Sunday Video Theatre I

Feeling down today is strictly prohibited.

And to feel even more up, Check out the Game Five goal breakdown by Robert L. and Chris Boyle.


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Sunday Video Theatre I

I figure the Lord’s day can go two ways for Canadiens fans:

• You can spend it arguing about whether fatigue is catching up to Jaro Halak and the likelihood he’ll be pasted in Game 1 by either Washington, New Jersey or Buffalo, opening the door for Carey Price to start Game 2 and become the greatest CHinderella story since Ken Dryden in 1971 …


• You could enjoy Evander Kane KOing one of the league premier “agitators” (NHLese for “annoying —holes”):




  1. habs fan from stonyplain says:

    that was the prettiest thing i have seen in a long time as I say karma always bites you in the ass

  2. ArmyFan says:

    Justice sometimes comes late, but is always sweet.

  3. Big Ted says:

    You hate to see most guys get shurt, but Matt Cooke is  aguy who deserves it. Hope he’s got a bad concussion and ends up being out longer than Marc Savard. That would be justice. Cooke picked the fight and Kane did what every other NHL player wanted to do to a cheap shot artists like Cooke.

  4. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    its only a matter of time & odds before someone dies in this game from a fight… the threat is always more effective than the actual attack, thats why Larock was/is the best, he understands the danger of the ‘fight’ and would only take on the other legit fighters. maybe each team should have an official designated fighter..

  5. New says:

    I am sorry Cooke was hurt, and I don’t want anyone to be hurt, but frankly if someone needed their clock cleaned I can’t offhand think of a  better choice. You reap what you sow and Kane did exactly what you should do when a back stabbing little sneak throws a stick into you. 

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