Telling it like it is

Must reading today: Eric Desjardins’ column in La Presse.
The former Canadiens and Philadelphia defenceman writes about the booing of Daniel Brière and its impact on Québécois players around the league.
The crux of what Desjardins is asking: Who would want to come play for a crowd like this?

La Presse also has a piece on what the high-flying loony is doing to the salaries of NHL players, whose salaries – as per the collective bargaining agreement between the NHLPA and the league – are paid in U.S. funds.
The Canadian dollar hit a high of $1.10 U.S. yesterday.
Using Andrei Markov’s salary as an example, his $5.75 million is worth $5,227,272 Canadian.
We needn’t organize a tag day for Markov just yet.
But a year ago – when the doillar traded at 88.49 U.S. – his salary would have been worth $6,497,909.
He should have insisted on rubles.

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