Road warriors do it again

Canadiens have won 10 games away from the currently unfriendly confines of the Bell Centre.

4-1 over the red-hot Flyers.

Two goals on the PP, two more 5-on-5.

Brilliant play by the PK … including a crucial kill of a 5-on-3 at the end of the second period and the beginning of the third.

A suddenly resurgent first line, keyed by the hustling Captain, an Energizer Bunny Christopher Higgins and the addition of Sergei Kostitsyn, who may be difficult to dislodge.

And if it weren’t for a lucky bounce off Mike Knuble’s skate, Carey Price would have had his first NHL shutout.

RDS’s Renaud Lavoie had it exactly right: "a really calm 60 minutes".

And two sleeps until we see Sergei against the Leafs’ defence.



  1. Moey says:

    Molson is drinkable in a pinch because it’s been through the horse twice.

  2. Yeats says:

    If it’s not made by Belgians or Trappist monks, you might as well just flush it in my opinion.

  3. Moey says:

    Agreed, let’s argue this one. Some people can be very easily offended. I don’t want to turn into “miss goody two shoes”…gag me with a spoon.

    Only brews allowed in my house are Guinness and Kilkenny.

  4. moser17 says:

    et le but! CHRISTOPHER HIGGINS!!!!

    THAT was brilliant.

  5. GrimJim says:

    Look, Ryder may need to play but where is he going to play? Your not going to break up the Kos-Pleks-Kovy line and everyone on the board/blog is clammering for Kost the Younger on the Koivu line. Ryder isn’t a checker/shutdown guy and he’s not an energy guy. Sad to say because I like the guy but he’s the odd man out.

  6. Yeats says:

    Well, we pissed all over “Karma” and they got rid of it. Maybe, we should just do the same to “Flag as Offensive.” Let’s give it a go. With the exception of some micro brews, American beer sucks and under no circumstances will I let it enter my house. Bud is Spanglish for Crud.

  7. Habsfan39 says:

    Little K looks like he has some confidence already, early chance to pass across to saku in front. got checked but he looks like he has some size….

    koivu/higgs/kots need to get more icetime that the kostopolous like, hopefully that happens….

  8. Moey says:


    I had to laugh today when I saw that flag, I guess the only thing you’ll be grating now is cheese. As for me, if they add an obnoxious flag, Ill be toast….LOL

  9. moser17 says:

    Habs gonna win tonight. Price gonna play well. Little K gonna get a point.

  10. Yeats says:

    The Flyers’ announcers are going on about how good the Habs are. Man, I had a feeling you could get some really good dope in Philly if you had some dough.

  11. Yeats says:

    Question: If two bloggers flag each others’ posts as offensive, are they considered coincidental, or do they both have to play down a man?

  12. Mike says:

    A few comments,

    firstly, To me, it was no surprise p.k. was picked. I have watched him a few times and can’t wait to see him play for the habs. him and pavel valtenkov are two prospects that i am very excited about.

    Secondly, The sitting of ryder is a joke, (unless they don’t want him to get injured because of a trade, which i doubt) How can someone get out of a funk, if he is not played, or if he is too scared to play. Also, how is he suppossed to find his grove if he is booed at home and sits on the road??? anyways, its goinmg to be along season boys


    Even if we win this game, and the one against toronto (which im gonig to) This season is over. Horrible coaching has killed this season. The boys are scared. afraid to make mistakes, and are playing rediculous hockey because there guts and knowlage is telling them to play one way, while there monkey of a coach is telling them to play another. Carbo may be a goos coach somewhere in the future. but for now, all we have is carbo the player, standing behind our bench.

  13. Habs-Kat says:

    Habs haven’t won a game if they’re losing after 1, which is a pretty sad statistic in my opinion.

  14. TheMock780 says:

    Something tells me bad things await the Habs tonight at the Wachovia centre. I think they’ll get their butts handed to them but mini Kostitsyn will have a good first impression to make and he will. And congrats to PK Subban, he looks like a keeper and he’ll bring that cocky attitude he has to the team in a few years that the Habs desperatly need.

    And Mike and everyone else, did you guys note that the Flyers handed out a 12 YEAR CONTRACT EXTENTION!!!! today to Mike Richards? While the term may look ridiculous, ala Rick Dipietro, but Richards is lighting it up along with being their top 2 way player and is captain material. Good move by Holmgren.

  15. MikeL says:

    I didn’t read all the posts, but did anyone else notice that defenseman PK Subban, Montreals 2nd rounder from last years draft, was a surprise pick on Canada’s World Junior team. Great news for yet another promising prospect. He is suppose to be pure offense, no defense…which worries me. But hopefully this will set him in the right direction to filling out his game.

  16. Gilles Poisson says:

    Coach Guy will not worry if the Flyers play the rough game that has them near the top of the league. If they do, we will stick to our game, turn our cheeks, and run the other way. Bob and coach Guy have assembled the right players for this. If worse comes to worse, he will make faces at the other coach and the referees.
    Like all of my friends here, I can’t understand why coach Guy is putting Ryder off the bench again. Ryder should be very disappointed with the Habs this season. If you saw how he kept yawning at practice the other day, you would know he is getting tired of this.
    Also coach Guy must be careful with the young players. For instance, at this stage of their development, if you want the Brothers Tits to grow, coach Guy will have to handle them properly. There will be bumps on the road, and they might sag a little. When this happens they will need a lift. A tonguelashing will not help. Thank you.

  17. howtathor says:

    The only reason I can see for sitting Ryder is that they are crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s on a trade and don’t want to risk injury. That being said, I have two Ryder jerseys for sale, size L. Any offers? So frustrating being a Habs fan! Even though we didn’t make the playoffs last year, my boy got a hat trick in the final game and things were looking up. I guess the writing was on the wall when they let him get so close to arbritration. Michael my boy you’re supposed to prove them all wrong!

  18. P St. Pierre says:

    I hope there is a little brotherly competition tonight because I think both Kostitsyns are capable of putting up some decent offensive numbers. Both are playing with good offensive players and (hopefully) both get quality ice time.

  19. P St. Pierre says:

    I would say that Plekanec and Kovalev are tied for being the best forward. They seem to feed off each other very well. That combo has been the most consistent and dangerous this season.

  20. Sehs says:

    Flyers haven’t lost a game if they’re winning after 1…

  21. Forlando says:

    Don’t think Bob’s job is on the line. Carbo’s might be depending of how many games we lose and how we lose them.

    Talking about Carbo. I love the man…but I don’t think our team is as bad as it looks….I don’t think we have bad players but they are all (with very few exceptions) playing badly…now, is that a players’ problem or a coach’s problem…I am starting to think Carbo might not be the man of the hour.

  22. NLhabsfan says:

    I didn’t say Ryder was the answer. Confidence is a wonderful thing when a coach has none in you. Check out the number of times Higgins and Koivu coughs up the puck. I am sure Koivu and Higgins 16 goals together matter with all the ice time they have been given. Ryder opens his mouth he is gone comment like “it’s cold in the Press Box”. Is about all he can say when a coach treats him like dirt.

  23. tleblanc says:

    Yes I would agree. Now we need to get another going. anyone!!

  24. Ali says:

    I fear for the job security of Bob Gainey and Guy Carbonneau if we lose these next two games.

    I also fear what panic stricken move Gainey might make in a an effort to save his job. GM’s never make good trades in these situations. Gainey’s calm and ability to be patient (sometimes overly so) has been both his biggest asset and weakness at the same time.

    its a lose lose situation right now.

    On the brighter side, REALLY looking forward to little Kosty’s debut tonight. That line will be so fast, but so small at the same time. Should be interesting how it works.

    And finally, do you guys think Komisarek was peeved that Carbonneau didnt try him out on the first line after he scored that beaut in OT against Toronto? He’s the power forward we’ve been missing!

  25. tleblanc says:

    I don’t think anyone is arguing with the fact that he should not be on the first line. I think the press box is just a lousy place to put him. There are spots in between which would be more effective. With respect to his comment about the press box I think he was trying to make light of a situation.

  26. Hot_Pie says:

    Right now, Plekanec is the best forward on this team, bar none.

  27. Geoff F says:

    Ryder is not the answer. If he isn’t scoring he is literally useless. I don’t have anything against the guy but from a talent perspective he can’t stickhandle and he has Zero vision, all he has is a hard/precise shot! I’ve seen him opt to shoot when he should pass and vice versa so often that it is extremely frustrating. His decison making skills are poor and his vision of the ice is likewise. Often times he boxes himself out and loses the puck leaving everyone out of position. His game is to set up in the slot and one time a pass, anything else is just not his game. While he has been playing better defensively, if he isn’t scoring he is a detriment to the first line. The first line needs someone who can handle the puck and feed the creative guys. I think the Kostitsyn promotion might help Koivu & Higgins. We’ll see what happens but Ryder is not a scapegoat. If he doesn’t help he hinders bottom line.

