Ribeiro’s revenge

Take that, Bob.

Mike Ribeiro scored a goal and added two assists, leading Dallas Satrs to a 4-1 stomping of the woeful Canadiens.

And so the Dec. 23 jinx continues.

Canadiens have not won a road game on this date since 1945.

The only solution: Dec. 23, 2008 in Boston.

Bruins were the team they beat in ’45. 


  1. doug says:

    count me as one of his remaining fans. . . i like the guy and think he’s worked hard. i think it’s unfortunate we (collectively) seem to hate the guy so much.

    it’s like people calling for gainey’s head. . . can we give the guy a little break for being a bit distracted? where’s the compassion?

  2. doug says:

    sarcastic. . . people think we’ll be fine without him and with only price. cournoyer12 and i disagree; i prefer him to price this year and maybe next, which is not anti-price, but pro-huet. buddy.

  3. doug says:

    that one did make me laugh. . . at least i broke a smile! thanks for that, ali.

  4. Ali says:

    true that, hes like a worse version of Jussi Jokinen lol

  5. Ali says:

    i agree, thats where the coaching staff and team leaders have to be held accountable. But some guys are not controllable, like Kovalev. And Ryder is working hard, and considering some stuff thats been going on with his family (His brother, his house firebombed or something) i dont think his head is totally in hockey right now. Nobody imagined he would be as bad production wise as he has been

  6. Y says:

    Huet sucks?
    Ok there buddy

  7. doug says:

    i don’t want that guy, nor do i want theodore. i liked and like ribeiro’s game.

    the point i made about his shootout skills is all i was saying. . . he was the best we’ve ever had in that department.

  8. doug says:

    no, haven’t you seen? he sucks as much as ryder and huet do. . . only difference is he’s a former canadien who terrorizes us while the latter two are future former canadiens who will terrorize us.

  9. Barts says:

    Gonna have to turn this off pretty soon, I want to enjoy my Xmas.

  10. Ali says:

    this is getting ugly, and Ribeiro must be loving every second of it.

  11. doug says:

    though i wouldn’t mind having a cancer-causing player with two assists in this game. damn.

  12. doug says:

    agree with that.

  13. Ali says:

    if you think Latendresse is slow, he’s lightning compared to Dagenais.

  14. doug says:

    fair enough. i just don’t like seeing a guy score 90-100 points for another team when we haven’t had someone like that in years.

    i think we push the panic button too early. maybe i picked the wrong guy as an example, but the yearly “cancer” award thing (natasha last year, ryder this year) is as tiring as the nightly “the refs are against us” crap that we post on here.

    maybe we should look in the mirror once in a while?

  15. Yeats says:

    Janne Ninnima was slower than crap coming out of a dog’s bum in winter!

  16. Ali says:

    dagenais can’t sakte, he’d be on the bench the whole game. Theodore, well, you know what happened there. There’s no doubt that we could use Ribeiro’s production, and being a local boy he would have been perfect for this team, its just a pity that: A) he didn’t grow mature enough to be able to handle the spotlight and pressure here in a way that was beneficial to the team, and B) that we didn’t get enough for him becase it was well known in the league that he was that way.

  17. Barts says:

    Pierre Dagenais is playing for Innsbruck EV in Austria… 17 goals, 12 assists in 31 games.

  18. Ali says:

    immaturity is one thing, causing a split in the dressing room is another. And these things are not secrets in the league, it was never going to be not a position of weakenss, because everyone knew his personality.

  19. doug says:

    agree on that. . . but did we have to deal all three or could we have kept just one?

    i’d like to have dagenais for shootouts alone. . . is he still in the league?

  20. Barts says:

    Give me a break. Ribeiro would never have flourished in Montreal. The best move Bob has made was getting rid of the ‘Three Amigos’, Ribiero, Dagenais, and Theo. Besides, no one should be permitted to disgrace a Habs jersey with a hairdo like that.

  21. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Why does everyone think taking a dumb penalty early in a game is good?

