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Hosni Mubarak is right: Democracy sucks!

The new system of fanvoting deprived the best player on the ice of a star.

Michael Grabner, a former Vancouvewr first-round draft choice whom the Islanders claimed off waivers from Florida, scored twice and spent the night in Alex Auld’s kitchen, untroubled by an proximate red jerseys.

But the native of Villach, Austria, got jobbed as the homer fans voted stars to Tomas Plekanec and Max Pacioretty.

They both played well.

An indicator of Pleks’s all-around value (no news there!) was the 26 faceoffs he had to take. He topped Canadiens forward with 22:31 minutes of ToI and scored the goal that gave the Canadiens the last of the three leads they relinquished.

Pacioretty, who hasn’t played a bad game since his call-up, continued to shine: A lovely one-timer goal, SEVEN shots on goal, three hits.

Hometown star selectors might also have considered any member of the Canadiens’ best line: 

Centring Benoit Pouliot and Ryan White, David Desharnais, who had trouble on draws when he first came up from Hamilton, won 10 of 14, set up Pacioretty’s goal and played 22 shifts.

Scott Gomez played 23 shifts. He was better than he was in Boston – how could he be worse? – but Gomez continues to make bizzare plays that befuddle his easily-confused linemates, Lars Eller and Andrei Kostitsyn. They were all minuses, for the second straight night.


When asked whether his team had experienced an emotional letdown after that wild game in Boston, Jacques Martin conceded that possibility but pinpointed wear and tear on his aging defencemen as a more pressing issue in letting the lowly Islanders erase three leads en route to winning the game in a Shootout.

An injury to Hal Gill meant Jaro Spacek (teamed with P.K. Subban) and Roman Hamrlik had to play brutal minutes: 27:07, in the case of Hamrlik. That’s a lot for an old geezer in the second game of a back-to-back – the third such set in 10 days.

The Canadiens have Friday off and then try to break their three-game losing streak against the Leafs – another team, like the Islanders, playing with no pressure.

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  1. HardHabits says:

    I thought the same thing when the Bruins signed Chara. They were nowhere back then. Look at them now.

    Chara, Pronger… Gionta. I think there is the crux of the matter. Those teams went bigger. The Habs went smaller.

    The Flyers and Bruins are cannons. The Habs, cannon fodder

  2. Displaced says:

    When the Flyers traded for Pronger, I thought, they WAY paid overpaid for an older defenseman with rapidly diminishing skills…  I was wrong.  But I missed the big picture.  They have a singular goal – win the Cup.  Not “make the playoffs”.  Not “be competitive”.  Not “make money”.  Win the Cup.  They spun their wheels early last season and brought in Laviolette, a coach with a Cup winning pedigree.

    What is our goal?  Seriously…

    BG and PG have had success (hell, lots more than most) but they seem to be making the safe moves rather than going for it.  And our team seems to be inheriting that conservative trait.  Let’s review our recent major moves:

    – Our major acquisition for last year’s playoffs was Moore.  Nice pick up.  Cost us a second rounder.  He certainly contributed to our unexpectedly good playoff success.  But is that a Cup win move?  No. 

    – We lose Markov and Gorges and replace them with Wiz.  Again, nice pick up.  Moderate cost.  Is that a move that will win the Cup? 

    – Two years ago, we added Cammi, Gio, Gomez, some older D, and bring in JM to coach.  Are Cammi and Gio really first line forwards on a Cup winner?  Probably not.  Gomez top line on a Cup winner – sort of.  He was a rookie when the Devils won their second and scored 55 regular-season points on their most recent Cup winner.  Again, nice additions and perhaps the best players available that offseason.  Not really Cup winning stuff.  

    – JM is the Volvo of NHL coaches.  Nice guy.  Safe pick.  Long tenure.  Lots of wins.  Good organizational guy.  Never won a Cup.  Hell, he had to buy tickets to get into the Cup game.  He has  the second most regular seasons wins without a Cup appearance.  Second to Ron Wilson… ouch. 

    Safe is becoming our trademark.  I’d be more optimistic that there’s a Cup in our future if we rolled the dice, swung for the fences, or reached for the brass ring.  If this team isn’t going to win it all, break it up.  If it has a shot, make the big moves.  Until we start taking chances are theme song as fans might be Stuck in the Middle with You. 

    Who’s leg do I have to hump to get a dry martini around here?

  3. db says:

    I was hanging around downtown (mtl) while waiting for the rookie draft to start (whatever year that was).  All of a sudden, while crossing the street, I hear a man shout “I DONT CARE WHAT IT TAKES, GET IT DONE!!!”.  I turned around and it was Paul Holgren (sp).. the next day the Flyers “overpaid” (not possible) for Pronger.  Honestly, my fave GM is Homer.. Flyers were at the bottom one year and the bam! a contender the next. 

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