Lucky 13th

Maxim Lapierre set up fellow 20something Guillaume Latendressefor the winner with 1:40 left in OT to beat the stubborn Blackhawks 4-3.

That’s 12 – on the way to 20? – for Gui! 

Canadiens were 4-12 in OT and shootouts before tonight.

Canadiens had a 38-28 shot advantage, but Patrick Lalime was sharp in the Chicago net.

No pearls of wisdom from the room tonight.




  1. Naila Jinnah says:

    There’s something about Toronto that’s just too corporate for me. I mean, I don’t even shop at the big brand name stores… I’d have nowhere to go in TO!!

    Okay, so I’m exaggerating. Toronto isn’t THAT bad, but I definitely have other places to go to first 😉

  2. PattyBoy31 says:

    Welcome to the NHL Mr.Locke

  3. Rugger says:

    Gui is one dimensional, he never gets any assists! great pass!

  4. Keith says:

    So much for Patrick Kane. He just gave up. Easy goal for Saku 🙂

  5. linp says:

    Who says Lats is useless?

  6. Sulemaan says:

    Nice little forecheck by Latendresse. Nice little goal by Koivu.

  7. Shawn S says:

    Saku! Saku! Finally a goal for the captain!

  8. Mike says:

    any chance anyone is watching game online? if so,where?

  9. Shawn S says:

    Shocker to see Chips get sent down. And although Latendresse has been playin better, how does he still remain with the big club. Ahhh well, game on!

  10. Sulemaan says:

    Well it looks like we lost another face-off. And what is Huet doing out of his net. He makes me nervous when he ventures out. Nice pressure by the Lapierre line..

  11. Sulemaan says:

    I think we should give Chipchura time. If Timmins and the coaching staff didn’t like him they wouldn’t have drafted him.
    Even Carbonneau played a lot of time in AHL before coming to Montreal.

  12. Mr Wonderful says:

    Why is it only now that the brain trust discover that Chipchura is not good on face offs, is not physical and tough? Haven’t they watched this guy in junior and in the AHL playoffs last year? These are just easy excuses. He will be a good NHL player with more time.

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  13. DD says:

    Right on, Ian. I hope the kid gives Mr. Gainey and Carbo sleepless nights wondering who they’re going to trade to keep this kid up.

  14. Ed says:

    Boone mentions the CKAC guys referring to Chipchura’s lack of toughness and physicality. He has only 21 hits in 36 games, which is not very much for a big man.

  15. The Teacher says:

    AWESOME anthem singer.

  16. Sulemaan says:

    You cut me Naila. You cut me real deep. 😉

    (I know the Leafs suck but the city of Toronto is pretty good. Speaking as a former Montrealer.)

    Although Hamilton doesn’t sound too bad either…

  17. Keith says:

    No one could do it like GUY, GUY, GUY!!!

  18. The Teacher says:

    Man, i just love seeing the old-timers

    mikita looks like he can still play

  19. Naila Jinnah says:

    Eh… Toronto… booooooooo
    I’d rather go somewhere I haven’t been before! And Hamilton isn’t THAT far from TO… Just a little detour 😉

  20. Ed says:

    There’s a picture of Locke on the Canadiens’ site, and he is wearing #84. What number will he wear with the Habs?

  21. Sulemaan says:

    Caught that as well. Sometimes McGuire’s mouth runs faster than his brain.

  22. Ed says:

    I thought that Pierre McGuire was more knowledgeable about the Habs. On the pre game show, he just said that Andrei Kostitsyn really appreciates playing with the diminutive centre man, Saku Koivu.

  23. Ian G Cobb says:

    Naila–Your going to have to start eating if you want to be fat and pretty like me !

  24. Keith says:

    Looking forward to seeing Patrick Kane and this young Hawks team play tonight although they have been losing lately. Love that old time 70’s music for the opening, just blends in perfectly 🙂 GO HABS GO!!!

  25. lennon says:

    smart moves sending Price down- now run with Huet for the next ten and let him earn his next contract.

  26. Plek-Andrew says:

    i think Habs-Kat is pretty hot.
    but then again, this is a habs site right?

  27. Sulemaan says:

    The Baby Habs are playing the Baby Leafs on Feb.9th. So if you can’t make it all the way to Hamilton. You can catch them in Toronto. Speaking of which, maybe all the Habs fans in Toronto should go and ‘represent’.

  28. lennon says:

    and most of those penalties are really bad ones.

    And is it justt me or do we almost always take a penalty in the last 2 minutes of the second period.

  29. Ian G Cobb says:

    I’ll settle for 10, 20 goal men every time !!

  30. Naila Jinnah says:

    On another random note, I seriously need to make it to a Hamilton game before all the prospects move to Montreal. I want to be the next Ian!

  31. Ian G Cobb says:

    Hi all, its just like the old summit around here to-night!

    I just got off the phone with one of the OHL coaches and the conversation came up about Locke who i had the pleasure of scouting when he was with Killer in OTTAWA. DD, you had a first hand look. He could roll his wrists further than any player i ever saw with such a snap. He used to tell me he got that from playing ping pong. Anyway i have not seen him play in 4 years. Looking forward to it.

  32. TommyB says:

    That’s good news, I was afraid he might not even dress. I hope the guy makes a huge impression, and forces management to into another tough decision. It’s been so long since this team had that kind of rookie pressure squeezing the more established guys.

  33. The Teacher says:

    Hey, a backup for us, and he HAS to be French-Canadian

  34. Naila Jinnah says:

    RDS says Locke will start.

  35. Mike says:

    it’s a lil sad that saku has the third most pim with 59

  36. Ed says:

    After 41 games, Kovalev has 38 points, Plekanec 36, Koivu 31 and Higgins 30. This projects to 76, 72, 62 and 60 points over the full season. It has been a while since we had 4 players over 60 points, and there are a couple of others who should join them next year, i.e., the Kostitsyns. There could be others, but the main thing is that the young players are starting to produce. This is a team on the rise, and it will get better each year.

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