Slap Shot for the 21st century?

 Opening wide on June 20th: The Love Guru. Mike Myers plays an Indian swami hired as a consultant by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Justin Timberlake does a French acccent and plays a Quebecer.

Might be even funnier than the in

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Please tell me …

... that the screaming gladiator on TV is one of my acid flashbacks.

That dipstick didn't REALLY walk up from the Senators' room onto centre ice.

What a pathetic, jive

McGuire says …

Having come up with the rock 'em/sock 'em strategy Boston needed to slow down the Canadiens, Pierre McGuire, on Melnick's show today, talked about how to counter it.


About last night …

No need to panic ... yet.

Canadiens lead the series 2-1. Last night's game could have gone either way – albeit a cruel and unjust way had the Canadiens

They’re baaaaaaaaaaack!

Bruins had to win the game.

They did.

A screwed up line change in OT, a delayed penalty and Marc Savrd had an open net for the first playoff goal

About last night …

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, especially on nights when a good team doesn't play all that well.

I don't know how much time Canadiens coaches will

Long wait at the airport

Canadiens fly to Boston tonight, but I'm betting it will be a while before they can board their charter.

First they have to get through the metal detector with

Bs in math

Alex Vincent has e-mailed me to explain why the law of averages won't help the Bruins end their 12-game losing streak against the Canadiens.

$$$ and sense

Kevin Lowe continues to make life interesting for his fellow NHL general managers.

Last summer, the Edmonton GM went on a spending spree. His offer sheet to Thomas Vanek

RDS rules!

And the CBC sucks.

But you knew that. Here's the latest evidence:

RDS's telecast of the Canadiens-Bruins opener on Thursday night drew an average audience of 1.48 million viewers.

The English