    I hope he finds his game by watching from the stands. Oh and one other thing it might work better if he makes observations other than “it’s cold in the Press Box”. Even though i’m sure that was taken out of context it might help if he took a more clinical approach to his funk rather than making those kinds of observations.

  28. Plek-Andrew says:

    Oh and call me biased but I was at the last game and I had a theory earlier that keeps being proven to me over and over.

    I’ve always compared Pleky to Koivu in that they both play their hearts out. I even said that slowly and surely, Pleky is becoming more of a leader than any of us might show. He has this intensity that he brings every shift… looks like he absolutely wants to have his line score a goal EVERY single time…

    But what proves a lot about my beloved PLeky’s character are two things he’s done in the past 3 days that made me appreciate him more.
    On Tuesday’s loss, Price made a save on one of the tampa bay shooters… afterwards, it was pleky’s turn to shoot… he hops off the bench and the first thing he does is go all the way into the corner where Price was (he was skating around after a big save) and smacked his pads… told him nice save bla bla bla…

    Nobody else did that. Not even Koivu…

    And the second thing he did was be the first guy on the ice with O’Byrne. Ryan was really hard on himself but you can see that he REALLY loves playing. He REALLY wants to be up here and really loves the game.

    Just tryin to show a different perspective on the Plekster. He’s got heart people. A whole lot of it. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him wearing an “A” next season.

  29. Mike says:

    award for worst nhl coach goes to………

  30. NLhabsfan says:

    Tony d once again the untruths raise their ugly head. Ryder played 8 min last game. And was only put out on the power play for 25-30 seconds very ineffectual. Check my facts. Same thing the game before. This inapt coach has its whipping boy…someone to blame.

  31. Plek-Andrew says:

    everyone, go check out this link.

    It’s a report from a trade rumor guy who was at the Wachovia center this morning and he’s reporting all of this.

    Apparently, Kid Kostitsyn looks FANTASTIC… has the team CHEERING… imagine that…

    oh and he’s rocking the white 9k pumps like kovalev. Can’t wait till this game I’m so damn excited. My team versus my little brother’s team… both teams having the need to prove something… gonna be quite insane…

  32. Mike says:

    This is it boys. No one else to call up. Sitting Ryder is a huge mistake but its carbo decision. If he is able to get control of this team again then we might be able to save the season. If he has lost them then the season is over. These two games will make it or break it.

  33. J.T. says:

    I liked Barry Melrose’s take on OTR last night. He said the Flyers are not big and bad…they’re stupid. Looking at the number of hits they lay out from game to game, they’re no better than average. They just take a lot of cheap shots which gives them an illusion of toughness. If the Canadiens skate hard, they’ll force the Flyers into taking penalties. Hopefully they can skate fast enough to avoid getting their heads bashed in if the Flyers are behind in the third.

  34. MikeMcLaren says:

    We are going to the game tonight. Hopefully, we’ll have something to cheer about unlike the game at New Jersey we went to a few weeks ago!

  35. B says:

    I read that the Habs averaged the same size as the big bad Flyers (and that was before O’Byrne and Lapierre were called up and Grabovski sent down).

  36. ccs says:

    Yeah Mike you are right it comes down to theses 2 games for sure. If we win well mabey we take off and climb the standings. We lose them somthing has to give.

  37. tleblanc says:

    I gotta tell you that this stting Ryder seems insane to me. We are alreay short. If you want him to suffer then let him ride the bench but at least you have the uniform if someone else goes down. Carbo is under the impression that if you’re on the bench then he has to play you. He should call Scotty and ask about that. Carbo couldn’t shorten a bench any more than Sister Mary Silvia could shorten a hem. If Carbo wants to win tonight then Koivu’s line and Plek’s line get 24 mins each throwing in Chips et al or sparing some of the line mates. Make them skate hard and don’t let them come home until thy have won and played consistently. SPARK EM!!!!!!

  38. NLhabsfan says:

    I agree with you. Sitting Ryder is ridiculous. Typical Crabo. Can’t shorten a bench because he hasn’t gone the skill to coach the players he has. I hope Ryder takes it on the chin and keeps his mouth shut. For some reason Ryder has gotten in to Carbos doghouse. If he opens his mouth he is gone.Then again he might be lucky.

  39. tleblanc says:

    Ryder must be feeling like Liz Taylors 8th husband on their honeymoon. You know what you gotta do but you wonder if anything will satisfy or get attention.

  40. Wayne says:

    I disagree. Sitting Ryder in the rafters is fine and far from ridiculous considering his production thus far. There’s a point there for the short bench but they’ll survive. It’s a chemistry thing. Why have Ryder on when it’s obvious Carbo wants to play the speed game tonight so he’s eliminating the potential “stick in the bicycle wheel”. Don’t get me wrong, I like Ryder but he has lost it right now and it’s glaringly apparent when he’s on the ice with any line out there. And,.. not to bash Breezer too, i’m just glad he won’t be playing tonight as well.

  41. tleblanc says:

    I hear what you’re saying but I just don’t see it the same way. If you look back at any of the good coaches, the rafters were used for players who knew their role as players to fill in on injuries etc. The bench was used as a message sender. I understand very well that Ryder is struggling and should be sent a message. I just think putting him upstairs is the wrong message. My big concern is the loss of bodies and how you respond to it in the event that occurs. With him rafter bound there is no way to take remedial action during that game.

  42. tony d says:

    How can you say sitting Ryder is a mistake? Carbo has given the guy plenty of chances at redemption, all to no avail. Ryder played on both the power-play and in overtime for a substantial amount of time and proved to be utterly useless. He is severely underproducing this season and you can’t expect Carbo to wait until he decides to show up. Ryder has amassed a whopping 3 goals this season and an impressive 0 points in his last 5 games. Sergei is fast… unlike Ryder, Sergei can dangle… unlike Ryder and you know the kid is gonna be playing with heart, something the whole team appears to be lacking

  43. tleblanc says:

    Its easy – sitting Ryder is a mistake. You forget we are down three players now with Smolinski, Begin and Brisbois out of the lineup. Again dressing Ryder doesn’ mean playing him but not having a bodyon the bench when short could end up being a big problem. Have you watched any Flyer games this year. They take more head shots then the Papparazzi at the Academy awards!!!!

  44. Will Longlade says:

    The Habs haven’t won a game that they were trailing after one or two periods all season and Philly hasn’t lost a game that they were leading after one or two periods all season. The Habs need to have a good start in this game, or experience suggests that they will be toast.

  45. Yeats says:

    Never pick a corner when you have an open net!

  46. Kevin says:

    We scored first!!! We didn’t miss an open net!!!!! wooohoooooooo

  47. saku11 says:

    WAY TO GO SAKU!!!! What a pass

  48. Grabbed The Cup says:

    It’s not too often when both assists are prettier than the goal.

  49. Yeats says:

    You and I both know that with Higgins, that was still even money.

  50. moser17 says:

    Hey, I know what you mean, but those assists would have looked like horse manure if it wasn’t for the finish.

  51. moser17 says:

    Price is like a third defenseman with his aggressive puckhandling and pinpoint passes. As a 20yr old rookie now, think how much better he’s going to get in that respect.

  52. Grabbed The Cup says:

    Agreed, but he makes up for it by getting twice as many chances as anyone else, and now he’s got 13.

  53. Yeats says:

    We need someone to replace the 30 by Ryder that we’ve lost.

  54. Grabbed The Cup says:

    My dog could have finished that one, and his skates are even older than yeats pair.

  55. Yeats says:

    Can’t say that anymore. I finally threw in the towel and broke in a new pair of Bauer Supremes. The new ones doo feel heavier though.

  56. Grabbed The Cup says:

    Say it aint so Joe! The last of the holdouts caves to technology.

  57. Yeats says:

    Not really. They’re the Classic version which are pretty much the same as my old ones. Did I say that my Habs’ jersey has the old tie collar as well. And, before you ask, I still use a wooden stick. I may be flagged for being offensive, but I like having wood in my hands.

  58. Gilles Poisson says:

    Don’t tell him that, you’ll never get rid of him.

  59. moser17 says:

    Mike: “1P 8:00: Pnch me, I’m dreaming: Canadiens completing three passes in a row.”

    I know: I think there are magnets in their sticks and metal in the puck.

  60. Habsfan39 says:

    this is feeling like the first week of the season all over again…

  61. The Teacher says:

    Man, I REALLY hope S. Kost doesn’t get hurt..he can actually get the puck out of our zone….who knew?

  62. howtathor says:

    That was a tough sequence in clearing our zone! Where is the transition game??? All in all though a pleasure to watch so far!

