Every point counts in April.

But still.

The Islanders, for pity’s sake.

Gionta: Save

Schremp: Save

Max-Pac: High and wide

Nielsen: Save

Plekanec: Wide

Parenteau: Wide

Pouliot: Save

Okposo: Goal!


•  •  •

My technical screw-up made second-period blogging disappear.

it’s up now.



  1. king ddd says:

    webber> henry offensively

    desharanis>shultz offensively,

    if you ask me i rather the habs win games than try to go after the bruins. the reason we lost its because we started playing their game, which is not ours. our speed is our stregnth.

    my perfect revenge would be on march 8th, habs humliate the bruins and the flopper  on the score board. score 8 goals and dont stop. win a lopsided game. if they scored 6 goals with out trying i mean surely they can score more with abit of motivation

  2. punkster says:

    Just like the old days around here, isn’t it MH? Good times 🙂


  3. mrhabby says:

    like the ground hog..comes out of his little hole looks around then scurries back in.

  4. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    I wonder if Ottawa got a nice Gibson guitar made at the Nashville plant and auto’d by Carrie as part of the deal?

  5. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    keep that avatar… it seems not even that masacre woke people up.

  6. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    against those BA)(*STARD*&_S there is only one way to the “W”.

  7. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Isn’t there some rule that say’s a coach is supposed to get fined for putting on goons at the end of a game?  How is it there is no word from the NHL about last nights game? Someone needs to start a petition to get enough votes and have Colin Cambell fired.  This is getting to be a joke.

  8. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    you find it funny that your team is massacred and you have no solution but to move on…

    only a blip along the road…not all teams are Bruins B.S. thats why we are where we are.

  9. punkster says:

    There’s a couple we haven’t heard from yet. One young feller who normally jumps on the opportunity to slag the boys and he is missing his golden opportunity. I will not mention the “Unmentionable Name” but it will be interesting to see if he surfaces today.


  10. punkster says:

    Uh…lemme see…score more goals?


  11. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    rebuild????? switching 3 players who contribute little with 3 players who can handle the heavy hitting and after whistle masacres is a rebuild??


  12. GrimJim says:

    It’s only if someone gets an instigator penalty, then coach gets fined… unless Colin Campbell likes the player… coach…team…then it’s not a fine

  13. CanadienFanTrappedinNiagaraFallsNY says:

    Acquisition of Umberger and JF Jacques (who admittedly should be in the pressbox except for certain calendar dates) would be enough to make this team a little better equipped to deal with most goons. I would really love to get Spacek out of th line-up too. He brings little upside, he’s painfully slow and weak, and frankly I just don’t want to see another year of him. He was not good here in Buffalo, and has gotten worse. Hell, despite Weber’s newbie weaknesses, I honestly think Spacek makes HIM look bad sometimes. He looked better with Picard. Peckham would be an excellent replacement.

    Expendable players and assets:

    2011 1st Round Pick
    2012 3rd Round or later pick
    I’m sure I am missing some bubble prospects…

    Some combination of that junk should be able to obtain those players, or someone LIKE Peckham.

  14. punkster says:

    H-P, you never fail to disappoint, I’ll give you that much.


  15. Chuck says:

    Yeah… we need a little “Everlasting Love”…

  16. scrowe21 says:

    I would be SO happy if we got Peckham. 

  17. Lafrich says:

    How about the Hansons?

  18. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    is it possible to have LAROCK ready for MARCH 8th?… i figure if we insert LAROCK/HENRY/WHITE/MOEN and SHULTZ we’ll be able to create enough policing and freedom for our speedy talent.

    Larock is still under contract, i don’t see an issue, his role would be to dismantle both LUCIC and CHARA. it must be done…those two neanderthals need a bloody UFC style beating.

    1:The N.A.G.S. (North American Grit Speed) Youth Movement will bring us respect. 2: 02/09/11…never forget 3. up WHITE/SHULTZ/PAX now.

  19. Top Corner says:

    3-1 on the season-We own those bicchhizz , last night was a a gong show….but a massacre , hardly

    The thing is,  NO team would get away with this night after night – the NHL would be all over it, and no team could physically be able to handle playing that type of game more than once a year.  Those games are rare….. Last night has everyone ruffled in some way….i hardly slept for a while…HA!  But you know what…..brains over brawn…..Our HABS answered every goal (again like said earlier-untill it wasnt a game anymore) and next game they will win.  If anything this is going to make the bond stronger in the room. 

