Never in doubt

Can’t this team do anything easily?

First consecutive wins in a month.


  1. 21BIGGionta says:

    Personally i hate the new format of live blogs because i work tuesdays,thursdays and saturdays….and the format isn’t phone friendly…so i can’t see anything :(

  2. Greg says:

    For everyone who thinks we should’ve traded for Dustin Penner (a 1st and Tinordi is ridiculous, btw), here’s some interesting stats:

    Dustin Penner (2010-2011) GP-62  G-21  A-18  PTS-39  HITS-55

    Andrei Kostitsyn (2010-2011) GP-62 G-15  A-18  PTS-33  HITS-102

    So the big, physical forward that we would get (while giving up a 1st rounder and a 6’7″ defenceman) has half as many hits as AK46 and 6 more goals.  I don’t know why Penner is so overrated. I guess it happens at every trade deadline or free agency period, the best player available must be a superstar, otherwise TSN won’t have a reason for us to watch 11 hours of amusing banter from James Duthie.
    If there was a deal to be made that would’ve improved the habs without mortgaging the future, PG would’ve done it. Who were the big players? Arnott and Penner? Campoli? Are these guys that will bring the Cup home to Montreal? I think not.  Let’s wait and watch Eller, Patches, P.K., Weber and Desharnais improve instead of trading for the sake of trading.



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Never in doubt

Closer than it should have been


  1. Sheldon says:

    I hate them singing ole, ole. It often marks a turning point against the Habs. Leave it where it belongs, i.e. at Real Madrid. And, Na, Na, Na should be reserved for the playoffs. The problem with that, however, is given the performance of the team since ’93, they would rarely get the chance to sing it at an appropriate time.

  2. zak says:

    Robert Mayer is not having a great year with the Dogs so they could send him there for a couple of years.

  3. Graves says:

    To be fair, I could well be looking at the trade with rose-coloured glasses on simply because I really don’t want to think about the possibility that the Habs let O’Byrne go for nothing. But I like what I’ve read of Bournival. No-quit attitude, extremely hard worker, nearly made the WJC team this year, and he’s steadily improved every year since he was drafted. As for him being drafted in the third round, well, so was O’Byrne himself. And Tomas Plekanec, for that matter. Obviously I’m not saying he’s going to be as good as either of those players, but counting him out because of when he was drafted isn’t exactly fair. I can’t argue with you about the certainty factor though.

    Like I said in my original post, I really don’t know why the trade was necessary in the first place. Now that it’s over and done, I’m just trying to find the positives in who the team ended up with.

  4. Sheldon says:

    Crap, just got kicked off the HNIC feed. Gonna have to watch the Rags guys. Well, they ain’t so bad. Sam Rosen is not f’n Jack Edwards!

  5. PeterD says:

    Sorry…that song does nothing for me..may be because I am not a Rangers fan…but I do love the Bell Center faithful singing Ole, ole, ole…and at the right time (when the gameis over and we win) the Naa Naa Hey Hey Goodbye song…but that one I hate when they start singing before the game is actually over…I remember the very untimely singing of that and we actually ended up losing the game…very bad form (and bad karma) to sign a victory song until the final buzzer goes.

  6. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Hopefully Cammy will pot a couple tonight. 

    Was on a 10 game goal-less drought prior to his injury. He really needs to come out of his slump, the Habs desperately need his scoring. And AK46’s too.

    These two guys and Gionta are supposed to be our big-time scorers. Really need them to contribute a lot more.


    Check out my new ‘Top 10 Saves of the Year’ video.

  7. Habnofear says:

    Here’s a thought….It’s been 19 years now that the Habs have been to the big show  and back then if you told any Habs fan it would be 24-5 years before the next play-off final (?)for our beloved Montreal Canadiens I would of simply laughed in your face.And when Gainey then Gauthier took over all you could hear fans saying  was 5 year rebuild  and then the Cup!And even now it’s have patience ,we’re 3 years away! Do any of us really see this ? A nd why is it during all this effort  other teams seem to  or have gotten their ship right and sail full speed towards the cup?Some might say  in those arena’s if there’s not a very strong team the team will fold so the owners have no choice and in Montreal  win or lose fans will show up and yell to the sky of their passion for the Habs regardless of their meritocracy and I find that ..well,selfish.3year plan or 5 or 20 …it’s bullshiet!!! Every year the MONTREAL CANADIENS should be contenders  ,AFTER ALL THIS IS THE TEAM OF ALL HOCKEY and for a fan to accept any less and based their belief on a fantasy rebuild  while the team flops around like beached flounder and a cup appearance  no where in sight make’s me sick.Remember  this Montreal Canadiens …some of your biggest fans don’t have one year  left in them,never mind  three or five and they deserve MORE THAN THIS…way more! FIX THIS TEAM NOW!