  63. linp says:

    S. Kost couldn’t clear the puck two times on the board and allowed the D-man to keep the puck in our zone.

  64. saku11 says:

    I like the look of S.Kostitsyn, he looks like a goal scorer. A young Pavel Bure….hehe I wish

  65. The Teacher says:

    PP time. Will we see the Younger?

  66. The Teacher says:

    No, we see fricking Mr. Slow Lats

  67. The Teacher says:

    If I wanted to see something following something constantly, I’d go to Laronde and watch the Merry go Round, sheesh

  68. moser17 says:

    Yah, it had better been a shot-block by Koivu after that giveaway in the attack zone. Looked like he was thinking about afternoon tea on that play.

  69. linp says:

    The team is passing the puck better. S. Kost needs more confidence with the puck. He definitely needs to play more often at this level.

    We are forcing the play more in their zone. Hope that Carbo doesn’t revert back to his defensive “system”. That is a recipe for defeat.

  70. Matt. says:


  71. moser17 says:

    ah-HAA!!!!!!!! The Elder!! a little fraternal competition sparks some life!!

  72. Yeats says:

    They have the ability if they would just take their heads out of their behinds. Great play by Pleks using the one-timer as a decoy. That’s hockey!

  73. Matt. says:

    Man oh man, See how the younger kost went to the net! Good things happen when you go to the (want to swear here) net.

  74. doug says:

    Flyers announcer just said that Plekanecs “is a lot like Lemieux. If you cover him he’ll burn him the pass. If you don’t he’ll burn you with the moves and the shot.”

    I’ve heard a lot of hyperbole in my day. . . but Pleks = Le Magnifique?! Wow.

  75. Matt. says:

    Can Streit even stop the puck? ever?

  76. Yeats says:

    Effort will draw penalties!

  77. sidhu says:

    Boo’ing and we’re not at the Bell Centre?

  78. Oprah says:

    Dear Canadiens,

    Please never play in Montreal ever again.

    Thank you,


    P.S. I probably should have waited until you won this game before writing this letter.

  79. doug says:

    WOW this is great passing

  80. sidhu says:

    Beautiful passing!! Kovy – Hab of the season so far

  81. Matt. says:

    HAHA. I’m sorry I ever said anything Streit. I am so sorry.

  82. The Teacher says:

    Can we sign S. Kost to a 12 year deal or something?

  83. zamboni says:

    Is this really happening?

  84. moser17 says:

    C;’est le BUT!!!!! The Habs PP is the Saving Grace!!! They’re proving their #1 rank is no statistical loophole! Yes!

  85. Yeats says:

    Damn, when they show up they can play this game. Get ready for the attack of the goons!

  86. sidhu says:

    He said that of Kovalev – not Pleks

  87. Matt. says:

    I take it all back.

  88. saku11 says:

    WHAT A PASS!!!! Good awareness by Streit to have his stick on the ice

  89. saku11 says:

    WHAT A PASS!!!! Good awareness by Streit to have his stick on the ice

  90. The Teacher says:

    Good shot block LATS

  91. Matt. says:

    I for one am waiting for that headshot. They average about one a game soo… any time now.

  92. Fagstein says:

    And the boos rain down, along with the complaints of bad officiating.

    It’s kind of weird that it’s not happening here.

  93. Yeats says:

    Keep pressing the attack boys. Don’t back up. Carbo, here’s a twenty. Leave the arena and get a goddamn haircut!

  94. Keith says:

    What the HELL is going on?? Streit scores?! Did these guy’s eat their Wheatabix this morning or what? We should just play on the road and forget about ever going home. GO HABS GO!!!

  95. The Teacher says:

    Kind of?

  96. Matt. says:

    falling was never an issue for him. well done.

  97. The Teacher says:

    No, I think they got scared by the Mitchell report and took their last doses of Steroids this morning..That can be the only explanation I can think of.

  98. howtathor says:

    I think the problem is that he only pays 20 for his cut πŸ˜›

  99. howtathor says:

    We’re still looking a little tentative on the PP but are getting the job done despite of that.

  100. tleblanc says:

    Not to be a nay sayer but let me just say Predators. God Forbid. Even I’m gun shy now

  101. Matt. says:

    how dare you.

  102. Habs-Kat says:

    Lets not blow this lead now…

  103. Yeats says:

    Send Carbo out for beers!

  104. The Teacher says:

    Ahhh don’t be like Mike and jinx us now! We REALLY need the two points

  105. tleblanc says:

    now that’s funny

  106. Matt. says:

    Guys I have a confession… I miss Brisebois…

  107. The Teacher says:

    Uhhh.I don’t. Send him to Paris for beers. I can do without all the giveaways

    Thank you.

  108. Gilles Poisson says:

    Better not score any more. They might get mad at us. Be nice if we had a guy to handle that sort of thing. I remember when i used to say bring it on.

  109. tleblanc says:

    Now this is where coaching counts. Do you get your troops to force and deliver the killer blows or do they sit back and sit on the lead.

  110. Yeats says:

    They sit back and they will surely lose.

  111. Habs-Kat says:

    Keep the Koivu line on! I love watching Sergei.

  112. Matt. says:

    haha. I thought someone would have flagged that comment as offensive.

  113. The Teacher says:

    Didn’t miss the net again!!

    WHAT is going ON!!

  114. tleblanc says:

    Oh my god – there is life on Mars

  115. moser17 says:

    Streit?!?! What!? Excellent!

  116. Matt. says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Somebody check that man’s urine!

  117. The Teacher says:


  118. sidhu says:

    Streit from last year is back!

  119. zamboni says:

    Carbo knows a scorer when he sees one πŸ˜‰

  120. Habs-Kat says:

    I wonder how many people will turn around and call Carbo a genius for benching Ryder and playing Streit πŸ˜‰

  121. Gilles Poisson says:

    Streit from Kostopoulos. Just like I thought would happen.

  122. Yeats says:

    Warning: Goons will be landing soon! Goons will be landing soon!

  123. linp says:

    Bob must have told Carbo to play more offensive. What a difference.

  124. Habs-Kat says:

    Flyers announcer: “… Maxime Laperriere”

  125. Moey says:

    Has anyone thought that the reason for Carbo’s line jiggling is because he has 40 games or so to figure out his best lines before it really starts to count. There are obvious pair-ups, but why not try them all? It’s your best way of going forward in January.

    I thought it was really strange that he didn’t use Kovy in the shoot-out Tuesday, but why not see what you’ve got in your arsenal in case of injuries etc….we’ll know more in January, but I think he has his aces up his sleeves, so why not show all your cards now.

  126. howtathor says:

    So now Guy looks like a genius for playing Streit instead of Ryder. Way to go Carbo!

  127. Chach says:

    Average age of the roster tonight: 25.8 years. They look so much better.

  128. The Teacher says:

    Give or take a million.

  129. Matt. says:

    Ya me neither. Even a broken clock is right twice a day right.

  130. sidhu says:

    RDS is reporting that Carbo is so happy with the impact Sergei Kostitsyn has had on the club that he will start the third period in net.

  131. MikeL says:

    Gotta love things going right for us for a change. Tommy Kos throws a desparate shot at net and ends up looking like Henrik Sedin with a beauty pass. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryder gets moved for a draft pick very soon. With the way Sergei is playing tonite, there’s no need of having a distraction like him around.

  132. The Teacher says:

    I thought that last year…I dunno about this year….

  133. moser17 says:

    minus nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and eighty-eight?

    (Maybe give, but not take, eh?)

  134. Matt. says:

    Kovalev said he didn’t shoot because of his wrist. If he is juggling the lines to figure out the best lines, then he should tell his players it isn’t because he doesn’t like what he sees, because it is killing the confidence…

  135. sidhu says:

    “buried by O’Byrne” – that’s what I like to hear

  136. tleblanc says:

    Hey do you think we could ask Toronto to host the game on Saturday because we’re having the bell center repainted

  137. Matt. says:

    MikeL, I like the avatar. Not a big cindy crozby fan.

  138. Oprah says:

    maybe tell Maurice that the zamboni is busted?

  139. Yeats says:

    The truth is Carbo’s been distracted. We can sit here and rag on his haircut, but the truth is that he landed a big part in the sequel to “The Gladiator.” Put a laurel wreath on his head and you’ll get the pciture.

  140. zamboni says:

    How did this lousy bunch dominate Pittsburgh?

  141. howtathor says:

    Gorges is so much better than Brisbois on defence, He’s not afraid to go into the corners and battle for the puck and paired with Frankie Boo gives us an element of speed and quick breakout potential.

  142. Gilles Poisson says:

    Small Tits looks just as appealing as Big Tits. I just hope Carbo doesnt jiggle them around.

  143. Matt. says:

    that didn’t look like a penalty at all.

