And a brawl.

They may be in first place, but Boston is the Habs’ bitches


  1. scrowe21 says:

    yeah this site has been brutal. posts taking forever to show up. ive kinda given up on the comments section, I just go to the hockey boards. as soon as a game starts the site completely shits the bed.

  2. novahab says:

    The National Hockey League has suspended Atlanta Thrashers forward Ben Eager four games for his sucker-punch to the eye of Maple Leafs winger. How many games did Lucic get for his sucker punch 0. Don’t tell me there is no Bias in the NHL and the refs are influence by GMs and owners.

  3. topher5468 says:

    Literally tok me 45 minutes to log in, 

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  4. Timo says:

    How would you feel about PJ as Bob’s replacement?

    I am surprised Habs-Broonz is a nationwide. I will still be watching RDS though.

  5. Willy the bum says:

    I don’t know, I keep thinking that numbers are everything.  And we shouldn’t think that the Leafs are pigeonholed to be one of the worst teams, it would be scary if they made the playoffs and the Habs are not by season’s end.

    Habs: contender?  that’s a long time ago, but times has changed now… I would be happy if they even made into a playoff seed and just watch the unexpected.

  6. novahab says:

    For the recorder yes the Pens were missing Crosby but I havn’t heard TSN say anything about the Habs missing Markov and Gorges our two best D-man.

  7. ManApart says:

    Sometimes it seems that way, talking to some of you fools on here, but no, I misspoke, I’m not right everytime. Nobody is.  Doesn’t change my original point about Gainey’s decisions and doesn’t change my point about you. Who are you anyways? I know you have a regular tag and Avatar on here.

  8. Bill says:

    He really may need to take matters into his own hands. No-one else can score.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  9. novahab says:

    Phil stold that comment from the refs he to stupid to think all that up himself.

  10. TornApart says:

    You’re rich. One post above, you say that you’re right every time, and now you say that you’re NOT right every time. You’re a walking contradiction, willing to say anything just to be adversarial. No wonder no one takes you seriously, James.

  11. Bill says:

    Laughing out LOUD!

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  12. novahab says:

    I think Phil’s comments may have been repeated by the Leafs. CBC .TSN ,Sport net and all the so called english Canadian media that is controled totally out of Toronto. Mike the idoit Milbury may just repeat that tonight on the CBC if the Habs are up.

  13. Willy the bum says:

    Well, I don’t mind if Gomez is with us, but to worth that much for him is really a horrific decision by Gainey.  If you can name out all the bad decisions that Gainey did, I’ll see to argee with you.  And thanks for that debunking rumors about the Gio-Cammi with Gomez.  Stupid reporters.

  14. TripleX says:


    LOL  Do you really see a vast difference in the two records?  Four fewer losses?

    Everyone pegged the Leafs to be terrible and miss the playoffs before the season began.  They are rebuilding a rotten franchise.

    What is the excuse for Montreal?  I thought the Habs were supposed to be a contender?



    “I don’t like to keep kids like that out of the lineup. They need to play; that’s how they’re going to get better.” Jacques Martin

  15. novahab says:

    So are we going to get Bob (I am older than dirt) Cole tonight on the CBC. Haif the time he doesn’t know who is on the ice. Its just time to move on and bring in a new play by play guy. As for the Briuns they know we are hurting on the back in and they will come out banging. I think our guys show a lot for being a small team but boy could we use some one to stick up for the little guys.

  16. JD_ says:

    Word is that, in view of the Habs-Broonz matchup tonight, the Mothership has invited a few guest panelists to join Mike Milbury and PJ Stock for tonight’s round table.

    Revered for their equally keen insight that is also steeped in clear-minded and unbiased objectivity, these former NHLers are expected to enhance the rich tapestry of thoughtful analysis and penetratin’ discussion that is the hallmark of the CBC’s intermission offerins. Tonight’s special guests include Phil Esposito, Gerry Cheevers, Kenny Linseman and, time permittin’, a two-minute graphical breakdown of each period’s notable highlights by guest analyst and Broonz forward Milan Lucic.