    You have a point , we have all said that they need some size up front since last seasons changes , but with our injuries on the D…..plans change.  Now we need a Dman AND a top 6 forward type player….give it time.  I dont ever want a don cherrish type team…..EVER!

  20. Hammer says:

    From today’s Dreger reprt. never have truer words been spoken.

    “When motivated as they were last night, few teams can measure up to the Bruins’ physical assets, but sources say the worry now in Montreal is that the book is out on this team and all rivals now have a clear understanding of one of the Canadiens’ most glaring weaknesses.”


    Call up the troops or bring back the Hanson brothers!!!! or maybe someone can wipe the smirks off of AK46 and #11 and send them out as cannon fodder.

  21. PeterD says:

    Expendable players/assets = EVERYONE except
    – Price, PK Subban, Pleks, and MaxPac.

  22. PeterD says:

    Last thing we need is to goon-up our team.

    What we need is some scoring size, shutdown D size and performance form everyone.

    I am done with the likes of Gomez and AKost – they are dead to me as a fan.

    My love of the Habs goes back to the 1960’s and I have NEVER seen two players with so little heart and caring for la Sainte Flanelle.

    No player is more impotant that the Sweater they wear and if they repeatedly demonstrate a lack of respect for that, then get them off the bench and out of the room.

    There are options for getting Gomez gone – waive him and send to the minors (then he is off the cap), Trade him for a bag of pucks (then he’s off the cap), Demote to Hamilton and if picked up on recall waivers, then we pick only half his salary (half off the cap).

    I don’t care anymore, he is a weak and aging asset that just does not have enough respect for hte team and is putting too many limitations on what the team can do going forward.

    Some people will say that demoting him will send a bad message to other UFA’s and they won’t want to come here.  SO WHAT!  Do we want overpaid UFA’s lining up to come here so they can sit and not perform?  UFA’s are not how you build a franchise.  You do that by having a solid atmosphere in the room and drafting and developing players that want to be here.

  23. HabFanSince72 says:

    all rivals now have a clear understanding of one of the Canadiens’ most glaring weaknesses.”

    The Gomez line? Surely everybody already knew that.


  24. scrowe21 says:

    Has anyone ever seen Matt Kassian play? He has only played 4 games for Minnesota.. but he’s huge and has had some pretty good fights in the AHL. Montreal could get him for dirt cheap I would assume.. or is he too brutal defensively to even consider?

    Love the way he uses the jab and throws the big rights. He could ragdoll a lot of people I think.

  25. joeybarrie says:

    Did you just say Gomez is a big body?

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  26. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    actually i think it was a glaring MARTIN mistake to not re-insert GOMEZ and AK once the battles started… they are veteran players, big bodies and command respect more than a pyatt or halpern… sure bench them for a shift or 2, but then get them back on the ice to redeem themselves, and diffuse that masacre.

    don’t try to place the blame on GOMEY or AK… its the lineup and management created it.

  27. Propwash says:

    Wewt! Scored a couple of tix to the game tonight!

  28. Habnofear says:

    I would keep Desharnais aswell

  29. scrowe21 says:

    LOL. Laraque is retired and his contract was bought out. You think he’ll come back for one game?

    Henry I wouldn’t mind. White isn’t gunna win many fights.. Schultz is awful.

  30. avatar_58 says:

    What weakness is that? Catch Price in an off-game? Get fighting majors for 60 mins?

    The sensationalism going on today is hilarious

  31. Rudy says:

    Are the refs scheduled for the season in advance? Wonder who the refs will be for the March 8th game.

    “Start the season with a clean equipment bag and a freah bucket of febreze!”-CharlieHodgeFan

  32. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    sometimes its the actions before the fight that are crucial, don’t you notice that when a goon sees its MOEN then he thinks twice before fighting, but if he sees Pyatt, then its an easy fight.  I appreciate the toughness that Pouliot has shown, he has fought a few times and has never lost, kid is big and tough.

    as for Larock, its a joke, but we need ‘something’ special for March 8th.

