Quick hits

Before the season began, Carey Price faced more pressure than any other player in the NHL.

Now it’s James Wisniewski.

The wheels are coming off your Montreal Canadiens.

And the new defenceman, who will join the team for the end of this disastrous road trip, can’t solve all their problems.

Give them credit for consistency: the Canadiens have been shut out four times – all by 3-0 scores.

And don’t hang this on Carey Price. He made 28 saves, several of them sensational.

P.K. Subban played a decent game after another enforced vacation.

Lars Eller played 11 quality minutes.

Everyone else …

Consider the stats of the team’s best forward:

Tomas Plekanec had one shot on goal, lost 15 of 21 faceoffs and took six minutes in penalties.

Scott Gomez took 12 faceoffs and lost them all.

Consider Roman Hamrlik and Jaro Spacek playing 25:34 and 24:37, respectively.

Yes, they were heroic during Andrei Markov’s absence last season. But the Old Czechs were younger.

They’re 36. Hamrlik and Spatch play against the best forwards in the league. And when the opposing coach gets last change, it’s Alexandre Picard and Yannick Eber trying to contain the likes of Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, Alexander Semin et al.

The Canadiens weren’t terrible in Washington. They shut down one of the league’s most dangerous power plays, they forced Semyon Varlamov into some good stops.

But when the Caps grabbed an early lead ..

Well, you know the grim numbers:

Your Montreal Canadiens are 0-11 when trailing after one period, 0-14 when behind after 40 minutes.

On Dec. 7, the Canadiens were 18-8-2, good for first place in the Northeast Division.

Heading to sunny Florida – where Guy Boucher awaits – they’re 20-15-2 … good for eighth, and hoping the Wiz can help.

Wisniewski will help the power play, where the Canadiens cannot get a shot on goal from the point.

He’s a physical Dman who’ll keep the big thumpers off Carey Price.

With a solidified defence and strong goaltending, the Canadiens may score first and scratch out a few one-goal wins.

But what can Wiz do to get the forwards going?

Smack them around in practice?

No one on this team goes to the net.

The Canadiens are a perimeter team that doesn’t generate second chances.

RDS showed Tomas Plekanec going after Subban in practice. How often do we see that edge in games?

The guys with size either lack talent (Mathieu Darche, Travis Moen, Maxim Lapierre, who played four minutes) experience (Lars Eller, Max-Pac) or heart (AK46, Benoit Pouliot, who played all of 8:20 in Washington.)

Pleks, Scott Gomez, Brian Gionta and Michael Cammalleri are talented smurfs, unwilling or unable to go into the dirty areas.

One illustrative play: Cammalleri was parked at the side of the crease, trying to get into scoring position in front of Semyon Varlamov. His efforts to do so were countered by Karl Alzner, whom no one has ever mistaken for Scott Stevens.

Cammalleri was totally sealed off. Alzner didn’t yield an inch.

The Canadiens lose battles like that all over the ice, in every game.

Help is on the way in the person of Jimmy Wiz.

Will it be enough?

•  •  • 

Grim stat:

In their last two games, the Canadiens have scored once and taken 14 minor penalties, a double minor and a boarding major.

It’s officially a slump.

•  •  •

Boston and Carolina win.

Is it me, or is it getting kinda warm?


  1. krob1000 says:

    Maybe they will when this dumb Wis starts firing the puck

  2. krob1000 says:

    Eller is not yet 32 years of age or makey twice the money he should…these are prerequisites to acquire gold membership to JM’s accountability free club. 

    I lok to a few key mometns that truned this club around for the worst…first there ws the Eller getting five minutes despite playing his butf off, the non punishment of Gomez, this one is one the team and even guys like Hal Gill.,….when nobody stepped up and sided wiht Pkw hen the whole hockey world was on his ass and instead they agreed he needs to tone it down…I got my first hint of real troulbe…when Cammi didn’t say anything that night that he was actually more respnsible then PK for both of those mistakes…I knew there was trouble, when Poluiot gave up a few games ago on an icing and on Laps 2 on 1,……Andrei looking uninterested, etc…..

