Not so tough after all

Okay, the Islanders fired 44 shots at Cristobal Huet.

But he stopped 43 of them, and by the time Mike Comrie spoiled the shutout bid, this W was in the bag.

Canadiens got two goals from Steve Bégin and singles from Christ

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About last night …

As usual, Dany Dubé offered cogent post-game analysis on CKAC.

He said the Canadiens were, oddly, victims of the Bruins game.

They beat Boston 7-4. They had 52 shots. There


And it wasn't that close.

The Canadiens tried to play run-and-gun with a team of sharpshooters.

It didn't work.

"Our defensive zone coverage was pretty bad," said Christopher Higgins, the Canadiens'

Canadiens can’t stand pat

The Senators are at the Bell Centre tomorrow, and if Guy Carbonneau had his druthers he'd probably start the lineup that beat Boston 7-4 last night ... with

About last night …

I love my Sundays, but I wish it were Monday.

That's how anxious I am to see the Canadiens play the Ottawa Senators at the Bell Centre.

Last night's 7-4

A character game … and maybe a costly one

Refusing to be intimidated in their own building, the Canadiens stood up to Boston thuggery and skated to a 52-shot 7-4 win.

The only cloud in an otherwise bright

About last night …

Aberration or harbinger?

We'll find out tonight whether the no-show in Buffalo was a mere bump in the Canadiens' road toward the playoffs or a sign of things


The Buffalo Sabres were desperate for a win and played like it.

The Canadiens confronted desperation with disinterest, and the result was a 4-1 pasting.

A forgettable game, best consigned

Line of the day

Me: Where is the Canadiens vaunted depth if they have to play Tom Kostopoulos on the top line?

Pat Hickey: I'm more of a glass half-full guy. How many

About last night … and today’s line juggling

 This just in:

The lines at practice this morning:

First line: Higgins, Koivu, Kostopoulos

Second line: Plekanek, Kovalev, Kostitsyn

Third line: Begin, Smolinski, Ryder