Thank you, Bob

Take a bow, Mr. Gainey … wherever you are.

You have the gratitude of Montreal hockey fans – even those who doubted you – for:

• Scott Gomez instead of Saku Koivu

• Mike Cammalleri instead of Alex Tanguay

• Brian Gionta instead of L’Artiste

• Tom Pyatt instead of Christopher Higgins

• Jaro Spacek, Hal Gill and Paul Mara instead of Mike Komisarek, Francis Bouillon and Mathieu Dandenault

• Marc-André Bergeron instead of Mathieu Schneider

Thank you, also, for Jacques “I don’t have a problem with calmness” Martin.

Thanks for letting P.K. Subban learn pro hockey away from the spotlight until he was ready.

And for kicking BGL out of a tight, proud, hard-working room.

We’ll also credit Gainey, at least in part, for Travis Moen and Dominic Moore – BIG upgrades on Tom Kostopoulos and Steve Bégin.

The sun is shining in Montreal and everyone is smiling.

Bob Gainey has no influence on the weather, but what a playoff team he put together.



  1. makka83 says:

    Jaro started to play more games under Gainey.

    Gainey had a deal almost done with Price going to another team.

    So, as much as Gainey liked to go with Price, he always thought what was best for the team.

  2. Chuck says:

    So true, forskis. We don’t all have crystal balls to peer into, so we DON’T KNOW. Yet there’s a faction of posters here that continue to spout off about “we wouldn’t have made the playoffs if we hadn’t played Halak down the stretch.”

    Fact is, we don’t know. Price might have come up with performances similar to Halak. He too had a 53-save performance this year. Or he could have been better than Halak. Or worse. But we can’t say with any degree of accuracy because he didn’t play the games. We simply don’t know.

    To treat speculation as fact is to walk through life with blinders on.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  3. B says:

    Didn’t Gainey make offers and efforts to sign Komisarek and Kovalev before going after other UFAs? Were there not other UFAs he made offers to? Look, I am thrilled with how things have gone for the Habs in the playoffs so far, but to sit back and blindly cheer lead Gainey for having great vision in engineering this team is a bit over the top. While things have worked well in the playoffs, I am certain this was not all due to a perfect recipe laid out by Gainey before going out and putting all these pieces together. There were some backup or scrambling moves made and some luck along the way. This team could have just as easily missed the playoffs and I suspect some of those blindly praising all of the genius moves would be singing a bit of a different tune if that had happened. All of that said, I am ecstatic about these playoffs so far and can’t wait for game 7 against Pittsburgh tomorrow night. Go Habs Go!

  4. notbigbird says:

    I don’t think any other plan would have worked against the Caps. It’s just a feeling though as I am very inexpert re. tactics.

  5. HardHabits says:

    Great post Chris. I agree wholeheartedly.

  6. Chuck says:

    Yet Halak fans will bring up Price’s play after sitting for long stretches as “evidence” why Halak should start every game, regardless of outcome. Hmmm….


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  7. Chris says:

    You’re good for a laugh, I’ll give you that.

    Tell you what…let’s have this conversation in 2 or 3 years’ time.  That’s when we can properly assess how these moves paid off.

    I am 99.9% certain you were one of the people that was waving your pom poms last year in the playoffs, but was then one of the first to dump on all those players once Gainey let them go. 

    I have no troubles whatsoever admitting when I am wrong.  But I also don’t gloat when I’m right.  I’d just like to see what the actual end result is before having to go through the whole process of deciding one way or the other.  And that end result is not right now.

  8. The Cat says:

    I agree.

  9. marlboro says:

    Gainey’s best move was Martin. To me this is the biggest reason why we are winning.  During the Regular season, you try and Motivate, but you can’t really make corrections, or learn, or teach/coach.  You play a givin team, and then you might not see them again for weeks.  Ya win, great, ya lose, we’ll try harder next game.  But the dynamics of every team is different. Play the Devils one night, then Washington the next.  Two completely different games. 

    Gill, Georges, are shutting the same guys down game after game..The coaching staff is teaching, breaking videos down.. Thats what other coachs are trying to do better then us and can’t.  Martin isn’t the type of guy to yell at a missed penalty call.  But you can see in his the calmness, and confidence that our guys are schooled well by their coach. 