  33. avatar_58 says:

    Do you post to read your own opinion or what? It’s the same thing every post, asking for goon non-talents to beat everyone up. Hilariously “LA ROCK” isn’t even North American. But you know, keep up the good work and all that. I’m sure your hero in the table cloth will agree on HNIC

  34. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    well he has a big head, and its a veteran head, and he has a hot temper…so those things add up to warrant the word ‘big’ as oppossed to poor pyatt, who didn’t deserve that masacre… it must be avenged, along with the cross check to PRices head and the chopping to Pax… those Bas09*&TAR(*DS Lucic and CHARa must be destroyed.

  35. PeterD says:

    I agree with you Managment created the line-up…AND Management needs to take action to change it.

    Action one – dump Gomez and his “big head” and small contributions.

    Action two – get rid of AK, he is proving repeatedly that he does not want to be here.

  36. RGM says:

    Having the 23rd ranked offence in the NHL is sufficient is it?

    Go Habs Go!

  37. longbow says:

    I heard Simon won the accuracy competition  in the KHL skills competition. 4 for 5. lol

  38. scrowe21 says:

    and Gorges.

  39. RGM says:

    He likely stopped reading after “you never fail” and took it as a compliment.

    Go Habs Go!

  40. SeriousFan09 says:

    Final part of my review of Gauthier’s 1st year as GM completed.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  41. Chuck says:

    Hmmm… I wonder what Alexander Perezhogin is up to nowadays?


  42. Propwash says:

    LOL. I was wondering about that.

  43. punkster says:

    Like what? Spanish Fly? LSD? Hey, couple of phone calls and a few grand and we can save on the trades and such.


  44. PeterD says:



    “Sorry dad, I didn’t mow the lawn.” “Well, sorry doesn’t mow the lawn.” – Hal Gill

  45. Habnofear says:

    That’s actually a real good idea about grabbing Rypien.

  46. PeterD says:

    “well he has a big head”…Too funny LOL

    “Sorry dad, I didn’t mow the lawn.” “Well, sorry doesn’t mow the lawn.” – Hal Gill

  47. punkster says:

    Do us proud and cheer ’em loud!


  48. king ddd says:

    i dont like the idea of gooning up our team, but i would be happy if pg decides to trade in some big body. personaly i would send gomez and ak to columbus for boll and umberger. now i dont even now if this is possible, and gomez is really expensive but, columbus needs a centre for nash. a change of scenery might help gomez.

  49. longbow says:

    I wonder what Gomez’s value is after last night.Face it,we’re stuck with him.Nooooooobody is gonna take that contract.

  50. SeriousFan09 says:

    They’re expecting Brassard or perhaps 2010 draftee Ryan Johansen to be Nash’s #1 in the next few years and Columbus is not an earning team ATM, they can’t afford to take on giant contract like Gomez if they’re not going to give out performances equal to their pay.

    I might be willing to make that deal, but I doubt CLB ever would. Umberger’s a hero to them right now.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  51. king ddd says:

    ive got a sloution for march 8th. can GSP skate?

  52. Lafrich says:

    You think last night changed anything?

  53. Bred says:

    To PHX: MTL 6th round pick

    To MTL: Paul Bisonette.



  54. Timo says:

    Say Hi to Gomez for me, will ya?

  55. Timo says:

    True that… nobody would take him before last night either. He is worthless.

  56. mjames says:

    To those suggesting we blow up the team based on last night I have question. How come the Red Wings don’t seem to have our problem? They do not go out and get goons  along the lines of the Bruins or the Flyers nor do they get into scraps like we did last night. The Wings just win games with a punch of non- fighting skilled Euros who play, unlike like our Euros who play once in a while. Maybe PG should focus on that instead of goons or fighters.



  57. sidhu says:

    A major difference is that the Wings are in the West, and as a result they don’t play the Bruins or Flyers as much, and thus do not have to contend with the same issues as regularly as we do.  Plus, their line to the Stanley Cup is not obstructed by the Bruins or Flyers; it is for us.

  58. PattyBoy31 says:

    Has it come to blowing up the team?

    I felt a bit embarassed about losing and getting beaten up but I don’t think this team is as bad off as this tide has some people feeling.

    P.s. I posted in another thread about maybe a few of our recent send-offs would have made the loss less embarassing. To clarify; I didn’t mean I think it would have made our team better.

