The Children’s Crusade

Bob’s making a list.

He’s checking it twice.

The fate of Canadiens

Hangs on Halak and Price.

Cristobal Huet, who described the Canadiens as "fragile between the ears"  after the Nashville crash, sustained a groin injury.

This suggests fragility is heading south … like the team? 

And for your holiday dining and dancing pleasure, let’s hear a rousing chorus of It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Last Year.


  1. JF says:

    I hope Gainey does not pick up Mark Recchi. We have enough aging veterans on this team whose contribution is smaller than was hoped.

  2. JF says:

    Mike, are you calling your blog of tonight’s game “The Children’s Crusade”? I just hope our guys don’t end up looking like children out there…

  3. Rob Maguire says:

    Let us not forget that this new month began last Saturday, with what was the most embarrassing loss of the season. That’s hardly a good way to start fresh in December.

  4. cautiousoptimist says:

    We are indeed better than last year, and last year we were one solid backup goalie away from the playoffs.

    Recchi wouldn’t be a bad pickup at all. Besides, if we can snap him up quick, maybe he or Smolinski could be part of a package deal for the star we need. If Gainey could trade Samsonov AFTER he cleared waivers, he can do just about anything. And Recchi was good for 24 goals and 44 assists last year…

  5. cautiousoptimist says:

    I hate to say it, but now that’s just an example of a dumb thing to say. Halak Swiss cheese? I love this team, but I’d hate to play for it with you guys as fans.

  6. cautiousoptimist says:

    I think the only reason Streit is playing forward is to make room for Gainey on the blue line. Streit would play nicely on a line with Doug Jarvis and that guy in the suit who’s always scribbling away in the penalty box.

  7. snowdonsteve says:

    i just read Rejean Tremblay on cyberpresse… yep it’s starting again… hold on to your tuques the s**y storm is coming !!!

    Go HABS Go

  8. snowdonsteve says:

    You’re right their not last year’s team… they have less points !!!

    Go HABS Go

  9. snowdonsteve says:

    It’s quite hard for me to figure out why would a team trade a exceptional player for any of those 2 players maybe packaged with a goalie, a young D-Man, a couple of draft choice and a whole lot of bullying …it would still remain a big maybe !!!

    not to mention that Pleks and Koivu rank 31st and 35th in centerman points (yes in the ENTIRE league) ribeiro is 24th (just to get the knife deeper)so if we got Ninima for Ribeiro… what would BG get for Capt K or pleks !!!

    BTW… Carolina, Toronto, Philly, Tampa, Pitsburg all have at least 2 centers in the top 20 !!! actually Carolina has 3

    Go HABS Go

  10. likehoy says:

    disagreed, already bad enough we’re lugging around smolinski

  11. snowdonsteve says:

    you’re rigth about the early exit when i think of it…Not a lot happened since he’s been wearing the “C”. the habs seem to also have tandency to trade their captains !!! Damphouse, Turgeons, Carboneau, Keane, Chelios… basicly every major trade Before The Koivu era
    Go HABS Go

  12. Les-Habitants says:

    Recchi’s hit against the cap is 2mil. At that rate, I’d rather Gainey (if he is even considering it) try to claim the winger on re-entry waivers. For 2mil, it’s too much of a gamble that he can re-gain his form. At 1 mil tho, I think it could be worth it.

    That said, would it be better to claim Recchi off waivers or to let a young-gun like Lapierre or S.Kostitsyn have a shot? Tough call….but I really hope that Gainey only starts to consider this if Recchi is placed on re-entry waivers

  13. howtathor says:

    I would pick up Recchi for the rest of the season. He is very good friends with Koivu and I can see them clicking on the first line with Higgy. If we’re not yet arrived at the future, we may as well go back to the past. C’mon Bob!