    The Heart of the players comes in after they have learned the system, and without a thought, sacrafice everything for it, and each other.  I beleive we are the smartest and best prepared team.  Thats where the character of certain players with Stanley cups, or playoff experience is important.  Gill took crap all year.  But he did exactley what he’s doing for us now, the last 3 years…Why the surprise? Gainey new exactly what he was getting.  We just couldn’t see it yet. 

    I beleive! Go Habs!

  10. notbigbird says:

    I’m not into jerseys, but if I were, I think PK might be a very good bet.

  11. coachdoug says:

    Chris…I agree with many of your points but I would say JM has had to play that way simply because we do not have the offensive firepower that the Caps and Pens have…I hate that style of play and it can lead to laying back and trapping all night…I do think they have made some adjustments though to be more agressive on the forecheck…

    I also think this has been a great lesson for young players to see “superstar” filled teams getting beat by a lesser skilled team that is better coached and works together…too much individual emphasis in hockey today…it is still a team game…Habs are a better team

    “Save us Turtleneck Man…We need you now more than ever!”

  12. Chris says:

    Don’t ask me…my record when it comes to jersey buying is, to say the least, suspect.

    I got my first Habs jersey in the late 1980’s, a beautiful #26 Mats Naslund number.  He of course tore his groin that year, had the lowest point total of his career and ended up in Lugano, Switzerland the following season.

    My next Habs jersey was almost purchased on February 9, 1995.  I thought it was finally time.  I was in Belleville, Ontario at the Quinte Mall with my jersey in hand, about to have it embroidered in honour of my new favourite Hab, Eric Desjardins.  Good thing I looked up at the television in the store…  :)

    Next came my vintage Saku Koivu jersey.  Figured I’d be safe with that one.  He actually made it another 2 or 3 seasons, so I can’t complain much there.

    If I was to get one now, it would be Andrei Markov, but I simply don’t dare buy it…  :)

  13. K-hab25 says:

    I know you live in conspiracy land, but Bob tried to trade Halak in the middle of DEC. Halak at that time was 6-5 with a 2.92 GAA and a .905 sv%. I can see why trading your backup, who asked to be traded, with such outstanding #’s is so strange to you. Also Bob didn’t resign until the middle of Feb, 2 months after trying to trade Halak, not immediately after. Get your facts straight.

  14. jbroderi says:

    Better to change your opinion when new evidence arises, as oppposed to what you do.  Go down swinging like a stubborn old bag afraid to admit that they made some poor assumptions.  You shouldn’t take any joy in the Habs successm because you are giving none back to the team and the players that you “cheer” for.

    “I’ll take potent potables for 500, Alex” JB

  15. The Cat says:

    You know it bugs me when people (usually Price fans) talk of the game against Philly that Halak played. Halak had sat for 2 effin’ months prior to that game! It aint fair to bring this game up at all. Halak is writing his post season pedigree right now.

  16. HardHabits says:

    I’d rather save my accolades for the Stanley Cup parade. Gainey did bring in Cammy, Gio, and Gomez who along with Plex are leading the team in forward minutes. He only signed Plex to one year, which last summer many thought was one year too much, but we all wish that was 3-5 years now.

    As many people point out Gainey did everything in his limited foresight to push Price into the role that Halak has assumed even when all roads were pointing towards Halak and away from Price.

    The team throughout the regular season gave not one of us any indication that they were capable of achieving what they’ve done so far in the playoffs.

    Nevertheless the little 3 have proven to be leaders and playoff clutch performers to a man and without them the Habs would’nt be where they are regardless how well Halak has played. Gainey deserves credit but it’s more of a B+ than an A-.

    This year is more ’86 than ’93 by a far margin. That year the Habs were the Cinderella/Underdog. Same as this year.

  17. coachdoug says:

    I went with the Cammy Jersey for the same reason…he filled the Kovy shaped void I had…I love that sideways one-timer he favors that seems to always go top shelf…

    “Save us Turtleneck Man…We need you now more than ever!”

  18. Lafrich says:

    Maybe 1-2 games can be by luck. But it takes a complete moron to think that you can take 7/13 games against Washington and Pittsburgh by luck.

    It sounds like you are a sad sad man.

    Just enjoy this fun!

  19. forskis says:

    You summed up the whole situation best:  Who knows?  And we should just leave it at that.

    Regarding the “trade” there was supposed to be a draft pick also involved, just not sure which way, but Philly balked and walked away. 

    This should be the mantra for us know-it-all posters:  WHO KNOWS?

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  20. Chris says:

    Dave…I have seen flashes of what this team could be if they adopted a more attacking mentality.  The second half of last night’s game was a great example.  So was Game 4, where the Habs played brilliantly in the third period. 

