Quick Hits/About Sunday evening …


Missing nine regulars, your Montreal Canadiens scored a season-high eight goals.

On the road.

Against a Western Conference opponent.

Sure, it was the Minnesota Mild, who defend about as well as Libyan anti-aircraft batteries.

But still …

It was imperative that the Canadiens bounce back from that thumping in New York.

P.K. on the team charter, with his chopped tie. Tweeted by Mike Cammalleri.

An honourably-earned point in Minnesota would have salvaged the weekend.

Instead, the Canadiens put on one of their most impressive performances of the season – and a great way to start a crucial week.

Buffalo at the Bell Centre on Tuesday.

Boston at the Gahden on Thursday.

Home to Washington on Saturday night.

The key play of the game wasn’t a play at all.

After Clayton Stoner  tried to set the tone with a couple big hits, and when he rocked Aaron Palushaj, Ryan White went right after him.

You may recall White doing this when Johnny Boychuk tried to low-bridge P.K. Subban in that March 8 game at the Bell Centre.

In both cases, White was giving away inches and pounds.

In both cases, he gave as good as he got (more so with Boychuk), and you don’t have to be a Don Cherry worshipper to know that kind of thing plays HUGE in the room.

It was the first Gordie Howe hat trick since Maxim Lapierre in Dec. of 2008.

The difference: there will be more of them for White.

He has hustled and hit and fought his way into becoming part of a very bright future for this team.

And the present ain’t bad, either.

So much to praise tonight. I’ll get to P.K. soon, but let’s start with Jacques Martin.

The coach gave his players a day off the ice in Minnesota yesterday. It was a chance to regroup after the Madison Square Garden debacle, a chance for veterans like Roman Hamrlik  to rest aging, aching bodies.

Playing a physical team, the kind of thumpers and bumpers alleged to give these smallish skilled players trouble, the Canadiens applied a solid game plan and refused to be intimidated by Stoner , Cal Clutterbuck and Brad Saubitz.

They lit up José Theodore – 14 goals in 136 minutes over the last four times he’s faced the Canadiens – and the rout was on.

Too bad Alex Auld didn’t get the shutout. He deserved one, with 30 saves, and I really wanted the winning goal to be White’s, 31 seconds into the game.

OK, it’s time to celebrate Don Cherry’s unfavourite young defenceman.

By the time the Canadiens selected P.K. Subban in the second round of the 2007 draft, 41 players had been drafted.

Patrick Kane went first overall to Chicago. Then James van Riemsdyk to the Flyers and Kyle Turris to Phoenix.

Kane is a star, and the other two might be one of these days.

But if everyone had a mulligan on that draft, P.K. cracks the Top Four.

Heck, the Canadiens took Ryan McDonagh (12th overall, just ahead of Lars Eller) and Max Pacioretty with the 22nd pick.

Starting with Thomas Hickey, drafted fourth overall by L.A., 16 DEFENCEMEN were picked before the Canadiens took P.K.

I hope they gave that scout a bonus … and that he wasn’t among the ones Pierre Gauthier gassed last summer.

P.K. has 11 goals. The next highest among rookie defencemen: Cam Fowler and Kevin Shattenkirk, with seven each.

We got the big celebration when Subban’s first goal broke the game open 3-0. But did you notice how restrained P.K. was on the next two?

The kid is growing up … and it’s a joy to watch.

Martin is finally giving P.K. significant power-play minutes (3:20 against Minnesota) and he’s rising to the occasion … and making the absence of Tomas Plekanec less crippling.

Subban also plays the penalty-kill (2:43), and his 23:30 overall topped the team.

Can you imagine a lineup that included Subban and a pre-injury Andrei Markov?


