You be the GM

Any suggestions for Bob Gainey?

Puck-moving defenceman?

More sand on the back end? It sounds like a proctological affliction, but Pierre McGuire thinks it’s what Canadiens need.

A big centre?

A tak

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The load-out

Is Montreal a great hockey town or what?

Two days after the Canadiens were eliminated from the playoffs, there were eight TV cameras in the Bell Centre recording Andrei

About the last night …

We'll have a whole summer to get used to the idea, and it may take that long:

The beter team won the series.

Not the luckier team. The better team.


Guy Carbonneau quotes

From the Canadiens' PR department:

Translated: "We expected more. We went  deep into the playoffs and acccomplished many

John Stevens quotes

Courtesy of the Canadiens PR department:

It’s pretty rewarding for us to see our players be that excited, to see everyone in

The party’s over

Take the flags off the cars.

Wash the red, white and blue out of your hair.

No more Olés.

No more hockey in Montreal, until the Canadiens' centennial season begins

Brotherly love?

Four Habs Fans, one of the best Canadiens sites around, has a fan's harrowing account of his visit to the Wachovia Centre.

Parental discretion is advised.

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Price gets the start

He's rested.

He's ready.

Carey Price has a new glove, a new blocker – and a seemingly carefree atitude toward his biggest start of the season.

"Three broken fingers, on each

Whither Kovy?

Does Alex Kovalev need new linemates who were his old linemates?

Canadiens' leading regular-season scorer has done squat since Game 1 of the Philadelphia series. There are suggestions that

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