They’re baaaaaaaaaaack!

Bruins had to win the game.

They did.

A screwed up line change in OT, a delayed penalty and Marc Savrd had an open net for the first playoff goal of his career.

As happens so often in playoff OT, Canadiens had

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About last night …

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, especially on nights when a good team doesn't play all that well.

I don't know how much time Canadiens coaches will

Long wait at the airport

Canadiens fly to Boston tonight, but I'm betting it will be a while before they can board their charter.

First they have to get through the metal detector with

Bs in math

Alex Vincent has e-mailed me to explain why the law of averages won't help the Bruins end their 12-game losing streak against the Canadiens.

$$$ and sense

Kevin Lowe continues to make life interesting for his fellow NHL general managers.

Last summer, the Edmonton GM went on a spending spree. His offer sheet to Thomas Vanek

RDS rules!

And the CBC sucks.

But you knew that. Here's the latest evidence:

RDS's telecast of the Canadiens-Bruins opener on Thursday night drew an average audience of 1.48 million viewers.

The English

The tie

It's an Hermès.

Guy Carbonneau's wife bought it for him in Dallas.

Its won-lost record is 2-0.

Carbo says he'll wear it a couple more times then sell it on

Canadiens hold a late-afternoon practice at the Denis Savard Aud in Verdun today. Bruins were on the ice first, wearing deerstalkers, carrying magnifying glasses and looking for clues

About last night …

Imagine you're Claude Julien.

What do you tell your team?

CKAC's Dany Dubé, who coached and knows what he's talking about, says the Bruins cannot forecheck effectively because Canadiens' defencemen

Speed killed

Canadiens floated like butterflies, and they stung the Bs 4-1 to grab a 1-0 lead in their best-of-seven.

Muhammad Ali metaphors work. Canadiens' passing was too pretty and their