Three leads blown


Michael F. Ryder


  1. JIMVINNY says:

    The only thing price is guilty of is not being superhuman for one game. Just because he’s been bailing the team out with amazing saves all year doesn’t mean he’s to blame when he’s not able to make up for the glaring errors of his teammates.

  2. observer says:

    Would have won this series with Halak in goal the last 2 games!

    • Antho says:

      your mental, ever wonder why the leafs or the flyers were inquiring only for Price? He is going to dominate the league in a couple years and if he didn’t face 50 shots per game he’d have the Vezina in a heart beat

  3. EricInStL says:

    Someone from either the nucks or Hawks will leave on a stretcher tonight. Looks like that kind of game

  4. fofe84 says:

    As terrible as it feels to lose that game tonight and with it, the momentum in the series, c’mon guys! It’s a 2-2 series tie. Not the end of the world. It’s gut-check time, that’s for sure, but the series is far from lost. Let’s not all throw in the towel just yet.

  5. WindsorHab-10 says:

    3 blown leads says it all.
    Shame on you guys.

    “Hate the Bruins like a sickness”

    • Bourque77fan says:

      Tough luck…perhaps you should change your picture…Habs had their chance…you’re headed back to Boston and we’ll take care of busines game 5. Bruins in 7

  6. Defense = Loss.
    Man the Habs scored goals but their defense was brutal letting the Bruins just walk around Gill was invisible, Hammr, Spacek, Wiz less than better effort. 3-1 and they just sit back they should of had 3-1 after the second….keep the pressure forget bout playing defensively when u have your opponents running around. Price doesn’t have to play amazing every night for the Habs to win, the team has to help him.

    Habsnation is still standing.

  7. Keith says:

    Well, we all know how Bruin fans felt after Game 2 and it’s going back to Beantown for Game 5. This is a series now. I grew up with this rivalry.

  8. olematelot says:

    I thought the team had great fans until I read some of the drival that’s being spewed on here. Those that say the series is over please don’t watch any more games or post here anymore, the team and it’s true fans don’t need you. You’re all nothing but faux fans.

  9. Habitoban says:

    Julien knows nothing about coaching. Beregeron took an o-zone penalty and he let him take a regular shifts afterwards. Looks like JM made sure that Eller and White saw limited time in the 3rd period to make sure that our guys were good and gassed. Now that’s coaching.

  10. HNS says:

    Neither team had a goalie tonite. Gomez needs to give some money back to the club. Guess we’ll see what Carey is made of on Saturday.

  11. Nahlsy says:

    Basic coaching cost them this one. Get a lead and stop playing/sit on your hands and let them come at you until they tie it. Try to start again and get a lead then sit on your thumbs and let them come at you until they tie it. Get lucky enough to put another lead on the board and don’t play the entire third period while trying to sit back and defend it. They tied it up again and there was nothing left. Then the worst line change I’ve seen out of any level above novice house league hockey teams turns a 3 on 3 into a 3 on 1 and they get several whacks at it while they lolligag back to their own end and it’s over. Had they just kept skating and playing the way they did to start the game rather than dropping into that stupid defensive shell every time they got a slim lead… They’re the speedy team, their coach needs to realize that and make them play like it for the entire game and stop trying to defend 1 goal leads from the first period onward. That’s it.

    • TomNickle says:

      They didn`t go into a shell until they were up 4-3.

      • LeeFree says:

        They were in a shell in the last 32 minutes of the game!

        • Nahlsy says:

          Yup, you can’t sit back and just defend and ice the puck for that much time. Eventually the other team will get one by you and you’ve been sitting back far too long to flip a switch and turn it back on again. That was just a terrible game plan in taking their foot off when they’d get an edge on the Bruins. Too bad too, the first period was about as well and as hard as they’ve played all year, only to have the 3rd and OT become a train wreck of 0 effort whatsoever for them.