    The Montreal Canadiens organization makes me want to puke and I don’t care who knows,” commented a pensive Phil Esposito, “and I make no bones about the fact that I think they’re all a bunch of f*****’ scumbags .”

    Should make for compellin’ TV.

  17. ManApart says:

    I’m not right everytime, but at least I speak rationally and objectively and do usually have an idea what I’m talking about. Unlike you, who has no sense about the game at all, and only can revert to childish insults. I mean your whole personna is based on me. Pretty mature stuff.

  18. TripleX says:

    Grabs, Laps, Lats, SK, O’Byrne and so many others ALL selfish childish players in Montreal yet blossom on other teams.

    Boy our scouts do draft some bad apples don’t they. Gainey blew up an entire team because they were ALL bad apples.

    Maybe the blame lies elsewhere?  Maybe?


    ps we should all be so lucky for Gomer to walk out on his 8 million dollar contract but he is not that stupid



    “I don’t like to keep kids like that out of the lineup. They need to play; that’s how they’re going to get better.” Jacques Martin

  19. ManApart says:

    So what. My point about stupid decisions by Gainey is still valid. This management has a very bad habit of giving away their players in trades. Ribeiro, Grabs, SK47, O’Byrne and now Laps. My arguement is not the trades. Most of them had to go. It’s always getting scooped by the other teams. Bad management leads to bubble teams. And that Gomez trade, well, One of the dumbest of all time.

  20. TornApart says:

    It’s the person who actually believes that he’s right all of the time that has the small mind. And James, in case you don’t remember, I dated you briefly in school. Your mind wasn’t the only thing that was small.

  21. TripleX says:


    Look at the Leafs top six, then look at the talent on our top six.  Do you really believe the Leafs have more scoring talent?  Why do so many former Habs players become scorers when they leave?

    The Leafs destroyed the Thrashers with 9 goals, the very same team that shut out the mighty Habs.

    Is it really lack of talent or is it something else?  I tend to believe it is the coach.


    “I don’t like to keep kids like that out of the lineup. They need to play; that’s how they’re going to get better.” Jacques Martin

  22. Timo says:

    Are you suggesting Gomez is the next Larry Robinson in waiting?

  23. Timo says:

    Did they discover a shooter tutor?

  24. ManApart says:

    I’m not comparing the Leafs to the Habs. I’m pointing out how bad some decisions by Gainey were. And that stupid notion about Gionta and Cammy only being here because of Gomez has been debunked long ago….for fun though Habs 22-16-3, Rangers 24-15-3. Didn’t think there was a worse GM than Sather, but I might be wron.

  25. Willy the bum says:

    Too much booze for you. 🙂

    Mine’s on the Habs 3-2 overtime, two Habs goals on PP.  An exciting game indeed, so expect a gang fight started by Subban.

  26. showey47 says:

    I’m not sold on cammy signing here because of gomez but i could see gionta due to their past success together in jersey. But if any of it was true or not,its not like either of them are going to say it anyway. As for grabovski,you can’t deny his talent but when you bail on your team and jump on a plane becasue your a healthy scratch it speaks volumes about your character. He also told gainey either trade him or he was going to the khl. He also pulled the KHL card during contract negotiations with burke. Like i said,nice talent,but a selfish,selfish individual.

  27. twilighthours says:

    Grabovski: walked out on his team, acted like an 18-month-old, was a bad teammate .  Gomez: didn’t, didn’t, wasn’t.


  28. Timo says:

    Actually, I think Price will score 2 tonight. His first will come on a powerplay… he will go to the net and will chip in Wiz’s boobang shot from the point.

  29. twilighthours says:

    Crosby went on record shortly after that Cooke hit saying that head shots should be penalized more severely and players need to be more respectful and accountable.  

