton of time on the PP last night, but not Cole.
            And I can understand why Cole was sent off the first time, since he committed the too-many-men penalty, but the second one was a really bad line change, and what does JM do? Sends Cole into the box again.
            If I’m Cole (for one thing, I’d be a lot richer), I’m asking myself:
            “why am I here?”.
            He played hard last night, and was still misused.

          • TorontoHabsFan says:

            Oh, I have no answer for those other questions – I was just pointing out that having an offensive player serve a bench minor isn’t all that uncommon.

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      Eller is looking mighty fine if you ask me, besides price his line is the only reason we got the point. (2 A +3)

  27. HabsFanMTL says:

    don’t get your hopes up that Geoff Molson will make a change and get rid of PG or JM. As long as fans continue to fill the bell center, everything is fine in his mind. Perhaps if they stopped going to games he would see the light

  28. Neutral says:

    if they play the Panthers like they did the leafs last night we’ll come away with a win tomorrow. if they don’t. I don’t wanna say it…

  29. chemic says:

    the damm people in the stands should stop chanting their – winning-song when the game is just tied by the habs!

  30. JoeC says:

    So we cant score, so we trade a small , decent goal scorer in the AHL. Even though hes small, wait, so is alot of the team.

    We get another 4th liner, cause you know, they win you games.

    PG is retarded

  31. habs001 says:

    The habs are 1-4-2 but easily they could have won the sabres game and the 2 overtime games were toss ups..if we win those 3 games we are looking at the team differently..the last 2 seasons the habs have looked bad in many games but managed to win them and because of those wins we think the habs are better than they are…based on their play on the ice the habs are a 500 team over the last 2 reg and playoff seasons tbut have managed to win games that they could just as easily lost…

  32. mysterycog says:

    I’m not saying JM is the dude we need but cheering for your team to lose is idiotic…a bad start and boom under the bus..So so early Not like ohhhh they can still do it leaf fans are used too…. but Early Like Frickin October!!!
    Makes me sick.

    • habstrinifan says:

      If you can tell me that under JM, we wont have the same season as we did last year or the year before I will renounce my stand. You see this is the problem. The playoffs two years ago and the close series with Boston last year have served to hide how sadly this team performed during the past two seasons.

      Two season ago they COULD NOT WIN a game to assure themselves of a playoff berth.. they squeaked into the playoffs with a one point overtime loss if I recall.

      And do you recall last year. How many skids did the team go into … semmingly helpless to pulll out of them.

      If you are happy with the reality of the past two seasons and the brand of hockey JM gives us then you should be very elated… you have the team you deserve NOW.

  33. Chris F says:

    PG is the master of the nothing move. Lets hope Petteri turns out to be a revelation. And Blunden can bring some energy and physical prescence to the smurfs. When is Ryan White coming back?
    Fourth line of White Moen Blunden
    Pleks Cammy Cole
    Eller Patch Ak
    DD Gionta (trade for a scorer on this line, someone big, strong, can go with Lucic, and can drive the net for Gomez) This would change our team. Let Darche sit. Gomez competes with DD, and lets see who puts up better numbers. Darche right now brings nothing to the table, sorry, hard work and nothing else gets you squat.
    Couldn’t help but post lines, I drilled someone earlier for doing it, my apologies.

  34. Miltie01 says:

    The days of the Habs winning the cup every year are long gone. Certainly the days of Hab’s Fans being the most knowledgable and the most classy are long gone as well……………………

    • habstrinifan says:

      We dont need to win the cup every year but we need to see good hockey by properly run teams.

    • Propwash says:

      You’re never going to see any team win consecutive cups anymore


      • habsfan reduxit says:

        … which is the best reason I know of to get rid of the American administration of the NHL. For decades now, that insidious influence – you know the one I mean: that in a properly run league, every team should get a chance to win along the way – has now infiltrated the minds of good Canadian hockey fans, to the point where many of them will state, with clear heads and good consciences, that “you can’t expect one team to win all the time”.