        • TomNickle says:

          I disagree, they were sending two forecheckers deep through the end of the second period. That`s not sitting in a shell in my opinion.

          They actually went into the shell at the start of the third, so I was wrong in my original opinion. But nevertheless, they were sending two deep through the end of the second period. And that is not sitting back.

          • LeeFree says:

            Simply put – they played a very different style after that first period. One could see the different mode/laid back mode after that dominating first period. At the 8 minute mark of that second period on it was dump and chase, no forcheck, no three players clogging the middle and countless turnovers. And as per norm, there was no taking the body out in front of the blue ice. They simply stopped skating to protect the lead, a lead that always manifests itself with Martin’s crummy system – and for 32 minutes they were hanging on for dear life!

          • TomNickle says:

            I`ll agree with not clearing anybody out of the blue paint. But the forechecking point is totally off base. They were forechecking through the second period. They weren`t winning puck battles after the Bruins called timeout, that simple. Boston wanted it more from that point forward. They consistently forechecked with two forwards through 60 minutes, not 32.

            And by the way, the Gomez and Plekanec lines are given the freedom to forecheck with two deep at any time. The other two lines are not given that freedom. None of the lines chose to do it consistently in the third period. But again, through 60 minutes the Habs sent two forecheckers below the Bruin goal line on every dump in that they weren`t changing on.

      • robb1 says:

        What game were you watching?

    • Yeats says:

      You are right! End of story. No need for debate!!

    • harrow15 says:

      We had 3 leads but gave up only a slight ounce of intensity to the Bruins, which was all they needed to come back into the game. I dont know what JM told the guys in the locker room before OT but if I had a chance I would have said “Imagine how filthy you would feel to let these B*stards come back and win this game! Get some goddamn GSP in you and work!”

      PK Subban was on for the 2nd D shift of OT for about a minute and made a bad error in judgement to change, skating all the way from the right side right when Boston was turning it over, forcing Spatcho out of position on the left and a slow Sopel to pick up the crumbs coming from the bench. This is just inexperience by the young gun, and I thought he looked a little flat all game from the get go, despite his goal.

      Some say whoever wins game 4 wins the series. I say whoever has more belief in themselves. Compared to Boston, we have come back from adversity alot more in times of need. All our expected scores are scoring; Pleks, Camalleri, AK46, Gionta, PK.. while only half of Bostons are scoring, and their first line of Krejci-Lucic-Horton lacking. Not to mention we have a better and smarter captain.

      I called this series for Montreal in 6. I stand behind my words.

      -Pacquiao vs Mayweather will rock the world.

  12. LeeFree says:

    Just totally WOW! There’s a thing that 29 other coaches uses so god damn frequently, it’s called a 30 second time out, something that I was screaming for him to do in the latter part of the second period. How can you go from freaking owning a team in the first period to play like a peewee team the rest of the way. Unacceptable and so is Martin’s god damn style!!!

  13. bobinsask says:

    If they blow this series maybe it will give Gauthier the justification to make some tough decisions.

  14. topher5468 says:

    I cant believe all the Price Bashing going on, Price is the reason we are still playing hockey, Habsfan 72, when the habs win this series, you should be banned along with dean dally, The only player who should be taken out back and shot is Gomez,

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

    • Nahlsy says:

      Price and Thomas were the best two players on the ice tonight by a HUGE margin. When you can say that in a 5-4 game, is speaks volumes about the rest of the players in the game. The Habs DOMINATED the first and then just stopped playing. The Bruins were dominated at first and then just had their opponents roll over and let them keep coming at them shift after shift with the odd icing being the only time they offered any resistance. If not for some stellar goaltending on both sides (Thomas early, Price late), this was a 13-12 game with those kinds of efforts.

      A lot of posters don’t realize that though, they see a loss and figure the last person the puck beat was the goalie so it must have been his fault and they go with that.

      • Bill J says:

        Excellent summary – Bang on.