  59. jbroderi says:

    Dreger is a good hockey insider, but his knowledge of the game is about as useful as vaginal discharge.  Montreal’s only weakness last night was that they didn’t have a bunch of no class goons who pick on people that aren’t in their weight class.  Case Closed.  The habs stayed right with them the whole game and didn’t back down.  I think if they got a solid, big stay at home Dman and maybe a gritty forward with a mix of toughness and a little skill, then they would be able to deal with these types of flare ups.  The main issue is that the officiating did not do a good job in diffusing the situations that Boston was creating last night. 

    If a team wants to give cheap shots and goon it up after the whistle, I have no problem with that.  What I DO have a problem with is when they don’t suffer the consequences of their actions.  If you play that style, you should be short handed most of the night.  Montreal should have has a two man advantage after the goalie fight, not to mention all of the other nonsense that the refs turned a blind eye to.  If you want to bully other teams, fine, but you should have to deal with the power plays that will come the other teams way.  Too often we see goon teams like Boston and Philly actually rewarded for this dirty crap.

    I think the habs fought through it quite nicely, and in a play-off series, I still like Montreal’s chances.  The guts Montreal showed told me a lot more about the habs than it did the Bruins!!  If we can add one or 2 guys that are hockey players first, but are also big and tough, then I think we might be set up for potential play-off success.

  60. matraque says:

    LOL… have you seen his twitter?  This guy is out of control 😉


    Canadien en 5! Never go Full Retard

  61. jbroderi says:

    Montreal’s only weakness last night was that they didn’t have a bunch of no class goons who pick on people that aren’t in their weight class.  Case Closed.  The habs stayed right with them the whole game and didn’t back down.  I think if they got a solid, big stay at home Dman and maybe a gritty forward with a mix of toughness and a little skill, then they would be able to deal with these types of flare ups.  The main issue is that the officiating did not do a good job in diffusing the situations that Boston was creating last night. 

    If a team wants to give cheap shots and goon it up after the whistle, I have no problem with that.  What I DO have a problem with is when they don’t suffer the consequences of their actions.  If you play that style, you should be short handed most of the night.  Montreal should have has a two man advantage after the goalie fight, not to mention all of the other nonsense that the refs turned a blind eye to.  If you want to bully other teams, fine, but you should have to deal with the power plays that will come the other teams way.  Too often we see goon teams like Boston and Philly actually rewarded for this dirty crap.

    I think the habs fought through it quite nicely, and in a play-off series, I still like Montreal’s chances.  The guts Montreal showed told me a lot more about the habs than it did the Bruins!!  If we can add one or 2 guys that are hockey players first, but are also big and tough, then I think we might be set up for potential play-off success.

  62. Timo says:

    Maybe not blowing the team completely, but we could 3-4 players tougher than we are right now. Some younger, meaner, tougher SOBs would do the trick.

    Detroit doesn’t have goons per se but a lot of Detroit players have an edge to their game, they are not afraid of physical play and don’t shy away from it.


  63. Chris says:

    It’s not the fighting, it is the ability to fight through the grind of playing against bigger players.  But Detroit is not a great comparison…they have a handful of players that are quite simply a tier or two above our best players in terms of talent.  Zetterberg is a very tough guy, especially when you factor in his astronomical skill level.  Datsyuk is simply twice as talented as anybody else we have.  Lidstrom has been the best player in the NHL.  Brian Rafalski would probably be our best defenceman if he was traded to the Habs tomorrow.  We don’t have that kind of talent.

    The Red Wings have their own guys who can wear down the opposition.  Kronwall is a devastating hitter.  Franzen is nicknamed “The Mule” for a reason…he goes where he wants to go because nobody can stop him.  Holmstrom can handle himself physically.  They brought in Bertuzzi to help in the physical department, as well as Ruslan Salei.

    The problem with the Habs is that they don’t have a great balance.  We have lots of speedy players.  But we don’t have a lot of guys that can thrive against stronger opponents, and we don’t really have anybody that grinds down the opposing team’s players with physical play.  That was supposed to be the role of Lapierre and Moen.  One guy is gone, the other guy should be.

    And I feel it necessary to point out that despite having one of the most ridiculously talented teams in the NHL for the past 7 years (1st overall three times, 2nd overall once, 3rd overall twice and 7th overall once), the Red Wings have one Stanley Cup to show for that dominance.

