Habs I/O Fan Summit Pics

Naila Jinnah, my friend, sometime colleague and frequent Habs Inside/out poster, took great pictures of all the festivities yesterday.
Check them out here.

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About last night …

I hate to say I told you so ... but I told you so.
EEEEE-mail has been singing the praises of Roman Hamrlik since the season began.



Canadiens win by two goals!!

And finally this season, a few bounces go their way.

The winner, for instance: a Roman Hamrlik shot that bounced off the glass behind Buffalo

Down … but it looks like up to me

A glance at the standings this morning reveals that hockey's proudest franchise is looking up at the other four teams in the Northeast Division.
But while some excitable

A 4-3 heartbreaker

The Canadiens played their hearts out.
They came back from a 1-0 and 3-1 deficits to tie the game with less than seven minutes left.
Then Tom Kostopoulos,

Carving Kovy a new one on national (okay, Toronto) TV

The TSN guys were all over Alex Kovalev for second-guessing Guy Carbonneau's late-game coaching against the Panthers.
"Mad Mike" Milbury (anyone else notice how difficult it's becoming to

Souray out

The former Canadiens defenceman suffered a separated shoulder in a fight on the weekend.

In addition to his surgically repaired wrist, Souray has a history of shoulder problems.

Bob Hartley


What's the area code for Hawkesbury? I bet he's

Kovy stirs the pot

Alex Kovalev, who ripped Guy Carbonneau in the Russian magazine interview he says (wink, wink) he never gave last season, is at it again.
In addition to accurately

First shootout, first SO loss

Christopher Higgins, the best of the Canadiens tonight, stated the obvious:
"We've got to find a way to score goals."
Through 65 minutes of regulation and overtime play,