      • 4EverHabsFan says:

        Ya I thought Ryder’s first goal wasn’t Price’s fault either- Get the crap out of your eyes, Price did NOT play well tonight- Just face the facts. Tonight the bashing is actually deserved. YES he is the ONLY reason we made the playoffs. He had an amazing season- But the playoffs are a NEW season. Throw all the other crap out and he is 0-2 on home ice and looking behind him all night. Yes this team of pilons are not helping, but a goalie HAS to bail his team out in the playoffs, and he has not done that to this point in his career!

        • TomNickle says:

          Except the 2-0 record on the road in the playoffs this year where he`s stopped 65 of 66 shots.

        • robb1 says:

          You are absolutely correct. It really does not matter what any individual player does in the regular season. Its how he is able to elevate his play in the post season that matters. Price hasn’t yet shown that he can do this. He is the reason that the series is tied at two. Yes, he played well in Boston, where the Canadiens started the series as the underdog (essentially no pressure), but folded when the Habs went up 2 games and became the favourites.

        • Nahlsy says:

          You’re clearly an idiot looking for an excuse to bash a player and blame someone for a loss in OT when he was the only reason it wasn’t a very lopsided loss in regulation, what point would trying to discuss hockey with you be?

          • 4EverHabsFan says:

            Price didn’t play well tonight- I know he made some plays to keep us in the game, when you watch the game and see him looking behind him or looking the wrong way, does that show a goalies confidence? I don’t pblame him just for the loss. All I am saying is why can’t he steal a game in Montreal for us- You do know he has lost 8 in a row in Montreal in the Playoffs right. You are tyring to defend a guy who I have been defending since BG traded Huet. Carey CARRIED us to the playoffs- He just isn’t now. Not his fault, after 72 games I am sure I’d be worn out too. Calling people idiots doesn’t make your points very valid.

  15. EricInStL says:

    Time for the Nuks to blow it….

  16. Da Hema says:

    As choked as I am, this was a team loss tonight. The Habs had plenty of opportunities to make it 4-1 or 5-1 early in the game, and they failed to do so. Reading some of the posts below that focus on Price are really quite shocking. The Bruins have been scoring some lucky goals over the last two games, but to blame Price for this loss is simply wrong. Indeed, he almost stopped Ryder’s OT shot, but the puck ticked Price’s stick and deflected into the net.

    All new series here. Have faith.

  17. Timo says:

    Pathetic worthless losers. They can all go to hell and rot there. I hope they get blow to pieces in the next two games just so that this whole joke of a team, including coach and GM gets a boot.

  18. slychard says:

    Get Spacek off the ice!!!! He is done and has been done since we signed him. God!!!!!!!!!

  19. AH says:

    As usual, the Habs lack of KILLER INSTINCT frickin’ screws them. Unfreaking believable, how,how do you blow 3 frickin leads in your own dam building! It’ not like Boston had us back on our heels all bloody game!!! Momentum surely favors the apes now.

    Bruins in 7.

  20. habs81 says:

    I’m going to kill myself bye everyone.

  21. Vid says:

    How did they let a 3-1 happen at the beginning of OT?

    G & G both -3.

    I fully expect the Habs to win their next home game. They can’t keep losing a home.

  22. TomNickle says:

    Haven’t made an appearance since the Pacioretty hit. Swore off NHL hockey, started watching again in the playoffs.

    The line change that gave the Bruins a 3 on 1 in overtime was the single worst line change I’ve seen in any level of hockey in my entire life. I wish I were being a little too dramatic.

  23. habsfaninboston says:

    I’m trying to find a silver lining but I can’t. It’s a 2 out of 3 series with 2 games in Boston and they have all the MO:(

  24. 1010 says:

    The team knows this is over more than we do. They blew a 3-1 lead and they will not win another game. B’s will beat them by at least 3 goals next game. Over in 6.