  64. Graves says:

    Very well said.

  65. PeterD says:

    Agreed…The key to success doesn’t depend on the country the players come form or even their size totally, a lot depends on the abillity to play the game with edge and skill.  Look at Detroit…


    Holmstrom (Sweden), Fransen (Sweden), Zetterberg (Sweden), Datsyuk (Russia), and a couple of Canadian guysBertuzzi (Canadian), Cleary (Canadian)


    Lidstrom (Sweden), Kronwell (Sweden), Ericsson (Sweden),

    Not bad for a Euro-focused team…

    “Sorry dad, I didn’t mow the lawn.” “Well, sorry doesn’t mow the lawn.” – Hal Gill

  66. habsnyc says:

    he is not worthless. his salary is way below his cap hit for 2011-12 and 2012-13.  his cap hit of 7.3 million is well below his cash salary of 5.5mil in 12-13 and 4.5mil in 13-14.  so if monteal traded him to a cash poor team, it would help fill up their cap to the nhl minimum and save them $5million in salary.  so if montreal took back $3mil a year in salary, gomez would cost someone only an incremental $4million over two years.

    in a year, this is a great trade for someone like phoenix, atlanta or long island. 




  67. 24 Cups says:

    You’ve got to like the Nashville trade.  They need somebody at centre and get Fisher who will be elated to go there.  He also has two more years at 4.2M.  Fisher will start contributing right away and enhances Nashville’s hopes of making the playoffs.

    Ottawa is now in full rebuild mode.  Kovalev to Pittsburgh is next.  A 3rd rounder should be enough to make it happen. 

  68. Propwash says:

    I’ll have to look down, as he is out of my normal field of vision.

  69. Rugger says:

    I think the Sens missed the window on moving Kovy to Pitt now that there is a large lack of centers in Pitt to feed him the puck.

  70. HabFanSince72 says:

    But Gomez’ cap hit is  higher than his salary from now on.

    In 2012 his salary will be  5.5M and in 2013 it will be 4.5M

    Perfect for a team that isn’t planning on reaching the cap.



  71. WarHero says:

    Agreed, but it depends on Crosby. Kovy was supposed to play with him according to the rumors.

    Follow Anthony on: Twitter & Ottawa 67’s Live Blog & Facebook

  72. habsnyc says:

    dreger is mistaken.  the chippiness did not start until after the bruins had a two goal lead.  you can’t be chippy without a lead. if the book on montreal is you need to have a lead on them to beat them, well i guess the secret is out.  the book on montreal actually is that they are 14th out of 16 playoff teams in goals per game. goonery has nothing to do with it.  if you can get montreal to bench their first line for half the game, you can beat them. 

    i think the six goals against pretty much exposed tim thomas’ weaknesses.  the book on him is out as well. 

    dreger has no concept. 

  73. HabFanSince72 says:

    I agree with what you said, but the Habs do play with physicial teams. The goon show from Boston had no bearing on the outcome. We lost because of our terrible defending.

    As far as Detroit is concerned, one Stanley Cup in 7 years is not bad in the cap era.

    And in fairness they’ve also won 2 in 8 years. No other team has won more than one in that stretch  and most importantly none of the other winners have remained consistently competitive.  Tampa, Carolina, Anaheim, and NJ had horrible seasons after winning the cup.



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You know Koivu is in this …

Pouliot: Save

Perry: Save

AK46: Save

Ryan: Goal

Gionta: Save

So, a point


  1. showey47 says:

    I think the only way i would take kovy back is if we were in any position to give the sens spacek in return (which due to our injuries on defence we are clearly not at this point). Then,worst case scenerio bring back hamr next season for much less then the 3.85 million we would be paying for spacek cause given the choice i would rather have hamr for one more year then spacek. I just don’t see it though,martin has built this team with speed,work ethic and defensive responsiblility. Pretty much everything kovy lacks.

  2. Bill says:

    Ha, I love Koivu too, but your simile makes it seem that your feelings for him are a tad more, how shall I say, complex?? Haha, just teasing, I am getting emotional already.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  3. RockinRey says:

    Exactly ! Why does anyone put any credence into this. It must have dominated the airwaives. Even the guru floated tha idea a couple of weeks back- ridiculous ( and I like McGuire). It would be a step backwards – been there done that.  He had one good season and was at best a PP specialist.