    But for far too many games, they have been content to block TONS of shots, soak up pressure and hope against hope that Halak can keep them close.  The territorial domination by the Capitals and Penguins in about 8 or 9 of the 13 games thus far has been absolutely obscene.

    I give the Habs’ players, particularly the defence corps, full marks for their willingness to compete, for sacrificing their bodies and for their dedication to protect the front of the net at all costs.  But we are collapsing all five players into the front of the net when the other team has the puck in our zone…that is what I mean by a turtle.  It is a turtle that has the ability to counter-attack occasionally, especially with Cammalleri and Gionta playing the best hockey of their careers, but it is a turtle nonetheless.

  21. HabFanSince72 says:

    New Jersey hasn’t won a playoff series since the lockout, and almost never sell out their home games.

    And when they won the cup they didn’t have a parade ’cause their “hometown” is an exit on the New Jersey turnpike.


  22. Matthew says:

    No, he was referring to MAB, that’s why he said “and grateful for trading for MAB who has more giveaways than the lottery”. Who are you anyway? The Great Defender of Negative Nancies?

  23. Habscore says:

    Alright, I’ve been debating all season on whose jersey I should buy, but it’s still a dilemma.
    -I love Cammi so much he radically stole Kovalev’s spot on my heart. He made us all fall in love with him, and he seems to love MTL just like Kovy did. Skilled scorer who is doing nothing else than growing and improving.
    -I thought about Gomer because I never disliked him obviously because of his talent even tho he’s not a scorer. The guy is crazy fast and contributed enormously to the team’s success. Also I would love to represent a latino, who are rare in the NHL.
    -Finally, Markov; I don’t need to explain why ;).

    Should I simply chose one and buy a 200$+ Jersey, or buy 2 or 3 woman t-shirts???

    — YES HABS CAN!! –

  24. ManApart says:

    Do you ever say anything even remotely intelligent? I mean seriously, do you ever add anything to any conversation, except all your Price rants this year. BTW, you must be sick of all that crow you’ve been eating everytime Halak makes another save or gets another win.

  25. coachdoug says:

    I always said that Gainey took us from suck to average…but now I have to say this team is above average in the post-season (understatement)…so I have to give Bob props…who would have guessed the post season would go like this though…no one I think…The hockey gods have had their say!

    “Save us Turtleneck Man…We need you now more than ever!”

  26. HabFanSince72 says:

    Yeah, that’s right, my disageeeing with that other poster is like Stalinism.


  27. HabFanSince72 says:

    Given the way yoo “root” for the Canadiens (i.e. belittle them at every opportunity), I think the Leafs would be happy to forgo your support.


  28. badangel says:

    please don’t be at the Bell Centre Wednesday night.

    The Habs beat the Capitals not by luck but by hard work, determination and (gasp) SKILL. Capitals didn’t LOSE the series, the Habs WON it. One of the reasons for that is strong tactical coaching that was able to shut down the best players .

    Habs won against the Caps by merit and they have gone this far against the Pens for merit. It’s not a fluke or luck – it’s coaching, team work and hard work .. and ya SKILL too (hard to believe after watching the reg season I guess)

    Need I mention that the odds and often through both series does it seem like the REFS are against the Habs. Every time they seemed down and out of it.. they fought back and won.

    Habs have ppl who aren’t even regular Habs fans cheering for them because they are the underdogs and doing what seemed to be the impossible.

    So rather than whine like Crosby about what’s not perfect about the team .. how about enjoy the wins and appreciate all the shots blocked, aching bodies and effort the Habs are making!

  29. Chris says:

    Like I said, the majority of their games.

    For example, they absolutely turtled in Games 6 and 7 against the Capitals and Game 1 against the Penguins.  And if Boudreau had had even an ounce of control over that team, he would have had them go back to what was working:  have Backstrom control the puck and set up the open men.  Instead, they moved to an every man for himself offence that was easy for the Habs to shut down. 

    EVERYBODY was just waiting to jump on the team after Game 4 of the Washington series.  Bitchfestpalooza was being planned, and the guest list was getting long and distinguished.  Then Halak essentially rode to the rescue, and it is all rose petals, rainbows and unicorns around here again.  It is amazing how quicly people flip flop their opinions on this site.