    I ta ll seemed to happena round the PK incdent…how does a guy go from being your top minute guy to not worthy of playing…..how did Andrei our third leading scorer get benched but not Gomez, how did Gill, Hammer and Spacek…remember Spacek for a whiule there not ever get benched and PK did..for being flashy? or cocky…well maybe the guys in tharoom should look aound and realize he wouldn’ have got all of that attention if one siumple thing weren;t true…..he is and was playing better than all of them….

    The step backs in Pouliot, Eller, Andrei and Pk all go directly back to JM’s drug store psychology in my mind..this isn’t 1985 and these kids could all quit and retire if they wanted…comfortably for the most part….they play because they want to play…theya re athletes….but when they are treated as experimental lab rats and guines pigs…they do not respond……..Gomez is playing great….now….but if he were anyone else he would have been waived long ago.  OB was not as bad as JM made him out to be and I am still sour on the whole Sergei thing as I will and don;t even bother trying to change my mind think the organizationw as more to blame there…..we just keep running guys out…not vets who are washed up but kids who have their best years ahead of them and are affordable…and for nothing.


  3. Chuck says:

    I could take 12 faceoffs and lose them all.  :)

    Centre Hice: Top-10 worst Hab nicknames

  4. Habnofear says:

    How bout Mark Messier….be like a epic movie staring Yule Brenner:)

  5. habsfan0 says:

    Does “wisdom” go to the net?

  6. krob1000 says:

    “But Yoda was just another smurf”?   Blasphemer!!!!

    Yoda was green…not baby blue, Yoda has a light sabre not hefty smurf, yoda’s girlfriend was…..ok…that one is a draw…dang…why is it I like Yoda so much….must be that infinite wisdom…yeah that’s it…wisdom…

  7. rwparent says:

    this is exactly the same as last year – nobody goes to the net and no offense from the defense

    a different coach has not changed that – this roster is totally dependent on the goalie stealing games

    if you think that is a good way to advance in the playoffs you might be in for a bad surprise

    Eller was the best player again tonight but Jacques does not reward it with more ice or better wingers

    please explain

  8. habsfan0 says:

    “Scott Gomez took 12 faceoffs and lost them all.”

    Geez…people expect miracles on $8 million per..

  9. yukonhab says:

    How bout this one?


    Never say whoa in  mud hole!





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  10. habsfan0 says:

    Put a white beard and moustache on Jacques Martin..and he’d be a dead ringer for Captain E.J. Smith of the Titanic..

  11. krob1000 says:

    well at least the good news is I wouldn’t be this upset if I didn’t think they were better…..The key to our early success was production and solid play from the second tier of guys Andrei, Pk, Pouliot, Eller…..essentially everyone that has been doghoused. They have all had their confidence stripped….instead of being told to work through their problems they have ahd them compounded.  This team with Markov and one more acquistion was a contender, without him we need far more tweaking but the main parts are there…..but all the best tools make not a mechanic……and I wouldn’t let Jacques near my car….

  12. rwparent says:

    please explain…real slow and no big words

  13. habsfan0 says:

    But Yoda was just another smurf..he’d fit right in on the Habs..

  14. yukonhab says:

    Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional is the best explaination of being a Habs fan





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  15. jew4jah says:

    i’m not a smart man but i know what poop is

  16. larisalapointe says:


  17. krob1000 says:

     the habs are like a box of chocolates…except lately I know what I’m gonna get

  18. krob1000 says:

    I FOUND A GREAT SITE FILLED WITH QUOTES FOR THESE TIMES OF TROUBLE….http://www.quotegarden.com/adversity.html

    If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire, then you got a problem.  Everything else is inconvenience.  ~Robert Fulghum

    Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional.  ~M. Kathleen Casey

    If you’re going through hell, keep going.  ~Winston Churchill

    We have no right to ask when sorrow comes, “Why did this happen to me?” unless we ask the same question for every moment of happiness that comes our way.  ~Author Unknown

    A bend in the road is not the end of the road… unless you fail to make the turn.  ~Author Unknown

