Mitch Melnick suggests …

Smack Phil Kessel.

Smack him early and smack him hard.

Kessel has the rep of being a soft player. It’s time to test his mettle.

It’s also time to make the Canadiens zone a hazardous area for Bruins skaters. Wh

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Ducks chase birdies

Anaheim to the golf course.


We won't have to endure another minute of Pronger and Bertuzzi.

The two part-time workers, Selanne and Niedermayer, won't be hoisting the Stanley Cup.

No one

More laughs

A classic, posted by HNS to the main site:

May the Canadiens need a pre-game brawl to wake up. Just as long as you're not the one

I’ll see your captain and raise you …

RDS reports Patrice Bergeron may play in Game

Hair today, gone tomorrow?

Because Canadiens fans need a laugh even more than we needed one on Friday, here's Kovalev II.

About last night …

The Canadiens will have the advantage of diminished expectations tomorrow night: No one in the 514 or 450 area codes thinks they'll win.

We know our hockey in

Big trouble

Canadiens come home reeling in a series they led 3-1.

The Bruins scored four – FOUR! – third period goals to even the series and force Game 7 Monday

Do or …. well, not die … yet

I inadvertently screwed up this post and made everything I'd written disappear into the ether like Michael Ryder's scoring touch.

Comments are still here, though, and I've started the

They’ve come a long way from mini-putt

RDS set a ratings record last night, one that is certain to last – till tomorrow.

Game 5 drew an average audinece of 1,737,000 viewers, becoming the most-watched program


Canadiens fans need a couple good laughs today.

And here they are: