More laughs

A classic, posted by HNS to the main site:

May the Canadiens need a pr

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I’ll see your captain and raise you …

RDS reports Patrice Bergeron may play in Game

Hair today, gone tomorrow?

Because Canadiens fans need a laugh even more than we needed one on Friday, here's Kovalev II.

About last night …

The Canadiens will have the advantage of diminished expectations tomorrow night: No one in the 514 or 450 area codes thinks they'll win.

We know our hockey in

Big trouble

Canadiens come home reeling in a series they led 3-1.

The Bruins scored four – FOUR! – third period goals to even the series and force Game 7 Monday

Do or …. well, not die … yet

I inadvertently screwed up this post and made everything I'd written disappear into the ether like Michael Ryder's scoring touch.

Comments are still here, though, and I've started the

They’ve come a long way from mini-putt

RDS set a ratings record last night, one that is certain to last – till tomorrow.

Game 5 drew an average audinece of 1,737,000 viewers, becoming the most-watched program


Canadiens fans need a couple good laughs today.

And here they are:

About last night …

The blonde hair flying, the highlight-reel goal, the crowd chanting his name ...

But Alex Kovalev is not Guy Lafleur. Tomas Plekanec is not Jacques Lemaire. Andrei Kostitsyn is

Back to Boston

Steve Bégin said the Canadiens skated 20 minutes and abandoned Carey Price to the fates.

Carey Price said he rarely plays two bad games in a row ... which