        “Whenever you have the puck, and don’t know what to do with it, put it in the net.” – Toe Blake

  35. habsrpast says:

    Florida please rout the habs tomorrow night.
    go Florida go!
    I want the habs to lose every game till JM and PG are fired!

  36. DYCSoccer17 says:

    This team misses Kirk Muller.

  37. WindsorHab-10 says:

    It was a need trade? Molsons, wake the F-up & get rid of Gauthier & Martin. Our team is the joke of the league & soon your beer will be too. Way to go PG giving up prospects for nothing just like you’ve done so many times before. You’re a loser & always will be. If the Molsons are content with that, then……………..

    “Hate Bruins like a sickness”

  38. durocher says:

    PG Conference Call on Today’s Moves: “I’m doing my best to put a winning team on the ice. Seriously you guys!”

  39. caladin says:

    Sorry to rain on the parade, but Darche actually has more goals per PP min played than Cole by a ton.
    Cole is a great player, but has always been best at even strength. I’m not really sold on Darche on the PP, but to act like JM doesn’t know anything about hockey is just ignorant.
    Luckily Cole is a veteran and is likely to ignore the BS.

    How can you not have figured out that your hate is hurting the team?

    • Lafrich says:

      Any back up to your statement? Some stats maybe?

      • Matt. says:

        Darche in his career — has three PP goals…. Cole has 43 power-play goals in his career

      • showey47 says:

        Actually i think he is right. But at the same time josh gorges had more PP goals per minutes played last year then subban did also last year. Does that mean subban should sit for gorges? But,its not just cole sitting for the PP. Its also darche who gets more time then maxpac,ak, and eller who was probably our best player last night. These are also players who are not only much more offensively skilled but are much better skaters which helps in puck retrival on dump ins when on the PP. Darche’s work ethic is much better suited for PK duty.

  40. habstrinifan says:

    HabFab says:
    October 23, 2011 4:42 pm at 4:42 pm The press conference lady who challenged the Count! ;

    THANKS Habfab! for the above post.

    Everyone, including Mr Molson, should read the the article in that post.

    First of all it explains why %$%#$ happens, when no questions are asked, when no real critical eye is turned on any group in charge in any field.

    How can you read that article and have confidence in the coach, the GM, or even the ‘privileged inner circle’ of the 4th estate who have access to the team, the coach and the room.

    Jessica deserves our applause. Alas she may have lost ‘access’ to the team now.

    • Habfan4lfe says:

      Afraid the Molson boys are out of touch with the game of hockey. They think the team is doing well. The reality, and I am tired of stating it is to kick Gauthier and Martin out and fast. The players don’t respect him, that’s obvious to see and Martin as always has no clue how to utilize his players. He had the same problem in Ottawa. He’s a washed up coach that tried to escape to management to get away from the bench until Montreal saw a french speaking coach opportunity.

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      AMAZING ARTICLE, any way we can give our support to Miss Jessica Rusnak?

      And yes, after that comment i want JM fired even more, fired and humiliated.

  41. durocher says:

    How about Robinson and Muller behind our bench? Now wouldn’t that be awesome.

    • habstrinifan says:

      Muller probably wont be available but I described a scenario in an earlier post where Robinson would step in with almost no negatives and a whole LOT of positive vibes throughout the league.

  42. durocher says:

    The media should blast JM for his condescending, embarrassing, and inaccurate response to the TSN reporter who asked about Darche on the PP.

    JM would thereby be portrayed as a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing on the ice, and is inappropriate off the ice. The only time he shows emotion this year, JM reveals himself to be someone without character or class.

    • habstrinifan says:

      Right on! The contributors to HIO should have already posted a denunciation of JM’s behaviour here in HIO.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        Let’s be a little fair shall we? The guy knows his job is on the line, so it is not surprising that he gets testy. I’m not defending his reaction – just saying its understandable.

        re: Darche on the PP. He’s the ONLY member of the current squad who is willing to stand in front of the net. It says more about the team than about Martin’s decision making.