  25. Rainrocket16 says:

    I have no idea what to say right!! I am so upset with this team! up 2 games in Boston of all places and now they have all the momentum in the world. Polish your golf clubs, they will mug us Saturday! What the hell ever happened to this Franchise of ours!

    • gumper says:

      Exactly. Whatever happened to this franchise of ours? Old guys like me are tired of dusting off our hopes every year. In the old days, at 3-1, one of two things happens. Either you take the knife pointed at their jugular and plunge it in, or you shut them down with punishingly physical defensive play. Those days are long gone, and never coming back. And we’re like junkies jonsin’ for the good stuff, but havin’ to hook up to whatever is available. Depressin’

  26. rogieshan says:

    The Spacek-Sopel pairing was disastrous all night. Ditto with the Gomez line. Price is jinxed at home in the playoffs.

    • gumper says:

      Spacek, Sopel slow, no chemistry.

    • 4EverHabsFan says:

      Price was BRUTAL tonight- He is the reason we made the playoffs hands down. He is part of the reason we will be golfing next week…

      Spacek, Sopel, Gomez all have a large part as well…

      How is it we cannot win an f’n faceoff? Why does F.Martin sit the hell back on a lead- He HAS TO GO!!! I am tired of this SH*T!!!

  27. HFX-HabFan says:

    Anyone blaming Price lacks sound judgement. DD played great, Cammy had three points, and Subban continues the “live by the sword, die by the sword” game that we all love him for. It gave us the lead in the third, but then cost us in OT, as he was out far too long and then, out of gas, went for a change at the worst possible time, causing the 3-on-1.

    The real blame goes to Jack Todd, with dishonourable mention to LA Loyalist and SmartDog.

    Win it in Beantown on Saturday and then actually finish it at home properly next week.

    • robb1 says:

      You are an idiot! Price stunk the joint out and other than the goal Subban scored, he played scared. Bruins in 6.

    • observer says:

      cammaleri missed on the breakaway that would haveended it. subban plays that much because gainey/gauthier assembled a terrible defense except for him and gill.

      • Norm0770 says:

        Ummm… No the D Gainey and Gautier assembled should have Markov and Gorges in the line-up. Wiz and Sopel were stop gap measures, Wiz has been better than expected and Sopel worse.

  28. HabFanSince72 says:

    Season was over when they made it 3-3.

    We were dominating. Thomas was shaky. Bruins were confused and slow.

    Then Price did what he did in 2008 against Philly, and what cost him the starter’s job to Halak last year. Gave up the momentum killers.

    This one is over.

    • thirdstone says:

      Right. That fourth goal was entirely Sopel’s fault but let’s just blame Price for it.

      This was a bad defensive game for both teams. Don’t kid yourself about Price emulating his crap sophomore season. That comparison is way off.

    • observer says:

      cherry is right – the defense sucks. the old spacek amnd hamrlick refused to fight for the puck behind the net which resulted in the 3rd and 4th boston goals. both only care about protecting their own health.

      this game should have been a win. and you say at 3-3. well i saw this coming late in the first at 1-0 when bruins took over late. but habs got it back to 3-1 when the bonehead stupidest fans in hockey started singing ole ole with 30 minutes to go. just as the idiots start yelling thomas before the game starts both things only help the opponent – gotta be the dumbest fans in sport. but even so they couldnt hang on and then lose on a player change in early overtime? this is on the coaching this is the same habs team that had more too many men on the ice penalties than anyone in the league.

      absolutely disgusting and now boston hyas the momentum back along with the home ice advantage and the possible 7th game the day after game 6.

      • 4EverHabsFan says:

        I HATE hearing Ole Ole when the game is not even half over… I have been in the seats to witness the early Ole’s only to go home dead quiet. Ole doesn’t help the Habs sitting on a one goal lead- Save it for the last minute or after the final buzzer. Ole is almost as bad as the wave!