Some cool P.K. stats:

• Most goals by a Canadiens’ rookie Dman since Guy Lapointe scored 15 in 1970-’71

• First hat trick by a Dman since Sheldon Souray in 2008

• First road hat trick by a Dman since Vladimir Malakhov in 1998

Now let’s spread the love around:

Michael Cammalleri had two assists, including one of the prettiest feeds of the season to …

James Wisniewski got his 10th, added an assist and played a very solid game on the back end

Benoit Pouliot had three assists and was plus-4, as were Roman Hamrlik (in a humane 19:38 of ice time) and David Desharnais, who had two assists

Tom Pyatt scored a goal-scorers goal

Travis Moen got a greasy one

Paul Mara, who will be important in Boston on Thursday night, told Cal to stop Clutterbucking around

Scott Gomez didn’t suck

Hey, spring has sprung.

The grass has riz

Subban is super, and so is Wiz.

I know: crap poetry.

Have to keep the powder dry for Boston.


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  3. redgorf says:

    PK is not MR ORR, he may never reach that plateau BOBBY was a scoring machine as well the best D. PK has a lot work to do to reachthat podium and wish good luck. thinking about dummy DON might help.

  4. Habitoba says:

    I was at the game… The newspaper stated we were about 500 strong Habs fans in the crowd. Looking at the pictures I took, that number is easily in the 800-1000 if not more. A sea of bleu, blanc et rouge. Lots of cheering and chanting. Many “Go Jets Go!” and “He’s big, he’s bald, he’s Alex Auld”. One chant attempt was “Qui contera? Gionta!!” Making the trip down there and witnessing 8 goals… amazing. Simply amazing.

  5. DrA says:

    Last year the veterans carried the habs in the playoffs (except for Halak). This year, the Habs will go as far as the young guys will take them. One of the characteristics of a great leader is to know when to follow. Do the veterans know they need to follow this time?

  6. WestHab says:

    I want to apologize to Mr. Boone and HIO for some comments I made last night. I seen a lot worse but the comments lacked any class. I don’t know what got into me “I’m not that kind of player”. The changes here look cool and the performace seems to be upgraded. Thanks.

  7. Danno says:

    I hope PK continues to disrespect the NHL establishment.
    Especially on Thursday.

    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  8. No et al says:

    Just dropping in to say I HATE the new format and this is my last post. I just can’t read this site… terrible… Hockey Inside Out?? Please…

    If you are giving up Habs Inside Out let me know. I’ll start a new site.

  9. krob1000 says:

    anyone seen the “once brothers” espn documentary on Vlade Divac and Drazen Petrovic, Kukoc, Radja,etc? It was incredible…I stumbled upon it by accident on Saturday night and ended up glued to the television until 2 am….if you have not seen it…basketball fan or not…see it…..truly incredible and heartwrenching story that I was young and naive to understand while it was actually occurring…

  10. habsfan0 says:

    When was the last time the Habs won a game by a margin of 7 goals?

  11. Chips says:

    Yea nice to be able to relax and enjoy a good blow-out!!!! PK is just amazing and Ryan White better be here to stay this time. The guy is all heart!!! The Wiz is also playing great these days. It seems his defensive liabilities have become quite a bit less over the months. Paul Mara has been absolutely great out there as well since he’s been back. He’s given the team some needed backbone and has been playing some very solid hockey. Looks like he doesn’t want to go back to press box!!! Good on PG for making very smart and judicious moves that really bolstered our team thru injuries, without giving up very much at all!! AK46 is playing better than I’ve ever seen before, as he is almpost never a defensive liability anymore and has ben using his body lots. I think being bthe go to guy on the Eller line is really suiting him.
    Well big , big week coming up for us. Keep it up boys!!

  12. Bill says:

    I have no idea what Don Cherry said about Subban, because I don’t watch that crap. However, if it had something to do with Subban slashing Lecavalier and then falling down when he was given the two-hander, I would say this: Subban did slash Lecavlier, and might have tried to slew foot him. He deserved a penalty, although I would also add that many times that kind of slash goes uncalled, though it should not.

    However, Lecavalier gave him a pretty good whack, and if you’ve ever been two-handed with a hockey stick between the pads, you know it hurts. I don’t think he was faking.

