Three leads blown


Michael F. Ryder


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  3. Zombie says:

    They need to stop f*****g around. Get their act together.

  4. Furk says:

    I haven’t posted on this site in over three years. But tonight I saw something I haven’t seen the team show in a long time. It’s the little things that make you realize how tightly knit this team is.

    When Pricey made the big save on Boychuk in the third, everyone rushed over to thank him, Price and Eller had a little exchange which showed me this team has what it takes. Even if they don’t win the cup this year, they have the core to win in a couple of years. I know they’ll beat Boston for sure!

    • missy44 says:

      I agree they are close knit,but with all due respect,with the very exciting memorable series last year,THE WHOLE TEAM was much more close knit,along the simply AMAZING Halak.Im amazed at quicky people forget.I dont think we will see playoffs like 2010,for a very ,very long time. Sad but true.Gainey made his choice,he had his favorite,and this is our 2011 edition.I personally find it must less exciting.I HOPE they win,but Im afraid I am not as confident as you are!

  5. Tony McLean says:

    Price is a complete flake and can’t stop a beach ball.

    ‚ÄúThis has to be the mother of all brain-dead decisions.” – Red Fisher on the Jaroslav Halak trade.

    • Man Dingga says:

      Your an idiot who knows nothing about hockey. Clearly anyone with a brain and some hockey education can see that Price was hung out to dry tonight.

    • olematelot says:

      Hey Halak fanboy give it a rest. Halak, Halak,Halak thats all you post about, go cheer for StL moron

      • missy44 says:

        Its a free Country.
        Some people act like Price is God here.We have the right to our own opinion!Dont know where you were last year,but it isnt easy to forget!Any hky fan will tell you that!

    • missy44 says:

      Finally somebody I agree with!
      I live in St Paul,Minnesota(still have my home in Montreal,would NEVER GIVE THAT UP!I teach here,and will be spending my summer there,and go back every Month for 4 days)
      I dont know HOW MANY hky fans told me “why in the hell did you trade Halak?Simple:He was Gainey”s Favorite!
      Price doesnt even play close to what HALAK WAS.We will never know what HALAK would of become,had the CH kept him,and invested time and coaching in him.We can only imagine.One thing for sure,he was NO FLUKE!
      Very easy to score on PRICE-TOP CORNER!He is always on his darn knees!
      I wonder what the Hockey “Gods” will say,when we lose to Boston???

      Fire Jacques martin?

  6. dre1744 says:

    We will win the next game and takes this series on the road in 7.

  7. slychard says:

    I’ve been screaming for Mara over Spacek since game ONE!!! Get Mara on the ice and put Spacek in the pressbox where he belongs. I wouldn’t even let Spacek be the waterboy!!!!

  8. deggy24 says:

    Some fantastic hockey, and some dreadful defense. How can we play so well, and then lapse? Play like we did in the 3rd in game 3 and the 1st in game 4, bury some chances, and we can win this series. That being said, it will take nothing short of a huge effort by our mighty mites and aging defense.

    Habs Win!

  9. doogie says:

    Just got home but had a one shot look at the OT winner, which I thought was offside at the blueline. Anyone comment on that or was it legal?

  10. Montrealer2 says:

    Mr Franchise where are you ? (oh yea,noone to go to,so we have to go with Mr Franchise) This Habs team has been unreliable since January. Well I do hope they win,but I’m afraid reality dictates that the Habs are Medicocre at best & more concerned with selling the shirts than playing with pride for the crest on the chest.(with a few exceptions of course)
    Well the new age arenas are not neccessarily good for hometeams,so maybe Montreal can win in beantown & try to do something back in Montreal. It sure would be nice to see a win in the Bell Centre but I think an exorcism of the olf ‘real’ Forum,to get the Ghosts over to the new barn might be in order.

    “I’m not blind,I’ve just seen enough”

  11. EricInStL says:

    I’ll take 1 Toews for every 2 Sedins…..

  12. HabsFanInVictoria says:

    I can’t stand you fairweather fans. The bipolarism on this site makes me ashamed to be a fan of the same team as some of you. I’m not going to accept “we’re passionate” as an excuse. Now’s the time to jump off the bandwagon if you wish to do so. No hard feelings, seeya later. I hear detroit has a good team.

    If you’re still around, give your head a shake and stop bitching about things you don’t know about. Prices lack of concentration? Are you serious? Have any of you played sports?

    It’s 2-2 in the series and they lost a game they could have won. Sports ebb and flow and they will work things out. Believe in the team and you’ll be rewarded when they win (2010 playoff run). For those of you who CONSTANTLY bitch out the players, management, coaches, etc., and you don’t deserve a piece of the excitement. I don’t care how “passionate” you are, or how many cup’s you’ve witnessed, you don’t deserve it.

    I’m grateful to have this site and a place for Habs fans to unite. Unfortunately, some of you chose to join in on the fun. Share the disappointment, share the glory, but leave the crazy to Charlie Sheen.

  13. EricInStL says:

    If Torres takes out a Hawks player, I say one of the Sedins has to be taken out.

  14. otter649 says:

    Listening to Ference explain his one finger salute & lying (equipment/glove malfunction ?)saying he is not that type of person to make an obscene gesture just like when a player hits another from behind into the boards or rule 48’s someone saying they are not that type of player – Complete BS………..

  15. Led says:

    Attention. Please take your hands off the “panic button”. The series is even, tied, all square. If we lose the next one then feel free to panic. Based on the record of the home team in this series we’ve got the Bruins right where we want them.

    • habs001 says:

      not really…if we lose sat we still have a game tues in montreal and if we lose 3 games at home we really did not deserve to win the series…game 7 would be a anyones game

      • Led says:

        But what if we win Sat and win in game 7. Do we still deserve to win the series? What if Boston loses Sat (then they’re 0-3 at home)? Are they more deserving than us? The series is tied. Let’s see what our team has to say Sat before we totally write them off.

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