    The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief.  ~William Shakespeare, Othello

    I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle.  I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.  ~Mother Teresa

    The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.  ~Harry Golden

    We acquire the strength we have overcome.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

    You can’t run away from trouble.  There ain’t no place that far.  ~Uncle Remus

    Enduring habits I hate…. Yes, at the very bottom of my soul I feel grateful to all my misery and bouts of sickness and everything about me that is imperfect, because this sort of thing leaves me with a hundred backdoors through which I can escape from enduring habits.  ~Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, 1882

  19. yukonhab says:

    Anger is as anger does Krob1000





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  20. RiverviewCanadien says:

    So…any chance Feaster will trade the Habs Iginla?

  21. Shiloh says:

    The incredible Bobby Zimmerman, born 100 miles down the road from Thunder Bay in Hibbing, Minnesota. He also had something to say to Don Cherry and all the right-wingers:

    “You know patriotism is the last refuge

    to which a scoundrel clings.

    Steal a little and they’ll throw you in jail,

    Steal a lot they’ll make you king.

  22. krob1000 says:

    You guys are no fun….misery loves company and I am miserable…..oh well…the site can be my cyber shrink….I’ll type a lot and it can listen….then I’ll feel better….I need to see results and yellng at the television just couldn’t let me truly visualize my anger


  23. Bill says:

    People do give you a lot of crap, no doubt about it. Maybe it’s your avatar?

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  24. krob1000 says:

    “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”



    And I am afraid…very afraid……


  25. krob1000 says:

     This little ditty goes out to all those under 32 who have had arse splinter issues since JM’s appointment in Montreal…….

    “Fraid of Jacques, fraid of Jacques,he don’t  like you, less your 32 ,

     sign me to anotha teama, sign me to anotha teama, done like din, done like din”

    Everybody now…..

  26. 24 Cups says:

    It ain’t dark yet but it’s getting there (Bob Dylan).

  27. yukonhab says:

    Maybe we’ll go and get Bieksa next






    Support your local indian – Price 31

  28. krob1000 says:

    Was it that movie where Fat Bastard stole the teams MOJO? you can’t leave me hanging ….that’s two edumacated guesses!

  29. krob1000 says:

    The Outsiders?

  30. Graves says:

    The scorers can’t score and the tough guys aren’t tough. Haven’t we seen this movie before?

  31. krob1000 says:

    oh….I thought Martin benched him for a mistake he made in New York two weeks ago….

  32. yukonhab says:

    He’s saving it all for Mtl





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  33. krob1000 says:

    Dunno bout that trade…Wisniewski looked kind of invisible out there tonight

  34. Timo says:

    Man, you SHOULD watch. It was quite an experience. I swear.

  35. Timo says:

    Sigh… i have to start repeating this all over again. before we start wishing for this player and that player we need a coach that can utilize each players skills and talents in the proper way, not try to mold everyone to fit some sort of The System be you a 50 goal scorer or a plugger. So before we get Kessler or Iginla or Sidney Crosby we need to get rid off Martin and get a coach that can work with players. 

  36. Shiloh says:

    Just got home – don’t know if I’ll watch Canadiens Express on RDS or not. We have a record of 20-15, which is about what we’re worth thus far. I’m getting concerned about Jacques Martin though. They are not responding to his “tweaks”. The handling of Subban was a big mistake. Sitting him one game would have been a lesson – sitting hime three games has clearly backfired. The “system” seems to be nothing more than trying to win as many games as possible by a score of 2-1. That plan goes out the window if your goalie doesn’t stand on his head every period of every game. I think it’s time to let Kirk Muller have a go at coaching – maybe the players will respond.

  37. yukonhab says:

    How’s it going Boone?

    Happy New Year!





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  38. Timo says:

    True… with Sutter we could have had Iginla for Darche. 

  39. SeriousFan09 says:

    Habs need Gionta to say “You know what, Pacioretty would probably work a lot better screening the goalie than I do, we should switch places and I should play perimeter.”