  144. tleblanc says:

    Guess were not the only team with the Jekyll and Hyde lineup

  145. zamboni says:

    almost a hat-trick

  146. The Teacher says:


  147. Habs-Kat says:

    Know what sucks? I just realized this is the second period – my confidence level just took a hit.

  148. The Teacher says:

    no? really? lol

  149. tleblanc says:

    I’m worried about a bra purchase!!!

  150. Grabbed The Cup says:

    He has got those facial features native to Italy, maybe he could coach hockey over there, those Italians can really rome around the neutral zone.

  151. Bill says:

    Okay, I JUST ran in from the thing I was doing, found the Habs winning FOUR to ZERO, did a little dance. Next thing I know, the Habs get a penalty, and the Flyers score. My question, should I turn off the TV because I am a jinx?? Or is that stupid?? And WHAT THE HELL HAS BEEN GOING ON??? FOUR GOALS???

  152. moser17 says:

    That is disturbing imagery.

  153. The Teacher says:

    K, this is too deja-vu-ish

  154. Moey says:

    You don’t know that, we all just surmise what’s going on.

  155. sidhu says:

    Crap, blood – 4 mins

  156. doug says:

    that is hilarious

  157. The Teacher says:

    I spoke too soon. :S

  158. Matt. says:

    So, elements to success: Dump Brisebois and Smoks. Keep The young talent… aw damn.. 4 minute.

  159. moser17 says:

    no offense, but could you run back out to where you were when the Habs scored four goals (including two by Streit) and wait until the game is over before you come back?


  160. doug says:

    good point. and now a 4 min PP

  161. Moey says:

    It’s his suit, shirt and tie match ups that really concern me. I’m putting in my CV for his new official dresser. Power dressing can make a difference. Give him confidence.

  162. Y says:

    Kat if that is you in that picture, no matter how many times Philly scores, I will still be a happy man.

  163. sidhu says:

    Bill, be a team player and get the rest of us some beer and nachos. Thanks bud.

  164. Habs-Kat says:

    Know what’s even more strange? Streit has two of them.

  165. doug says:

    agreed. please leave, bill. and it’s honestly nothing personal.

  166. moser17 says:

    And, in a time of desperation, a sad monkey man makes his move. lol!

  167. Bill says:

    Okay, that WAS NOT my fault, Hamrlik did NOT have to hit that guy!!

  168. Bill says:

    As if! HAHAHA …. oh, look at that, you’re right, wow!

  169. The Teacher says:

    Good point :)

  170. The Teacher says:

    Me too! I don’t understand why he wasn’t up before this. Looks solid in all aspects of the game.

  171. tleblanc says:

    I think I hear a Nashville banjo starting to pluck that same ole song

  172. Alirio says:

    And the collapse begins.

    Four minutes of PK…

    Thanks for the jinx Mike!! πŸ˜‰

    I’ve made a huge mistake…

  173. The Teacher says:

    Should I start crying now, or wait a bit?

  174. zamboni says:

    Let’s get out of this period 4-1

  175. The Teacher says:


  176. The Teacher says:


  177. The Teacher says:


  178. doug says:

    this is the game already. with our fragile confidence.

    good time out by carbo. and he actuallly looks distressed for once – not just sulking.

  179. tleblanc says:

    Oh Good – we’re such a closing team that we can afford this!!!

  180. Yeats says:

    Flag me a offensive if you want, but that was really, really, really fuckin’ stupid!!!!!

  181. The Teacher says:

    play should have been called 10 seconds before..a joke i say

  182. doug says:

    YES! great positioning by Price.

  183. tleblanc says:

    Somebody pinch me. We’re still alive and breathing!!!

  184. doug says:

    lucky we got this one broke up between periods. people talk about fresh ice but i think it always takes a minute to get your legs and rhythm in a new period.

  185. zamboni says:

    1st part: Mission accomplished.
    Now let’s kill the remaining minute in the third and get on with the game.

  186. Matt. says:

    I used to think I was the only one who actually yelled and threw things at the TV. And then I found Habs I/O.

  187. The Teacher says:


  188. tleblanc says:

    Maybe Cargo should go to a Halloween shop and buy a Bob Gainey mask!!! One day he’s going to pull a Michel Therrien and we’ll lose to the Canes in the playoffs after holding the lead.

  189. Keith says:

    Very bad penalty for Hammer to take. What the hell was he thinking. Dodged a bullet getting out of that period still 4-1. kill the rest of er boys! GO HABS GO!!!

  190. The Teacher says:

    I’m actually happy one of our defensemen actually knocked someone down…finally….

  191. Matt. says:

    RDS calls it “selective vision.”

  192. linp says:

    Why Komisarek already leaves a guy open during PK is beyond me? He must know that he is giving up so many PK goals.

  193. The Teacher says:

    You mean NHL Refs ‘select’ infractions based on how they’re feeling at that second?

    Who knew?

    3 blind mice, 3 blind mice

  194. The Teacher says:

    Must be our system πŸ˜‰

    I’ve noticed he does that a lot two…

    Also don’t understand why Koivu is always out there killing penalties..


  195. Gilles Poisson says:

    Mike Boones is such a naysayer. As if we would blow a 4 -1 lead.

  196. Matt. says:

    That is accurate. It is a referees responsibility to make calls based on emotion and not based on the actual events. Rule 7.4.1

  197. NLhabsfan says:

    It ain’t over till it’s over.

  198. tleblanc says:

    We need to play the last 20 minutes like we’re down 4-1.

  199. Moey says:

    “So for the first minute of the tird period, the Canadiens will have a two-man disadvantage”.

    Mike, you misspelled turd.

  200. tleblanc says:

    Unless you watch the NJ game and then it was over after the first goal.

  201. Yeats says:

    Was it over when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor?

  202. Matt. says:

    you said turd. hehe.

  203. CH1909-2009 says:

    Mike, what number is Sergei wearing?


  204. Yeats says:

    Except for the fact that he played, Carbo is just a thin Michele Therrien.

  205. Matt. says:

    Price looks fantastic tonight. Positioning is good.

  206. Habs Suck says:

    Some thoughts on the second period:

    -Habs playing with some good energy

    -Flyers playing rather flat-footed

    -officiating is less than sharp… I guess that means dull?

    -Price playing really nice positioning which is helping him make some solid stops

    -PK looking pretty good so far

    -Tom the Bomb deserves the pass of the game award to Streit for a goal

    -I hope Streit gets the hat-trick (almost did shorthanded)

    -Bouillon playing like a Sherman tank and rolling over everything in black

    Habs need to continue playing a fast-paced offensive game and not sit back on D. Otherwise, they’re toast…

  207. tleblanc says:

    Oh No what are they doing!!!! Did someone show them the standings

  208. sidhu says:

    Habs can’t continue to sit back, they’re just asking for the Flyers to pepper Price

  209. zamboni says:

    Mike, were you saying “Through 30 minutes we took no penalties…”
    I think they’re making up for it.

  210. Matt. says:

    and that wasn’t a penalty either .

  211. Gilles Poisson says:

    If he had of just hit him straight on there would be no penalty. He went beside him and grappled him. Thats pathetic. Tell O’Byrne we need him not to be afraid to hit. This eggshell stuff is bugging me.

  212. Matt. says:

    kost to kost. first time!

  213. Bill says:

    Sweet pass by Sergei …

  214. saku11 says:

    beauty pass, brother to brother

  215. sidhu says:

    Love Kostitsyn and Kostitsyn playing together…

  216. Grabbed The Cup says:

    Was it over when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor? Forget it, he’s on a roll.

    Animal House?

  217. Yeats says:

    Yep, some evidently didn’t catch the reference.

  218. Matt. says:

    dude, I love this Andre Sergei talk.

  219. MikeL says:

    What a shift by the Kostitsyn’s!!

  220. saku11 says:

    These guys have some chemistry!!!!

  221. PattyBoy31 says:

    WOW. Look at the Kosties in the offensive zone. As much as I’d hate to see the Kovy-Plek_kost line broken up….

  222. The Teacher says:


  223. zamboni says:

    That was some nice show by the brothers

  224. Chach says:

    WOW. Those two look so dangerous together. I haven’t seen a passing sequence like that this year.

  225. tleblanc says:

    No matter what happens from here this is Price’s best game

  226. Habsfan39 says:

    Sergei is GOOD

  227. PattyBoy31 says:

    lol, about everyone had the exact same thoughts there

  228. The Teacher says:

    Haha, I was thinking the same thing!

  229. Chach says:

    I really really want to see them together again this game.

  230. Matt. says:

    Finally! Awe man, did all your jaws drop watching those two brothers play together or what? And it was only one shift! Carbo really has to split them up before they start producing. I will not have any of that on this team.