        • habstrinifan says:

          Sorry. He acted like a bully! Of course he is under stress. But the question was valid. He could have answered without the derision.

          In fact if he had taken the time to ‘discuss’ the pros and cons of his strategy he may have started on the road to a more in-depth analysis of his own tactics and a more comprehensive flexibility in his approach to coaching….. which could very well be the missing elements that could save his job.

          It is not an easy job. And it certainly is not easy to ‘grow’ and change long held ways of doing things. But a coach owes it to his players and the organization to ‘grow’ in todays difficult league.

          And this is my fear. His seeming obstinacy or fear to ‘grow’. If left to his stewardship, the HABS may become too lifeless to easily resuscitate

          He may well take some lessons from the Alouettes coach in this regards.

          • TorontoHabsFan says:

            Off the top of my head, NHL head coaches who have treated the media in a much ruder fashion than Martin did last night:

            Ron Wilson
            John Torterella
            Pat Quinn
            Paul Maurice
            Ted Nolan
            Lindy Ruff
            Mike Keenan
            Claude Julien

            You hate Martin, I get that. But don’t pretend that his getting short with a reporter’s question is the proverbial straw

        • Habfan4lfe says:

          Because he’s kissing Martin’s arse? so he can keep his playing time bud? The others are done with Martin and the losses will just keep piling up. Now we got rid of Trotter and we was decent, if small. How many goals has Desharnais scored so far? He spends his whole night bouncing off other players. In preseason I didn’t see Trotter bouncing off players. Another stupid trade for lack luster players but likely possible Martin kiss asses, at least for the short term.

  43. habsfan reduxit says:

    Stubbs avered, “Centreman Scott Gomez (upper body) could well miss a month.”

    … to which I and a few others must reply, it’ll take a lot longer than a month for us to miss him.

    “Whenever you have the puck, and don’t know what to do with it, put it in the net.” – Toe Blake

  44. eric says:

    JM is probably cursing PG for letting Muller go

  45. Danno says:

    Roman Hamrlik is having a decent start with the Capitals which sit in first place overall with 14 points and a 7-0-0 record.

    Meanwhile, the Habs are looking more and more like a team that’s in the running for the loser sweepstakes to draft top prospect Nail Yakupov.

    All in all, I’d rather be a Hammer than a Nail.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

    • Viruk42 says:

      Clearly Gauthier, when choosing to not re-sign Hamrlik to an expensive 2 year deal, should have known that both Markov and Spacek would be injured. He should also have known, before signing Campoli, that he would get injured too.

      • habstrinifan says:

        He should have known Markov’s full medical analysis. Was it a wise move to lose Jeff Woywitka on waivers and then have to go out and sign Campoli?

        • TorontoHabsFan says:

          You cannot blame Gauthier for losing Woywitka on waivers…what was he supposed to do? Send Diaz down because he wouldn’t have to clear waivers even though he was the superior player coming out of camp?

        • mongoose says:

          I think Markov and his agent should be held responsible for a great percentage of this mess,I think the Montreal braintrust were not told the 100% truth regarding the real condition of Markovs oft repaired knees,Hamrlik who filled in to a great degree last year was then deemed expendable as was Wisnewski leaving Chris Campoli Diaz Weber and Emelin to try and to a band-aid fixer upper instead,Well guess what it is not working,We cant have one let alone two soft Swiss Dmen Pick one Martin and get rid of the other,Would it be that awful to have Alex Henry back there??Is he that awful??Up front im happy to see Engqvist and palushaj sent down they bring nothing,Blunden will work hard and at least forecheck and play physical, something that is sorely missing in this line up,Hopefully we can snap out of this funk hopefully sooner or later because we cant wait to much longer.

          Toronto Maple leaf fans and ignorance walk hand in hand in the land of stupidity

  46. habsolutely says:

    So is Columbus really that bad, or are they tanking for Nail and they don’t give a damn who knows it?