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  40. yukonhab says:

    Daniel Sedin would be good also





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  41. Mike Boone says:

    Everyone does

  42. Timo says:

    it ain’t bad. For me Wiesnewski always associates with sneezing though. But I can’t come up with a joke.

  43. Timo says:

    … or we can just get rid off Martin. Which is easier?

    Good summary indeed by Boone. Funny how when I say these things I am getting shat on left and right… I guess status is everything.

  44. yukonhab says:

    Habs need a Ryan Kessler





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  45. SeriousFan09 says:

    Iginla would put the Habs in legit Contender status provided not too much was given up in the move, a shame Daffy Darryl stepped down in CGY, Feaster might want something more than magic beans.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  46. keepthefaith says:

    Before you capolgists and such tell me the million reasons why this will never happen, I am just dreaming out loud. But wouldnt Jarome Iginla and his attitude look good in a Habs uniform.

  47. Bill says:

    A terse and to the point summary, with some unusually – and very welcome – frank statements:

    “No-one on this team goes to the net”

    “The Canadiensd are a perimeter team that doesn’t generate second chances”

    “The guys with size either lack talent (Mathieu Darche, Travis Moen,
    Maxim Lapierre, who played four minutes) experience (Lars Eller,
    Max-Pac) or heart (AK46, Benoit Pouliot, who played all of 8:20 in

    “Pleks, Scott Gomez, Brian Gionta and Michael Cammalleri are talented smurfs, unwilling or unable to go into the dirty areas.”

    Wizniewski IS going to help. He’s going to take a load off the other defenders and improve the offence. Defensively, I don’t know anything about him, other than that he was not highly esteemed by the Ducks, and was cut loose suspiciously early by the Isles, though I don’t know if that means anything.

    But the Habs need a difference maker up front. They need that guy who will make trouble in the crease and be a physical presence in the offensive zone, because right now NO ONE on this team makes any defender uncomfortable in the offensive zone.

    The tantalizing thing is … it would just take one guy … I thought it could be Max Pac, but rest assured Martin is working his magic on neutering that guy’s game. The Habs need a veteran with lots of sand and good hands who can’t be cowed by JM’s boring perimeter style. Iginla is an example, though that deal is probably impossible. Him or someone like him would make a huge difference to this squad though.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  48. Chris L says:

    The last few weeks have been a bummer to watch.  I was disappointed in the off-season when they didn’t resign Dominic Moore.  IMO, he is a tad bit better than Darche & Halpern.  Yet, moaning over a 4th line center won’t solve the problems the team is currently facing.  Does bringing in Langenbrunner to play with his old pals from NJ help?  It could help… personally, I’d love to see it.  I also believe that there a better answer is a top 6 forward to play with them that has size. 

    If Gorges is out, they need at least one more D.  Wiz is a great start.

  49. punkster says:

    Is this the first official Wiz joke? Awesome!


  50. HardHabits says:

    Knock, knock.

    Who’s there?


    Nothing’s newskie with me, what’s newskie with you?

  51. habs001 says:

    again who on the team is under performing in goal scoring based on their career stats..exactly…ouris group of forwards are doing what they will do for the rest of the year ,next year…thay are what they are…eller is the only unknown forward that we do not know his upside

  52. wall2bay says:

    Hammer (and even Spacek) have no business playing the PP anymore.  We need a top fwd that actually goes to the net and has talent……..Iginla maybe???  Maybe the Flames cut their losses and take Hammer’s expiring contract???

    And another thing why can’t Weber and PK play together on the PP??

    “I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

  53. MathMan says:

    Most frustrating thing about this slump? The panic coming from all quarters.

    What’s causing this funk?

    Same reason the Caps lost so many in a row: bad luck.

    The Habs have been outplaying teams, outchancing them, out-everythinged them and still lost a lot of games, often by three. Everything the other team has done has turned to goal. Every turnover by the Habs has turned into a goal against. Meanwhile, the Habs have taken WAY more dangerous shots than their opponents, have gotten more and better scoring chances, and they can’t buy a goal, a call, a bounce.