  14. Scott in Montreal says:

    I would if I were him – especially if the Pens are still on the hook for half his salary. The guy would be a huge relief to Koivu and would be a good fit with him and Higgins, or possibly Lats. Smolinski isn’t panning out and Recchi knows the two-way game. No brainer, even at 39. I doubt he’s washed-up yet. More likely just got himself in Therrien’s cross-hairs somehow. Pick him up, Bob! Your coach believes Streit is one of his best forwards – if that’s not damning his own team with faint praise, what is?

  15. TommyB says:

    I’d be very surprised if Recchi cleared waivers. Someone will pick him up, but I am hoping it is not Montreal. Recchi has been sitting rather than playing because his production level is down and the team is predominantly young. Maybe Recchi cannot keep up anymore. Not what we need. There are 28 other teams in the league, though.

  16. Will Longlade says:

    To get someone exceptional in a trade, the Habs will have to give up someone exceptional. It’s that simple. Hypothetically, if the Canadiens made a trade to make the team bigger down the middle, I speculate that one of either Koivu, or Pleks, would end up getting packaged in the deal. The politically correct choice would be Pleks, but who knows. If The Habs were able to address this weakness w/o giving up Pleks or Koivu, that would be great, but it may not be too realistic in light of the salary cap.

  17. Les-Habitants says:

    This team isn’t last year’s team, we are better! The Habs aren’t a powerhouse though, and you can expect this team to hit rough patches…as we did this month. Like Carbo said, next month we’ll see what this team is really made of…and I personally believe they’ll prove a lot of people wrong. Within the Eastern Conference, Montreal IS a playoff team and will be there.

    On another note, people can stop worrying about Gainey trading for Mark Recchi…he’s on waivers as of today. Looks like Ryder isn’t the only 25+goal scorer having trouble this season.

    Which team claims him? Will he pass through re-entry waivers? I’m guessing someone will pick him up, at the lastest when he is on re-entry waivers, but your guess is as good as mine….anyone think Gainey will?

  18. Habs Suck says:

    Well, on RDS show “Le débat des grands chefs” where key french hockey analysts debate various topics relating to the Habs, one of the more respected guys said with conviction that he believes Koivu should be traded. How d’ya like them apples? Not rumor, I heard it with my own 2 ears. Quite frankly, I’m not sure it’s such a lame idea. There have to be some big changes on the horizon for this team, or else the fans’ lament will go on for an eternity!!! Right now and even in the next few years there is NO CUP on the horizon – only missed playoffs or early exits.

  19. snowdonsteve says:

    after a couple of drinks on satuday night(rigth after the shootout to be exact), my buddy looks at me and says ” i think the next time this team wins the cup, my son will be buying the brew”

    The kid is 4 years old…

    That’s a habs fan for you… 15 minutes earlier he was dooing a JD’s shot celebrating Lats goal to make it 4-1

    i’ll join the chorus … it sure starts looking a LOT like last year ! i bet you a dirty quater that if they loose against either against The wings or the bruins, people will start talking about trading Koivu and maybe even getting a new coach !!!

    Go HABS Go let’s hope for a winning streak … starting tonite !

  20. TommyB says:

    I see no “drama” in the Habs goaltending situation. These are just regular occurences on a pro hockey team. One goalie gets hurt, the other has to take over, and someone has to be called up for backup. What I do see, is a great opportunity for Price.

    If I am reading between the lines of Carbo’s statement (something to the effect that goaltenders have to be careful with those types of injuries, and you have to be certain they have had enough time to heal, then I would have to assume that Price will see possibly the next six games in a row. Games against Detroit, Boston, Carolina, Philly, Tampa Bay, and Toronto (not necessarily in that order).

    If Price shines during this stretch, I can see him becoming the uncontested number one goalie. If he should be just mediocre, or worse, he loses nothing because he is still considered the goaltender of the future who still needs some fine tuning.

    And make no mistake, these next six games are huge for the Habs, who have to get it back together and back on a more positive track than the last six to eight games have been.

    It’s almost like dad handing the sixteen-year old the keys to the ‘Vette. How the kid handles it will determine his readiness to drive. (okay, right now it may be more like a Lada than a Corvette, but you get the point).