  29. robb1 says:

    WOW! Do these guts suck or what? What a gutless effort, especially by the Price Is Right. Hopefully Auld starts the next game since Carey, Carey single handedly lost games 3 and 4. Martin is a poor excuse as a coach. When Clod Julien makes you look stupid, you are truly STUPID.

  30. gumper says:

    My mind is starting to drift towards how this team can be fixed this summer through free agency. The whiff of defeat is strong tonight.

    • 4EverHabsFan says:

      It will not be fixe. F.JM will be back- That is how you start fixing this team. I have said all year- No matter what, unless he wins the Cup, which is NOT going to happen, he has to be gone. To stop the door from hitting him in the ass, push Gomez out right after him!

  31. Steven says:

    This series should’ve ended tonight. Instead, they dropped 2 in a row, and now I fear the series is over.

    How did they manage to drop so many leads?

    What happened to Price? It wasn’t all on him, but he looked weak on a few of those goals.

    How do we score 4 and not win?

    I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Go Habs Go in Game 5, but it’s gonna be a long 2 days until then.

    • 4EverHabsFan says:

      You have said everything I have thought- This team is so frustrating, and as I have said many times, you have to look at the “leaders” of this team. Starting with F.JM!

      All year I have read guys here defending Gomez, not everyone, but some for sure, justifying his 82 games of SHIT hockey because he is SOOOO valuable in the playoffs- F-That- He is about as useless as tits on a bull.

      Thank God I have plans with my little daughter Saturday night and will not have to sit through another beating in Beantown. I am not happy with this team right now- Tonight is sad- blow 3 leads… Wow…

  32. Keith says:

    This series is not over. You heard it here first.

  33. SOSOHABS says:

    I wanna say we deserved the W for this game, but aarrghh I’m so pissed, it’s all the Habs’ fault..not all of them but some of the players, and I ain’t gonna name names…Esti de Cawlissee


  34. JFriedman says:

    Letting in 5 goals in a game is not a good night… Sorry Price fans he has let in 7 goals in the last two games. Not good enough if we want to beat them.

  35. Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

    Well, doesn’t really change anything. Bruins still have to win 4 of 5 before we win 2 more. Trouble is they’re half way there.

    I blame the loss on Hal Gill shooting the puck so much. He must’ve tripled his reg season shot total tonight! 😉

    Sorry for being obnoxious, props for being generous,
    y’all down, we booze hounds, take two drinks and pass.

  36. HNS says:

    Hope someone on that team knows the Heimlich……

  37. Yeats says:

    Hate to break it to you guys who think Gomez is worth a damn. No, he sucks!!!

  38. joeybarrie says:

    We were very unlucky tonight.
    But that swing in the game is incredible. We were absolutely destroying them. Then we simply died.
    Price didn’t bail us out, every time we made mistakes they made us pay. Now it’s back to 0-0 and winning the first two games are now meaningless.
    I do not think this team will win this series.
    This really killed my week.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  39. Old Bald Bird says:

    Well, what ya gonna do when you live in a shoe?

  40. 4m3y2j says:

    Well Boys
    look at the Video Tape of this game a realize that you had a 3-1 lead,UNBELIEVABLE!!!!you put yoyr seld=f there with not showing up in period 2=1 of game 3 and in letting your guard down in game 4.Carey,where were you tonight?

  41. DOAHABS says:

    So back to being underdogs…..what a bunch of clowns to lose 3 leads in this one,& not to mention being to frigging pompous in the last game. I think Montreal is done now,can’t win in their own building & you can bet Boston is not forgetting their first two losses. Bye bye Montreal again,,,,1993 to date, No Silverware

  42. HotHabs says:

    Certainly not Price’s best game either!

  43. slychard says:

    Get ride of Spacek

  44. danhabsfan says:

    Stupid defensive game.
    They were strong when they went for it… gas on the pedal.
    Stupid defensive shell… always kills us.
    Fire JM… I’ve said it before… I’ll still say it.
    He doesn’t know how to win big games.