    “Defending his captain” – what a line of BS. Our captain can defend himself.

    If you want to defend the goalie, then that’s one thing. If you get pissed and take a dumb penalty over a clean hit on your captain, then that’s another thing.

  22. Alirio says:

    Anyone else notice Markov getting hurt on the PK?

    I’ve made a huge mistake…

  23. doug says:

    so you’re telling me you’d trade dallas’ leading goal scorer for a guy who sucked last year and is now in switzerland? i see good for him. . . but for us?? we underestimated his talent because we thought he was immature. never deal from a position of weakness.

  24. sidhu says:

    If anyone is wondering, Niinimaa is playing for Davos in the Swiss-A league this year.

  25. Ali says:

    Ribeiro was a cancer here, he was treated like a superstar just because he was a local boy, and with his buddies Jose and Pierre cause a split in the dressing room.

    I believe the reason he’s doing well in Dallas is that he had to earn his respect there, and it wasn’t just given to him. Guys like Modano and Zubov, as well as a coach like Tippett won’t let you get away with that crap.

  26. doug says:

    next gaffe: ryder for bag of pucks

  27. Kenny says:

    I disagree….i think ribeiro is playing well because it was a change of scenery. It was best for both the team and him to go to dallas. I doubt he would be playing this well if he was still with the Habs….

  28. doug says:

    first point for ribeiro

  29. doug says:

    ribeiro trade was one of the bigger gaffes in recent memory, although not on par with chelios/savard or leclair/desjardins for recchi

  30. Barts says:

    Nice forearm shiver on Koivu by Robidas. Guaranteed folks, Gord Dwyer and Mick McGeogh will have you pulling your hair out by the end of the night.

  31. Ali says:

    uh oh, Markov is hurt…

  32. Ali says:

    ah it was a love tap, trying to get his attention!

  33. Flake says:

    what kind of a call was that??!!

  34. sidhu says:

    Kosto – cross-check

  35. sidhu says:

    Gotta defend the Captain

  36. Ali says:

    to the defence of his captain, Good job TOM THE BOMB!

  37. Ali says:

    so what was the call exactly? Did Bouillon get the 2 or was it Kostopolous?

  38. showey47 says:

    1P 20:00: Great: Mick McGeogh

    I was thinking the same thing mr.boone, and gauging by the first penalty he is already starting his garbage

  39. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Again, no fighting straps tied down. How come the Habs are the only team penalized when it comes to this crap rule?

  40. linp says:

    Bouillon’s play is getting more solid recently.

  41. sidhu says:

    Ribeiro one on one with OB, good job by the rookie

  42. Barts says:

    All I want for Xmas is Mike Ribiero in the Komisarek trolley tracks…

  43. Cable Guy says:

    Whats Mike talking about when he says ‘ridiculous’ travel between atlanta and dallas? The 2 cities are only 1100 km away from each other, it’s like 2-3 hours flying time…..this seems normal to me.

  44. ebk says:

    The good news…..
    Habs claim 4th overall in the Eastern Conference( and 2nd best point total) with a win tonight in Dallas

    The bad news…..
    ah heck it is Christmas, there is no bad news for the next few days

  45. yukonhab says:

    Half hour before lift off…The “Young Guns” will be looking to change history from this day forward. I believe in the youth bring’n us to victory…from the nets out…we are going to be hard to stop…we are one player from being at the BIG Show this yr. Thank you Ryder for bringing us hope with the hat trick last yr in T.O. May your guns blaze glory once again!


  46. Exit716 says:

    Koivu eats Ribs for dinner tonight to silence his friends in the French press.
    Saku gets a hat trick.

  47. howtathor says:

    let’s hope the distractions of being “home for the holidays” works against the Stars. Wonder if Ribs is still doing his pimpin’ act? That really turned Gainey off! Three amigos..! Now we’ve got the Fantastic Four: Chips, Price, Higgy and Gorges!

  48. The Teacher says:

    Habs are winning 4-2. Send us off into the holidays in a good mood.

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