  231. Habs Suck says:

    I liked that little glimpse of Kost to Kost. That could be a sweet combo one day.

  232. The Teacher says:


  233. The Teacher says:

    THAT was a dirty hit

  234. Matt. says:

    wow, pardon me for a minute while I wipe my drool off the floor…

  235. Kevin says:

    Is AKOST ok??

  236. Grabbed The Cup says:

    If the brothers continue to look this good together, maybe Carbo will have no choice but to put Kovalev with Koivu.

  237. Oprah says:

    Not to jinx him or anything, but Carey Price really feels like a #1 goaltender tonight.

  238. tleblanc says:

    Yup its probably time to sit him out

  239. Matt. says:

    or he could put the kost brothers with koivu and put higgins with plek and kovalev. We already know plek and higgins work well together, and plek and kovy work well together… sooo I don’t see why not.

  240. Yeats says:

    That would make sense to both of us, but we haven’t spent 24 hours in the mind of Carbo. Scary stuff kids!

  241. zamboni says:

    As much as I like Huet, I hope Price plays against the Laffs.

  242. Matt. says:

    should we pull him now, send him to Hamilton tommorow or put him on the first line saturday? decisions decisions.

  243. The Teacher says:


  244. tleblanc says:

    No trade him for a bag of pucks

  245. Bill says:

    Is it “whining” if I point that this ref is an absolute effing moron?

  246. Gilles Poisson says:

    But coach Guy broke them up for most of the game. Or are you watching another game?

  247. Grabbed The Cup says:

    Germans invade Pearl Harbor… Animal House?

  248. The Teacher says:

    WOW, guess they missed the big time slash on komi’s hans also..pathetic

  249. Habs Suck says:

    I think I heard Komi scream from that slash … no call!!!!!!!!!

  250. The Teacher says:

    or his ankle..pathetic it wasnt called either way

  251. tleblanc says:

    Actually that is one of the traits the NHL looks for in REFS. The application asks to identify if the candidate is a moron or Kerry Fraser’s brother. Same thing.

  252. Matt. says:

    What the heck ref?

  253. The Teacher says:


  254. Kevin says:

    As much as I like that line, unless we have to huge D-men on the ice with those guys, I’d get scared of the other team taking advantage of the smallish size of that whole line.

  255. JB_15 says:

    Well carbo faces the exact same decision as last year. Does price start contre les leafs, or does Huet, coming off injury, step in again against toronto in his first game back?

    I am willing to bet with a fair bit of confidence that Huet starts on Saturday and gets lit up.

    But if Price plays, we win.

    That’s just my thinking. I think it would be a massive mistake to start Cristo.

  256. The Teacher says:

    Apparently if you’re is :S

  257. Bill says:

    Ohhhhhh …. thanks, I didn’t realize. It all makes sense now.

  258. Matt. says:

    Nobody has said a thing about Gorgeous Gorges yet tonight. I think he and Bouillon have done a perfect job thus far. I do miss the danger of having Brisebois back there still… πŸ˜›

  259. Gilles Poisson says:

    That was 1941. Bad movie. Thank you.

  260. tleblanc says:

    Maybe the players should post the starting coaches

  261. The Teacher says:

    He put them together for one shift…

  262. Bill says:

    No. Carbo goes with Price against the Leafs. Should. Will.

  263. MikeL says:

    Price is starting, no questions about it.

  264. Matt. says:

    Huet can’t beat the leafs.. why would he play?

  265. The Teacher says:

    I second that. Brisebois get to Paris yet?

  266. JB_15 says:

    Logic says Price starts.

    But I am calling it here.

    Huet starts.

  267. Bill says:

    For a “tough” team, the Flyers sure are a bunch of divers.

  268. Matt. says:

    and as I recommended Koivu is with the brothers…

  269. Matt. says:

    And Higgins is with Kovy and Pleks. I’m two for two.

  270. zamboni says:

    Higgy playing with Kovy and Pleks

  271. Habs Suck says:

    I like the chemistry and playmaking of these Kostitsyn brothers: you could say they go Kost to Kost.

  272. JB_15 says:

    Anyone else think this is the best 60 minute effort the habs have shown all year? I am not saying best game, but the game where the effort lasted the longest…

  273. tleblanc says:

    I’ll tell you when we get to 60 minutes

  274. sidhu says:

    Great job boys!

  275. Matt. says:

    Latendresse, two blocks tonight?

  276. zamboni says:

    Nice block Latts

  277. Barts says:

    Nice to hear someone other than the Habs booed off the ice…

  278. The Teacher says:

    You counted correctly.

  279. The Teacher says:

    Nice, nice… :)

  280. Habs Suck says:

    I also like that Lats was out there blocking shots.

  281. Matt. says:

    Good Game Boys.

    Best effort all season.

  282. Steiner says:

    Time to make a little more room on the bandwagon!

  283. The Teacher says:

    Heyy, in a little early from your exam. hope it went well!

  284. MikeL says:

    Anyone else notice Price, Komi, and Higgins jokin around and hitting each others helmets? I hope those 3 never leave.

  285. PattyBoy31 says:

    exactly, me too. these are the kind of players that we need to keep, they develop with the canadiens etc. its nice to get a win finally!!

  286. Habs-Kat says:

    They’re the future of this franchise, the core players of their respective positions and the team’s future leadership.

  287. The Teacher says:

    HAHA everyone pulling Komi’s helmet over his eyes, fun to see some smiles!

  288. PattyBoy31 says:

    haha, anyone see hamrlik flipping komis helmet over his eyes

  289. PattyBoy31 says:

    we’re all on the same thought line today, everythings in sync today, even us! :)

  290. The Teacher says:

    Haha, must be the air in here?

  291. Erik says:

    GREAT WIN WAY TO GO GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. Matt. says:

    I don’t think I have a single complaint. Anyone, anyone?

  293. The Teacher says:

    Umm..Breezer isn’t in Paris yet?

  294. Bill says:

    Yeah, I missed all the goals!!!

  295. Keith says:

    Gui blocks a shot! WOW! We beat the Broad Street Bullies! I can’t F&^%ING believe it !! Now lets build on this for next game pppllllleeeeaaassseeee!!!

  296. JB_15 says:

    That was great right from the get-go. The energy was contagious, and the guys were skating so hard. This is great. This is what we needed. That was nearly a perfect effort. Fantastique.

  297. bigjames says:

    its friday in hong kong and i am in an awesome mood going into the weekend. 20 degrees and sunny here too! lets bring that game to the leafs on saturday night please!

  298. Y says:

    Quick! Someone burn down the Bell Centre!

  299. tleblanc says:

    Yup the ruts from the Wagon wheels are cutting deeper into the turf. I’m a big guy!!!

  300. Matt_in_TO says:

    Great game tonight. Hopefully this will get the ship righted or at least going in the right direction.

    Great to see the guys smiling, laughing, fooling around and looking relaxed.

  301. Grabbed The Cup says:

    So with the highest youth content yet, they play one of their best games of the year, there it is Guy, plain as black and white.

  302. Bill says:

    Awesome. Who were these guys? If Brisebois plays again all year … it better be another first-line experiment! Except, Sergei Kostitsyn renders further first line experiments unnecessary, in my book. Boone calls it ‘hockey sense’, and that sounds right to me.

    Price made huge saves tonight.

    The Habs played like hell for the entire half of the game that I saw. I can only assume they did the same over the first half. Question is, do they want to work that hard every night for every game? If they will, problem solved. I should also ask, can they? Is it possible to put out that kind of effort on a consistent basis? They have to be totally exhausted.

    Price: awesome. Plecanek: Awesome. Komi: awesome. Koivu: awesome. Kostitsyns: awesome. Chipchura: totally awesome … did Briere really play in this game?

  303. Barts says:

    We absolutely DO NOT need Brisebois on this team.

  304. NLhabsfan says:

    Winning is fun isn’t it!!

  305. Y says:

    Yes we do, he can sharpen the brothers Kostitsyn’s blades

  306. NYhabster says:

    They’re playing hockey again! Good hustle tonight and they were fun to watch. (…and did the Germans really attack Pearl Harbor ;D)

  307. P St. Pierre says:

    Please Carbonneau, leave this lineup together. They are young, they are exciting to watch, and they have some chemistry.

    Both Kostitsyns played great games and Sergei certainly looked good on that first unit. The only thing I would say is that perhaps they (and their respective lines) could see a little more ice time. Otherwise, I’m very happy with tonight. It was a great game.

  308. The Teacher says:

    No, he probably couldn’t even do THAT properly.

  309. JB_15 says:

    I was not excited at all about going to the game on Saturday and now I am really looking forward to it. The crowd will be pumped after that effort. I just hope the team can calm down and not revert to old habits and try to impress everyone…Sometimes awesome road games prior to being at home can make people overconfident and forget to play their game. This is where the leaders need to step in and get everyone to relax and do what they did tonight.

