About last night …

The blonde hair flying, the highlight-reel goal, the crowd chanting his name …

But Alex Kovalev is not Guy Lafleur. Tomas Plekanec is not Jacques Lemaire. Andrei Kostitsyn is not Steve Shutt.

And Mike Komsarek is not La

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Back to Boston

Steve Bégin said the Canadiens skated 20 minutes and abandoned Carey Price to the fates.

Carey Price said he rarely plays two bad games in a row ... which

Penthouse to outhouse in 11 months

That's life, that's what all the people say.
You're riding high in April,
Shot down in May

Isn't "Sinatra singing" an anagram for "f---ing Senators"?

Ottawa didn't wait until

Has Harry gone potty?

Maybe it's too much time out in the Florida Sun.

Either that or the last man to coach a Stanley Cup winner in Boston was still chugging celebratory champagne

First ones gone

Available for charity golf tournaments, memorabilia signings and light yard work:

Wade Redden: $6.5 million this season

Mike Fisher: $6 million next season, first of a five-year deal worth $21

Don Cherry says …

Carey Price should be a slam dunk for the Calder Trophy.

Cherry loves the kid. I've never heard him praise a Montreal player so effusively.

And he's right ... at

About last night …

The Book of Ecclesiastes, as interpreted by Pete Seeger: Turn, Turn, Turn, To Everything There is a Season.

A 1-0 game in autumn is a snoozefest.

A 1-0 game

Canadiens win a playoff classic

One goal.

One hundred great plays, by both teams.

In the purest distillation of playoff hockey we've seen in this series, Patrice Brisebois's goal stood up and Carey Price posted

Bergy says …

Michel Bergeron, on the CKAC morning show, suggests Canadiens defencemen start moving forward to outnumber Bruins who are clogging the neutral zone. Hanging back on the blueline is

Slap Shot for the 21st century?

 Opening wide on June 20th: The Love Guru. Mike Myers plays an Indian swami hired as a consultant by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Justin Timberlake does a French acccent