    • savethepuck says:

      They are playing without their 2 biggest pickups from the summer. Carter and the Wiz. That probably hurts them.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

  47. habsolutely says:

    I wonder if that female reporter who had the nads to bust JM’s nads with the tough question, will ever be seen in another press scrum around JM? It wouldn’t surprise me if they can her for asking the “wrong” questions. God forbid anyone ever hold this teams management accountable huh? She is now my new favorite reporter, pushing Hickey to the #2 spot. 😆

    • Storm Man says:

      We need more reports like her… I would ask Lord Martin if he thinks his stlye of coaching fits here in Montreal with the size and skill set of the players we have?

    • savethepuck says:

      Does anyone have a photo of her. The way everyone is talking about her, she must be really hot.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

    • hirky says:

      funny thing is JM had the balls to say ‘check your stats’ to her, well you know what that does to fans…they check their stats. I hope she did because i did today and lets break it down:

      Darche – last 3 seasons – 3g 6a – 9ts (career 9ts also)
      Cole – last 3 seasons – 10g 7a – 17pts (career 43g 51a 94pts)

      so hmmm…. 94pts compared to 9pts. I am thinking JM’s logic of Darche having more points is the main reason the PP isnt working right now. I think he may need glasses or something.

      Not knocking Darche, the guy gives 110% every night, and those guys will always get the coach’s attention.

      So, hopefully JM reads these comments and decides to play Cole on the PP from now on. Leave Darche to kill penalties, his work ethic is better served there.

      We better beat the Panthers…GO HABS!!

    • ThirtyThree says:

      Finally, a real question. Atta girl! She exposed the coach – both for his ridiculous reasoning, and for his condescending demeanor.

      Something seems seriously up between Martin and Cole. He later named him as the player at fault for the too many men on the ice. Odd, to single him out like that, and to basically argue that he’s in any way inferior to Darche, who’s at best a 4th liner.



  49. Viruk42 says:

    “Why did Pierre Gauthier trade for a journeyman centre who wasn’t good enough to play for Boston when the Bruins were lousy?”

    Of course, when he played for Boston he was 21-23…He’s also still only 25. Not suggesting he’s going to be a star, but I do feel Boone’s above comment is silly based on his age at the time. Not to mention the 2nd season there, when he got traded, Boston finished 1st in the East, 2nd in the league. So he wasn’t good enough to play for the 2nd best team in the league? Hmm…

  50. durocher says:

    At least the folks on Wall Street knew what they were doing. PG seems to be scrambling, as does JM, #OccupyBellCentre!

  51. C_exacte says:

    I hope the Panthers are kind enough to bring us some news on Andrei Markov instead of bringing us a 6th straight loss.

  52. Cohen Chatter says:

    Michael Blunden? Size and no grit. And this castoff from Phoenix? How much more boring can Gm Gauthier try for?

  53. habbernack says:

    Kinda like Terry Harper

    ability is what you’re capable of doing.
    attitude determines how you do it

  54. D Mex says:

    What’s up with Ryan White ?

    ALWAYS Habs –
    D Mex

  55. savethepuck says:

    Enough with the sarcasm from the reporters. They are worse than some of the fans.

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

    • TorontoHabsFan says:

      No kidding eh? Why it’s almost like the sports media enjoys stoking the flames…

    • slapshot777 says:

      Yet and these same reporters who will at some point in time scream for the coaches head will also scream for a bilingual coah rather than a coach who fits the style this team wants to play. The media is as much to blame for coaches and general managers that come and go here as anyone else. Why? It’s because they to need to be able to communicate with them in french. Yet these same reporters will go with the team to all 29 other cities and interview players and be willing to speak to them in english.

      It must kill them. Then tyhey have the balls to say how good some of the french players are playing on other teams. The reason is simple, they now as well but would never admit it.
      The players always are out of the french media spotlight and are never accountable for their play. Thyey also don’t have to worry about 30 media people with a microphine shoved in his face or up his a$$ everytime he comes out of the shower or bathroom.