  45. longtimehabsfan says:

    Sloppy plays all around since the 3-1 lead. Bad change in OT and that’s the game. I don’t know who it was but it was a bad read to come to the bench at that point.

    “It’s a moo point. Like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”

  46. Fansincebirth says:

    oh stop it with the Price bashing you morons….

    Welcome to the new NHL – WWE on Ice

  47. HABS_FAN_NS says:

    What a sad night. There is no excuse for losing this game.

  48. cmaddy says:

    Saturday. Last chance. I suggest a reminder that a game is 60 bloody minutes

  49. 4EverHabsFan says:

    That’s it- Back to Boston to lose F’N game F’N 5 – Way to give the F’N momentum ALL to Boston FACK! I couldnt stand F.Ryder as a HAB and I HATE him more NOW! Get the clubs ready biys- You and the Leaffs have a show down mid next week- FACK! FACK! FACK!!!!!!!!! Molson’s make some changes for 2011-12 PLEASE!!!!!

  50. EricInStL says:

    Pk was out of steam. Should play it safe, but it’s hard to tame a race horse.

  51. JasonM says:

    How do you go from 29-12 shots and score 3-1 then COMPLETELY STOP any form of fore-checking is beyond me.

    People will say JM’s system is great and that it works. I feel otherwise after seeing this epic fail collectively by the Habs tonight.

    • danhabsfan says:

      I’ve said it since they announced JM.
      B ad coach.
      Doesn’t know how to win.
      He wanted to play safe and Defensive.
      This is what it gets you.
      Keep the foot on the gas like the first period.
      Bad coaching and horrible D tonite

  52. HotHabs says:

    The shiite team wins. Saw this coming after the sloppy play in the 3rd. Must play to win & score the insurance goal when up by one.
    What a shiite ending!!!

  53. failboat22 says:

    see what happens when the refs cant even win the game for ya.
    i guess the fans should stop booing chara every time he touches the puck. really, you look like 5 yr old girls.

  54. JFriedman says:


  55. duffy says:


  56. coachdoug says:

    The hill just got much steeper…that is a period you need to win…

  57. Keith says:

    Bad blown coverage. Damn!!!

  58. habsfaninboston says:

    Game, series!

  59. Shiloh says:

    First PK doesn’t shoot – then he goes brain dead. And Price cannot win at home. Have a good summer boys.

  60. Norm0770 says:

    How does a Jaques Martin coached team give up a 3-on-1 in OT? WTF.

  61. Fansincebirth says:

    bad bad bad line change

    Welcome to the new NHL – WWE on Ice

  62. cmaddy says:

    Shitty end

  63. shuttle-lemaire-lafleur says:

    Ryder and Kelly…wholly f….

  64. PrimeTime says:


    “Extremism only serves one’s selfish desires”

  65. Fansincebirth says:

    Ryder…fu**ing Ruder….

    Welcome to the new NHL – WWE on Ice

  66. JasonM says:

    Moen dump the puck DEEP, idiot turned it over at the blue line.

  67. shuttle-lemaire-lafleur says:

    beautiful…..damn it!!!

  68. wow….where the hell was the defense….3 on 1 in ot…

  69. PrimeTime says:


    “Extremism only serves one’s selfish desires”

  70. forumghost says:

    Moen will get the winner

    Hockey Morning in Korea

  71. Da Hema says:

    I say Lafleur will score the OT winner….

  72. HNS says:

    Looking for that 93′ OT magic………C’mon Pricey!!!

  73. HabFanSince72 says:

    We’ve let them off the hook. We know it.

    We’re gonna be very nervous.

  74. solomio says:

    On L’Antichambre Jacques Demers called Lucic for the winner. Le P’tit Tigre called Cammy, Carbonneau Subban and the other guy called Gomez.

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