Gainey honoured

The Sporting News has named Bob Gainey National Hockey League Executive of the Year.

Gainey received 12 of 28 votes cast by league executives. Detroit vice-president/GM Ken Holland was second with six votes.

Sporting New

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Red Wings – Stars VI

Victoria/Patriotes Day is overcast, chilly and damp in  Montreal.

Hockey weather.

Alas, no hockey .... except on TV tonight.

Hands up everyone who thought this series would go to a sixth

Sunday Doubleheader

Canada vs. Russia for the International Ice Hockey Federation Championship.

Flyers – Penguins V. 

Does it get any better than this?

Two great games are in prospect, and I'm not even

Stars – Wings V

Afternoon hockey sucks ... especially when your team isn't playing.

It's an absolutely glorious sunny Saturday morning in Montreal. Forecast calls for clouding over this afternoon, which I'm hoping

Nice souvenir

Hockey le Magazine has published a 260-page special edition devoted to the Canadiens' season. Highly recommended if you can read French, and worth having regardless just for

Penguins – Flyers IV

Get out the brooms – maybe the ones that weren't used in Dallas last night.

Can the Flyers emulate the Stars by avoiding a sweep?

Do-able ... but not easy.


Red Wings – Stars IV

Will Dallas win one game, just for pride?

REALLY hard to think about hockey today in Montreal. It's hot, temperature in the mid-20s. All the beautiful people are out

Penguins – Flyers III

Bit of a late post because our Gazette boss took the Habs I/O crew – me, Stubbs and Hickey (Mio was MIA), plus photographers and copy editors who

Red Wings – Stars III

Even though I've never been there, I  don't like the city of Dallas.

This admittedly unreasonable antipathy is based on events that transpired in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

He likes Mike

Writing in La Presse today, Mathias Brunet heaps praise on Mike Ribeiro.

Brunet says he's been a Ribeiro backer since the early days of the player's career with