    Sergei Kostitsyn is very good.

  310. The Teacher says:

    Hey HIO members, here’s an idea

    We all chip in $1 and send Breezer a one-way first class ticket to Paris.

  311. Matt. says:

    I don’t know, I really see him as the mentor type kind- oh who am I kidding, I can’t even say that with a straight face.

  312. Blitzen says:

    Anybody see any reason why Smokes and BreezeBy should play again? Put both on waivers and if we need help, just bring up more kids!

  313. Y says:

    Well then, how about he take over from Regie Houle as ambassador. I’m betting he is hated less.

  314. tleblanc says:

    I’ll send 2

  315. Kevin says:

    Who were the 3 stars?

  316. Grabbed The Cup says:

    No, it was the Chinese.

  317. Matt. says:

    how about we ship him to Toronto? A) it’s cheaper and B) they could really use him…

    was that a low blow to the leafs or Brisebois, I dunno…

  318. The Teacher says:

    no, no, He might try to redeem the second one and fly back!

  319. JB_15 says:

    I agree, 100%, particularly about smolinski. I know he was a FA signing and gainey will feel like an idiot if he’s put on waivers, but he really hurts this team. Sometimes you need to be able to admit that you made a bad decision, and not cut off your nose to spite your face. In this case, Gainey should have the brains to realize he made a poor choice in smolinski and cut his losses.

    Brisebois is even worse. But he doesnt play that much, and I dont find him that much worse than gorges.

  320. Matt. says:

    1)Streit, 2)Plekanc 3) Markov

  321. P St. Pierre says:

    Three stars:

    Star #1: Mark Streit
    Star #2: Tomas Plekanec
    Star #3: Carey Price

  322. Kevin says:

    given how most of the team is now composed of recent bulldog graduates, i’m getting worried that we don’t have any depth left in hamilton for this year. can anyone remind me who we have that’s nhl ready that can be brought up without having to clear waivers?

  323. The Teacher says:

    Paris is further..I’d feel safer that way :)

    but thanks for the suggestions. Keep them coming aha

  324. The Teacher says:

    at least when someone hits gorges, he feels harder than a pillow. That’s a MAJOR difference IMHO

    Thank you.

  325. Matt. says:

    playoff experience? even then…

  326. Y says:


  327. Bill says:

    nobody left in H-town :(

  328. The Teacher says:

    I dunno bout that…AHA!

  329. tleblanc says:

    No idea – they cut the broadcast off before they announce that none were a Flyer

  330. Matt. says:

    and now we have a major dilemma. I hate to break it to you guys, these names may sound foreign, but what do you do with Ryder, Smoks, and Brisebois?

    Begin stays no matter what.

  331. Forlando says:

    Any NHL team out there willing to trade 2 puck boxes and a pair of old hockey sticks..for a guy named Ryd..something????

  332. Habs Suck says:

    Really solid game for just about everyone tonight. Very surprising against Philly who just crushed Pens, but let’s bank those 2 points while we can! But, all ye bandwagon riders, keep your feet on the ground. One win does not a streak make.

    TO is in our barn on Saturday. We have a tough time with the Leafs and we have had a really tough time winning on home turf. So, Saturday will be a big test.

    Other thoughts on the game:

    -did anyone miss Ryder tonight??????? hands up high now… anyone? anyone?

    -Higgins played with passion

    -Lapierre showing lots of hustle

    -O’Byrne and Gorges should stay in the lineup

    -Keep these two Kostitsyn brothers and use them to flank Koivu on Saturday. Guaranteed that line will put points on the board vs. Leafs.

    -Pleks and Kovy should never be separated

  333. The Teacher says:

    I’ll take any GM’s dirty jockstrap for Breezer.

  334. The Teacher says:

    I missed Ryder. My hand is up.

  335. Yeats says:

    Those bastards!

  336. Kevin says:

    Begin (once healthy again) and Ryder stay for depth. We don’t have any more NHL ready players in Hamilton that can be called up without having to go through waivers.

  337. tleblanc says:

    Have no idea about the rest but I’m sure everyone will Ryder the bandwagon

  338. Matt. says:

    I missed Ryder too. RDS just said they wouldn’t play him this Saturday, no room for him.

  339. Yeats says:

    Well, once more into the breach on Saturday night against the Leafs. Carbo vs. Maurice. The Cult of the Flaggelants will assemble in Montreal. Thank you sir, may I have another!

  340. Matt. says:

    In my opinion Smoks and Brisebois have to go… any way possible.

  341. JB_15 says:

    When the leafs win a game, they get the front page of, and about a thousand word description of their domination, regardless of whether or not they played well.

    And Heres what we get from TSN, not on the front, but as a little tiny link at the bottom:

    PHILADELPHIA – Mark Streit scored two goals and rookie goalie Carey Price made 29 saves in the Montreal Canadiens’ 4-1 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday night.

    Christopher Higgins and Andrei Kostitsyn also scored, and Tomas Plekanec had two assists for the Canadiens, who snapped a two-game losing streak.

    Mike Knuble scored for the Flyers, who had ended their five-game home losing streak with an 8-2 win over Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

    The Flyers opened the season with six straight wins at home but are only 1-4-2 in Philadelphia since then.

    Price, who was Montreal’s first pick (fifth overall) in the 2005 NHL entry draft, improved his record to 8-5. He made his fifth straight start in place of Cristobal Huet, who pulled his groin during a 5-4 shootout loss to Nashville, on Dec. 1.

    Disgraceful. And they call themselves a national station? Brutal.

  342. Forlando says:

    Yeah I missed him…I missed the way he loses the puck everytime he gets it, how he passes when he has to shoot and shoots when the pass is open….

  343. Y says:

    Didn’t miss Ryder, but I do feel bad for the guy.
    Seems like writing on the wall is getting a little clearer for him

  344. Kevin says:

    OK people, take it easy. Ryder is still worth keeping around. Remember how everyone wanted Mike Ribeiro gone for a bag of pucks? Well that happened and it was an addition by subtraction. However, we should have gotten a lot more for him. Don’t want a repeat of that with Ryder…

  345. ebk says:

    Much better, play the Kids and hopefully we can compete for a play-off spot. Who knows with the infusion of youth, maybe this team is better than last year. It certainly wasn’t with all the aging deadwood they were carrying before the call up of the kiddie corps. Tell me again how Kosti II, O’Bryne and Lapierre were not good enough to be on the team from the get go. There are a few more pieces of deadwood left to replace but it is looking better.

    Funny how much better Carey Price looks when he has a team put in an NHL type effort in front of him. He is the real deal folks.

  346. Habs Suck says:

    I agree. But, Gainey won’t ship Breezer away for the price he got him. He was intended to provide depth and leadership, so they will keep him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Smokes goes in a package deal with Ryder in the future.

  347. nightmare_49 says:

    You can tell that Sergie K. was tutored by Dale Hunter as his positioning was impressive tonight and far better than his brother when he 1st came up. He passed the test tonight and deserves a good look.

  348. ebk says:

    you sir, are correct! Along with a couple of more pieces of Deadwood. Hopefully Gainey can admit he made a mistake and bite the bullet on these two and a couple of others.

  349. tleblanc says:

    Yeah that bag of pucks has 27 points this season!!!

  350. Habs Suck says:

    Price played a good game, but he still needs to improve his game. He was not severely tested tonight either. Red-light Racicot coulda won tonight. I like Price, but Huet is still the better goalie right now.

  351. MikeL says:

    TSN’s writeup of the game is very generic within an hour or two of the game finishing. It’s the same with any website and for any team. Yahoo is an example. Go back in 2 hours after the post game interviews and you’ll get a more creative write-up. (One that many times comes from the Gazaette’s Pat Hickey) How do you expect them to have a comprehensive write up only minutes after the game? Be realistic

  352. Habs Suck says:

    Totally agree.

  353. Forlando says:

    Ribeiro has talent…Ryder is slow, haz ZERO hockey sense, no puck handling skills…I’ll take the pucks

  354. Yeats says:

    Price played a very solid game tonight. The one thing that I did notice when he went down was that there wasn’t a hell of a lot of space in the upper corner for the shooters. And, yes, he did move very well side to side. I’ll just hang out on the ice and move the nets as the Zamboni goes by!

  355. Matt. says:

    yes, I noticed that too. great positioning.

  356. Grabbed The Cup says:

    The success of the recent callups should help inspire the Bulldogs as well.

  357. Habs Suck says:

    Good observation. He was in the right places at the right times. A very good sign.

  358. Steiner says:

    Not only that, but the chemistry between the brothers is really something to watch.
    I only saw the second half of the second onwards, so I dont know how he was playing beforehand. But I really liked Carbo putting the brothers out there with Saku.