    Of course, we don’t want to admit that, so we try to find some underlying reason. The team must not be putting in the effort, Subban must be causing a rift, the loss of Markov must be taking its toll 20 games after it happened. And when you’re losing games 5-2, 4-1, and 3-0, it’s hard to be on the lookout for those things that are much more reliable indications of how well a team is playing than the final score.

    But the reality is the same that meant Gionta couldn’t buy a goal earlier on. It’s a classic, percentages-driven slump. It’s very frustrating to watch and more frustrating is the panicky explanations, because too many hockey “analysts” aren’t actually analysts, they are storytellers who look for narratives, and we as fans naturally follow that line of thinking. And they’ll come up with a narrative, even if it blatantly contradicts the facts (“the Habs kept the Caps to the outside during the playoffs”). Sounds like l’Antichambre is blaming PK?

    The Habs will come out of this, and since their underlying numbers have all been fantastics, they should go on a righteous tear when they do. I’m sure we’ll see more fun stuff written then about stepping up, finally putting in the effort, adjustments, and whatnot.



  54. RS says:

    I guess it makes me an optimist when I point out that it could have been a lot worse tonight! I feared a total thrashing and it didn’t happen.

    Price had a good game. Wiz should send Webber to the pressbox or Hamilton and give the Habs a decent 20 min a night. If Subban could only get his mojo back and warrant 20 min a night himself, this team could start winning once in a while again.

  55. yukonhab says:

    Bad luck is justification. However we need some grit upfront. I love AK, but its time for him to go. He along w Benny could get maybe a tougher top 6.

  56. JasonM says:

    Who’s producing? Who’s not?


    Gionta 5G – 1A = 6P
    Gomez 3G – 7A = 10P
    Moen 1G – 1A = 2P

    Cammalleri 5G – 7A = 12P
    Plekanec 3G – 4A = 7P
    Kostitsyn 1G – 4A = 5P

    Pouliot 2G – 3A = 5P
    Halpern 1G – 2A = 3P
    Darche 3G – 3A = 6P

    Eller 1G – 3A = 4P
    Lapierre 1G – 2A = 3P
    Pyatt 1G – 1A = 2P

    Pacs 1G – 2A = 3P in 6G

    Gill 0G – 1A = 1P
    Gorges 0G – 0A = 0P
    Hamrlik 2G – 4A = 6P
    Spacek 0G – 3A= 3P
    Picard 2G – 2A = 4P

    Subban 1G – 1A = 2P in 7G
    Weber 0G – 2A = 2P in 6G

    Something happened to the Habs when they lost that game to Edmonton. It seems that when the changes were made to the team they have been unable to play quality hockey. There hasn’t been a stretch where I sat down and watched them play in awe as they played some quality hockey. I’ve seen some flashes here and there but the Habs are playing very mediocre hockey. Carey Price is no longer standing on his head and when everyone is no longer playing at their best and shall I say… coasting? that won’t be enough… they won’t win games.

    Now that the pressure is on there’s a big problem… they cannot get it back into gear and what does that translate to? Poor plays being made, frustrated reactions and ultimately, bad penalties. The Habs have played a terrible month of hockey and combined the Habs have taken far more penalties than have been granted and it’s no referee controversy here folks.

    I’m not happy with Martin. I think he’s unable to get the best out of his players and plays a game the way it shouldn’t be played in this day and age. Furthermore, the youth don’t tend to grow under him, a big issue when you have really OLD players and really young studs. I feel the way he’s handled Subban far from ideal and to be honest, he had to take care of other players beforehand.

    There’s an issue with confidence right now and more importantly an issue with motivation. I don’t see any hunger out there and our forwards are shooting the opponents with peas. We can’t score, we can’t finish and no one has stepped up and took it to the other team. I thought this team had leadership? I just don’t see it.

    It’s embarassing to lose to the Islanders.

    To no show the next game and get shut out?

    As the French media would put it… “c’est deplorable.”

  57. wall2bay says:

    Totally agree especially on the handling on Subban by JM.  It almost seemed as if JM was waiting for him to have a bad game to bench him.  The swagger isn’t there and it’s affected the whole team not just Subban.  The kid looks like he’s playing for the coach and ice time…….and that’s not how nor what he was playing like when he came into the league.


