And another thing …

• Steve Bégin gets the homeboy penance. Three Hail Marys, an Our Father and don’t do it again, ya crazy monkey! If it were Bryan Smolinski taking that penalty, he’d be drawn and quartered in Place Jacques Carter.


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About last night …

Tried the goaltender switch.

Didn't work.

Tried the lightning strikes/deficit-erasing/momentum-changing comeback.

Didn't work.

Tried playing Alex Kovalev with Maxim Lapierre.

Didn't work.

Nothing works. Your Montreal Canadiens are Sisyphus on skates.

On the evidence

On the ropes

Does the R. stand for Rocket?

R.J.F. Umberger: The first goal and the last, an empty-netter. He has six in four games against the Canadiens.

In between, Scott

Too sad

So my colleague Alan Hustak is interviewing fans outside the Bell Centre yesterday when he's approached by one who asks "Are you from The Gazette?"

After Hustak replies in

Tonight’s games

Post here if you want to vent.

I'm watching

Pierre McGuire says ..

Of the Canadiens last night: "It was not one of their more cerebral games.".

On the inability to retrieve power-play shoot-ins, McGuire suggested Canadiens either "had no plan"

MVP list Kovy-less

Hart Trophy finalists:

Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin, Jarome Iginla.

Take note, Don Cherry, of the ethnicity of 67 per cent of the field.

Winner: Ovechkin.

Not even close.

Radio guys

As usual, interesting stuff on the CKAC afternoon drive show.

Ron Fournier said the series is "far from over", but if the Canadiens go down 3-1, a comeback would

About last night …

Guy Carbonneau described his goaltender as "ébranlé".

It means shaken, unsettled.

Or, for you Led Zeppelin/Richard Linklater movie fans, dazed and confused.

It's not just Price's soaring GAA,  his plummeting

Who starts Game 4?

"We'll sit down tomorrow," said Guy Carbonneau, "when everything is cool and everyone can talk softly."

And what they'll talk about is goaltending – specifically whether Carey Price will