  359. ebk says:

    I agree he played well. Huet is the better goalie but this team is not going to contend for the cup this year, so I’d move him when possible. The will be strong in nets for a lot of years with Price and Halak

    I don’t get the Zamboni reference?

  360. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I do miss Ryder, there were some scary moments people, don’t forget that and say, it was a better game without him because there are 3 others. SK74 brought a lot to this game, and so did Lapierre, Koivu, Higgins, Kovalev!!! (he is the shit), AK46, O’Byrne, Price (is ICE) I should Patent that ;), Komi, Hammy, etc, etc, etc. One of the better games I have watched since October. Carbo kept his cool, and made some changes towads the end, nice match up…so can we play BOS and PHI the rest of the season.

  361. ebk says:

    when have I ever said he wasn’t?

  362. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I think without some other players, they were alot better. Ryder still works hard, just as Lapierre, but now everyone is cheering for him. I agree he should be there, but I think Ryder should too, but if…if, the team might be having issues with him, if so, it is best to go, too bad, I think he is a good player.

  363. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I second that

    But play Price on Sat against the Leafs, he is better against them

  364. Yeats says:

    I was wrong, at least tonight. So while everyone else heads off to get a shower, I’ll stay out on the ice to make life easier for the guy handling the machine.

  365. Ian Cobb says:

    GTC– you are right, that’s what they are working hard for in Hamilton.

  366. ebk says:

    got it, thanks. Can’t remember the actual discussion but I don’t really think either of us were right or wrong.

  367. howtathor says:

    Great idea! what do we do with Smokes and his 2 mil contract? put him on waivers? Breezer? I think we have to leave the kids in there. Tough luck for Ryder. He is a one dimensional player. I hope he goes to a team that can create some space for him to work. What struck me about tonight was how much time and space there was for the Montreal shooters due to aggressive forechecking. I hope Carbo is patient with the kidz as he was tonight. He has to realize that it’s not always going to be 4-1. He even let the kidz on when it was time to protect the lead. The best defence is a good OFFENCE!

  368. Matt. says:

    My parents just got back. Unfortunately, they didn’t see him.

  369. JF says:

    Jacques Demers was saying after the game that he hoped Carbonneau would continue playing the kids. He said the fans in that case would be patient and supportive. It’s when the kids sit on the bench while the veterans do not perform that the fans lose patience and hope. He’s right. Tonight we saw all the kids really playing well and the veterans supporting them; if this can continue at the Bell Centre, the boos will subside and we can regain our hope and our pride. If tonight’s game is a preview of the future of this franchise, we’ll be OK.

  370. RiverviewCanadien says:

    could not agree more, except I am still disappointed that Halak did not play against Tampa or Carolina. Price is still no Phenom, yet, so take a little pressure off the kid tonight, but dammit play him on SAT.

  371. ebk says:

    The people who complain on this site get a lot of crap from the faithful but this is the feeling I get from most of the posts they make. I can’t speak for everyone and I don’t head an imaginary majority but I believe most people understand that the Canadiens will be quite ordinary on most nights if the are playing the Kiddy Corps.

    I believe people have a problem when the Habs are average and the players getting most of the ice-time are Deadwood has-beens or never-wases.(is that even a word)

    Thanks for reading

  372. Habs Suck says:

    I can finally get a better night’s sleep…

  373. Sbah Reverof says:

    The mighty Boone jinx works magic again, but I had a feeling after they came back to force OT against Tampa that they were pretty tired of not showing up for games. Solid effort tonight by all.
    I have three words for one of the RDS guys, repeat after me:

  374. mjames says:

    I thought they played a much better and spirited game. I have one wish. I hope Carbo loosens the reins a little and lets this team skate. They showed flashes of that in the first and second periods. This team can be really competitive if they are allowed to be more aggressive in the offensive zone.

    I was also impressed with their overall backchecking – guys who stood out for me on the backcheck were Lapierre, Pleks, Kovy, Higgins, Kost, Dandy, Chips and the two K’s.


  375. nn1 says:

    Habs definitely looked better tonight than they have of late, though I think they were already starting to turn it around against TB: getting to pucks first, moving into the attacking zone, creating chances. But let’s not anybody be fooled – the Flyers’ performance tonight was not what it was against Pittsburgh two nights ago. This is not yet the caliber of play from the Canadiens that is going to give us a chance against some of the tougher teams we’ve floundered against.
    Definitely encouraging though.
    go habs go!

    PS: too bad Kovy didn’t score on that spin-o-rama. That would have been pretty sweet.

  376. Ian Cobb says:

    WOW, we nearly looked like a hockey team for a change,or did we catch the flyers on there bad night. I kept waiting for the melt down in the third that started to happen, but we did just enough to hold on.

    I even saw a few two and three way passing plays this evening. Any more offence like this game and Carbo will sit them in the press box!

  377. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Not an off night, HABS just kicked ASS! Backchecking, wow, forechecking by SK74 (no goals but), wow, Kovalev (is the shit), wow, Markov, Komi and the rest of the D, wow. Great game guys. I must admit I have been very disappointed lately, but always have a glimmer of hope, but the other night I cracked and boooed them (even chanted HABS SUCK), but tonight, tonight my daughter stayed up for puck drop with me and then fell asleep in my arms…….and MTL won, need I say more

    GO HABS GO!!!

  378. Mike says:

    any thoughts on this, Ryder and Smolinki for avery. Avery is one of the most underated players in the league. Avery is a talented right winger (which we desperatly need) he has decnt stick handling skills. He is quick. + HE HAS GRIT. he is willing to fight + he gets under the opponents nerves. I would love to have him on the habs.

  379. mjames says:

    Rnagers would not make that trade.


  380. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I still think the habs can benefit from Ryder.

  381. Mike says:

    i know,

    what do you think it would take to get him…..
    Any suggestions boone?

  382. Moey says:

    Let’s go easy guys, the Habs are just coming off life support.


    Listened to my first puckcast this week, never again. In all honesty, you & the boys make the old muppet men in the rafters sound like cheerleaders. I actually went off hockey for two days, I’ll just stay in my own Habs’ world.

  383. Chorske says:

    LOL! STATLER & WALDORF. I’d forgotten about those guys.

    The puckcast was especially terse this week cos there was precious little to cheer about. I loved the comment: “they SUCK”. Concise. To the point. That’s the hard part about loving a streaky, idiosyncratic team like the Habs- sometimes they go through long stretches when they really do suck.

  384. Ed says:

    Ryder has been booed by the home town fans in the last 2 games, while he has watched the last 2 road games from the press box. Carbonneau sure knows how to make him feel the pressure. It will be beneficial for everyone when Ryder moves to another team. It is obvious that his coach, and a lot of the HABS’ fans don’t want him. Just think about the booing at the Bell Centre, and the comments made on HIO.

    Carbonneau said before the last game that Kovalev would play 20 minutes per game. He did not come close the last game, and tonight only played 16:37.

  385. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Yeah when Kovy plays 20 or more, he is a better guy, that guy is good, wathc the plays he makes for the amount of ice time gets. But the Habs sucked the last time Ryder was benched, so whose fault was that, the other guys who are injured, just not BΓ©gin…

  386. Mike says:

    so.. about avery, what will it take to get him? ryder + …..

  387. Bill says:

    My opinion: Avery is a clown and a sideshow. He is not Habs material, not fit to wear the uniform. I don’t want anyone like him on the Habs.

  388. Chorske says:

    Why in heck would you want to bring that p***k to MTL after all the nonsense he said about francophone players? What would he add except another distraction?

    Bad, bad idea.

  389. sidhu says:

    I think we should go after Trent Hunter — he’s a right shot, he has size (6’3″, 210) and he’s scored decently well in the past (20, 16, 25 goals the past three seasons), but he is struggling this season (only 5 goals so far). He is a UFA at the end of the season, just like Ryder.

  390. ebk says:

    keep your annoying posts coming if you want. There are some who believe they have the right tell people what to believe and what to post. They don’t.

    Have a good night

  391. Mike says:

    He would add the fear into opponents that we are lacking, to be honest, when the opponents look at the habs, who they fear. No one. They couldn’t care less to take cheap shots at our start players, (kovalev, and koivu) Avery would make them think twice about this. He could be our version of a goon. A fighter with an offensive threat.

  392. ebk says:

    he’s an ass and I agree with you 100%

  393. cunningdave says:

    Well, he is dating Elisha Cuthbert. Or was last year. Respect.

    I think Avery is a bit misunderstood – he’s a yapper who just does anything to get under the opposing team’s skin. If he’s so anti-francophone, why would he appear in a movie about Maurice Richard… and wasn’t he the goon that got pummeled in New York? Now that’s a sense of irony.

