MVP list Kovy-less

Hart Trophy finalists:

Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin, Jarome Iginla.

Take note, Don Cherry, of the ethnicity of 67 per cent of the field.

Winner: Ovechkin.

Not even close.

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Radio guys

As usual, interesting stuff on the CKAC afternoon drive show.

Ron Fournier said the series is "far from over", but if the Canadiens go down 3-1, a comeback would

About last night …

Guy Carbonneau described his goaltender as "ébranlé".

It means shaken, unsettled.

Or, for you Led Zeppelin/Richard Linklater movie fans, dazed and confused.

It's not just Price's soaring GAA,  his plummeting

Who starts Game 4?

"We'll sit down tomorrow," said Guy Carbonneau, "when everything is cool and everyone can talk softly."

And what they'll talk about is goaltending – specifically whether Carey Price will

No big deal – Kostopoulos

As controversies and playoff feuds go, this one may be DOA.

"It was the heat of the moment. I was upset. I don't think it was that big of

About last night …

Shall we start with the positives or the negatives?

The sun is shining this fine Sunday morning in Montreal, so let's look at what went right for the Canadiens

Coach’s comments

Courtesy of the Canadiens' PR department:

Guy Carbonneau

Translated: "(Biron) stole the game or he was lucky. We had chances to score and we didn't. So

No miracles tonight

Flyers took a 2-0 lead .. again.

But this time, on the strength of Martin Biron's goaltending, the Canadiens comeback fell short.

And as the teams head to Philadelphia

The funniest yet!

Some may be offended by this satiric adaptation of Downfall, in which the great Bruno Ganz plays Hitler.

World War II connotationns aside, just think of him as Bobby

Tonight’s games

Post here if you have strong thoughts about anything you see during the games tonight.

I should have gone to Canadiens' practice late this afternoon but I'm nursing killer