  8. Sheldon says:

    Evidently, it was written in 1940 and the Rangers never won another Cup until its lyrics were rediscovered and sung by the fellow who does the anthems at MSG. Makes me want to don a fur coat!

  9. punkster says:

    And I get a kick every time you post it. So 1930s-40s college fight song. Hopr they never change it.


  10. RGM says:

    Halifax would be interesting but a logistical nightmare. Arena is too old and too small, and the time zone thing would mess up TV scheduling. You think they had problems in Hamilton getting a deal in place for the Tiger Cats? That would be a cakewalk relative to the opposition that would be mounted by the “NO TO EVERYTHING!” party out here.

    Go Habs Go!

  11. Sheldon says:

    I am a native New Yorker and could not agree with you more. The fact that Quebec no longer has a team is a travesty. I’d rather see an old barn filled to the gills with fans there than a new arena in the tri-state area that is half empty. I miss the Nordiques. I really think that their return would actually boost the performance of the Habs. Rivalries do that. (The Leafs? Please. Most of the people who enjoyed that one are spending time with The Almighty.)

  12. petrov14 says:


    ______________________________________ Long live Captain Gionta.

  13. punkster says:

    Exactly what I asked for a few days ago. Excellent work. Bottom line, lazy penalties killing us as so many here have been saying.

    Now, who will be the first to blame JM for the lazy penalties?


  14. joeybarrie says:

    It’s doubtful that hey can get the same support as some other cities due to location and size, but i always thought Halifax would be interesting.

    My personal fav would be Quebec City, it’s beyond me how this Province has only 1 team and the NY area has 3, LA has 2 and Florida has 2…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  15. punkster says:

    And scores a goal a game more than the Habs. More TOI with a team that scores way more goals you’re bound to pick up points. Not taking anything away from OB because I loved the guy. For an offensive team he’s a perfect fit. For a defensive team not so much.

    (and there’s that damn goal a game fact again!)


  16. Sheldon says:

    I may be a Habs fan, but I still like the NY Rangers’ victory song, it’s kinda jaunty:

    I can’t stand that Statue of Liberty crest though.

  17. TomNickle says:

    Quebec City or Toronto, no other viable options.

  18. petrov14 says:

    “Cheque will not be honoured” lol

    ______________________________________ Long live Captain Gionta.

  19. punkster says:

    Let’s see…um…uhhh…hmmm…


  20. Danno says: has stats on just about everything. But you’re right. They don’t provide very much detail about penalties. I wonder why? You did some great work Ted. Thanks a bunch.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  21. PeterD says:

    Assuming Bettman and company stop hating Canada, wheere would like to see a new franchise and why that city…Winnipeg, Hamilton or Quebec…or is there another city you would want to see a franchise in.

    I know…Toronto may be on a lot of peoples minds afterall they haven’t had a NHL team in a long time… :-)

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Never in doubt





  1. Fool of Chu says:

    Well, obviously this does not only interest Chris.


    I can’t hear this anymore. Goalie bandwagoners trying to prove why *their* goalie actually would work better in the playoffs.


    Halak is unproven in the playoffs as Price’s playoff record is downright awful. And yes, I know, the entire team in last year’s playoffs was not legitimate. Apart from Kovy at least.


    The only thing I hope for right now is: If we make the playoffs, we should show up for the games, and win one or two.

  2. light_n_tasty says:

    Who happen to be the lowest scoring team in the NHL…

  3. makka83 says:

    vs East Playoff Teams                   
    Halak    5    8    2    3.06    0.901
    Price    7    7    2    2.35    0.926

    Montreal Goals per Game   
    Halak    3.1
    Price    2.3

    Okay, surely the numbers show that Halak is FAR worse than Price against the teams we will meet in the playoffs.

    0.901 < 0.926!!! WOW. Price’s 0.911 is apparently MUCH worse than 0.922 which is Halak’s save %.

    Not only that but Halak is getting 1 goal more! And conceeding one goal more.

    Clearly Price plays MUCH MUCH better against playoff teams and he should start the playoffs.

  4. makka83 says:

    Oh and the reason why they play “better” when Halak is in nets is because they usually play crappy teams when Halak is in nets.. Look how many sub 0.500 teams he played…

    u need to know how to read stats my friend!

