Midweek musings

The latest Sports Illustrated NHL power rankings place the Canadiens 16th – four spots behind the Bruins.
I guess it was compiled before the Monday night spanking.

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Good piece on Sergei Kostitsyn in La Presse today.
Mathias Brunet writes that Andrei’s kid brother is off to a good start in Hamilton, with six points in as many games. Julien Brisebois – the Canadiens’ capologist and general manager of the Bulldogs – says Sergei’s promotion to the NHL is not a question of If but of When.

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Mike Komisarek and Steve Beegin are among the NHL’s Top 10 in hits.
Komisarek is fourth (behind Dion Phaneuf, Mike Fisher and Chris Kunitz) with 29 hits in eight games.
Bégin is 10th with 23 in seven games.

The Canadiens have outhit opponents 224 to 194 this season. They’ve had the edge in five of their eight games and were tied in hits, 31-31, with the Bruins Monday night.
The Canadiens had 15 hits, their lowest total of the sxeason, in a win at Pittsburgh. The Penguins, however, had only 17 in what amounted to a no-hitter.
The only game in which the Canadiens have been convincingly outhit was their loss in Ottawa, where the Senators had a 30-21 edge.
The Canadiens biggest advantages in the hit parade wedre 34-16 in the win over Buffalo and 29-14 in a home-ice loss to Carolina.

The stats belie P.J. Stock’s notion that the Canadiens aren’t tough enough and need a designated fighter.
The numbers support Guy Carbonneau’s firm opinion that physical players taking regular shifts are preferable to a cementhead sitting at the end of the bench and playing two minutes a game.
P.J.’s opinion is based less on learned analysis than nostalgia. Stock is slow to acknowledge the near-extinction of his own hockey species, the Goonus Canadiansis.

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