Liveblog: A significant and satisfying win


Your Montreal Canadiens dominated one of the hottest teams in the NHL.
Two power-play goals, air-tight D.
Tres impressionant.

How they can look horsecrap on Long Island, then obliterate the rested Rangers …


  1. Bozo McBozo says:


  2. novahab says:

    Passing passing passing anytime JM if you would like to write me and thank me.

  3. habsfaninboston says:

    Pleks! Now the argument starts whether he should be playing at the point on the PP.

  4. ffenliv says:

    And that’s why you can’t trust fan opinion. The crowd was booing the constant passing, and yet it resulted in two top-notch chances, and a goal.

  5. Habbu says:

    Habs forwards coming back aggressively tonight unlike game vs the Isles

  6. HABZ24 says:

    habs have legs tonight !! gomez should be sent to the farm, 8 million dollar useless player.why is he still in the nhl?


  7. Hobie Hansen says:

    Emelin is having a solid game.

  8. Bozo McBozo says:

    Habs need that 3rd goal to become system-proof.

  9. novahab says:

    Wow worring about this team playing 60 minutes of hockey. I think they have played well certainly there were game they should have won up to this point. I like the way they are playing . They are fast and they are finally shows signs of passing the puck. Big question is whem Markov gets back who will sit and can they move Gomez. Plus the powerplay is showing life.

  10. Hobie Hansen says:

    You have to feel bad for Gomez on that one!

  11. Bozo McBozo says:

    Gomez sucks!!!

  12. ffenliv says:

    I see Gomez botch a breakaway. Breakaways are missed all the time. He didn’t shoot for the logo, or miss the net. He made a good low shot, and Biron snagged it.

    Why am I so mad that he missed it? I’ve been mentally rewired to hate the guy.

  13. duffy says:

    Gomez scored his last goal Feb 5 2011,wonder who the last player to go a year without scoring was.

  14. habsfaninboston says:

    Gomez will never score again.

  15. piter says:

    Patches isn’t on tonight. No spunk.

  16. J.J. of Turku says:

    It’s 4am and I’m starting to be drunk… 🙂
    Good game!

  17. piter says:

    Alot of the times if you go for the big hit, and you miss, you take yourself out of the play. I’m glad we’re not doing that.

  18. habs001 says:

    if the nhl has 10 different cup winners next 10 years no suprise…

  19. twilighthours says:

    I think there’s a real chance that either ovechkin or Crosby will play for habs one day. Just a feeling I’ve got in my nether regions.

  20. …and that is the problem Mr. Boone. They rarely play 60 minutes and there are so many mistakes yet to be made. Sure, we’d all love to see the team play like this every game, but look at Buffalo, look at the Islanders game where we didn’t exist on the ice for half the game. So hold your breath, if we don’t come out and play hard, we’ll be trampled again and then maybe we can get rid of JM.

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

  21. habs001 says:

    2 good periods for habs… need solid 3rd..

  22. Gerry H says:

    National Parity League? Habs could finish the night four points out of first in the EC, but still out of playoff position.

  23. novahab says:

    Gomez doesn’t suck he is lost and doesn’t know what his role is on this team. DD has taken his place as the number one offensive center and that is not going to change. Question is can they move him because right now I am betting he doesn’t want to be here and the Habs would like to make him happy. What is PG willing to accept to move him because he will have keep salary.

  24. habs001 says:

    8 regulars out for leafs 6-1 leafs after 2….i think boudreau nearing the end

  25. Sotxhabsfan says:

    They’re going on about Ovechkin having problems in Washington. Clearly he needs a change… My suggestion is a straight up trade for Gomez. Think it’ll work?

  26. ooder says:

    man.. not a good night for score board watching :0

    The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

  27. novahab says:

    The D maybe green and smaller but they are fast and able to beat and out work the bigger Rangers. Not sure if there is a spot for Gill on the back end. DD is looking like one of the smartest players in the NHL and he can pass the puck. JM did I see you give the ref a funny face.Maybe there is hope yet he won’t allow the refs to get away with crap.

  28. Bozo McBozo says:

    Make no mistake. Gomez still sucks!

  29. Chorske says:

    Habs consistently on the puck first.

  30. twilighthours says:

    Del Zotto got lapierred

  31. Da Hema says:

    Ha ha. Nice dive Del Idiot….

  32. habsfaninboston says:

    Nice! Called for diving.

  33. JIMVINNY says:

    That is F*cking terrible call to make after he just let a boarding go uncalled.

  34. habsfaninboston says:

    Why is the ref at center ice making that call?

  35. J.J. of Turku says:

    I’d like to see some AK46 too…

  36. JIMVINNY says:

    That looked dirty.

