The good old days

Thanks to frequent poster Sidhu for this YouTube link to the classic pre-game brawl between the Canadiens and Flyers in 1987.

It started when Claude Lemieux, as was his wont, attempted to finish his warmup by shooting the puck into t

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From the Bell

We've had the Alex Kovalev therapy day, the Billy Joel sound check and we're (almost) ready for more hockey.

With ice unavailable at the Bell Centre, Canadiens practiced in

Price-less Calder field

Something else for Don Cherry to rant about.

Carey Price is not a Calder Trophy finalist.

The three, named today, are all forwards: Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Nicklas Backstrom.


Flyers’ strategy

Tim Panaccio of the Philadelphia Inquirer looks ahead to the Flyers series against Canadiens.

Philly coach John Stevens told Panaccio he'd be studying tape of the Boston

Canadiens vs. Flyers

Boston ... only more so.

Martin Biron better than Tim Thomas.

Deadly power play.

But the D is slow.

Danny Brière: Let the booing begin.

Should be fun.

Game 7 doubleheader

On the one hand, I'd rather Canadiens play Philadelphia than the Rangers.

On the other hand, Ovechkin vs. Crosby: how great would that be?

Out west ... ah, who gives

Ho-hum, another RDS record

Average audience for Game 7 was 2.03 million viewers. Viewership peaked at 3.08 million at the end of Canadiens' series-clinching win.

RDS's market share

Just a magnet for free agents

They say Daniel Brière's wife didn't want him to sign with  Montreal.

Is it any wonder?

If you're the one who has to take care of children and go to

About last night …

This should focus on the hockey game, which was a great win and another manifestation of Guy Carbonneau's coaching acumen and his team's character.

But the only thing everyone

How would they “celebrate” a Cup?

Cop cars vandalized and torched downtown.

Broken windows at stores.

The riot squad. Several arrests.

Fortunately, no serious injuries. 

And a-holes using their cellphone cameras to take pictures of bruning police cars,