They needed that


Back up to a five-point lead over the Rangers.

And a flying start to a big week.

Memo to Don Cherry: P.K. Subban is great.


  1. weiweiss says:

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  2. doogie says:

    Interesting to note that Washington is holding Ovy out for the next 10 days. No reason to rush Pleks, Halpern, Sopel and Darche at this stage of the game.

    I’m starting to get hockey fever, it must be that time of the year!

  3. sampson12 says:

    I find it hard to pick the third star here:

    Obviously 1. PK and 2. White

    Can we give a three-way tie for third? I vote DD, Benny, and Auld.

  4. WestHab says:

    kind slow here hio? after a w??

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