Canucks take 2-0 lead

Canucks left wing Burrows scores the game winning goal on Bruins goalie Thomas during overtime in Game 2 of the NHL Stanley Cup hockey playoff game in Vancouver

Photo by Andy Clark/Reuters

Pincourt homeboy Alex Burrows buries the B’s.
Let the bite jokes begin.

It took all of 11 seconds in OT.

Andrew Ference turned the puck over.

Then Burrows swept around Zdeno Chara to score on a wraparound, with Tim Thomas over-aggressive and totally out of the play.

On the night, Burrows had two goals, an assist and five hits.

His father gave him some good advice on deflecting public attention from the biting incident: “Go score some goals and do something to piss them off.”


And to win the Cup, Boston has to win four of the next five.

Which, Habs fans remember, is not impossible.

But teams trailing 2-0 in the Cup final have gone 4-42.

And Tim Thomas, facing the media and speaking articulately, said “Losing stinks no matter what.”

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