    “I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

  58. Sheldon says:

    Another episode of “Yanking the Yule Log on Ice!” As a friend replied when I asked him the difference between the Habs and the Leafs, “Not much!”

  59. yukonhab says:

    Carey had a good game! Shame about the support…





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  60. rocketsglare says:

    The goal of this team is to keep pace within the Eastern Conference of a playoff spot while attempting to

    work out of their slump. The question is, can they?

    Go Habs Go!

  61. keepthefaith says:

    I said the exact same thing about Pleks. Three fights with Subban in practice but not one ounce of toughness during a game. 

    As i said in the other thread. Did people really expect us to win the East this year? We are exactly where we belong, in a dog fight for the final four playoffs spots with 6 or 7 teams. Its too early to panic.

  62. RS says:

    Yep, this is where this team belongs, fighting for a playoff spot. They are not cup contenders with this roster. But they aren’t horrible either (they just sometimes play that way).

  63. Ed says:

    Mike, you never mentioned Lapierre, who only played 4:08. Did he get hurt?


    Also, the ice time was reduced for more forwards than usual.

    Halpern 8:33

    Moen 7:21

    Darche 8:28

    Pouliot 8:20

    You mentioned how bad Plekanec was on the faceoffs. What about Gomez who was 0 for 12.

  64. RS says:

    It’s particularly unusual for Halpern to play so little. Was he hurt?

  65. Mike Boone says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. I did some editing.

  66. keepthefaith says:

    As long as they make the playoffs, they are cup contenders, as we all saw last year anything can happen. But  making the playoffs is the main thing. Nobody should have expected us to remain tops in East all year.

  67. MathMan says:

    They are MUCH better than the final scores in this slump indicate, and they’ve played much better than 2-7. The Habs are probably the best team in their division (granted, it’s a very weak division) and will probably end up 3rd in the East. Once they get out of this they’ll probably end up with 100-105ish points.

  68. HardHabits says:

    Cup contenders are teams that finish in the top 5 over-all, and it is possible to include the top 10, but really the Cup falls to a team in the top 5. Check the winners since the conference format has been introduced. Making the play-offs is about making additional revenue and placating fans. It’s true anything can happen, but the reality is the teams that finish in the top 5 are the real contenders. The rest have a chance, but no-one says the whole pack are contenders.

  69. keepthefaith says:

    Sure they are. Every team that makes the playoffs has a chance to win the cup. Therefore they are contenders. Some chances are a lot slimmer than other but the chance is still there. See last years playoffs. Seeds 7 and 8 in the ECF. And Philly had a chance to beat Chicago for sure. Not a huge chance but a chance. 

  70. yukonhab says:

    Gomer only makes 7.3!




    Support your local indian – Price 31

  71. bertuzzisucks says:

    Gomez actually makes 8 million

    His cap hit is 7.3

    Look it up!!


  72. yukonhab says:



    Now i’m depressed….





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  73. krob1000 says:


    There now I can leave for the night knowing it isn’t just me…..


  74. habsfan0 says:

    I suspect your depression would be somewhat alleviated if you made $8 million per..

  75. krob1000 says:
    05:21 Vancouver Ryan Kesler (19) (Henrik Sedin, Christian Ehrhoff) PP

    I was just skimming the Van boxscore and noticed that Henrik was in on a goal that Daniel was not…this could be the break we’ve been waiting for….will Daniel want out of Vancouver to get away from that selfish brother of his? Has Kesler put a wedge between the twins?Will Vancouver choose the twins and get rid of KEsler?

  76. yukonhab says:

    Worth asking!





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  77. yukonhab says:

    I was wondering how Gomer dealt with it all…8 million reasons per





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  78. krob1000 says:

    geez…lighten up will ya? lol

  79. habsfan0 says:

    Gomer’s from Alaska..on a clear day,he can see Russia.

  80. sidhu says:

    Boone, you hit the nail right on the head: “No one on this team goes to the net. The Canadiens are a perimeter team that doesn’t generate second chances.”

