Mike Komisarek

I’m not going to join the chorus of posters blasting Komo’s treachery.

Hockey is a business. Hello!

Mike and his pal Christopher Higgins are good guys who were unfailingly cooperative with the Montreal media. All of us schmucks in the pressbox will miss them.

A personal note:

When my mother became gravely ill and was hospitalized in December, Dave Stubbs posted a note on Habs Inside/Out explaining why I’d be away from the site for a while.

Komisarek’s father read it on Habs I/O. He told Mike, who made a point of calling Stubbs over after practice and asking him to pass on good wishes to me. Having lost his own mother a couple years ago, he knew what I was going through.

I’ll never forget that: a classy gesture by a very decent human being.

So Leafs, Schmeafs – I wish Komo luck.

•  •  •

And this opens a spot at the top of our Hab Hunks list …

Bob: Trade for a blonde guy with blue eyes!!!!

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