  13. RetroMikey says:

    Great win and confidence booster…..this team is getting the confidence back that they can play consistently game in and out.
    I love Ryan White and he is here to stay IMO.
    Need a Blackberry app!!!

  14. smiler2729 says:

    Two players that catch the constant ire of the Hab faithful are Pouliot and AK46. Two very skilled but underwhelming players that will never cease to teaze us with the hope they live up to their hype.

    Maybe, just maybe, they are better suited to 3rd line work to lessen the “pressure” to be great and instead deliver production on what could be one of the best 3rd lines in the league.

    • Bill says:

      I don’t have a problem with either of those guys. Scratch that, I like both of them.

      Right now, they ARE playing 3rd-line minutes and roles, or have for most of the season. So to say they are “teasing” us and not living up their “hype” ignores the fact that they aren’t really getting the chance to produce to their potential.

      Despite which, Kostitsyn is tied for second-leading forward on the team. And Pouliot is one of the leaders in even-strength goals. In terms of goals per TOI, they are probably near the top of forward roster. Additionally, both are strong, physical players, are young and have reasonable cap hits.

      I don’t know why anyone would complain about what they’ve done. Not saying you are, just kind of extending your thought. If anything, I’d be tempted to give them a bigger role in place of less-productive players.

  15. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    WHITE = NAG = another step in the right direction for the HABS

  16. nick says:

    You know, for the amount of crap AK takes from posters and the media all season long… He’s not doing too shabby for a guy who’s paid almost half as much as Cammy, Gionta, Gomez, etc…

  17. Da Hema says:

    avatar test….

  18. iwardhabs says:

    Three things I loved tonight:

    1) AK’s gigantic grin. We need to keep that guy happy.

    2) Auld’s Dryden-Tribute mask. Performance didn’t hurt.

    3) PK’s “F–k you and everyone who looks like you” attitude. We haven’t had that kind of mojo in the room since Chelios.

    • J.J. of Turku says:

      Nobody could say it better. Suddenly this team has become one of favourites. 2000-2010’s dark ages are over and finally we have a Team which doesn’t miss one or two injured player.

      • zedder81 says:

        If we stay healthy and get a couple of bodies back we could do some damage as an underdog this spring.

        How fitting P.K. comes back with a hat trick after that silly Cherry rant.

  19. Beefington says:

    because of all the stories about injuries from markov to pacioretty, and Price’s resurgence as a #1 NHL goaltender, PK has quietly had a very good season. Of course people know he’s been paying well, but because of his slow start no one has really mentioned him when talking about the Calder Trophy.
    I think, however, that while he may not win it, PK is certainly worthy of consideration for rookie of the year. Among rookie defencemen, he is 1st in goals, power play goals and points, 3rd in assists and 1st in shots. His only negative stat is his -2 rating but its not surprising considering he’s on a team missing so many regulars.
    I think that this far into the season, Logan Couture and Jeff Skinner have been the two best rookie forwards. On the back end, i think its reasonable to say that the best two rookie defencemen have been PK Subban and John Carlson. This leaves PK with good odds at the Calder Trophy and another step towards becoming the superstar of this teams future

  20. Timo says:

    Man oh man, was it ever a sweet game. I just finished watching it… Love those games where you can just sit back and watch Habs roll over the opposition. Subbie – what can you say – a total stud. Well deserved hatty – hope Don Cherry and the rest of the CBC imbeciles eat their tiny little hearts out.

    Oh, and i just couldn`t resist but – Subban, a rookie DEFENSEMAN, has more goals than one of the highest paid centers in the league. 🙂

    Go Habs!

    Btw, new site no good. Don`t like the look. I want the old HIO back.

  21. PrimeTime says:

    40th win of the season with 9 games to go. Last years total wins was 39 reg season. I’m sure glad we have PG and JM running the show….not the media pundits and HIO “experts”. We still have more talent with size coming up in the next couple of years. Gonna be fun!