    Benny’s time is up, so is Max’s.  A friend who is a Caps fan was asking where Halpern was tonight in a key game against his former club — he was missing in action, too. 

    We should call up White — he’s back from injury and had an awesome camp.  We need his type of play.  I’d take White (from what I saw in camp) over Benny or Max or Halpern any day.  Benny and Max can be traded for some real energy and grit.  I like David Clarkson and Ben Eager — they are out there and available.

  81. Habnofear says:

    sidhu,I usually agree with you or se your point but  I disagree with Boone’s and Your assessment.this time.Those two goals score on Price tonight were perfect shots….when was the last time any Hab had one of those???Even when there’s a no goalie  at the end o game they miss by miles,like who let’s these guy’s into the pro’s ?And too go after players who make around a million? WHERE ARE THE BIG CONTRACT GUY’S ….THEY ABSOLUTELY SUCK …IT’S PATHETIC.These guy’s are payed  a ransom’s salary and have no excuses!

  82. yukonhab says:

    Would lighten up if i had something to smoke!





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  83. yukonhab says:

    Maybe he can see the KHL from here…





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  84. habsfan0 says:

    One can only hope..

  85. yukonhab says:

    Hope is so overrated





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  86. habsfan0 says:

    and so…unfortunately..is Gomer

  87. yukonhab says:

    Hilarious! Good one.

    We have come full circle now!





    Support your local indian – Price 31

  88. Mr.Hazard says:

    Slumpy McSlumperton.

  89. yukonhab says:

    Stinky McStinkerson






    Support your local indian – Price 31

  90. Chuck says:

    Price should sue for lack of support. In his 13 regulation losses, the Habs have scored a total of 17 goals, or just 1.3 per game.

    Add to that Auld’s two regulation losses (he should sue, too), and the Habs have scored a total of 18 goals in their 15 regulation losses, or a paltry 1.2 goals per game.

    Centre Hice: Top-10 worst Hab nicknames

  91. yukonhab says:

    Evening Chuck!






    Support your local indian – Price 31

  92. Rainrocket16 says:

    I think the move to get the Isles D man was a very smart move, although I would have traded Hammer for him or hell even Weber instead of a 2nd rounder but oh well. This move will help us but people you have to look at it like this, Boston is not consistent enough to keep winning like this, they get confident and then we pass them, happens almost all the time! Plus we needed a reality check and we are getting it, if you do not go to the net and also not help your netminder out, you will fail! Wake em up JM!!

  93. rocketsglare says:

    Hey Boone, I think Luca Brasi would be a better fit to guard Price. Jimmy Wiz doesn’t sound as menacing.

    Go Habs Go!

  94. keepthefaith says:

    Interesting Habs stats that I didnt know

    Howie Morenz -1929-30 GP 44 -Goals-40-Assists-10 Points-50 –won 3 Stanley Cups. Still got booed at the end of his career by the home fans. haha those hab fans. They say he died from having a broken heart after realizing he would never play again after a check in the boards broke his leg and ankle in four spots. 

    Georges Vezina- Started the first game of the 1910-11 series and played every game (regular season and playoffs)  for the next 18 years plus a game.  He never put on skates until he was 18  years old. Andgoalies werent allowed to fall down for most of his career. He also had 24 children. 2 Stanley Cups

    Newsy Lalonde 70 goals in 47 games over two seasons 1919-1921

    Joe Malone 20 games played 44 goals 0 assists. (thats awesome) 1917-1918

    Players used to play all or most of the 60 minutes.

    George Hainsworth (this is crazy) 44 GP 22 wins 7 losses 15 ties 22 Shutouts!! In those days forward passing was illegal but even after the rule changed he never has a GAA higher than 2.42

    I could go on and on but it  would take forever. I got these stats from the book- HONORED CANADIENS , HOCKEY HALL OF FAME. I got if for Christmas two years ago and just found it again now . Every Hab fan needs this book.