  30. punkster says:

    Roll your eyes all you want and in response and I’ll just <sigh>. There are a few commentors left who cling to the hope that their doom and gloom predictions will yet come true thereby providing them vindication and proving them to be vastly superior to all the rest. You’re not one of those Chris, not yet anyways. Stick to your opinions but please don’t become wedded to them against all evidence to the contrary. This team is more than a bunch of turtles and a goaltender. Look again.


  31. ManApart says:

    I’m not saying I’m sure Gainey wanted Halak gone, so Price could play, but when it came to Price , with Gainey, who knows? I couldn’t believe what he was doing, it seemed insane to me at the time. Just unimaginable. Why else would he try to dump Halak at that time? Maybe because he so believed Price should be the guy now and in the future, why not trade Halak when his value was getting higher. Regardless of the reasoning, it was a sick thought. I don’t remember getting confimation about Carter. If Gainey asked for Carter in return, well at least he was kind of being reasonable. I though Gainey was just declaring Halak avaiable and said he offered him to Philly, but didn’t like the offer he was getting back. It seems he was actively trying to drive up market price for him because he definately was looking to move him. Then mysteriously he resigned so quickly. I always found that pretty strange….

  32. HardHabits says:

    He’s referring to Gomez. Doesn’t make you look like Mr. Smarty Pants either.

  33. sidhu says:

    An inflammatory subject when we need some positivity and unity going into game 7. 

    The implication from this is that we are here because of Gainey’s moves.  But if Gainey was still in charge, Price would be playing and we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today. There’s no doubt that Price’s development is due to Gainey’s interest in pushing him along.  Carbo said he wasn’t ready, and he was right.  Gainey had to step aside as his emotional attachment to Price’s performance was hindering what was best for the team. 


  34. K-hab25 says:

    WOW!! You got a screw loose or something. You need professional help. You probably think 9/11 was inside job and the CIA killed Kennedy. Do you also hear voices in your head, saying “hate on Gainey/Price.”

  35. Jbell10 says:

    F@$% I love this team.

  36. Mr.Hazard says:


    Luck beat WSH in 7 games? Hahahahahaha. I suppose you’d prefer be a Detroit or NJ fan right now? Waiting for Roland Garros to kick off?

    “We didn’t give up and we are not giving up.” – Jaroslav Halak

  37. Jbell10 says:

    Bigtime Douche Bag Right Here

  38. jbroderi says:

    you make a good point.  You can’t have Gainey crucified one minute and then elect him to sainthood the next. Let’s be honest, and realize that he was somewhere in the middle.  I have always been a Gainey supporter, but the decision for him to step down may have been the correct one.  We can hopefully shore up some weaknesses in scouting for next year and let PG put his stamp on the team.  Gainey did a decent job, deserving some crdit for this run, but not all of it.  The players and coaches are the reason we are here.  Let’s finish off these fat, clumsy birds!!!

    “I’ll take potent potables for 500, Alex” JB

  39. Tharsis says:

    wow what a Debbie downer lol…


    You glass half empty types are never able to savour the moment are you?


    Fate leads the willing, and drags along the reluctant.

  40. Captain aHab says:

    And yet, they are one win away from the Stanley Cup semi-finals without Markov in the lineup and with a kid playing leading minutes on D. I guess they don’t just turtle.

  41. punkster says:



  42. Chris says:

    <rolls eyes>

    I don’t regret one second my stance that Gainey had to go.  It took me a lot of years to come to that conclusion, as I was one of Gainey’s biggest supporters for the first few years of his reign.  He, along with Andre Savard, got the Habs re-aligned onto the path towards respectability.  He committed to a youth movement, knowing that the team was in dire need of a talent infusion.

    But he made a litany of errors as well, errors that ridiculously hot goaltending seemingly vindicates for the majority of people.  Sorry, I’m not one of those people…I will stick by my guns. 

    I dislike flip floppers.  If you don’t have the conviction to stand behind your opinions, then you should keep them to yourself.  I’ll take my lumps from those that think this stance makes be a band-wagon fan.  But I will take them knowing that what we’ve seen in these playoffs, a Montreal Canadiens team that has in the vast majority of its games simply turtled in front of their own net and prayed that Halak could hold the fort, was nothing close to the team nor gameplan that Martin and Gainey envisioned for this team in the summer.

  43. jbroderi says:

    go buy a leafs jersey!  your defeatist loser attitude fits in better there than here!!

    fluke this and lucky that.  who cares anyway??  The only thing that matters is winning, so don’t say you are enjoying the moment, because you don’t deserve to enjoy any of this when you do nothing but put the players down that got us here.  they don’t need your support, and I’m sure the Molson brothers won’t call you when we need a new coach or player either!!