  4. DearyLeary says:

    Lucky bastard has tickets…

  5. SHUTTemDOWN says:

    He is coming home…and you could tell when he stated that playing here, while wearing a Ducks jersey, was going to be “weird”. A year later and then some, and you couldnt help but see it in his face…

    ” Oh sh**, I’m a Duck.”


     Sad but true. Kiitos sydan Koivu.

  6. HardHabits says:
    I am worried about this game. This is like being only recently married and seeing an old flame at a party. Yes things are great with the new bride, but one can’t help but think of all the good times had in the past.
    I just wonder how the fans and new team will feel with all the mixed feelings.
    Hopefully the Habs will trounce the Ducks. No holds barred.
    Once the puck drops, wipe the tears and kick ass.
  7. Frank2468 says:
    Of all the players that have been traded and then came back to applause and then the boos well thats ok, it is what it is.  But boo Saku after all he has been through with the Habs and all he has done for the Habs and the city of Montreal would be a totally classes thing to do.  If you view the yutube video of him his heart is still in Montreal. To this day I have never seen a player for the Habs that came back for a game and press conference actually be close to tears.  If we all remember it was BG that decided not to resign him and yes Saku agreed to it but what would you want him to say after BG made his decision.So I really hope the fans at the bell center tonight show class and cheer Saku and cheer him when he touches the puck and if he should score a goal cheer even louder for him.  This man loves the city of Montreal and the Habs and according to Saku it feels like he is coming home tonight.  So if there are any fans going to the game tonight and should come on to HabsInside/Out before for going to the game show some class as I know you will. 
  8. Willy the bum says:

    Kyle Chipchura hat trick: press box – hot dog – beer

  9. Da Hema says:

    Whenever a handful of posters yearn for Kovalev, I think to myself we should instead debate how many angels dance on the head of a pin–a proposition that at least has greater relevance. After all the time and energy Kovalev drained from his teammates, his coaches, and his general manager by the sheer force of his childish personality, only someone like Brian Burke would be stupid enough to even consider trading for him. Gauthier would never, ever trade for Kovalev. That is a guarantee.

  10. RockinRey says:

    How would anyone in their right mind want Kovalev back? I dont care about all his skill set and all this bs about him being one of  the most talented guys in the NHL. Sure he can do tricks on a pond and with no other player around. And yes he has a decent shot. But his malingering, selfish play, lack of heart are all reasons not to bring him back. Plus by some accouts he contributed to the devisive room in Koivus last days.

    As Bergeron said. He is a morning glory!

    Anyone but him!!

  11. Da Hema says:

    Tells us how good Markov is to turn Komisarek into a one-time all-star. Still, I wish Komisarek hadn’t run for the money, and instead chose to be with a good team with a great defensive partner. Despite what some posters think, Komisarek was physical enough to take some pressure off Markov. They were a good combination. Komisarek is wealthier, but the rot that is the Toronto Maple Leafs will in the long run hurt his career.

  12. Chuck says:

    HI/O needs a ‘jealous’ button.

  13. Da Hema says:

    The claims against Komisarek are still being investigated. We don’t know yet whether her claims are true. Hockey players, like all celebrities, are frequently the target of false allegations. Let’s see what happens with the investigation before we condemn Komisarek.

    As for Grabovski, he is a little piece of shite. My grandma would kick his arse.

  14. DearyLeary says:

    lol, that was my first reaction as well

  15. Les-Habitants says:

    You lucky….

    Well, I’m jealous.

  16. avatar_58 says:

    Hey so once again – the picture-upload isn’t working. I have a nice pic of subban I want to switch to but it’s not letting me, saying the folder (/tmp/something) is not writeable. Boone? Anyone?

  17. The Teacher says:

    I was thinking more along the lines of JUST a 2nd..and even that would be cause to think. He has REALLY fallen off.

  18. The Teacher says:

    I am going. Can’t wait!


  19. ProHabs says:

    Classy group those Toronto Maple Leafts. First of all, in the greatest event to UNIFY the world, Grabovski gets into a bar fight last year. Then, Mike Komisarek decides that it is OK to punch a girl in the face.

    So Don Cherry gets all over PK for everything he does. I wonder if he will be all over Komisarek tonight for doing something far worst and cowardly than anything PK has ever done.

