The keys for Game 1

• Carey Price: He won’t have to stand on his head to beat the Boston Bruins. That will come later, if Canadiens advance. The goaltender will have to be good, if not necessarily great against a team with limited firepower. No softies and n

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He’ll be ready … maybe

It could be a night-before-game-day-decision.

Mike Komisarek hopes that when he talks to the doctor, before Canadiens' team meal this evening, he'll be cleared to play in Game 1

The season in stats

The Canadiens' Playoff Guide, hot off the press today, is jam-packed with statistics on the 2007-'08 season.

Here are some that caught my eye:

The power play: First in

One more sleep – and do not disturb

Canadiens practice at 4 this afternnoon and then check into a downtown hotel.

In his pre-practice press conference, Guy Carbonneau said he wanted to isolate his players from distractions,

Clutch scoring

Just a fun stat to peruse while waiting one more sleep for the fun to begin.

I defined a clutch goal as one that put the Canadiens ahead or

Shocking confession!

May as well just spit it out:

I like the Boston Bruins.

No matter how this series goes, short of Jeremy Reich or Milan Lucic taking out a gun and

Bob the Bhodisatva

Did you hear the one about the Zen master who went up to the Belll Centre hot dog stand and said: "Make me one with everything."

He wasn't sitting

About the regular season …

I thought about doing a report card, but that would have necessitated mediocre grades for some players who came up huge when it mattered most.

Like Bryan Smolinski. Probably

First in the East!

Too nice a day in Montreal to spend the afternoon indoors. It's Canadiens-Boston regardless.

Just caught the last 10 minutes, and Pittsburgh did not play with anything resembling urgency.


About last night …

How do the Canadiens improve on perfection?

That's their challenge when the playoffs begin on Thursday.

They've ended the regular season with three flawless games, in Ottawa and at home