    P.S. Thanks BG for rebuilding the organization from the bottom up!

  22. christophor says:

    Subban plays Lecavalier hard in front of the net and TSN turns it into a headline story for two days.

    Subban gets a hat-trick and it’s secondary news for TSN.

    Subban as villain = hits galore.

  23. Fargo Habs Fan says:

    Was at the game tonight- great time until I blew a tire in an infinite chasm on the interstate! Best part: a Habs(tm) fan had a huge mullet. Looked real- turned out to be fake when he tossed it on the ice for PKs 3rd. Classic.

  24. SUMO says:

    Like the new look.

    PK Subban, last time I saw slashing and hacking like that; Chris Chelios wore #24 for the Habs. Anybody else happy we got at least one Dman that makes it standing in front of Price a painful experience? Keep it up PK, pissing off the establishment bodes well for our future.

    In respone to Cherry, isn’t time he be taken off the air? One way would be to publish his and Don MacLeans salary. I know more than a few of you would be surprised how over-paid they are…..

  25. Chuck says:

    Nice tie, P.K. That’ll teach you to score three!

  26. JF says:

    After all the close games we’ve agonized through this season, a blowout was just a lot of fun to watch. It was a great game for the kids, especially of course the spectacular P.K. Subban, but also Ryan White and Benoit Pouliot. Pouliot redeemed himself for his brain-dead double minor that nearly cost us the game against the Lightning, and Ryan White had himself a night he’ll never forget and looks like he’ll be the muscle on our fourth line for a long while. I can’t see him going back to Hamilton any time soon.

    The Wiz had his best game in a while, and probably saved two goals as well as scoring. Cammy’s pass was a beauty, but he looks as though he’s not yet 100%. Perhaps when Pleks and Halpern come back, he should take a couple of games off. We’ll need him to be at the top of his form in the playoffs.

    For all the Kostitsyn-bashers out there – those who wanted him traded at the deadline for a bag of pucks – he’s now scored 19 goals, so is on pace for about the same total as usual. He’s been good offensively for most of the season and defensively responsible for the whole of it. He barrels through opponents like a tank, he’s strong on the puck, he finishes his checks, he wins the battles along the boards; and he no longer takes bad penalties every other game, something both he and his brother used to do. I hope Pierre Gauthier re-signs him.

    I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of games this season in which this team has not given a solid effort. Even on Friday night, tired and depleted, they fought their way back into the game. There’s usually little that’s positive about a 3-6 loss, but their refusal to quit was a big positive. It was a statement about their character and determination. They’re a very good telam, and, with a lineup studded with AHL regulars, they showed it tonight. A great way to start a tough week.

    • mamacat says:

      Your comment was good at first, then you went into this i-told-you-so rant continuing age old debates most of us have no care for. Why not just post the other stuff? it was good! :}

      • JF says:

        It was hardly a rant compared to the anti-Gomez, anti-Kostitsyn and anti-Cammallari rants I’ve read on this site. I hate when people bash any of our players. And there were a lot of people convinced that the Carolina game, the last before the trade deadline, was Kostitsyn’s last game as a Hab.

    • SUMO says:

      If they re-sign AK46, I hope he asks for a clause to NEVER play on Gomer’s wing again.

    • SLYDER says:

      The nice thing about AK is re-signing him wont cost an arm and a leg – and if he can sign him for 3 years at roughly $2.75, he could be a bargain if JM and staff could coach him into a “NAGS” power-forward style of play.

      • nick says:

        AK is currently getting paid 3.25 million a season.
        Given he has more points than Gionta, Gomez, and Cammy at the moment. Explain to me why he should be getting a pay cut?

        • SLYDER says:

          didnt dig to deep into this post – didnt have his exact current salary on hand, merely ballparking what i thought he was worth.

          that being said, looking at his stats over the past 4 years, he isnt exactly in line for a raise. i think his “raise” would be term.

          …how about 3 more years at $3.25?