  20. Bill says:

    “NHL Star”? At least he didn’t steal her purse.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  21. Landof10000lakesHab says:

    Your cred on this site just took a small hit.


  22. Les-Habitants says:

    Welcome home, Saku.

  23. 134 says:

    All the love for Saku- standing ovation, hat trick, etc, etc, and an OT win for the Habs so that Saku goes back with a point and we can still remain in the 6th, in case NYR wins tonight.

  24. Wayne says:

    That would be interesting. Or Moen or Wiz,.. or even Gio.

  25. Chuck says:

    “defensive powerhouse”?

  26. Wayne says:

    Where’s the formatting!

  27. SeriousFan09 says:

    Getzlaf is still on IR, fortunate for MTL but much to the chagrin of me and the two fantasy leagues I have him in.


  28. HardHabits says:

    Andrew. Don’t be so simplistic in your analysis. Go to and look at all the team rosters and the numbers of each player. It has nothing to do with who played better. It’s about who is where in terms of perceived depth of each team.

  29. habs4ever2894 says:

    I want to see the ovation already! its going to be awesome. Is Getzlaf playing?

  30. Da Hema says:

    The Chipchura hat trick idea is kind of funny, but I wouldn’t exclude the possibility of Lapierre doing so.

  31. andrewberkshire says:

    The best forwards on the juniors were in the 10-16 range? Louis Leblanc was the second most effective forward on the team the entire tournament and he was number 20! c’mon HH!

  32. gumper says:

    That line would be blanked too many nights.

  33. smiler2729 says:

    And where does Steve Weiss fit in? He’s a top 6 center and the Habs have two of those. Can he play the wing?

  34. FSLN says:

    Hi all,

    So this starving student is looking for some cheap tickets for tonight so my girlfriend and I can join her friends at the game. Craigslist doesn”t have anything cheaper than $100 and so I was thinking about going five minutes after the game starts and trying to catch a panicking scalper but if anyone has tickets they”re trying to get rid of please e-mail me at

    It’s way too ridiculous to get tickets for a reasonable price in this city, so if anyone can help me out I’ll really appreciate it!



  35. Da Hema says:

    Alfredsson is a shadow of what he used to be. Giving up such valuable draft picks for him would be madness.

  36. RGM says:

    You don’t trade your franchise player for a pick in the high teens/low twenties.

    Go Habs Go!

  37. RGM says:

    I’d prefer to have the Habs continue to honour their exceptional past.

    Go Habs Go!

  38. Da Hema says:

    Chipchura was a very promising prospect until his Achille’s tendon was severed. He was never the same after that. That’s just bad luck all around for Kyle and the Canadiens, not bad drafting.

  39. RGM says:

    Curse that Timmins for not being able to predict that Chipchura would have his Achilles tendon sliced only a couple months after he was drafted eh? Knob.

    Go Habs Go!

  40. RockinRey says:

    I hope they blow the roof off the building tonight for Koivu. I hope he has a great game and the Habs win.

    That said to put his time in Montreal in Perspective; He was a great Captain, did the jersey proud, a class act, extremely professional, fiery and competitive, fairly resilient and by all accounts a great guy.

    But he did only score 191 goals during his time here and really was more suited to be a Number 2 or 3 center. When I saw his stats on TV I was a little surprised at his low goal total. His assist totals are impressive and that is the way I always saw him – as a playmaker.

    Maybe most telling is that when the Habs had the opportunity to land a big name in FA and they were told who the number one center was and who they might be playing with and these players balked at coming to MTL.

  41. likehoy says:

    well bryan murray would want the best deal possible regardless of inside the conference cause his team already sucks, so it’s not like any players going to really go back and bite them in the ass, they’ve already bitten themselves!

    – Gomez is holding down the “overpaid” button

  42. Harani says:

    I think Bryan Murray would be insane to trade within the conference, let alone the same division. 

    “It must be love!”

  43. OneTimer says:

    CHsam applied for the job of head scout, but didn’t get it, can you believe that?

  44. smiler2729 says:

    More like 49% or less on faceoffs, minus 1 or more on the ice and less than 10 minutes of ice time.

  45. rogieshan says:

    A “Kyle Chipchura hat trick” is a No Goal-No Assist-No Fight night.   

