Sorry, but size DOES matter

Here’s how you screen a goaltender:

Scott Hartnell, who’s 6’2″ and weighs 210 lbs., parks his ugly-hair ass in the face of Jaro Halak, 5’11”, 180.

Here’s how you don’t screen a goaltender:

Brian Gionta, 5’7″ and 175, battles Chris Pronger, 6’6″, 210, in front of Michael Leighton, 6’3″, 190.

•  •  •

On the other hand, David Fischer is a strapping 6’4″.

Maybe that’s why in the 2006 draft, the pride of Apple Valley High School was chosen two spots ahead of Claude Giroux who had scored 39 goals and added 64 assists for Gatineau in the Q.

Do the Canadiens have some great Quebec scouting or what?




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