Penguins Game 7 injury report

Bill Guerin: Day-to-day, upper-body injury

Sidney Crosby: Game-time decision, diaper rash







Etta James serenades the Habs



  1. habsoul says:

    I don’t know Caps owner Ted Leonsis, but he seems like a class guy. 

    From his Blog, Ted’s Take:

    You have to respect the Montreal Canadiens. They are just a good team period.

    We must improve and we know it but the Canadiens impressed me last night and in this series so far against the Penguins, and obviously against us.

    At one point half way through the game last night they had taken ONLY 8 shots and were down 1 to 0. Thirty minutes of hockey and 8 shots on goal.They ended up winning the game by a score of 4 to 3 to force a game 7.

    They are truly a patient team and a frustrating team to play against. They neutralize and discombobulate teams and stars. It is a very unique style they play and whatever works, works.


  2. habs-hampton says:

    He’s not 17 anymore. Now he IS one of the men in the league. It’s time to grow up. If he doesn’t like it, go play in a church league. I play in a league where huge, grown men are constantly harrassing me, tripping me, slashing me, getting in my face, and I have to PAY to play in that league.

    Hey Sid, I’ll trade spots with ya, and then you’ll have something to whine about!


  3. V. says:

    I love Max. I met him twice, once he didn’t have to stop and take a pic, but he did :D

    I love the whole team. I am so proud of them. :D

    Go Habs Go!

  4. punkster says:

    Ian, it would be a pleasure to attend another fine event organized by you.


  5. Big Ted says:

    No one is questioning Sid’s talent and we all put up with his whining when he was playing for Canada, but that’s all we did, is put up with it. I certainly respect that he performs under extreme pressure, but part of your performance is how you conduct yourself on the ice, not just of of it, and Crosby’s body language tells everyone he is a sore loser and a player who expects that his talent will be rewarded by preferential treatment from the officials. Slamming your stick on the net, throwing your broken stick at an official, whining at the refs after just about every single play, attacking opposing players after the final buzzer because you are upset they shut you down… all of those things (and in just one series) are extremely juvenile, and if he’s going to throw tantrums, one has to expect that he will be penalized for them or that he will be derided for his actions, as he deserves to be. I don’t feel his interviews are genuinely classy at all, I think he says what is politically correct when the camera is on, but it is much easier to rehearse what you’re going to say when not in the spur of the moment. His immature actions on the ice are a much better reflection of his true attitude, and I for one have little respect for his sense of entitlement.

  6. V. says:

    diaper rash, hahahahahahah. I LOVE your Sidney Crosby or should I say Cindy Crybaby jokes! :D

  7. B says:

    Gomez has played well, but the success of the team is not a very good reason to try and overpay him even more (even if it was possible). I hope you are just being facetious. I am as thrilled as anyone of the success they have had in the playoffs and that thrill grows bigger with every game, but forgive if I don’t go over the top in heaping credit (or even more money) on certain good players or good former GMs. We have been watching an amazing team effort, I hope to see it continue starting with tomorrow night.

  8. Kristopher7 says:

    AK46 needs to score some goals, he has three this playoffs and it was a hat trick in game 2 of the first series.

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