  46. Chuck says:

    My fearless prediction: Saku will be voted the game’s first star unless someone other than Saku scores a goal in overtime.

  47. Harani says:

    Eklund “reports” that Habs are after Stephen Weiss. If it is true, thoughts?

    “It must be love!”

  48. smiler2729 says:

    How come we can’t use hard returns anymore to separate paragraphs??

  49. CHsam says:



  50. CHsam says:

    Re: Chipchura…. nice scouting Timmins or whoever is up there.

  51. MikeL says:

    hahah that’s great.

  52. Bill says:

    Zing! Poor Kyle …

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  53. DearyLeary says:

    Everyone knows that late 1st rounders pan out 100% of the time.

  54. Matt_in_TO says:

    The System doesn’t allow it



    – In Price We Trust

  55. HardHabits says:
    To be honest. I think some of the retired numbers should be used again. I’d love to see some 4’s and 7’s skating around again. Why not? The past is the past. One of the the things I loved about watching the juniors is how the jersey numbers meant something. The lower the number the higher up the depth chart, in a sense. The top 4 defence had single digits for the most part. The best forwards were in the 10 to 16 range, the goalies in the 30’s.
    74, 47, 63, 79, 87,……what’s next 111, 104, 97.3, 42.6, 17/3…. where will it end. Maybe they can introduce the hexadecimal system and they can have 1A and 2F or maybe E6 and D7. If they used the octo-decimal system they can have an HH. Seriously.
  56. likehoy says:

    so if ottawa goes on a sale mode..

    anyone think we can get alfie for a 1st and a 2nd?
    he has 2 years left on his 3.75 cap hi contract.

    – Gomez is holding down the “overpaid” button

  57. Matt_in_TO says:

    No cause this isn’t Toronto.


    – In Price We Trust

  58. yathehabsrule says:

    I guess drafting Markov was a bust too fro you, eh? Let me know when you find a team that has been perfect with every draft choice.


    Note the new digs! but yeah I’m still on Twitter!

  59. le_vrai_jacques says:

    A Leblanc, White, Weiss line would be interesting…

  60. habs4ever2894 says:

    I would not trade our first round pick for anyone not named Iginla , First round picks are just way too valuable to trade these days with the cap. Besides i wouldn’t even want Alfie anyways the guy is not the same player he used to be. 

  61. Habhopeful says:

    Can anyone tell me what the Metro canadiens practice entails?


    “I went to see a fight the other night…And A hockey game broke out!” ~Rodney Dangerfield~

  62. Wayne says:

    Kyle Chipchura hat trick


    Mike, I thought your reverse jinx’s had to contain, as a rule, some plausible logic. A hatrick for Chips is just laughable.

    Anyway, the Habs needed that ego boost last night to loosen themselves up. Anybody see how much PK was holding back on his late goal? It was funny watching him force down that slice of humble pie knowing his sphincter was going all bazookas LOL.

  63. The Teacher says:

    I took Perry 🙂

  64. gumper says:

    Have to say it really doesn’t sound like Mike, though God knows what any of us is liable to do when under the influence of the demon alcohol.

  65. Willy the bum says:

    After this game, my heart will break no matter what.

  66. Shiloh says:

    Let me give you a scenario:

    If Cammalleri is out for a couple of months and we could get him for the last month of the season and the playoffs I’d consider it. It would be relatively cheap and he’d be playing for a contract. I would consider it, not jump at it.

  67. rogus says:

    I hope it’s the Wiz. White doesn’t impress me that much with his fighting. You can bet Lappy is going to be running guys though.

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65 minutes of great up and down hockey produced 72 shots and a 3-3 tie.

So Canadiens can’t tumble out of eighth, no matter what happens in the shootout.

Will they go high glove on Price?

Connolly: Glove save

Kovy: Backhand, save

Stafford: Backhand, save

Tanguay: High

Pominville: Wide

Koivu: Backhand, save

Roy: Save

Markov: Save

Vanek: Save

Plekanec: Wide

Lydman: Goal! Five hole

Lapierre: Wide



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Shout out to Bertrand Raymond, Marc De Foy, Pierre Durocher, Serge Touchette, Martin Leclerc and all my brothers and sisters who have been locked out by the Journal de Montréal.

Boycott that scab newspaper, people.

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