Bob the Bhodisatva

Did you hear the one about the Zen master who went up to the Belll Centre hot dog stand and said: "Make me one with everything."

He wasn’t sitting under a banyan tree pumping out enlightnment vibes, but Canadiens’ general m

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About the regular season …

I thought about doing a report card, but that would have necessitated mediocre grades for some players who came up huge when it mattered most.

Like Bryan Smolinski. Probably

First in the East!

Too nice a day in Montreal to spend the afternoon indoors. It's Canadiens-Boston regardless.

Just caught the last 10 minutes, and Pittsburgh did not play with anything resembling urgency.


About last night …

How do the Canadiens improve on perfection?

That's their challenge when the playoffs begin on Thursday.

They've ended the regular season with three flawless games, in Ottawa and at home

LOUD … and it will be louder

Gregory Stewart said he'd never heard anything like it in his life.

The 21-year-old rookie grew up a Bruins fan in Kitchener. Last night, he was in the Bell

Best-case scenario

The ideal, from where I'm sitting:

• Canadiens beat Toronto to maintain momentum, but

• Pittsburgh beats Philadelphia on Sunday, relegating Canadiens to second in the Eastern Conference and a

About last night …

He wasn't one of the game's three stars, but Ryan O'Byrne shoud have been.

As I was leaving the Bell Centre last night with Patrick V. Hickey, my friend

Not such a bad free agent signing after all …

Bob Gainey wasn't grinning like a Cheshire cat on the elevator heading down to dressing room level.

But he should have been.

Much maligned all season for signing Bryan Smolinski

Playoff home page

Canadiens have launched their online playoff look.

Clicking calls up a bright red page labelled Series 2008.

The slogan is "16 pour 25 tous pour un" (16 wins toward

About last night …

Oct. 8, 1956: Don Larsen pitches a perfect game at Yankee Stadium.

April 1, 2008: Montreal Canadiens play a perfect game at Scotiabank Place.

That's what Alex Kovalev called it.