    “I’ll take potent potables for 500, Alex” JB

  44. forskis says:

    Not going to continue the Gainey/Carbonneau/JM thing because no one will convince the other that they are right…but honestly you are grasping at straws if you think Gainey wanted to trade Halak just so Price can play, you might as well call Koivu anti-French and demand that Gainey show the pre-signed Koivu contract and ask for Hamrlik’s list of prostitutes…the Habs were not scoring and losing a lot of 1-goal games at that point of this season so if someone says that they are willing to consider Jeff Carter – a 30+ goal scorer – for Halak and you need goals, you would not even think about it?

    And correction…Gainey pushed to have Price with the NHL team…Carbonneau was well within his rights to treat Price as the backup (like Rask and Tim Thomas)…if Carbonneau treated Price like a #1 instead of a young player learning, that is his own fault, not Gainey’s.

    Besides…if it is naive to think Gainey did not have a hand in this, then it is equally naive to think that Gainey and only Gainey has his prints all over the goalies.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  45. 11habs11 says:

    “Anybody who lets on that they aren’t excited about seeing how far this lunch box bunch of Habs can take their cup run this year is either lying or American.”

    lol, I have many Laffs fan friends who would beg to differ.

    But I guess there’s always room on our bandwagon. It would just never be me doing the same for the leafs. In the early 2000s, seeing the leafs get eliminated used to make me almost as happy as I get when we get a win during these playoffs

  46. ManApart says:

    I don’t think you can say that. Gainey pushed Carbo to play Price, when Carbo thought it would be better to send Price down to Hamilton a few years ago. I think Gainey definately had a say in at least the mindset of the goalie situation, if not the day to day playing schedule. Carbo and probably JM knew what the agenda was regarding Price. Gainey set it up by trading Huet away, basically proclaiming him the starter. He would  talk about him as a “thoroughbred” and it was definately known by the coaches what Gainey wanted. To say Gainey had no influence on the goaltending is naive. We saw last year down the stretch and playoffs, Price was falling apart at the seams, and Gainey refused to sit him. That shows right there what Gainey’s message was about goaltending and the Montreal Canadiens. As for the starts, this year, It looks like even Gainey couldn’t stop the Halak train, because of his play and record versus Price’s. So what does he do? He tries to trade the guy because it was the only way to legitimately keep Price playing.

  47. BeachHabFan says:

    and lucky they have fans like you who appreciate them.

  48. Captain aHab says:

    I guess we’ll count you on the Glass Half Empty side of the ledger…

  49. Matthew says:

    They did not trade for MAB. You’re an idiot

  50. K-hab25 says:

    You’re wasting your time. BoyTogether lives in a conspiracy filled fantasy world, where superhuman goalies are wronged by the man. You know, the establishment (Gainey) always keepin a brotha (Halak) down.

  51. tricolortrue says:

    yes grateful for tradinf for a 4th liner at 7.3 mil, who can’t put a puck into 2 empty nets, and grateful for Poulioy who resembles CASPER the ghost, and grateful for trading for MAB who has more giveaways than the lottery, and grateful for a team of smurfs. 

    habs are lucky, LUCKY!  they are a mediocre team and these playoffs are a fluke. yes they’re playing way way way above their heads, just like their regular season 2 years ago when they finished in 1st place. everyone knew they weren’t a 1st place team, and they proved it in the playoffs.

    and now, even Cammalleri said they’re not a great team. luck takes you so far.

    next year they will back to their usual mediocre team and we all know it.

    but like others I’m enjoying the moment, knowing it won’t last.

    but please don’t give credit to Gainey. he has destroyed this franchise, and next year that will be proven as well.

  52. moosenl says:

    Im stoked for Bob.  One of the classiest players of all time.  If we win tomorrow, the sky is the limit.  Gonna be tough to sleep tonight, do anything at work tomorrow. 

    GO HABS GO!!!

  53. Mats26 says:

    Great comment from a self professed Leafs fan from The Hockey News:

    In a recent column you made mention of those Canadian fans that can’t find a way to cheer for a relatively close rival team once their team gets eliminated. Being a leaf fan through genetics, and old enough to remember when they where a team to be proud of and having watched a lot of the great battles between Montreal and the Leafs, its easy for me to jump on the Habs wagon. To me it like brothers who fight alot. Sometimes one wins and sometimes the other. But when someone outside the family decides to beat on your brother, you’re in your bro’s corner. The simplest way of justifying pulling for a rival team, to my way of thinking, is if I’m going to get beat then I want to get beat by the best. That way who knows, perhaps my team could have been second best that year. Anybody who lets on that they aren’t excited about seeing how far this lunch box bunch of Habs can take their cup run this year is either lying or American. 