  95. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …just a couple comments …Carey played FANTASTIC in the 2nd & 3rd period …IF He can keep that up THAT is an optimistic portent going forward
    …You likely know I went into conniptions when The Habs’ powers-that-be allowed Boucher to walk …and instead decided that General Custer (er, I mean Jacques Martin) was the Way Of The Future for Our Habs
    …yet, My logic tells Me that Jacques Martin did keep Us at or near the top of Our Division up until this past week …the wheels obviously have come-off lately …the cammaraderie that exemplified Our Team starting in last season’s Playoffs seems to be under-stress for reasons We can only speculate right now …(PK’s over-exhuberance rubbing Some the wrong-way ?; Over-all team burn-out under the ‘stress’ of maintaining JM’s ‘system’ over a long season ?, …frustration of some Players bouncing from line-to-line, or sitting inexplicably when Others deserve it more has finally demoralized and stifled creativity ?) …Who of Us really knows ? …OR MAYBE ? …it’s the type of slump that every team will go through at one time or other during a long gruelling season
    …I agree as Fans it is normal to speculate, BUT it’s a tad premature to lose Our heads, go bananas, calling for JM’s head
    …I believe We should be more patient, and wait another week

  96. teamhab says:

    I think changes are necessary. Wiz is a start and he will help. Two major problems on this team are  goal scoring and toughness. They just can’t score goals.  2.31 goals per game average in their last 19 games.  Bad, very bad.  Watched the Washington game tonight – how many missed shots did they have  ? I wasn’t keeping track but it seemed 2 of every 3 shots missed the net.  They need a couple of big forwards who can hit , play nasty and put the puck in the net. Scott Hartnell comes to mind (not that he’s available). Most of all, they have to play desperate all out hockey.  They’re way to cute right now..it’s like they believe  they’re cup contenders and only have to show up to collect 2 points. You can see it in their puck decisions – always  trying to set up tick tack toe goals  instead of just getting the puck on net, screening the golaie …and maybe getting some ugly goals. My quick fix ? Get rid of Kostitsyn and  Pyatt .  Bring up Ryan White and Ian Shutlz, Then look  for a major trade. How about Gomez for Iginla ?

  97. billylove says:

    Boone, your assessment is right on! Living in the Bay area, I watch the Sharks all the time and wish the Habs had some of their size, especially up front. Ryane Clowe is a perfect example of how size can pay off. He’s not the most skilled player, but he works to improve his skating, shooting, passing and most important of all, he’s learned how to take advantage of his size. Most of his goals come from in close where he simply outmuscles dmen because he’s big, tough and is not easily moved. Ask any dman who they would rather battle with in front of their goalie, Clowe or Gomez, Gionta, Pleks or Cams? That’s a no brainer! Clowe’s toughness also emboldens his smaller linemates making them more effectve, eg Logan Couture, top rookie scorer in the league. When the smurfs, and some of the supporting cast are playing at their very best, they are fun to watch and can be effective but there aren’t many players who night in and night out can peform at their peak. Without the advantages gained by size, smaller players have to be that much better in every aspect of the game and quite frankly, the smurfs collectively can’t be considered among the most skilled in the league. They do not have the sheer ability to overcome their lack of size over the long grind of the NHL schedule. By every objective measure, this team is one of the mediocre group that will have to fight like hell to make the playoffs and are overreliant on spectacular goaltending to save the day. The move for JWIZ is good, but the front office needs to seriously reconsider the smurf strategy if the goal is to get back on top!   

  98. mrhabby says:

    Iggie for Gomez..never happen,never.

  99. billylove says:

    You got that right!

  100. Habnofear says:

    Across Canada  and around the world  this is the way it is to be a Stanley Cup Contender …but not at Habs management!

  101. redgorf says:


    How can a gm just sit there and watched a head coach destroy young talent coming up with a certain style of play go down the drain.The CH manegment type of play  is not working for the last two years the owners should can them. There seams to be new trends about mng nt ,like the ones in Toronto, isl,devils they win one cup and become geniuses and persist with thier losing ways. 

  102. billylove says:

    If this slide lasts much longer, the whole team will come apart and management will head to the bunker to escape the fury!

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