About last night …

Shall we start with the positives or the negatives?

The sun is shining this fine Sunday morning in Montreal, so let’s look at what went right for the Canadiens in their 4-2 loss to Philadelphia:

• The offence was firing o

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Coach’s comments

Courtesy of the Canadiens' PR department:

Guy Carbonneau

Translated: "(Biron) stole the game or he was lucky. We had chances to score and we didn't. So

No miracles tonight

Flyers took a 2-0 lead .. again.

But this time, on the strength of Martin Biron's goaltending, the Canadiens comeback fell short.

And as the teams head to Philadelphia

The funniest yet!

Some may be offended by this satiric adaptation of Downfall, in which the great Bruno Ganz plays Hitler.

World War II connotationns aside, just think of him as Bobby

Tonight’s games

Post here if you have strong thoughts about anything you see during the games tonight.

I should have gone to Canadiens' practice late this afternoon but I'm nursing killer

I love my job

And I love living in Moscow on the St. Lawrence.

Highlight of a so-so hockey game:

After grabbing a few quotes in the room,  François Gagnon of La Presse and

About last night …

Truncated edition today, for the good and simple reason that I don't know what the heck to make of that game.

Late-game and OT heroics notwihstanding, it wasn't a

Another mockumentary

This one's an "exposé" on Daniel  Brière.



Weird game … but, in the end, wonderful

"I talked to the Philadelphia announcer," said Pierre Houde of RDS, "and he said the same thing: very weird game to call. Up and down."

"Weird game for us,"

Hard-hitting sports journalism

And you thought there were no ties in the playoffs.

At Guy Carbonneau's morning press briefing, the first three questions were about his lucky Hermès.

Once things got a bit