About last night …

Oct. 8, 1956: Don Larsen pitches a perfect game at Yankee Stadium.

April 1, 2008: Montreal Canadiens play a perfect game at Scotiabank Place.

That’s what Alex Kovalev called it. And, as has been the case throughout this a

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Champions of the Northeast!

The last time Canadiens won a division title, Carey Price was 4 years old.

That was in 1991-'92. The division was called the Adams.

Price is older now. He

Anyone else nervous?

Chalk it up to my Eastern European Jewish ancestry: No matter how good things seem, disaster is always just around the corner, where vodka-swilling Cossacks (many of whom


About last night …

Canadiens lost and, as my friend Stubbs points out, the sun still rose in Montreal this fine Sunday morning.

No need to panic ... at least not until the

No miracles tonight

Canadiens got another dying-seconds goal.

This time it was totally meaningless. Toronto had built a 4-1 lead in a game they controlled pretty much from opening puck-drop to final

About last night …

I  hope the Canadiens made it through customs last night..

They  were travelling by bus to Toronto. It's a 90-minute trip unless you're tied up at the border, where

The Mark Streit Show

First the defenceman soils the bed to give Buffalo a seemingly insurmountable 3-1 lead.

Then, with less than three minutes left, Mark Streit went to work.

Shot from the point

Roys suspended

After several days of deliberations during which the hockey world watched its shameful garage league brawl on YouTube, the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League has finally levied

About last night …

Let's accentuate the positive:

• Canadiens played probably their best first period of the season. And the second wasn't too shabby either.

• They scored seven goals against a Stanley