  394. Chorske says:

    Yeah, and one of the Olson twins. Um, respect. I think.

    The francophone comment was not made in advance of a game, but in response to a previous game- so I’m not sure whose skin he was tring to get under. I think he was just shooting off. The guy has dissed “most francophones”, has called Laraque a monkey, has been suspended by his own team for his authority issues, and allegedly made disparaging comments about Blake’s leukemia. We need that like a hole in the head.

    And who WOULDN’T want to be in a movie about the Rocket? Heck, sigh me up.

  395. cunningdave says:

    Since we’re discussing someone that none of us knows in a very personal way, I’d point out that the station that claimed that he made cancer-related slurs retracted their comments, and that the guy he got into a fight with is Darcy Tucker (whom I don’t know personally, either. But on the surface, I think he’s a despicable turd. Damn fine hockey player, too.)

    And you’re not really acknowledging the clin d’oeil of playing a guy in a movie who gets pummeled by the greatest Quebec hockey hero of all time. Especially given his history.

    I did see him play a celebrity poker game on TV with Donald B. No racial slurs were exchanged, and in fact, Avery was hilarious – and I hated the prick back then. That’s when I started thinking that he might be slightly misrepresented by the press.

  396. Naila Jinnah says:

    Can’t wait ’til Saturday! πŸ˜€

  397. Exit716 says:

    Good game but we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.

  398. GPK says:

    Avery isn’t on the block. The Rangers’ season turned around last year when they aquired him.
    But the Habs do need an a**hole in the Corson/Chelios/Skrudland/Keane mould. Anyone out there?

  399. GPK says:

    P.S. We’re too nice of a team.

  400. howtathor says:

    Isn’t it great how the infusion of one player can make such a difference. And Carbonneau actually let O’byrne stay out after that dumb penalty. He even gave the Kostitsyn brothers a chance to play together with Koivu! Life is good again!

  401. Wops says:

    I am sick and tired of hearing that Price gets on his knees to quickly, that he leaves the top corner.

    Every goalie in the league, except Brodeur and maybe Turco, are buttergly style goalie! They all go down on their knees! If they do not, the puck goes in low.

    The risk = perfect top corner shot. It’s all good. Carey Price calculates his odd, gets on his knees and gets big.

    The only work he needs a little bit is his side-to-side (nothing much). Don’t give me no crap about top corner shots..
    CH is for Chris Higgins

  402. The Teacher says:

    Hear, Hear!

  403. ebk says:

    hate to correct a teacher but isn’t it

    Here, Here


  404. Les-Habitants says:

    Solid game by the Habs, I’m really glad that they played a helluva game and demonstrated a lot of passion.
    Sergei played very well for his first real NHL game, and while he has neither his brother’s shot or size does he ever have some skill. That backhand, through the leg pass to his bro??? Man, that was awesome.

    Did anyone else notice Captain K between the two Kostitsyns as the period wound down? I think that might be a combination to try, as Andrei is a natural RW while Sergei played LW in junior, where he put up amazing points with Kane and Gagner.
    Either way, I liked what Sergei brought to the team. Looks like we now have our 6 offensive forwards going forward.

    Great game by Streit, and I didn’t really notice Gorges – which is a very good thing for a 6th d-man. Bouillon is rounding back into the player I loved from 2 yrs ago and O’Byrne had an ok game, minus a couple pretty dumb penalties. Chipchura hasn’t been playing as well as I would like, but man this guy is going to be a solid NHL centre for years to come. Great game by Price as well.

    Big BIG game on Saturday, boy do I love/hate habs leafs game πŸ˜€

  405. Les-Habitants says:

    Oh yah, one last thing: also pretty happy that P.K. Subban made the Canadian Team for the WJCs, albeit as a 7th d-man. Great stuff. Ryan White had some steep competition, so no harm in him getting cut. Glad that he was still recognized by the Canadian Scouting staff as one of the best canadian players under 20. He’ll be one solid NHLer in a few years.

  406. Ali says:

    Hopefully Uncle George will lobby for a new schedule for the habs: We only play the Bruins at home, and all other games are on the road.

  407. cunningdave says:

    I think the Teacher has it right:

    Hear ye, hear ye…

    Great game tonight – they looked solid, all of a sudden.

  408. Blarneylad says:

    haha no kidding,
    only uncle goerge likes his green stuff (which comes from home sell outs)

  409. Chuck says:

    Being a tall goaltender with a long torso, Carey’s best bet is to be in the butterfly, and to use as much of his body as possible to cover that 24 square feet of the goal. Nobody’s ever scored by shooting over the crossbar, so it’s useless to have his shoulders and upper body up there.

    And actually, his side-to-side movement is very quick; the reason that he’s not perceived to be as fast as a smaller goaltender like Halak is simply a trick of the eye. For example, in one second a freight train that’s moving at 100 km/h travels a short distance in comparison to it’s overall size, while a car travelling the same distance at the same speed covers a proportionally larger distance; thus, the car is perceived to be quicker when in fact both the car and the train cover the same ammount of distance in the same ammount of time.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  410. MannyP says:

    Here’s an interesting thought: We need a big, powerful centerman, right?
    Which current Canadiens forward was drafted as a centre, and is now considered our best forward AND a power forward? That’s right: Chris Higgins. Why not have Chris Higgins play at the centre position? We could then trade Tomas Plekanec, and take advantage of the fact that his value has never been so high. I’m sure we could get something interesting in return. It’s either we trade Saku Koivu or Tomas Plekanec, at this point. We can’t have two small centres and expect to win the Stanley Cup. The most successful GMs out there, are the ones who aren’t afraid to cash in on a player’s value at its peak. So that’s what I would do. Test the market for Tomas Plekanec and stick it out with Koivu and try to win a Cup with him.

    PS: Carey Price looked GREAT tonight. Much better than he’s looked the last few games. He was finally coming out of his crease and challenging the shooters. He finally looked ALIVE and moving. That’s always good.

  411. J.T. says:

    Hopefully that’s just a passing thought. Higgins hasn’t played centre in seven years and shows little sign of being a creative playmaker. Plekanec, on the other hand, is getting better and better all the time. Right now, he’s a more dynamic and arguably more complete player than Higgins. He’s also 25 to Koivu’s 33. Trading him makes little sense, since whatever you might get in return would likely have a chance to be only as good as Plekanec. It would be hard to find a better player for him.

  412. Blitzen says:

    I think what we’re seeing now folks is what happens when vets see kids coming up and taking spots. The remaining vets figure they better earn their paychecks and play better.

    But I am REALLY worried about what will happen when the underperforming stiffs are healthy. Smokes was sucking it bad and still pulling some first line duty. I’m hoping the only role he gets, if any, is rotating with others on the fourth line and I hope that fourth line’s ice time drops to 5 minutes a game. I’m hoping BreezeBy becomes the 7th D-Man, nothing more.

  413. Blitzen says:

    I’d like for Ryder to get another chance but where do you play him? Sit Lats for him? Not sure I would do that right now.

  414. ccs says:

    I just hope the team shows up on Saturday. The laffs sure as hell will and even though they play the night before they will be ready for us. We need to destroy the laffs not go to O/T or a shootout…….WE MUST DESTROY THEM.

  415. Chorske says:

    Higgins was moved to the wing because his playing style is more suited to that role.
    Also: I really don’t think Plakanec has peaked. Your name wouldn’t happend to be John Ferguson Jr, would it? πŸ˜‰ I think the guy is a future all-star, and at this stage I would avoid tinkering with that awesome second line (you hear me, Carbo??). I’m all for a trade if it adds long-term value to the team (I despise the whole short-term ‘rental’ thing). Or if it amounts to addition by subtraction. But trading Plekanec would be crazy at this stage. The kid is just hitting his stride.

  416. Chorske says:

    I’d prefer someone in the pesky Claude Lemieux role, but otherwise I agree. SOmeone else posted that we’re too nice, and I’m starting to agree. We don’t have anyone that the other teams love to hate. Or just plain hate. I think we have a couple guys who could play that role, but the whole team needs to be sent to toughness school. Maybe if we, I dunno, took them immediately after the draft and dressed them in loincloths and send them off barefoot in the snow to hunt wolves. Or something.

    I’ve been saying that we’re tough enough but I guess I’ve been wrong. They had an interview with someone from the Pens- can’t remember their name- who said that when Laraque is in the lineup, everyone plays with more confidence because of the energy and toughness he puts out.

  417. Ali says:

    since when is Higgins considered a power forward? He doesn’t shy away from battling along the boards, but he cannot dominate a game physically.

  418. Chorske says:

    Absolutely true, there was a whole article early in the season about his impact on the Rangers. As I say above, Laraque has the same impact on the Penguins. I think we could probably use that kind of player, but I don’t think Avery himself would be a good fit.

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