  37. immortalhab says:

    If Gomez gets a-noth-er chance, then give me one. I’ll play for $7 million less and will put up as many goals as him.

  38. dhenry1234 says:

    How many hits does Emelin have tonight so far tonight?

  39. Da Hema says:

    Hey! Sit on it, Tortie!

  40. db says:

    Rangers are reaching, Habs are skating.

  41. HardHabits says:

    Looks. Like. Aaaargh. Gomez. Yeeeoooow. Is. Having. Aruuuuubbbbbboooooooggggaaaaa. A. Hooo-hooooo-hufff-puuuffff. Good. Game.

  42. immortalhab says:

    Gomez on the powerplay. Does JM know that when the other team is shorthanded we don’t have to be??

  43. habsfaninboston says:

    Nice pass by Gomer.

  44. topher5468 says:

    WTF has Gomez done to earn PP time, he cant even get the puck deep

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  45. twilighthours says:

    Desharnais with a liftie!

  46. issie74 says:

    Where does Elliott Friedman get this speculation that JM was referring to Scott Gomez as difficult to deal with.

    I didn’t get that from his interview with Stubbs.


  47. Chorske says:

    The Habs are clearly benefiting from the lack of Chorske Summit Jinx.

  48. habsfaninboston says:

    Dirty player that Callahan.

  49. Danno says:


    Sit on it Fonzie!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  50. Hobie Hansen says:

    Hey someone who Gomez passed the puck to finally scored, crazy!

  51. Danno says:

    Is it ginger night at the Bell?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  52. habsfaninboston says:

    Gomer with the assist?

  53. JIMVINNY says:

    Torts isn’t going to be happy about that one. The Rags were actually getting some decent Mo going.

  54. habsfaninboston says:

    How the hell did that go in. Biron must have been napping.

  55. BKAK72 says:

    Looks like HALAK is a PENNEY? i.e. for those that remember the hype around Steve Penney in 1994/95


  56. joshbenn says:

    watching gomez play over eller is painful

  57. BKAK72 says:

    I believe Scott Gomez is the worst NHL player (point production per salary), who do you think is the second worst player in the league?


  58. AceMagnum says:

    Capitals suck

  59. Danno says:

    Why does Martin hate Eller and love Gomez?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  60. habs_flan says:

    The reason Eller doesn’t get more ice time, despite his obvious talent, is a result of not playing smart hockey. Most recent example…20 seconds on the clock and Eller tries to dangle at the Rangers blue line instead of dumping it in. Result – turnover.

  61. moester says:

    Gomez doesn’t turn the puck over he gives our young D the chance to get some experience.

  62. kempie says:

    I see our national asshat was picking on Darche.

  63. JF says:

    If we can play 40 more minutes like that, we might win. But we nearly always have one bad, not to say disastrous period. Will the fact I said this act as a reverse jinx?

  64. moester says:

    It’s clear to me that palushai needs more seasoning and I don’t think he is getting the right type of ice time right now. I would like to see guys like Blunden or Schultz brining some size and grit to that line

  65. Marc10 says:

    The powerplay is still a mess, but that last one was well orchestrated. Weber just miss timed a couple of one timers. That one in the slot from DD was one he should have rifled. Oh well…

    At least the effort is there and the refs haven’t ‘Tim Peeled’ this one yet…

    I hope the HIO gang raises the decibel level. The guys always play better when the crowd gets in on the action. Let’s hear it guys. I’m guessing that was you lot all over Avery. Love your work!

  66. Habbu says:

    Let’s hope they vary from the usual script and bury these guys.

  67. Sotxhabsfan says:

    That move Eller just did proves he’s been watching Gomez. Skate to the blue line, make a move, and lose the puck.

  68. dhenry1234 says:

    Gotta disagree with you about Diaz and Emelin’s last shift there Boone. The way I see it is it’s a couple of nobodies playing against the likes of Gaborik, and not giving him much. Seeing Diaz and Gaborik battle it out with Diaz taking the advantage, put a smile on my face.

  69. topher5468 says:

    This is the problem, we should be up 2 or 3, it always comes back to hurt us

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  70. t1tan5 says:

    What’s wrong with Weber’s stick?

  71. Danno says:

    Hello to all the summiteers. Hope you are all having a terrific time. Bon match!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  72. JIMVINNY says:

    As much as I’m not a fan of DD being the center that gets to play with the teams two best wingers, the three of them certainly are dominant at times.

    I just wonder how much better they could be with Pleks or Eller. It’s almost as if JM is hiding DD between the other two.

  73. Sporefries says:

    Hey guys, Exou’s stream is down. Does anybody know another one I could use?

  74. dhenry1234 says:

    Everytime Gomer touches the puck he turns it over. 🙁 Wish this dude would get his shit together.

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