  27. VancouverHab says:

    Memo to MIke Boone: Don Cherry praised P.K.’s ability to the skies on Coach’s Corner this week.

    • Billyboy says:

      Why does anyone quote that bufoon – Cherry- I for one mute him
      every time he opens his mouth. The man is an idiot.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Praised his abilities, than sidestepped that the little puke Marchand on Boston has been far, far less well-mannered than PK this season and acted like Subban was behaving like a maniac on the ice.

      He was ready to go with Sauer, refs interrupted because they saw White flying in there wanting to knock his jaw off.

    • zooziff says:

      Praised his abilities to the skies? I recall Cherry saying he was a good hockey player and everyone knows he’s a good hockey player. Praise to the skies though?

      Mixed in with…something to the effect… (on Subban):

      He’s got to stop this because somebody’s going to get him for sure.

      Are you kidding me? Even if Don Cherry is 100% right, to think that we live in an age where athletes can intentionally injure others because they’re supposedly dishonourable is ridiculous.

      Meanwhile Chara’s hit was just a hockey play and an unfortunate incident. If one of the Canadiens players stuck out their knee on Chara and blew out his ACL that would be horrendous, outside the code, and a rogue vile incident. I have never seen such a bunch of hypocrites.

    • encore4 says:

      What are the odds that:
      Don Cherry, being a man of character and in the interest of fair play will show Brad Marchand’s slewfoot on Hamrlik and his hit to the head of R.J. Umberger on next week’s segment?

      Don Cherry, being a man of character and in the interest of fair play will show Zden Chara’s two handed slash to the back of Pacioretty’s leg on next week’s segment?

      Don Cherry, being a man of character and in the interest of fair play will give equal time to Subban’s hat trick performance on next week’s segment?

      Don Cherry, being a man of character and in the interest of fair play will invite someone to debate his views on next week’s segment?

      CBC, being a natioal public network of integrity will invite someone to debate Don Cherry on next week’s segment or give them airtime to present a different point of view?

      Don Cherry realizes that he is going senile as suggested having remembered that Vincent Lecavalier is a french speaking canadian from Quebec and Subban is from TO?

      Don Cherry realizes that he is going senile as suggested having remembered that Zdeno Chara is from Slovakia and Dion Phaneuf is from Edmonton?

      Don Cherry realizes that he isn’t going senile and that his unconditional loyalty to the team that fired him is what prevents him from being rational and supercedes his other prejucies?

      Don Cherry realizes that it’s been over thirty years since he lost to Montreal and that he is going to need professional help if ever hopes to get over it?

      Don Cherry realizes that even though he his right about the seamless glass and equipment no one listens because no one takes a clown seriously?

  28. mamacat says:

    wordpress has amessage for the administrator.

    “WordPress 3.1 is available! Please notify the site administrator.”


  29. HotHabs says:

    Wild was tired and it showed. That’s not to take anything away from a solid effort by the Hockey’s (aka Habs). Auld was great when he needed to be and it sucked he was shafted with that penalty shot. It was really encouraging to see the team didn’t sit back after the first 2-3 goals. They took every opportunity to score and boy did it pay off! Congrats to PK – he earned it (Cherry can eat it!).

    This Minny club isn’t the Flyers or Caps, but let’s take the 2 points and enjoy for a couple days til Buff comes to town.

    PS – I miss our identity as a “Habs” fans’ site and this one isn’t rubbing off on me.

    • habs-hampton says:

      I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to request that you change your userid to “HotHockey” if you plan on continuing to visit our site. Otherwise, we will have Guido pay you a visit and have a “talk” with you.

  30. sampson12 says:

    I love how DD logged more TOI than Gomez. Sometimes I don’t mind injuries because it gives younger guys the chance to get more experience and show what they’re capable of, but obviously there are better times of the year for that to happen.

  31. longbow says:

    Another view into the future from P.K. tonight. How good will he be 2 or 3 years down the road.Closest thing to Bobby Orr I’ve seen since, well, Bobby Orr !
    These simple steps to get the avatar up are at the very least tedious. This is my first post since the change so I don’t even know if it is going to work. Here goes nothin’…….submit comment !