    He was pretty up-front about this.

  30. mbplekfan says:

    Grabovski plays in a system where offence is as important as defence.

    Martin has created a system that stifles our scorers. They are so busy running back to the neutral zone they dont generate any chances off the rebounds. Its very hard to score when you are skating backwards through the neutral zone.

  31. habs001 says:

    nice to score a few goals today but will take a tight 2-1 win…over the last 140 games it is pretty apparent we will not be a high scoring team with the present line up…defense and grinders will be even more of a priority for martin as he realizes there will be very few 4 goal games for this team….

  32. ManApart says:

    It’s funny, nobody can ever say anything to me about my hockey comment, because I’m right everytime, so they all just revert to trying to insult me personally. Such small minds. It’s too easy.

  33. TornApart says:

    Oh look. Another post from Mr. Pessimist. Dinner time chat with you after a long day of work must be lovely. I feel for your family.

  34. dhenry1234 says:

    Fearless Prediction: Habs win 4-2, Carey Price scores an empty net goal

  35. Timo says:

    Fine – 4 games for a sucker punch we agree. League sucks and Lucic should have gotten 4 or more agree? Ma man.

  36. TornApart says:

    At least it’s egg, unlike with you.


  37. Bill says:

    Disagree, four games is good for a sucker punch. That’s dirty. But the INCONSISTENCY is unforgivable. Didn’t Lucik just sucker-punch someone and get, like, a fine?

    Of course, Campbell – with all due respect to his lovers at TSN and the Globe and Mail – does love his Bruins, doesn’t he?

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  38. Willy the bum says:

    Could be, but Habs 22-16-3… what’s Leafs? 16-20-4

    Gotta think about the team, MA… without Gomez, there’s no Cammalleri or Gionta.  Grabovski? Trying to find some Russian chicks in Toronto.

  39. ManApart says:

    LOL. Grabovski 17g, 15 A, 32 points, 2.9 million cap hit…. Gomez 5g, 16a, 21 points, 7.3 million cap hit… Bob Gainey egg all over his face, as usual

  40. HUDSONHAB says:

    I could not agree more. How many of those shots do you see during any given night?


  41. Former Jets Fan says:

    I grew up in Brossard, and they had several outdoor rinks throughout the town in the winter.  Haven’t been back in 15-ish years, but I’d assume they still do that.  The one I went to was in the ‘R’ section, right next to Ecole Pierre-Brosseau. 


  42. Timo says:

    Eager’s is the biggest BS suspension in the history of suspensions. This league is a joke.

  43. Rugger says:

    Exactly, I don’t know why there is such an urge to downplay wins.  Pitt is tough regardless of who is hurt and who is in net, same with the Bruins tonight.  Bottom line is a win is a win (unless it’s a shootout win, in which case the NHL has decided that they actually count less in a tie.)

  44. ManApart says:

    One player goes down and that means this team is lucky to even win? If that’s true, then fire everyone in management right now. If that’s not true, which it isn’t, fire them anyway.

  45. likehoy says:

    anytime we beat a team and they have injuries, we have a carte blance cause markov is injured.

    I don’t care if we beat a crosby-less pens, we’re a markov-less Canadiens…it’s an uphill battle for us every night.

    – Gomez is holding down the suck button

  46. Willy the bum says:

    Forget Habs-Leafs rivals, the millenium is for the Habs-Bruins.  Exciting rivals of our times now.

  47. StevieRay says:

    I wonder if Marchand will keep his head up tonite when PK on the ice .

  48. Landof10000lakesHab says:

    why read and feed this troll?

  49. 24 Cups says:

    Thomas gets the start for the Bruins while Horton is doubtful.  If he can’t go, Ryder will probably take his place on the top line.

  50. Landof10000lakesHab says:

    Why feed the troll ?

  51. hab_skill says:

    No thank you, would much rather someone with speed if they cost that much.

