Sundin or sundown?

We all know how this will play out, right?

Some time before the draft on June 20, Mats Sundin will announce that he does not intend to sign a new contract with the Leafs.

Frenzy will ensue in Montreal and among Canadiens

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Finally, a series

Who would have picked Adam Hall to score the winner?

It was that kind of game: unpredictable. Sidney Crosby scored twice and played his heart out as Pittsburgh clawed

Boone is in the house

Better late than never. 

While I was stomping out family forest fires, the Wings seem to  have skated off to a 2-0 lead.

Will Pittsburgh score in this series?

Anyway, I'm

Penguins – Red Wings II

It's not a must-win for Pittsburgh.

Game 2 is, however, a must-not-play-like-crap for the Penguins, who were pathetic over the last 40 minutes of Game 1.

Nicklas Lidstrom was not

New lines

This will scare Nicklas Lidstrom.

In the wake of Pittsburgh's 4-0 loss in the opening game of the Stanley Cup final, Penguins coach Michel Therrien has juggled his lines

40 minutes of domination

Detroit started slowly, but when they hit their stride, in the second period, Game 1 turned into a laugher.

The Penguins had 12 shots in the first period, four

Penguins – Red Wings I

Just to refresh your memory, hockey is a game played on ice, six to a side. The object is to propel a small disc of vulcanized rubber, called

Draft oddity

How do you build a great hockey team?

Pittsburgh has six players the Penguins have drafted in the first round: Brooks Orpik (18th overall in 2000), Ryan Whitney (5th

Where’s Markie?

From Dave Sidhu, biggest Habs fan in Arizona:

Russians celebrate their gold at the Worlds.

Gotta love Ovechkin talking to his mother/agent on his cellphone.

(Gotta love Ovechkin on

Old Cole still King

Bob Cole and Greg Millen will be the voices of the Stanley Cup final on Hockey Night in Canada.

Cole and Millen called the Pittsburgh-Philadelphia series and were, to