  32. sakuman says:

    I liked the old HIO format much better…cleaner and crisper and easier to see all the stories…please change back to the old format!!

  33. Brad says:

    I am here in canucks ville. I would like to thank the posters to this blog for keeping me up on the Habs. You can’t even find a score in the local rags.

    The new look is fantastic.

    Have a smoke meat on me..poutine too.

    GO HABS GO!!!

  34. filincal says:

    Real happy for Whitey….I’m sure the rest of the team is also. Stands up for all his team-mates usually against bigger thugs.

  35. mbplekfan says:

    Awesome game for PK. This should make the Calder committee sit up and take notice. The guy is the best rookie player in the league. He plays #1 defenceman minutes, scores, kills penalties, fights his own battles and is a force every game. What else is there????

    New site looks awful. Terribly boring and corporate. Looks like the lawyers got a hold of it…

  36. PrimeTime says:

    3 assists and +4 for Benny. Hopefully this gets him going from here on end. I’m happy for PK and Ryan White….both well earned games they will always remember. JM for the Jack Adams!

  37. larisalapointe says:

    So we seem to have survived NewSiteGate…all is well with a great win.
    PK should thank Lecavalier for “whacking” some sense into him. 🙂
    Shows what a great tough kid he is.

  38. wall2bay says:

    PK gets a Hat Trick…….the nerve of that guy! He needs to start respecting other players around the league!

    He better not try this again otherwise one of these days he will get the crap beat outta him!

    • Ian says:

      He comes out and scores a goal on a heart trophy winner and 2 against a proven goaltender who has before put his team on his shoulder with his stellar play. He shows no respect for these guys.

  39. Fred D says:

    The other point no one has made is that this HABS team just keeps right on coming. Over the last years, and this year also, we get a couple of goals ahead and then sit back. I was pleased to see that nothing like that happened tonight and we just kept on coming. Great stuff! Killer instinct in a positive fashion; yahoo!

  40. filincal says:

    I hope Chara’s good to go for thursday. I seen he took a slapper in the foot yesterday. I’m hoping there’ll be lotsa hockey plays shoved down his throat. Also im excited Marchand will be back from his suspension.

  41. go.habs.go says:

    Great post, Boone — made me happy (or maybe I’m still giddy from watching the moving poetry that is PK).

    Plan the parade!

  42. RJB says:

    Great game for the boys. Gotta say “Quick hits/about this evening” looks really well done. It’s going to take some time to adjust but this new updated blog is going to grow on us, keep up the good work guys!

  43. habitual says:

    I was a bit ratty on Martin about rookie ice time about 40 games ago, but the jury is back in and the verdict is: Martin (and company) have acquitted themselves extremely well.

    For sure our young guys have stepped up in an amazing fashion, and I agree Ryan White is developing into a reliable character guy.

    But the biggest hurrah goes to Martin, Pernn (somehow I know that’s spelled wrong), and Muller, who are doing a superb job keeping an AHL team in the playoff race.

    • DearyLeary says:

      Couple of issues. Martin is using younger players out of necessity, I think their growth has every bit as much to do with their perseverance as men, as it does to do with Martin’s coaching.

      I think that Eller’s increased minutes at center, to go with his increased numbers, is a good indication that Martin has mismanaged him for most of the season. I remain a Martin skeptic, and I’m more inclined to praise the makeup of the team that Gainey/Gauthier have put together (in this year’s case held together with bubble gum and masking tape).

      I do think that Martin has done well this year (despite my skepticism of his long term role with the team), in that we’re not just in a playoff race; we’re in contention for a top spot in the conference by potentially winning our division.