  21. Habs Suck says:

    Watch Carbo start Halak and witness the Bratislavian version of Swiss cheese… I hear Zetterberg is fond of cultured bacteria!

  22. ColRouléBleu says:

    Price not that sick, just a cold.

  23. likehoy says:

    Price starting against the wings according to TSN.

    when will the goaltending drama stop?! price sick, halak called up, huet injured, price in nets!??!?!

  24. Yeats says:

    Not unless they put “The Scoring Queen” on the payroll!

  25. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Lately, it really feels like a lot longer since Montreal won the cup *sigh*.

    Eveyone is a coach so here is my take;
    Started the season very strong, MTL proved they can play and win games. Yes they are in a slump, tired players = mistakes. But it is still early. I think MTL needs to be able to rely on the farm team in these times, so do it, get the top players who need it rested and healthy (is Markov really fighting an injury, if so, press box), Younger Kostitsyn, Locke, or even O’Byrne would be nice in place of a couple of players for a couple of games, maybe not all at once. Just would hate to see them get behind the 8-ball so soon, and bounce back and then get sick for a few weeks. Don’t repeat last year and have to really move to even try and have a chance (8th spot), They finish the season OTT, BUF, TOR, that order twice. I think going in playoffs very tired is a bad thing with the talent there is in the East.
    I say “Halak Is Back”!!! give him another chance to once again prove his worth and save their butts. If Huet is injured, press box, and if Price is getting over the flu, bench him and play Halak vs Detroit. There is a lot of trade talk…is that what they need already? Or are they just tired? Don’t know about everyone else but I enjoyed ALOT of the games in October, they played like brothers, or is that what they need..kostitsyn x 2? I think we have a good team…needs a little tweaking. Come on Bob, surprise us all…

    tir et un but!

  26. Naila Jinnah says:

    Better not pout, Mike… The Stanley Cup is coming to town…

    (maybe in a couple of years).

  27. sidhu says:

    Call up Lapierre and O’Byrne.

    Sit Smoke and Brisebois.

  28. the Maritimer says:

    Gee, so much negativity around here lately. Huet going down could be the best thing to happen to Canadiens in weeks.

    We’re just starting to get the leftovers of your storm down here, thanks heaps.

  29. tony d says:

    with the defense moving up to play forward, maybe soon Price or Halak will play defense!!
    Then Guy or Bob will have to put on skates and go in nets, unless they stick Youppi in there since he’s already got skates and a jersey, and he’s got size ….yeah that’s the ticket…. problem’s solved folks
    oh nurse???

  30. P St. Pierre says:

    Mike, you must be in a good mood today. Both your posts have me chuckling, despite the fact that they simply show where the team’s problems lie.

  31. Mike Boone says:

    I’m in a great mood. Snow up to my ass, so I’m “working” at home, happily blogging, reading the wires, etc.

  32. Moey says:

    You can either laugh or cry, it is what it is. Maybe they’ll improve, maybe not. Whatever.

  33. Gilles Poisson says:

    Wowee. C’est profond. Coach Guy should put that up in the dressingroom ( ;

  34. Cable Guy says:

    I have no problem with Halak and Price taking over in the interm. If we lost Markov I would panic.

  35. likehoy says:

    tsn reports huet’s injured

  36. tony d says:

    i just got a call from a friend in Mtl. said snow reminds him of our childhood in the sixties
    maybe the Habs will play like the team from the 60’s, ya think? Mike?
    Are we still in Kansas? Nurse?

  37. Mike Boone says:

    Yes, the snow is like the 1950s and ’60s.
    The team, however, is very much a 21st-century version.
    Have nurse turn up the IV drip.

  38. von says:

    Did Huet have a “groin pull” last year after a game he ended up blowing?

    Of course heres a good chance for Price and he’s not feeling 100%.

    Here’s Halak’s big chance to impress.