  5. Habscore says:

    Have fun buddy!

  6. makka83 says:

    and Price is better against playoff teams.. you know the teams we will actually meet int he playoffs not the sub .500 teams..

    This is not news either!

  7. Steve in Kingston says:

    GREAT POST! Very interesting.

    Montreal is a much better team when Halak is in nets.  This is not news.

    This also isn’t news: it’s a team game.



  8. JD_ says:

    At least he’d plow through Boucher on his first shift, then do that “whazzat?” thing as he’s sent to the box, before coming out and pounding some Flyer’s fist with his face.

  9. light_n_tasty says:

    Do you have stats for # goals allowed in the third period / last 10 minutes / last 5 minutes?

  10. makka83 says:

    Carey F. Price?

  11. Number31 says:

    Seriously? If they don’t pump at least 5 past the orange goalie tonight, they don’t deserve their spot in the standings. Flyers are on their last leg of goaltenders. (Still managed to score 4 on Biron though).

  12. andrewberkshire says:

    Good luck, Mike!!!

  13. coachdoug says:

    I like the optimism Dan…Fans need a good old fashioned smackdown to drown the sorrows of the the last few games…

    “At least we are not the Laffs…but we might be heading that way.”

  14. ebk says:

    since Feb 1st(vs Playoff Teams)

    Halak  3 wins and 4 losses(42%) and has lost 4 of his last 5.(20%)

    Price 2 wins -1loss -1 tie(62.5)

  15. J.J. of Turku says:


    We win 5-1.


  16. B says:

    The point was simply that you have to make it to the playoffs first. The Habs are not there yet. I am not sure why pointing that out involves straw grasping.

  17. Fargo Habs Fan says:

    Yes, but with your brother’s baby.


    “The good thing about drinking during games is if they lose, you’re too drunk to care during and too hungover to care after.” – J.T.

  18. Danno says:

    Hear me now, believe me later…



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  19. ebk says:

    someting that may only interest Chris

    Overall Record                   
        W    L    T       
    Halak    24    12    3    2.43    0.923
    Price    13    20    5    2.77    0.912

    vs East Playoff Teams                   
    Halak    5    8    2    3.06    0.901
    Price    7    7    2    2.35    0.926

    vs sub .500 teams                   
    Halak    11    1    1    1.96    0.942
    Price    3    6    0    2.83    0.906

    when Mtl Scores 2 goals or less                   
    Halak    2    10    3       
    Price    3    18    2       

    Mtl Scores 3 goals or more                           
    Halak    22    2    0               
    Price    10    1    3               

    Mtl lead 1-0                           
    Halak    18    4    0               
    Price    8    5    2               

    Opposition 1-0                           
    Halak    6    8    3               
    Price    5    14    3               

    Time of game when Montreal’s 1st goal scored                           
        <3    <5    <10    <20    <40    >20    >40
    Halak    10    12    17    27    34    13    4
    Price    4    4    10    16    29    21    8
    ex. Montreal has score a goal in the first 3 minutes or less 10 time when Halak play

    Time of game when 1st goal allowed                           
        <3    <5    <10    <20    <40    >20    >40
    Halak    5    8    17    24    32    15    7
    Price    2    2    13    24    32    13    5

    Mtl’s first goal of game is scored on Average                           
    Halak    18                       
    Price    25                       

    Oppositions first goal on average   
    Halak    18
    Price    18

    # of times Montreal failed to score in 1st Period   
    Halak    13
    Price    24

    # of times Opposition failed to score in 1st Period   
    Halak    15
    Price    13

    Montreal Goals per Game   
    Halak    3.1
    Price    2.3

    Montreal Goals per Game after 1st period   
    Halak    1
    Price    0.3

    Opposition Goals per Game after 1st period   
    Halak    0.9
    Price    1

  20. B says:

    I didn’t say anything, I simply posted some more recent (this year) stats. Sorry if that offends you.

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Never in doubt

Against the worst team in the NHL.

Plekanec: Esay save

Potulny: Four great moves and Jaro saves

Gomez: Save

Horcoff: Save

Gionta: Backhand wide

Brulé: Post!

Pouliot: Save

Nilsson: Save


Gagner: Wide

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Never in doubt

First win in the west.

Second win in regulation.

19th great game for Tomas Plekanec.

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Never in doubt

Ho-hum, another loss in New Jersey.


Not pretty … and a few worries heading into the All-Star break 

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Never in doubt

A good, hard-fought W.

Check the main site for audio. 


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