      • habfan1969 says:

        Dude, Eller wasn’t mismanaged this season. Mismanaging would have been throwing him top line minutes at center from the start. Remember, he was expected to start the season in the minors, had barely ever played in North America, had potential to become a top 6 in a couple years. I give our coaching staff a top grade for easing him in with NO time in the minors, rounding out his experience with stints on multiple lines, and moving him to his natural position to thrive just when everything really counts. And he’s not the only young player to have developed quite well since Martin has been coach.

  44. DearyLeary says:

    I just want to comment on the officiating. For the first time in a long time I thought the refs did a great job. Some soft penalties, but those are always called these days.

    The 10 minutes to Clutterbuck and Mara really put a cap on the game and ensured that no shenanigans would be happening in the twilight of a game that was already over. I think that when a player is obviously out there to take runs at players and is jawing off at anyone and everyone he runs into, it’s time to sit him down and let everyone know that they need to calm down.

    Big props to Ryan White. I’m still a little puzzled as to why he wasn’t pressed into duty after a fantastic pre-season. Lots of young players playing like they’ve got something to prove.

    The team has looked like a cohesive unit that plays for each other and not for personal glory (it even seems to rub off on Andrei from time to time). I hope that with such promising signs in the face of some truly devastating injuries (Markov, Gorges, Pacioretty..) Montreal looks like a better free agency destination. I think that our youth core looks as strong as ever since the lockout, and with the caveat that we can stay healthy next year we’ll be a team to be reckoned with.

    That’s not to say I’ve given up on this year: when Carey’s on his game (which he’s been on more than not this year) we’re a very difficult team to play. If the Rangers game showed us the pitfalls of youth, tonight surely showed us the potential peaks.

  45. ricardamundo says:

    Great win for the Habs (can I say Habs here???).

    Loved the way Subban shoved it down Cherry’s throat with his outstanding performance tonight.

    Hated CBC’s coverage. Cole was finished years ago. Why is he still calling games? He can’t identify the players properly, doesn’t see what happens on the ice and is late calling goals. Yikes. He’s awful.

    And what’s with Ron McLean? When Cherry’s around he’s just that big jerk’s fart catcher but without Cherry he thinks he’s a hockey genius. He refers to changes in the game with the royal “we” as if he was something other than a 2nd rate referee and and 3rd rate broadcaster.

    Then Ronnie makes a lame case for dispensing with the instigator rule to address the problem of dirty hits and head shots. So every team has to suit up a goon to police the game. The league just has to call the rules properly and institute appropriate fines and suspensions and that would be that. This so-called expert has been hanging around that idiot Cherry for far too long.

    I hate HNIC. I don’t like this new site much. I hate the fact that it isn’t Habs Inside Out anymore. BUT, I love P K Subban!!!!

    Go Habs, go.

  46. habsfaninboston says:

    Bang on Boone! This win was greatly needed before a crucial week. Rags are on our heels, but our boys are doing an admiral job of holding their own with all the injuries.
    Go Habs!

  47. SeriousFan09 says:

    PK Subban, first Habs rookie defencemen to score a hat trick.

    That’s a mind-blowing stat for the oldest and most storied franchise in the league.

  48. MathMan says:

    “Blowouts are the least meaningful games there are anyway. Sometimes one team gets all the breaks, or the goalie has a bad night, and boom, they get five goals on seven scoring chances, the other team goes one-in-six, and the game is over after 20. It’s not even necessarily the case that the team that is losing is playing badly or that the winning team is playing well. Sometimes, in a percentage game like hockey, you just keep rolling boxcars.”

    Hate to be a party-pooper, but it works both ways. 🙂 Especially since Minnosota played yesterday. So let’s not over-analyze. Still, that’s no reason not to enjoy it when it happens. 🙂

    • HardHabits says:

      A win is a win is a win is a win. 😉

      It’s not the win that matters though it’s how you win, and in this case when, and by that I mean after a nasty loss.

      I don’t dare claim to be prescient but I was hoping that Auld would get the start, if only because I want Price to be rested and hungry on one hand and because I want the team as a whole to not lean on goal-tending and play a solid two-way game that supports the net-minder rather the depend on him.

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