  39. likehoy says:

    ya he did…and it was awkward cuz he went to make the save then collapsed in the net last year…

    i thought he was faking just to get out of the net…

  40. The Teacher says:

    So basically you’re doing what we’re doing….except you’re getting paid for it…Ahhhhhh what a life 😛

    But then again…it IS a snow day, so I can’t complain :)

  41. Mike Boone says:

    What a life indeed.
    Do you have any idea how many women I had to sleep with to get where I am today?

  42. Chuck says:

    At least is was women that you had to sleep with… not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  43. Chorske says:

    CRIKEY, sign me up.

  44. likehoy says:

    i hope halak grabs the bull by the horns figuratively speaking(the literal meaning is something that carey price won’t be doing till he’s retired from the NHL)

    but I want to see a solid goaltending controversy…Halak post 3 shut outs in a row and what does crabo do?! keep all 3 goalies?!

  45. Gilles Poisson says:

    Coach Guy is trying the defencemen up on the forwards and it is working so maybe now it is time to try the forwards on the defense. And I don’t think it is nice for Cristobal to say the Canadiens are fragile between the ears. I never like it when people say that about me. Sometimes I think Bob and coach Guy are fragile between the ears but then I take deep breaths and I wait. Thank you.

  46. Yeats says:

    Come clean, you’re just a leafer jerkin’ our collective chains. In numerology, your moniker sums out to 1967. We’re on to you Dr. Moriarty!

  47. Chorske says:

    It’s too early! We’re not supposed to melt down until Dec 23! Here are the Rules. We start strong, blow a few leads, get fragile between the ears, and melt down over the holidays. We find our game again in february and play just well enough to *flips coin* miss the playoffs or *flips coin again* make the playoffs.

    Man, you know the troops are down when we look back wistfully on the Radek Bonk era. 😉

  48. The Teacher says:

    LONG LIVE RADEK BONK…hahaha so true Chorske, so true!

  49. Chuck says:

    With all of the snow in Montreal, perhaps the players have been tricked into believing that it’s really late December.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  50. Y says:

    Q: How do snowmen melt over the holidays?

    A: They put on a Habs jersey

  51. Moey says:

    I was so disgusted after Saturday night, I’m going to be indifferent. That pushed me over the edge.

  52. Gilles Poisson says:

    “It is what it is. Maybe they’ll improve, maybe not. Whatever.”

    I read your quote again and I close my eyes and pretended it was Bob saying that. It reminded me very much of the attitude of Bob. He is a very patient man. At least you didn’t get mad at me for my joke. Thank you.

  53. Yeats says:

    In the head, I’m a patient man as well. But the result is always the same, a turd.

  54. Chorske says:


    The funniest thing is, I bet Leafs fans come on here hoping to flame us, and leave, frustrated because we are so good at flaming ourselves!!! I’ll bet the come on here, start typing HABS SU… and then they read all the posts and leave feeling sad and redundant. TAKE THAT, LEAFS FANS!!

  55. Chorske says:

    Remember the old joke Bowser & Blue used to tell? Question: Where’s the red light district in Toronto?? Answer: Behind the Maple Leafs’ net!!!

  56. Gilles Poisson says:

    Wow you remind me of Hercule Poirot. I thought you went to cheer for the Black Hawks. Actually I am a Habs fan. A real Habs fan. One that wouldn’t ever consider, or encourage others to consider, dumping their team just because they are losing.
    Go Habs Go
    Thank you.

  57. cautiousoptimist says:

    Darn tootin.

    Easy on Mr. Fish there Yeats. You could stand to adopt some of his team loyalty. Giving up on the Habs after less than a third of the season, when we’re right in the thick of the playoff spots? Sheesh.

  58. Yeats says:

    With the exception of the Caps, what team isn’t?

  59. cautiousoptimist says:

    He’s not faking, come on… He was wincing pretty badly towards the end of the game, and now we know why. Doesn’t make sense that he would play so brilliantly for the first 55 minutes and then implode, if not for something happening….

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