  52. sidhu says:

    Eager got 4 games from Bettman, but this from everyone outside of Toronto:

    I wonder what Cherry will have to say about good ol’ Canadian boys like Eager and Kostopolous taking nasty shots against vulnerable guys.

  53. Ian Cobb says:

    Danno, thanks for the tape link,–Day glow hockey tape .  If they put a CH of this tape, in the middle of all their sticks, there would be no excuse for putting the pass into feet.

  54. Bouleau noir says:

    …..per eklund hahaha

  55. Bouleau noir says:

    ….per eklund hahaha

  56. scrowe21 says:

    Agreed..but White is not as good as Lapierre…and has been playing pretty bad in the AHL, even before his injury.

  57. Danno says:

    I think you’re on to something Ian. Day glow hockey tape should do the trick.

    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  58. Ian Cobb says:

    Chuck! nice little article, but what if they just paint a hunter orange CH, in the middle of all the players blade of the sticks to aim at. Should be able to pick it up pretty slick and hit it with the pass.!

  59. Hockey Socks says:

    You know, if Arnott can play the wing, he wouldn’t be a terrible addition. I can envision a Holmstrom-type role for him on the PP.

  60. TripleX says:

    You never publicly call out a team mate dude.  We have no idea what Crosby feels about the hit and Cooke personally.

    This is pretty much the rule in team sports.  Not saying it is right but that is the way it is.  Crosby may very well have talked to Cooke privately.




    “I don’t like to keep kids like that out of the lineup. They need to play; that’s how they’re going to get better.” Jacques Martin

  61. Ian Cobb says:

    Request please.!

    Andree and I are heading
    to Brossard Monday, to play around Mtl. for a week or so. We are going
    to the Pittsburgh game on the 12th. 

    Does anyone know if there are any out door rinks around St. Lambert or Brossard so we can skate.?

    In the 60’s, St. Lambert had about 7.  I use to make ice and take care of the chalet for 4 winters.

    I have been gone a long time, I do not know if they still have them.??

    Anyone live around there.??


    PS. –Is there skating on Beaver lake on the mountain.??

  62. Chuck says:

    No worries about tonight, folks! The Habs have the answer:

    Centre Hice: Habs’ new training aid gets a “passing” grade

  63. Josh says:

    Why do people still read Eklund?

  64. showey47 says:

    38 years ago today larry robinson played his first game as a hab. Two years before that with the kitchener rangers,he was moved from center to defence.

  65. Josh says:

    Ben Eager is my hero.

  66. HABSIN09 says:

    Not happening (e5)

    Eklund sucks (e6)

  67. mrhabby says:

    lol…anything is possible.

  68. likehoy says:

    so he’ll end up with NYI?

    – Gomez is holding down the suck button

  69. mrhabby says:

    Jason Arnott to Habs…per Eklund(e4)

  70. Rugger says:

    I find it extremely disengenious (spelling?) of Sid to talk about head shots.  Is he not captain of the Pens?  Has he called out Cooke for his head shots?  They all seem to love him on the Pens.

  71. likehoy says:

    Maybe he’ll pull a stamkos

    watch the game from upstairs for a few games

    then come down and become a better player

    – Gomez is holding down the suck button

  72. HABSIN09 says:

    I agree.  Eller should go and play 20 minutes a game and light up the AHL for a bit.  Look what it did for Pacioretty.  He had zero confidence and didn’t look good at all before they sent him down, and now he looks like a completely different, NHL ready player.  Bringing up Ryan White would at least at some toughness to the team, and fill the “void” left by Lapierre.

  73. HUDSONHAB says:

    I do like Eller, he just needs to find some finish, I also like what I’ve seen of White.

    White might bring in some bang but it is moot if we don’t get the offence going on a regular basis.


  74. sidhu says:

    Three games in a row for Eller sitting in the pressbox.  Should he (finally) be sent to Hamilton?  Perhaps White can be called up in his place?

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