      The general consenus of these players is they don’t want it. Yet ask them face to face and they will never say it. Lacavalier is a prime example of this. Briere is another. The only way these players are willing to come here is when they are on their last legs and have nowhere else to turn too. They will take a pay chegue for a year or too, than God forbid have to get a real job.

      I would like to see how many players who have no trade clauses or who have limited trade clauses, specify that Montreal is one of the teams they prefer NOT to be traded to.

      To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  56. Le Jadester says:

    Just for funzies…..If we didn’t give up on SK and Garbage-ovski. regardless of attitudes

    Could we have had :

    AK46 – 3.5
    MG81 – 2.5
    SK74 – 2.0

    8 Million as a 3rd line ? Locked up for a couple of years if management mabey saw things a little differently ?

    That OT goal last night was a nice one and its really been buggin’ me that obvioulsy a Habs cast off would come back to bite us in the tail like that ?

    Habs, OLE !

    • Bill says:

      Didn’t former Hab Arron Asham score the game winner against the Habs in the LAST game, as part of a two point night for him? I believe he did.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • showey47 says:

        He got the 3rd one but since we were shutout whoever got the first one got the winner. James neal i think.

        • Bill says:

          Okay, did he assist on the winner then? Haha, it’s just that every time a former Habs scores on them/us – and it really seems to happen way too much – it burns into my memory bank of pain. Not entirely accurately, it seems!

          Full Breezer 4 Life

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Revisionism at its worst. The reason Mr. Grabovski got traded was because he and the Kostitsyn brothers were waging a civil war against each other in the dressing room. Now you want to put them all on the same line.

      The Canadiens did not give up on Mr. Grabovski, rather, we can argue the exact opposite, that he gave up on the Canadiens.

      Sometimes a relationship is broken and must end. You can fault Mr. Gauthier for not getting more in trade, but he’s not dealing in a position of strength when he’s trying to trade him or Maxime Lapierre or Sergei Kostitsyn.

      How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

  57. mrhabby says:

    i would like to see some type of mutiny on the bounty from the fans, media and behind closed doors from the players. with habs playing bruins twice, panthers and flyers it will be a tall order for us to get even 1 win.
    i can’t imagine the Molson family and investors will put up with 4 more loses. Should be a fun week.

    • zak says:

      Empty seats will tell send a message

      • Jim Edson says:

        Only empty seats will send the required message!

        …..My empire is crumbling, my international sponsors are deserting me, my authority is questioned, I am held in contempt wherever I go.

        Who am I: Barak Obama or Gary Bettman.

  58. habbernack says:

    If PG thinks this is going to make a difference he’s dellusional. IMO he should have brought up Gabriel Dumont and Fredric St Denis

    ability is what you’re capable of doing.
    attitude determines how you do it

  59. chilli says:

    Fail For Nail update:

    Right now, Columbus is in last place in the NHL. Then Habs, then Winnipeg, then Calgary and Phoenix. Ottawa may no longer be in the sweepstakes.

    I only see Columbus and Winnipeg as serious threats.

    We haven’t had a star offensive player since Mats Naslund put up 110 pts. Vinny, Turgeon and Kirk is Work got close to 100 once – but never on a consistent level of being real offensive threats. I am so tired of hoping Gionta banks one in off of Moen’s shin pad.

    I know JM, Gomez, Darche and Co. can lead us to the promised land.


  60. higginrs says:

    TSN Journalist, Jessica is fast becoming a favorite character around here. I liked the question she asked JM last night and think JM really mishandled the answer.

    So here’s hoping Jessica, and other press, put some fire to the Habs organization so that the fans can begin to see some fire again in the organization.

    • Habifax says:

      great article thanks

    • Bill says:

      Nice article. Bookmarked that site. So what’s the point of a press conference if the reporters have a tacit understanding with the team that they won’t ask any tough questions? I guess it’s so that the same reporters can have some banal quotes to build banal stories around, that suckers like us read and thus justify advertising revenue.