  54. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Bob Gainey can throw together a new team like no one else…period!

  55. Chris says:

    Nah, if I buy any more jerseys, they will either be international jerseys (I DO actually have the bright yellow Swedish jersey!) or vintage Habs jerseys…getting a new #26 would be first on the list!

  56. ManApart says:

    If you want to say Gainey made some good signings this off season, that are paying off right now, good. Reasonable. If you want to say Gainey built a whole team for 5 years and then blew the  thing up as part of a great plan, rather than because the whole first go-around was a failure, then not very reasonable but OK. But how you think Gainey was better than Serge Savard as a GM is just off the deep end IMO. Not trying to offend you Ian, just trying to keep things at least something close to real.

  57. K-hab25 says:

    And lost!! Just like he did against the NYR 3 years ago, getting pulled, the game before the laffs game. Had he won that game the laff game wouldn’t have mattered. Carboneau chose who to play against the laffs and PHI, not Bob. As far as Price being a debacle goes, his #’s ( 2.77 GAA %.912) at 22 this year are similar to Halak’s ( 2.86GAA %.915 ) at 23 last year. I guess Halak was a debacle aswell considering his GAA average was 2.89 and 2.86 his first 2 seasons. This idea that Halak has always played great is BS, hell his GAA was over 3.00 in the middle DEC this year. Halak has definitely tooken off since then and played like a top 10 goaltender, but he sure in the heck wasn’t playing like it before that time.

  58. forskis says:

    The only time Gainey made a choice as to who the starter was was when he was behind the bench for the 2nd half of last season and he went with Price – God forbid a GM having faith in his draft picks…the rest was all Carbonneau and JM…and up to the point where Gainey resigned this season, Halak had 28 of 43 starts (when Gainey was STILL GM)….

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  59. makka83 says:

    the only way Halak would have saved the Habs last year if he scored goals. I thought he should have started game 3 too. I think that it would have been more fun not to keep having this ridiculous argument every day about how playing Huet 3 years ago was wrong and playing Halak last year would have been great.

    Let me remind you that:

    - 3 years ago Halak FAILED to close out a playoff spot and he had at least 2 chances to do it. 2 games, 1 point, 2 losses in regulation. So Halak gets 2 chances and fails, Huet gets 1 chance and fails and it’s all on him….

    - Halak got a chance against Philly and lost pretty much the exact same way Price did.

    - Halak might have stolen a game last year but 5 goals in 4 games.. peeehhhhlease! We would have been swept regardless. There was no defense virtually. Komi sucked. Higgins sucked. Kovy was asleep. Koivu was burnt out (he tried though)… Gorges wasn’t as good as he is this year. Markov was gone. No PK, No Schneider. No Lang, No Tanguay… what chance are you talking about? If nothing else, halak was spared the embarrassment that Price got. He was lucky not to get a start.

    - Halak had about 5 chances to get us the 1 point we needed this year and almost single-handedly lost it. Appart from the Carolina game where he played great, he wasn’t that good in the other games. His bad goals against the Leafs almost cost us. Halak also got pulled twice in the playoffs… But, that is what made him better. The challanges he faced throughout his career and throughout the years and particularly this year.

    Halak is awsome and will get better (he isn’t at his best yet!) but let’s not pretend he was going to be our saviour the last 3 years.. He wasn’t because simply he was not ready. And when the chance was presented to him, he mostly failed to close out the season in crucial games.

  60. forskis says:

    Gainey placed the team first ahead of BOTH goalies…these are the transactions that were apparently lined up (just using the major names):

    1)  Last season when the team needed a big center:  Lecavalier for Price and Plekanec; this trade was confirmed by one of the now ex-Lightning owners but the other owner kiboshed it

    2)  This season when the team needed scoring:  Jeff Carter for Halak….this is because Philly thought it was a one-sided deal so they backed out.

    So Gainey did not play favorites…besides Halak got Game #4 against Philly in Price’s rookie year and lost
    3-1 in the playoffs…as for Boston last season, I do not think it would have mattered whoever was in nets.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

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