      So much for the myth of the “tough media” in Montreal. Oh, I guess they’re tough in the sense that they’ll go after a foreigner like Koivu for not learning French. Or in the sense of taking paparazzi pics of you in a hospital bed. But they’re never going to ask Jacques Martin a tough question, oh okay, fine.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

    • mrhabby says:

      i was shaking my head…a classic tx.

    • showey47 says:

      Great article.

  61. Habifax says:

    If a guy (Engqvist) can’t skate at an NHL level which he can’t. how can he be expected to play in the NHL. Dumb. And how much cheaper than Halpern? Hope they can sign an impact player with all the money they saved. Now it costs a prospect and a draft choice because they could not see that a guy could not skate. this is the easiest skill to scout skating!

  62. Favorite Son says:

    Who bothers to make a Mike Blunden compilation?? lol

  63. eric says:

    BG and PG are not good evaluators of talent. BG’s big signings, Sergei Samsonov, Gomez, JM,PG,Carbo. Didn’t try to sign, Sourey, Streit, Koivu halpern,or domenic moore,Let go SK, Mcdonagh, OB to keep Picard. Fire the 3 stooges

  64. homster93 says:

    hmmmmm…. knocked around + need help on faceoffs and the PK, you say? If only Zenon Konopka had been available over the summer. Say about 700K? Only 150K more than Nokelainen, which is pretty good value for chuck-able knuckles on top of the other stuff.

  65. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Yeah man, these damn Montreal Canadiens, always giving up on young talent – like Carey Price and PK Subban, and Josh Gorges, and Max Pacioretty, and Lars Eller, and Ryan White, and Andrei Kostitysn, and Tomas Plekanec, and David Desharnais, and Yannick Weber.

    It’s like a young player can’t even get on the ice in Montreal!

  66. DrA says:

    JM was really defensive last night. His rationale makes no sense if you try to compare Darche to Cole. Trying to defend the indefensible is beyond bad, it is bordering on pathetic.
    This completely Spock like approach to everything with JM and PG makes it hard for the fans to connect to our leadership. They would much rather see emotion like Guy Boucher, than pure logic. The players end up being emotionless through imitating their leaders. Muller had much more emotion and passion.

  67. oshawahabsfan says:

    These two need to get heavy PK time, enough of using of best scoring players to kill penalties

  68. DEANDALLEY says:

    WTF is up with Martini throwing Cole under the bus like that last night?

    Martini needs to throw himself under the bus & I mean literally.

    “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      Cole is clearly underused…

      But at least Eller AK Moen were left on the same line, so maybe soon enough the lines will settle and let chemistry actually form…

      HAHA i had you going, how lil do you know JM, he forgot his magic 8 ball and couldnt shuffle to his liking without it.

      • oshawahabsfan says:

        I realise Cole doesn’t have a history of putting up PP points, but that is with different teams. How they haven’t used him yet is beyond me. Especially with no Gomez, he should be getting significant PP time

        • showey47 says:

          If Martin doesn’t want to use cole (and ak) in special teams situations then he should at least try giving him/them extra shifts at 5 on 5. This would at least give guys who play a regular shift plus special teams a bit of a break. Giving cole only 11 minutes of ice time last night is a joke.

  69. stevieboy says:



  70. habitual says:

    I find myself in the strange spot of seeming to argue a point I agree with. The Canadiens do give up to early on younger players. You could add Higgins to that list.

    But you should delete Grabowski and Kostitsyn from that list. They were prima donnas with lousy attitudes.

  71. Boomer says:

    Why did we send Blair Betts back to philly again? was his injury so bad that we had to send him back? cause he was a good pick up off waivers as far as 4th line centers go… anyone know the severity of his injury?

    Boom baby!

    • RGM says:

      It was severe enough that yes the Habs doctors’ said that he was damaged goods and advised that the team request the League cancel the waiver transfer, which they did.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!

  72. habsolutely says:

    Judging by his youtube fights, Blunden drops em, but doesn’t win many of em.

  73. ProHabs says:

    Now Boone, did you actually ask that first question to Pierre Gauthier today or was Jessica the only one there asking the tough questions.

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